10 Weird Items the Kardashians & Jenners are Selling on “Kardashian Kloset” Right Now

“Come buy our Krap!”

Note from The Ashley: As a rule, The Ashley does not cover the Kardashians. However, she has made an exception here because she really wanted to make fun of this.

Back in 2015, The Ashley treated you to a kollection of treasures (aka used clothes) that the Kardashian family were hawking on eBay and so generously sharing a whopping 10 percent of profits of which to charity. 

Five years later, the Kardashian-Jenner family has seemingly surpassed and out-klassed the world of eBay and moved their used clothing business to its very own website, Kardashian Kloset. The site, which launched in October, offers fans the opportunity to buy the genuine used Kardashian clothing, priced from $20 to more than $20,000!

While the family’s previous venture into the world of shamelessly selling clothes featured many items that were stained or damaged, it does appear that the standards for items have gone up since 2015. Although, because we can’t find anything confirming that the family is donating any of the profits made from their new site to charity, we’re going to refrain from giving any kudos. 

However, something we are more than happy to give is plenty of snark… so without further ado, here are 10 weird items the Kardashians and Jenners are currently hawking on Kardashian Kloset: 

1. Kylie’s already broken-in sweatpants 


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Comfy clothes in @kyliejenner kloset! Shop 24/7 at www.kardashiankloset.com

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Imagine hunkering down in front of your computer for the next Kylie Cosmetics product launch in Kylie’s very own sweatpants! KRAZY, right?! For just $200, you can snag these “very good condition” sweatpants and do just that… 

2. Kris’s slippers: complete with momager foot sweat 

When Kardashian/Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner isn’t busy pimping her spawn out, she’s a regular mom who likes to kick back and relax in her Pottery Barn slippers! For only $20, these “in excellent condition” terry cloth, size-medium kicks can be yours!

3. Kylie’s bucket hat

Having a “Blossom” moment? Kylie’s got you kovered! Get your mitts on Kylie’s denim-esque MIU MIU bucket hat and be the most-stylish granny at the Bingo game! It’s no surprise that this $250 hat is listed in “pristine” condition because…well… we all know Kylie isn’t plunking this thing on her head! 

4. Khloé’s old bra 

If you’ve thought to yourself lately, “I’m just having too good of luck with men, maybe some dysfunction would be fun!” then we’ve got the bra for you. This $100 used Stella McCartney piece previously owned by Khloé Kardashian is in “very good condition,” which is more than we can say for Khloé’s love life. 

5. Khloé’s previously worn thong bodysuits 

We’re not going to lie, selling used thong bodysuits on the website is just asking for trouble–“very good condition” or not, anything involving the Kardashians and their ASSets is going to bring the creeps out and we don’t even want to think about what lies in store for this garment’s future. 


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You can never go wrong with basic black!!! Shop these and much more in @khloekardashian kloset now at www.kardashiankloset.com 🖤

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6. Kris’s take on “Ghostbusters, but make it fashion” 
Is it a Halloween costume? Is it a safari outfit? It is a beekeeper’s suit? Who knows?! For $795, you can dress yourself in this Burberry khaki kontraption that still probably has a few old contracts for weight loss tea stuffed away in one of the two pockets.

7. Kris’ “Ebenezer Scrooge” nightshirt thing

Kris channeled her inner 1800s Dickens character while wearing this shirt by Celine. (She even included a photo of herself wearing the frock on her family’s show!) This “excellent condition” nightshirt thing will set you back a hefty $500!

8. Kris’s broken tote 
Just when we think Kris can’t stoop any lower, she goes for the gold and asks $2,500 for this Dolce & Gabbana “family” tote that has pieces missing from it. The description on the piece literally reads “very good condition but missing one cameo and one flower on shoe.” 

9. Kylie’s worn hoof-covers


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Comfy and casual! These tennis shoes and more in @kyliejenner kloset at www.kardashiankloset.com #happyholidays #merrymerry

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Your face may not look like Kylie’s, but with the help of these used tennis shoes, your feet can! Kylie is hawking various pairs of her old sneakers, including a pair of worn Chanel tennis shoes (for $450) and chunky Acne Studios sneaks (which are listed in “excellent condition” for $350!

10. Kris’s custom fur coat

Last but certainly not least on this list (definitely not price-wise) is Kris’s $25,000 custom-made lynx fur coat with matching scarf/belt. That’s right, guys… for the cost of what some people spend on a vehicle, you can cruise around on your own two legs wearing a genuine fur coat, looking like a genuine stunt-double for Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians. Better act fast, Kruella… this item is in “excellent condition” and is sure to sell out soon!

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  1. I thought The Ashley didn’t do Kardashian posts on principle. I always liked that because they suck and I appreciated The Ashley not hopping on the bandwagon – not even for unflattering headlines because as we all know, when it comes to the Kardashians any publicity is good publicity.

  2. These creatures will do anything to make a buck! It’s shameless and disgusting. How about donating these items ( except the fur coat- bc there’s a special place in hell for ppl who wear real fur) to a woman’s shelter? Or victims of DV trying to restart their lives? And props to The Ashley for only covering the Kardashian Koven to make fun of them! I wish more sites would follow this Golden Rule!

  3. I really dont get the funny part here. Maybe it is a culture thing since I have noticed that americans often have a problem with second hand items and especially clothes. I run a large second hand store specialized in childrens clothing and I can say there is nothing wrong with any of theese items. Sure, if you are as rich as the Kardashians you should give more to charity, but besides that…what is so funny?

    1. I don’t think it’s the second hand thing that bothers people, it’s the utter shamelessness. These people are all either millionaires or billionaires and they are going for a cash grab here when they could be donating the items, selling them but 100% goes to charity, or maybe refusing to take freebies companies throw at them or consuming less in the first place.

    2. I don’t think anyone here is making fun of second hand clothing. Especially, if you can’t afford more and have children. What the issue is, IMO, is that they aren’t just rich they are FILTHY rich. Each and every one of them. They could donate the clothes to battered women’s shelters, domestic abuse victims, even YOUR shop and ask for NOTHING in return. Just do it out of the kindness in their heart and the need to help others. Nope, not the Kardashian’s. It is ALWAYS about putting even more bags and bags of money that they don’t need back in their pockets. That’s why people are commenting that they are selfish. Because they are! If they sell those ugly sweatpants for $200 the charity would get $20 and they would get $180 plus shipping of course. And, if you read the article they were giving 10% on eBay in the past, they now give ZERO to the charity so all of it goes into their greedy pockets.

  4. Only 10% goes to charity? What the actual F? These bitches are so greedy, it’s insane. They already have more money than they could EVER spend on themselves, family and friends in a lifetime… Oh well, I suppose it’s how the rich stay rich (and get even richer) – by being greedy AF. The sad thing is that people will probably be falling over themselves to buy some of their worn out, stained crap, LOL.

  5. bahahahahaha, oh my god. this is fantastic snark.

    these bishes stoop to any level… shame that people are stupid enough to buy this shit. ewww. i bet they aren’t even laundered so they can get the most money out of them.

    1. I don’t get why people get so twisted about this family. People are either in love with them or just hate them. It’s super weird to me. Idk.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is gross. They have more money than they could possibly spend. They should be giving 100% to charity.

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