Andrew Glennon Reportedly Back to Filming for ‘Teen Mom OG’ In Midst of Feud with Baby Mama Amber Portwood

“Alright Mr. Morgan J. Freeman, I’m ready for my close-up!”

Andrew Glennon is not happy that Amber Portwood was not fired from her job on Teen Mom OG, but that hasn’t stopped him from reportedly filming for the MTV show himself!

Radar Online reports that Andrew filmed scenes for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ this week. (The Ashley has confirmed it with her own sources.)

“Last week, Andrew told MTV he’s ready to film,” a source told Radar. “He filmed at Amber’s house this week.”

(By the way, Andrew is currently living in Amber’s Indianapolis home, and has been since her July arrest. Amber is not staying there.)

As The Ashley told you a few months back, MTV “ambushed” Andrew on the phone following Amber’s July 5 arrest. The Ashley’s source stated that Andrew answered the producer’s phone call, and was immediately informed that the call was being recorded and could be played on the show. At the time, Andrew refused to film and later called out MTV for allowing Amber to keep her job, following the release of disturbing audio clips in which Amber verbally abused and threatened to kill Andrew.

Now, though, it appears that he’s had a change of heart about getting his mug on camera again. As The Ashley told you (and Radar confirmed here), Amber has been filming for months.

Well, clearly Andrew already has that “strike a pose” part down…

“They’re filming the fall-out from the arrest and her journey to get custody of her son,” the site’s source reports. “Cameras were with her when she accepted her plea deal. They also filmed at her home this week.”

Although Andrew may be filming, James— his one-year-old son with Amber— cannot. Both parents agreed during their custody negotiations that James would not be filmed by MTV.

Amber’s other baby daddy, Gary Shirley, has also been filming for a while and will appear in the upcoming season. 

“I’m not able to get any more on-camera vasectomies but I’ll take an MTV paycheck if I can get one! I’m no fool!”

While Andrew and Amber seem to both agree that filming for ‘Teen Mom OG’ is a good idea, they can’t agree on their co-parenting situation. Earlier this week, Amber filed court paperwork asking that Andrew be held in contempt of the court for failing to cooperate in giving Amber her court-required parenting time with James. Amber also stated that Andrew had a hand in getting negative audio clips and videos released to a YouTuber, which is a violation of their custody agreement.

Andrew has yet to confirm the report that he’s once again filming for ‘Teen Mom OG.’ However, on Friday, he did speak to In Touch Weekly to deny he’s trying to keep James from Amber.

“To jump straight to being in contempt of court is childish, no one contacted me, her attorney speaks to my attorney, so I’m at a loss as to why this whole ‘mutual’ agreement has fallen on my shoulders,” he told the magazine. “I feel I’ve been left in the dark.”

(The Ashley can confirm the part about the attorneys speaking, as she has seen their correspondence in court paperwork filed this week.)

He added that he has no intention of keeping Amber’s son from her.

“I want her to see James,” he said. “I saw what keeping Leah did to her, and I swore that would not happen.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

58 Responses

  1. Really? Amber seems to attract all the shady ass men. Matt was creepy from the start. Andrew. Creepy. They all have benefited from being in a relationship with her. Andrew always seemed to have a hidden agenda. That being said, Amber is solely responsible for her actions. Now Amber seems to have a desperate need for having to always be in a relationship. She can’t seem to stay single and focus on her kids and mental health. She will never have a healthy relationship with anyone until she can be on her own and focus on her mental health and get herself well. While Amber is not innocent here, neither is Andrew. He purposely recorded her. Her purposely provoked. He purposely took their son. He purposely released the audios. He did all of this with malice. He did it to get whatever he wanted. He creeped me out from the very moment he perused Amber and she is so desperate to be loved that she jumps into relationships.

  2. He is likely under contract of sorts. He had to sign to be filmed initially so they are probably reminding him of his obligation. MTV’s contracts hold them under obligation even if MTV chooses not to film. For example, Jenelle was under contract even though MTV chose not to film her any longer bc of David issues.

  3. I don’t get why he tried so hard to have Amber fired. The house he is living in, child support, etc all comes from her paycheck. Plus he wouldn’t be able to film if she wasn’t on. (Just like they didn’t film Barb when Jenelle was fired.) Stop being vengeful, take the money and live a great life with your son. (He is clearly filming for $ and chance to tell his side of story, not because he’s under contract, lots of ppl have stopped filming and were under contract. I hope he realizes he will be edited to fit the storyline, not reality.)

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    He’s a camera hor it’s all about the fame for him..he used amber from the beginning..he wants MTV to fire her but he still wants to be part of the show..he’s a dog I feel sorry for amber he got what he deserved although she shouldn’t have done it while her son was present

    1. @Millie take a peek at the numerous video and audio recordings that absolutely verify that Amber is nothing more than an abusive foul excuse of a mother. Then take your comments and shove them up your ass.

  5. Have you seen Ambers new IG pics? I haven’t seen filters work that hard since my High School swimming pool after freshmen boys got out of there.

  6. Well, at least Andrew will get the money and use it for James while Amber…will use it for herself and court to show what a great “mom” she is. She is just an egg donor, that’s all she ever was with both of her kids. I pray to god she doesn’t have anymore children.

    I doubt Andrew will be able to tell his side of the story because editing is everything for MTV to show how these girls have “grown”. I bet he will rage quit filming one day. She really disabled him by not allowing to move to California.

  7. Of course he did and y’all were defending him . Lmao the giant is a loser. When you lose to. Amber wow your a MAGA loser.

  8. I think andrews full of s×××. And why is he filming still if there broke up. Why doesnt he man up n get his own house. Living in ambers hes a loser a leach all hes done is use amber. Amber run hes bad news n bad for you any guy that would turn on you and try and ruin your career try n make you lose what you worked hard to get pure evil he is.. The f devil

    1. Don’t see you mad that Gary still films despite him and Amber being broken up ? It’s also sad that you’re sticking up for Amber. She’s a piece of trash.

    2. @mita I hope you never have a son that is abused and tormented like Amber has done with every partner she’s had . She has a problem with self-control, not mental illness. Andrew is a victim. Amber is a piece of ?. Let’s let the facts speak for themselves:

  9. It falls on his shoulders because he HAS the kid. This guy just needs to shut up – he looks like the biggest idiot for trying to get her fired (while he’s comfortably living in a house paid by MTV) then taking a paycheck. This guy would test my patience too.

  10. Andrew is an asshole. He just wants a free ride on Amber’s coattails. He was a nobody, before he met Amber. He knew she had some mental problems, and he would intentionally do things to upset her.

  11. I don’t understand why Andrew keep fighting with Amber when he kwos she has psychological problems and she’s under treatment. She deserves has her son back.

  12. This big fat mooch loser stole Amber’s house now what a fkg loser if MTV puts his fat ugly ass on the show I’m done watching it. He’s disgusting lazy unemployed unkept gross and he’s stealing Amber’s job now her money and house wasn’t e enough. MTV films this pathetic loser after he condemns the show. Unreal I’m finally done with this show and I know I won’t be the only one. Just looking at his face makes me physically sick.

    1. You realize you’ve described like over half of the teen moms…fat, lazy and unemployed. So just stop watching already if you’re so disgusted by this and quit complaining about it.

    2. @TeresaParson you sound like a damn idiot. Your post makes me almost as “physically sick” as Amber’s atrocious behavior does. Almost.

  13. I am curious if this is because he is still under contract with MTV and because he signed off on the plea that they somehow roped him back in to film or threaten legal action against him?? He has been doing a lot of bad mouthing of them, it is odd that MTV even wants anything to do with him imo. This whole thing is strange.

  14. Wow… so if you can’t beat’em, join’em???? I am starting to think he might enjoy the drama and attention a little too much. Is the MTV money that important? We all know Amber is nothing but a liar and I personally have no intetest in what she will spew when the show does air and I no longer watch any teen mom or mtv anyway. All this will do is add to their issues with each other. It will lead to an endless back and forth and poor James is going to be stuck in the middle of it all. It’s sad.

    1. Or maybe he is stuck in a contact or maybe it’s the fact he couldn’t move back to California with james as he requested so hey he’s gotta make money in Indiana somehow….

  15. I am 100% team Andrew but filming is a bad look and living in Amber’s house is even worse. Get your own spot for you and James amd let her live in her big, empty house.

  16. I think Andrew is trying his best in a situation he knows nothing about. He’s physically disabled and now a single father so if MTV wants to give him money it will benefit James. I’m all for it. I hope baby James stays off TV and Andrew stays grounded.

    1. When did he become physically disabled? I don’t know any of the history of this – was it before or after he met amber?

      That being said, I know people who have severe mobility issues and they still work. I don’t think having a physical disability is the be all end all and limits everything.

      1. I personally suffer from a physical disability and can say it really depends on what it is and if it’s manageable. I have multiple forms of chronic pain and used to miss 75% of my shifts at a sit down job because I’d end up in the hospital. It can also be difficult to get a job when you’ve had to take time off because of a condition. I don’t know about the rest of Canada, but where I live disabled people very discriminated against

  17. God bless amber she is a great woman and mother mental health is a big issue and she has been very proud to get help I’m proud of her and what she stands for

  18. of course he is. he doesn’t mean well like he pretends to.

    he saw what keeping leah away did to her?? uh no amber is like that because she has issues! every time she had the opportunity to be with leah she either turned it down because she was too depressed without a man by her side to be a mother OR she was in bed while her boyfriend was raising her child. let’s not forget creepy matt always being alone with the poor girl or the random she let change leahs diapers as a little baby. why is he trashing gary’s parenting decisions he could have literally LEFT that shit out. gary has only ever wanted whats best for his daughter while andrew moans about how dangerous amber is while also claiming he wants them together. make up your mind! this bullshit you’re doing doesn’t make you any better of a person.

    1. Wait, hold the phone. She is this abusive monster and he villified Mtv all this time. Does not want the baby filmed but he’s ok with being on the show? Something is and has been off throughout this whole thing. I think he wanted an ATM, some game, and a kid. He never wanted Amber but he wanted everything else. He’s a predator and I believe he manipulated her and gas lighted her until he could push her over the edge when he seen MTV wasn’t going to open doors for him.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      I am not an Amber fan nor am I a Andrew fan because both of them are at fault Amber is an abuser a well-known abuser she came on marriage Boot camp yet she was still attractive to Andrew yeah right. Amber abused Andrew the whole time yet he stayed with her the whole time never letting the world know nothing he even states that she abused James that’s pretty low of Amber but even lower of Andrew for allowing it. Andrew wanted her fired & sent to jail but that didn’t happen so he went back to filming & is still living in her house while she pays the bills and he is obviously not signing up on the website for custody exchanges nor giving her access to James for her legally three days a week visits how does he not know when he knows she gets 3 visits just lying. Andrew may have a health issue but come-on he was working on marriage boot camp & the whole time with Amber he was doing everything cooking, taking care of James etc. I will always believe Andrew got with Amber for the easy life, just like Matt did Amber is a crazy woman she will always like, abuse men physically & mentally if she had Leah or James any great amount of time those poor kids would get it if MTV hadn’t come along poor Leah would have had a terrible life being raised by a looney. Andrew needs to pay for his on home, bills, day trading and his part of raising baby James it wouldn’t surprise me if these two got back together eventually & whoever be puts down Gary as a parent really needs to be evaluated this guy has been a great dad he raised Leah, then found Christina & they do great I bet out of all the teen Mom cast Gary’s will be able to pay for his home, cars etc even if the show was cancelled today all the others taking vacations, cars, changing homes like underwater Gary is responsible he even owns rental homes he is a good man.

    3. Exactly GGG, let’s not put Amber’s many issues on Leah being “kept away” from her. Gary and Kristina have given her security and comparative normality because they parent their kids not just co-exist around them. Plus, Gary was with Amber when she was a teen, Andrew literally filmed her anger issues for a TV show, which the rest of us identified as mental illness requiring urgent attention, and as a grown man STILL decided that bringing a baby into that hot mess while she is already living the fallout from not having her daughter with her was a good plan.
      I feel for him, but there’s something extremely shady about the whole thing, and filming again is not doing anything but create more shade, imo.

  19. If Amber is still filming, I could see how Andrew would want to as well to at least try to put his side of the story on record. I’m sure Amber’s storyline on MTV will not reflect the truth of the situation. It’s too bad Andrew wasn’t allowed to move back to CA to be with his family and hopefully away from TM for good.

  20. Amber used to see James every week. Now she hasn’t seen him since Oct 22 but Andrew claims he didn’t know?

  21. Of course he’s filming. If he didn’t then he’d need to find a.. oh man what are those called!!!…
    Right, a regular job?‍♀️?‍♀️
    (This really goes for pretty much everyone on this show)

  22. This explains why she filed in court. She needs to seem like she cares about James for the show. She sure as s**t never cared about filing for Leah. I will not be watching this crap and I’ve been a loyal viewer since 16 and Pregnant. Between this and rehiring Jenelle if she (fake) dumps David, MTV has lost me for good.

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