Andrew Glennon Says He Was Discouraged from Taking Case Against ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood to Trial “For the Sheer Fact that I’m a Man”

“Maybe Nathan Griffith was on to something with that whole ‘why am I a guy’ tantrum…” “

Amber Portwood signed a plea deal weeks ago regarding her domestic battery case with ex/baby-daddy Andrew Glennon, but if it were up to Andrew, the case would have gone to trial. 

In fact, the Teen Mom OG dad revealed this week on Instagram Stories that he was so committed to the idea, that he considered taking drastic measures to “change the outcome.”

“I was honestly considering making a statement that, ‘until further notice, I now identify as a woman,’ just to see if it would change the outcome… but that’s in poor taste, and I don’t want to take away from those who truly suffer from gender/identity crisis,” he said. 

“You’d do all of that just to send me to gel?”

Andrew went on to claim that he was discouraged by “a servant of justice” from going to trial for both his gender and his size. 

“Just crazy when a servant of justice tells you it will be a ‘slippery slope’ going to trial for the sheer fact that I’m a man… and a large man. …even they missed the point, it never was about me… It was about my baby boy in my arms.” 

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, Amber was sentenced to probation, random drug testing, a travel ban and a series of extensive probational conditions stemming from her July 5 arrest for attacking Andrew.

Amber’s sentencing followed her acceptance of a plea deal, which Andrew was able to review beforehand. Andrew was also given the opportunity to read a victim’s impact statement in court in the presence of Amber, the judge and those in attendance for the hearing.  

Despite his prior objections to continue filming for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ as of last week, Andrew has resumed filming scenes for the show. 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

74 Responses

  1. Such a petty and petulant punk. The size of him..he could have squashed amber like a bug..or left at any time with his son and filed emergency custody…but he stayed and he recorded. Shame she did not

      1. Some people can’t seem to understand that no matter your size or weight or gendre: you can’t protect yourself against a machete, a sword, a pistol or most other weapons when you’re unarmed yourself.

  2. “He has resumed filming”.
    Ya think? Amber has lots of screws loose, she’s a drug addict that chose gel over rehab (that’s when you’ve got it bad!), she was IN Marriage Boot Camp when he met her…..don’t act all coy now, Andrew. You knocked her up immediately as if it was your plan. I’m done.

    1. Yep. Do I think Amber is a crazy, self-righteous bitch? Yes. Do I also think Andrew saw an opportunity for 15 min of fame and a lifetime of easy income and then took full advantage of the crazy, gullible, mildly famous train wreck? Absolutely.

      1. Get some info before you make a comment. Andrew comes from a wealthy family and had a very good job. So….you are wrong. She put on her charm and he fell for it. Then she showed her true colors.

        1. ? Yes Andrea, Andrew did have a good job. But what did he do with that job, or his career for that matter, as soon as he locked Amber down? Oh that’s right, not a damn thing. And I’m not sure what coming from a wealthy family has to do with proving he’s not looking to make big bucks while doing the least amount of work possible. ??‍♀️

  3. No wonder he can’t shhhh about Amber and is even still connected to her through filming with teenmom- he is a known stalker and most stalkers are obsessive. Omg explains everything about him now.

  4. Oh not this big lug going at it again. He just can’t shut up. LoL now we know he is also an abuser like Amber why doesn’t he take it to Instagram live and explain why he abused and stalked his exes. That’s scary.

  5. I learned not to say much around my abuser. I was honestly afraid anything I would say would set him off and I would get hit. So maybe he was trying to be careful with his words so Amber wouldn’t go off on him.

    1. This was in response to Ruby’s comment saying he didn’t talk much on the show. Idk why it didn’t post under the actual comment…

  6. Ironic that he wants sympathy for being a victim of domestic violence, when at 2 separate points in time he was an abuser himself. Let us not forget about the 2 restraining orders ex’s had to take out against him for DV, stalking, and fearing for their lives. Maybe that’s why Ambo got a slap on the wrist? Maybe his past DV issues played a role in him not getting what he wanted, and not the fact that he’s a man?? This dude is a trip. Don’t throw down your “It’s discrimination because I’m a man” card, when your past isn’t squeaky clean either. He didn’t deserve to be beat, but he can miss me with that tone deaf statement.

    1. I only recall the stalking part, not domestic violance. Have to look it up in older posts.
      Then weapons and heroine, I believe.
      DUI is always very very very wrong.

      1. If you google “Andrew Glennon restraining order”, a few articles pop up…according to Radar Online, “In court documents obtained from the Superior Court of California, Glennon’s ex-girlfriend filed a domestic violence restraining order against him on April 23, 2015″…and the restraining order article on this site is from Aug 31, 2017, so you might have to dig a little bit…but at the end of the day, the guy isn’t as squeaky clean as he’s trying to portray.

        1. Yes. Two toxic people found each other. I’m not an Andrew supporter just because of how mentally unwell and violent Amber appeared to be when he met her on “MBC” but then knocked her up within a month. I support James being taken care of though, and we all know Amber wont do it. Andrew seems like he loves that baby.

          Amber has needed help for some time, she was scary to watch on “MBC”. She came off very unhinged. Lots of anger issues. (I know shes BPD and bipolar, those diagnoses alone dont equate to violence). I think it’s a very probable possibility she was never truly sober off drugs (addictive prescription meds included).

          1. I totally agree with you…It sounds bad, but I really hate that the 2 of them brought an innocent baby into this mess, but he’s here, and is top priority. As long as he’s healthy and happy, that’s all that matters…not his fault he got stuck with those 2 for parents.

  7. Andrew saw a gravy train with Amber. I refuse to watch him. I’m not ok with what she did. But why would you push someone’s button while holding the baby. Why not put baby in his crib do he isn’t right in the middle literally. I’ll never believe he was scared of Amber. I hope she finds the right combination of therapy and medication

    1. I wonder if he was almost using James as a shield? Maybe he thought that as long as he’s holding James, Amber wouldn’t hit him? Sad. Can’t really knock his immediate reaction to when she was beating him up…can never be 100% sure how anyone would react if put in that situation.

  8. He was so quiet on the show 25-50 words the whole time they filmed, an didn’t really want to film but he is full of announcements now. An hate for MTV & Amber is looking like attention.

    1. I find it very weird no one is pointing out how much of an instigator this guy is… When someone, especially someone you claim to love has mental health issues, you don’t keep goading them and telling them they are crazy.. it’s like the worst thing you can do to them. I seen the video, and while she is in the wrong, she asked him to leave and even to take the baby.. but he kept t goading.. he wanted her to snap I’m

    2. Every time I saw a clip of his speaking Amber seemed to get annoyed at him. He was probably always afraid to say “the wrong thing”.

  9. Truly a sad situation.I feel if a man was faced with the same charges he’d be in jail rightfully so.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Andrew, what were you thinking? You met the psycho during taping of Marriage Boot Camp when she was dealing with the other twerp. You saw her behavior first hand. Duh! You were done from the get-go, man. I’m having a hard time having sympathy for anyone except your son.

  11. Really??? If it was a man that committed this crime he would be in prison for years!!! If Andrew had been the one threatening Portwood the Pig with a machete while she held their child, he would have went to prison for years!!! Why is it different when a woman threatens a man and child with a weapon than if a man had done it? He was trying to protect the child! This is not the first time that she has done something like this. She actually sentenced to what 5 years in prison for drug possession and took the prison time instead of getting clean! Why is she allowed to be around children? She has proven herself time and time again to be an unfit mother and a violent freakshow of a woman!

  12. What a joke. He didn’t take her to court because he didn’t want to make her mad which would undoubtedly bring about retaliation. It’s sad. She will now be able to abuse more people including her child. She should be in therapy and/or in jail. Unfortunately she will continue on hurting people physically and mentally.

  13. The more he makes statements like this the more he digs his hole deeper. You were the victim no one is questioning that. In fact the biggest argument the general public had is if it was reversed he’d be in jail in a heartbeat. For him to make a claim that he’s going to claim he’s female until the case is over is just plain ignorant. Women victims are given very little credibility when they’re they go to the police, to the point of police won’t even complete investigations because somehow it’s their fault(did she wear the wrong clothes, is she promiscuous, she keeps going back to him). He needs to get help for him and his son and if he chooses to take her to civil court and let the lawyers handle business.

    1. I have no idea why you got so many down votes for this. I totally agree, a lot of women also aren’t believed, and that’s why a lot of them don’t come forward. A victim is a victim, and a lot of times the law and authorities don’t get it right, no matter what sex you are…Just look at how badly the courts failed Jenelle’s kids. Plus, authorities tell female victims the same thing all the time, it’s a slippery slope. His statement is very tone deaf, and takes away from all DV victims.

  14. You idiots Andrew had no say over the plea deal or what was in it or not. That was entirely up to the prosecutor and Andrew agreeing or disagreeing with it made absolutely no difference, the prosecutor ONLY, decides to offer plea deals and puts in the details. Andrew wanted to go to court and for her to actually get what she should have he coming and rightfully so! Ambers an abusive criminal and shouldn’t have been let off the hook just Because Andrew is a large man.

  15. Has nothing to do with your gender Andrew. Your passion has turned into proving how rotten and how wrong Amber is to the extreme that you are publicly making the mother of your only look like satan. I am a DV survivor and I do not understand why this is the case. You were domestically abused, clearly, now is time for you to focus on being a power of example to your son and other DV still suffering victims.

  16. Of course Blandrew didn’t quit the show. That would mean him getting off the couch and actually working. Hopefully he will keep his shoes on cuz if I have to see him rubbing his big feet and picking his toes once more I will hurl…….peace

    1. He’s annoying for expressing his feelings and what he’s going through through!??!! I’m a DV survivor and it takes years to recover from that shit!

    2. He’s annoying for expressing his feelings and what he’s going through?! I’m a DV survivor and it takes years to recover from it!!

      1. He needs to remember hes got restraining orders and domestic violence his record..and it’s funny soon as the charges hit it filed for child support…but yet you have money…your living in Amber’s house still some man you are…and your filming for teen mom again…and maybe they didnt want to take it to trial due to your past as well. And Amber’s not aloud to talk about you but you talk all the shit you want on her. I hope she sells the house your living in and you have to put your big pants on and have to support your self cause the child support is for james not for you to do stocks

  17. MTV sucks and promotes abuse. Amber should be in gel. I’m a 9ft tall abused man… what time are we filming again??

  18. I’m with you on this one! From the hook-up to the pregnancy, just don’t seem right. I hate to say this, but I feel like these girls are all targets for the worst kinds and because of all their Daddy issues or lack thereof, they are so fillable. Seems like they’re all about “The Chelsea” image…the life, the kids, the home, the cars, wishing for the Cole. Makes them easy marks.

    1. All of them except Chelsea, Leah, Cate, and Maci are absolutely targets of useless men…I don’t think any of them are genuine…they make these babies, or rather installment plans, with these girls to ensure a spot on the show with a paycheck…they can also charge for interviews, social media posts, ect…

      Kail/Briana-Javi took advantage, and when plan A fell through and she divorced him, he went straight to Plan B, Briana.

      Jenelle- Too much to write, but you get the idea. I’ve always said that Nathan especially trapped her because he knew he was too dumb to ever get a real job, so Kaiser was always his installment plan…why do you think he knocked her up so fast? Because he loved her? HA!…plus MTV made an entire special dedicated to her soulmates.

      Ambo- Matt and now Andrew both tried to take advantage, but saw $$$ and didn’t want to believe the warning signs that the documented abusive convict is truly INSANE, and it all blew up in their faces…

      Farrah- Simon?…cmon, that wasn’t real. He’s as much of a fame whore as she is.

      Rhine- Mackenzie…enough said.

  19. Does anyone remember that very old episode of when Amber brought home some random guy who was a felon she met at Walmart?!! She was so proud of how the fact he could change a diaper! LOL

  20. Romantically pursuing Amber Portwood is like pursing OJ Simpson or Chris Brown or Ted Bundy, and thinking you’re special enough for them to not revert back to their old ways. It’s stupid, and you’re signing up for what you get. She’s been a documented abuser/bad person for YEARS. You stay away from people like her for a reason. Nobody deserves abuse, but I dunno wtf he thought was gonna happen. The 3 of them would live happily ever after?? The bitch is insane. Always has been and probably always will be.

  21. That’s really just wrong. And who cares if he wants to take his business to the works wide web. It’s the only way action is ever taken on injustices anymore. I don’t care who he was or how big he was, abuse is abuse is abuse and what was done to him was wrong. He probably didn’t have much of a say in whether or not it went to trial. I cannot believe they would take this repeated bad behavior on the part of Amber so lightly. Her probation is VERY generous. But anyway do they even care that she tried to attack Andrew with a machete while he was holding their son. In the frame of mind she was in had Andrew not found a safe space, bitch would have just started slashing and this would all be completely different. It’s disgusting that men are not protected. This shot has to change. Everybody has rights that protect them except men? That’s bullshit. This world is quickly going to hell. No one cares anymore. I know this is a place where people come to read recaps of their favorite show and then bash the “actors”. It’s all really fun and games to most people but this is serious shit. I don’t really think many people see it that way.

    1. I agree. Amber runs her mouth all the time and lies but if Andrew says a word he’s being petty and just needs to “let it go”. Amber is used to acting like a bully and Gary and Matt have for the most part kept their mouths shut and she didn’t get lucky like that with Andrew. Shes lost custody of both her kids obviously the girl isn’t that interested in being a parent anyway. She assaulted Gary and Andrew in front of her kids too.

  22. I truly believe he set her up, pushed her to her brinks. I still think there is more to the story than we know. However this so called man if you can call him that is cruel at all hands. NO sir I believe you are an oversized olgar just looking for a permanent paycheck from this poor woman, just like Kevin Federline!!!

    1. Olgar???? You mean ogre? Geez. Google it, spell check it, autocorrect or something. Seems like you probably got a gel house GED “Wendy”.

    2. I don’t think he did all that, because Amber is a ticking time bomb regardless…but I don’t think he pursued her out of the purest intentions. I think he saw her as a meal ticket/way to become famous…maybe turn into a Cole or Taylor like character on the show, and get paid, so he swooped in while he thought she was vulnerable…I just don’t think he was quite prepared for what he was signing up for. There is no way he “didn’t know” what Amber was. A simple google search would’ve told him, in addition to the constant screaming, crying, and threatening she was doing on Marriage Boot Camp.

  23. To me, there’s something really disingenuous about Andrew. I absolutely believe that he was abused by Amber (much like she was abusing everyone in sight on the Marriage Boot Camp Show where he decided she was his soulmate), but his above statement just rubs me the wrong way. Also the five minutes where he declared he would not be appearing on the show again, sure Jan. He doesn’t need to be on tv for any reason other than to make $$ and get his face out there, MTV is absolutely going to film Amber for as long as they let this s**t show go on, so he could live very comfortably in Amber’s house off of her child support.

    1. I’m sure MTV fed the old line of “we want to be able to tell your story. Amber is getting a great redemption story and we want to be able to tell your side too.?

    2. I literally just said the same thing. I don’t think he pursued her with the purest intentions. I think he saw a vulnerable famous person, and swooped in on his white horse to use her and get on TV. The girl has had some MAJOR issues for decades, and with all of the resources we have today (the internet, magazines, tv, ect…), there’s NO WAY he didn’t know she was dangerous. He turned an eye to the blatant abuse she was throwing at EVERYONE in the Marriage Boot Camp house (especially her mom and Matt), and seized an opportunity, not out of love, but out of greed. Let us not forget that at one point Andrew was a psycho in his own right…had restraining orders out against him…I almost feel like because he’s so huge, he thought that Amber wouldn’t have the balls to attack him, so he ignored the warning signs for dollar signs…he underestimated what was shown to the world, and figured out the hard way that the “rumors” were true, and he was messing with a true nut job.

  24. Maybe Andrew should identify as a MAN and nut the F up bro. Take care of your business, not on social media, like a man. The truth is you stayed with that sick, abusive thing, you need to take accountability for that and for your kid. She isn’t going to change, the best way to get over someone is to get on top of another, little tip from your boy, Old Uncle Nibs.

    Stay lit
    Sir Nibs.

  25. SMH..Amber should be in Jail. DAVID should be in Jail. Jenelle shouldn’t have custody of any breathing person/animal. Jenelle told where she was. It’s not the reporters fault. Jenelles so called friend on twitter told everyone. DAVID even said he already knew where she was. Still waiting on how Jenelle got her hands on Ensley with out a fight. Jenelle got drunk with Jeremy and came home and got Ensley. BS

    1. Amber gets so much heat , some rightfully so , but something seems very off with this. Andrew almost seems calculated, like he somehow planned this outcome. Something very strange about him, I’m not completely buying his story.

    2. Now David is saying that he’s going to tell everyone that Jenelle is bad in bed, and a lot of other things too. So high school.??

  26. What exactly was he expecting, a life sentence with no parole and loss of life? He didn’t have to accept the plea deal but he did and she’s been punished. Even if it went to trial he was never going to be happy with the outcome. Ever.

    He’s put mtv on blast but he’s back filming with them as he needs the money…

    He needs therapy and quit talking to the frikkin ball woman.

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