Baby Daddy Drama & Amber’s Arrest: Watch the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8B Trailer

“Another thrilling season is here, guys…”

They’re baaack! The girls of Teen Mom OG are returning for another season…and, of course, they’re bringing their assortment of drama-causing baby daddies with them too!

‘Teen Mom’ fans got their first look at the upcoming Season 8B during Part 3 of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion on Tuesday. Catelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd provided commentary after a short trailer for the season aired. Judging from the footage we saw, it looks like more of the same for most of the girls on the show.

As per usual, Maci Bookout‘s storyline seems to focus on Ryan Edwards, who, according to her, is trying to golf his way back into the good graces of the show’s viewers— and their son Bentley. Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney tells Maci that he thinks Ryan (who is looking fly in his pink polo and khaki shorts) is using Bentley “as a prop.”

“It’s like, ‘Oh we’re going to film golfing today, let me invite my son,” Taylor says. 

“I feel like an idiot,” Maci tells him.

“These socks may not match my shirt, but they’re a much better accessory than the bugged-out eyes I used to wear!”

As for Cheyenne, it appears that her on- and off-again relationship with her boyfriend Matt seems to be taking her focus away from her daughter Ryder…at least that’s what Cheyenne’s baby daddy Cory Wharton believes.

“I feel like your focus has shifted. I just don’t know if it’s on Ryder,” Cory tells an angry Cheyenne. 

“I’d like the focus to basically be on me, if possible…”

On the Reunion, Cheyenne also brought up that other big storyline of Cory’s we will see this season.

“I’m sure everyone knows that Cory’s having a baby with [his girlfriend] Taylor [Selfridge],” she says. “So that’s going to be a big part of our story.”

Naturally, drama-loving Dr. Drew Pinksy asks Cheyenne how she feels about Cory knocking up another girl. Unfortunately for him, though, Cheyenne doesn’t deliver the snarky answer he was probably hoping for.

“You know, babies are a blessing,” she says. “That’s a good thing….I’m excited for Ryder to be a big sister. I just thought it would come from me first.” 

“If you could maybe also threaten Cory’s life or something, that would help me out.”

For Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn has some sort of “big surprise” for Tyler that she and her friend discuss while chowing down (and chewing with their mouths open on camera…as you do).

“Do you think Ty’s gonna be weirded out?” Cate asks her friend.

“No I think he’s gonna, like, cry his eyes out!” the friend says.

We then cut to Tyler and Catelynn in a field (both wearing white for some reason), and Catelynn taking a blindfold off a very-confused-looking Tyler. We don’t get to see what Tyler and Catelynn are looking at.

Is it another positive pregnancy test? Did she paint a giant portrait of Butch on the side of their home? We will have to wait and see on that.

Tyler doesn’t look very happy. It’s like he just found out Axe Body Spray got discontinued or something…

During the Reunion, though, Catelynn tells us that she and Tyler are “in a great place.” 

“On my side of the story, I think there’s drama but there’s also just a lot of cool things,” Catelynn said. “Like getting older and Nova being a big sister. Yeah, it’s been good so far.” 

Mackenzie McKee (who is being brought back as a regular cast member this season) also makes an appearance in the trailer. Her relationship problems with husband Josh McKee will be the focus of her season’s storyline. We see her telling Josh that she can’t be with him if she knows he slept with someone else.

“…so I told him if he wants to boink bucking bronco bar babes, it’s over!”

We don’t get to see anything from Amber Portwood in the trailer. (But, as The Ashley told you a few months back, Amber was not fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and has filmed for this season, as have her baby daddies Gary Shirley and Andrew Glennon.) 

Amber does get a mention in the trailer, though. One interesting spot in the trailer is a phone call (which we viewers get to be on both sides of) between Maci and Catelynn. It was filmed soon after Amber was arrested for domestic violence.

“Did you see the news?” Maci asks Cate.

“About Amber?” Cate responds.

“What in the hell!?” Maci says.

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres next year, but no exact date has been released yet. 

You can watch the trailer and Reunion segment with Cate and Cheyenne’s commentary below! 

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(Photos: MTV)

32 Responses

  1. I read somewhere (Twitter?) that Amber has a new boyfriend. He’s from Belgium and he is a fan.
    He’s voluntering for abuse and name-calling.
    I live close to Belgium. I hope she isn’t planning on moving to Europe. We don’t want her here.

  2. Off topic but does anyone watch “Young and Pregnant”? The new girls are absolute train wrecks. Rachel and Kiaya actually scare me watching them be mothers. The way Rachel from Tennessee doesn’t want a paternity test and sleeps with the two guys who were friends blows my mind. I mean this franchise as produced some “unfit” moms but she is the worst I’ve seen!

    1. I’ve just started watching. We are a few episodes behind here in Aus and OMG!!!! Rachel and her sister are a mess!

  3. I completely forgot Cory knocked Taylor up. Gotta show why you’re in a show that’s supposed to prevent pregnancy, right?!

    They need to stop making Maci’s segments all about Ryan, it’s pretty much all the time the same. Mack is knocked up again too so I assume they will show them more than the McKinnleys’ (who are one big happy family and that doesn’t make up for interesting TV).

    Tyler and Cate, it’s not a new pregnancy because we would already know by now but whatever it is…yawn these two. It’s always “BrandonandTheresa are meanies, give us back Carly (although we already have two girls we don’t care about as much)!”

    Mackenzie (Douthit) back and her never-ending drama with Josh…they are divorcing as we speak (if it’s still on, you never know with these two) so we all know how that ended up. I hope Angie’s tragic death won’t be heavily featured, let them grieve in peace.

    Amber? I’m glad they didn’t mention her at all, hopefully that means she won’t be heavily featured, I’m more interested in James and Leah’s life than her own, I hope those two kids are living their best life with their REAL parents! (Don’t forget Emilee, Leah’s half-sister who is a sweetheart!)

  4. Can we please just get new seasons of 16 and Pregnant and just do catch up specials every five years or so for all the Teen Mom girls?

  5. Why is this show having a new season!!!!!! They should have just kept it as one “catch up” episode with the OGs when they started up this OG nonsense. We literally don’t want to see Maci and Taylor buy a new car. Or amber cry and sit on a couch. Or Catelynn complain. Please mtv no more.

  6. I’m done!!! It’s unfair to bring a criminal back this show. mtv only cares about money, these women are too old to be on a show called teen mom. For Christ sake, they’re in their 30’s!!! Anyway that’s all I’ve got, if amber is coming back I’m done, I think a lot of other people are too, I heard the ratings took a real nosedive!!!!! Maybe one day mtv will go back to what it started out to be, music television!!!!! Bye!

  7. I notice that Cate is always down to do promo. She is the only mom that will fly out for every promotional event. Cate is there for every reunion, every special, every guest appearance. Even guest appearance for TM2. She really loves leaving her girls. Just my opinion.

  8. I wonder if ty and cate will bitch about not seeing Carly, oh wait….they already did that and were late by HOURS to meet up with their daughter whom they haven’t seen in years for a scrap book!! Total losers .

  9. Rhine looks absolutely ridiculous. They should just hire an image consultant, because you know Jenn picked that outfit for him. Elvis is more likely to make an appearance than Rhine getting a 9-5, but he really shouldn’t be on tv. There is no “repairing his image”, that’s not what’s important anyway. He hardly looks conscious in that photo. And why do they keep bringing back Cheyenne and baby-daddy? Her segments are so contrived, I legit think they hire actors to fill in as friends and Cory is so fake (just wants to be on tv), I think he got his girlfriend pregnant for a storyline, he’s that disingenuous.

  10. I’ve always wondered: didn’t Amber know young dogs have to be potty-trained? (I’m not sure if the word ‘potty-trained’ can be used for animals, English isn ‘t my first language, but I hope you know what I mean.

    Mackenzie (Ryan’s snake) doesn’t seem a nice person to me. She absolutely wants to use Bentley for filming/’acting’. Still not a nurse, Mackenzie? What did you do with that uniform you posed in?

    1. Lizzy your English is great! Not to correct you, just more like a fun fact, the term here is generally “house trained” for a dog to teach it to pee outside or while on a walk 🙂 and I’m sure amber knows, we can just add it to the list of things she’s too lazy to give a fuck about, like Leah.

    2. @LIZZY – your English is great, hun! You are more literate than most people I see on the internet, in fact! Perfect grammar, excellent sentence structure.. ?
      As far as your comment – I 100% agree with you. Mackenzie is a snake and I’ve never liked her. She is a nobody whose desperately trying to stay relevant and has absolutely NO CARE for Bentley at all. She just craves the spotlight & Bennie is her way to achieve that.
      I hope she doesn’t become a nurse tbh, either. We don’t need any more fake, useless morons in the profession. She also can’t be trusted around the medications/drugs (in my opinion)! If it means Rhine stays with the b*tch then she would take home whatever she could. There is NO love in their relationship at all. It’s blaringly obvious.
      They ALL need to stop purchasing animals too. The poor things are just disposable possessions to them. Yeah, sometimes they look after them (Maci and her Boxer, for example) BUT, most are neglected, thrown in crates, left for days, fed incorrect food.. etc etc It’s sad. And very infuriating. Most don’t deserve to be parents. To anything. Whether that be human or animal. >:(

  11. Everybody knows Rhine doesn’t want to be a dad, and Mac is the mastermind manipulator trying desperately to improve their family image in the public eye…the girl has no shame in exploiting a child to make herself look good, and to make it look like Rhine is a present father, and she’s an amazing wife. Cate looks healthy this season and it’s nice to see her attempting to be more present, because she was a hot ass mess the past few seasons.

    1. I’m very happy to see the (possible) improvement in Cate.

      Ryan (I have no clue why people keep calling him Rhine) is such a trainwreck;good TV. I have very high doubts he will ever get his life together, he’s not self aware and is lazy.

      1. And Mackenzie isn’t helping him AT ALL!!! On the contrary. She cares about being on t.v. and her/their image, doesn’t care about truth at all.

        1. Absolutely. I’m honestly surprised Mac and Ryan are still together. He doesnt GAF about her and she just loves the money and attention.

      2. We say Rhine because that’s how everyone in his life says his name….they don’t say Ry-en, his kinfolk blend everything together and pronounce it Rhine LOL

        1. Ok, I get it now lol. That’s my brothers name, but no one pronounces it like that (also not from Tennessee).

  12. It’s probably a rescue donkey.
    Oh scratch that it’s a designer donkey, these people (I’m looking at all of you Teen Mom people) only buy animals not rescue them.

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