‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Speaks Out After Husband Josh McKee is Accused of Cheating By Two Women: “My Marriage Needs a Break” (Exclusive)

“I thought you were doing the rodeoing, not the rodehoeing… “

Mackenzie McKee is denying any wrongdoings of her rodeoing-husband Josh in the wake of new cheating allegations.

OK Magazine reports that there may be something worse than the bar-night at Billy Bob’s story that fans saw on last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG. While Mackenzie was upset over the fact that Josh hit the bars with his buddy during his rodeo work trip without telling her, two women are now claiming that Josh has not only lied to his wife, but has cheated on her as well. However, in an interview with The Ashley, Mackenzie is denying the girls’ claims! 

“I know the two girls who called in,” Mackenzie tells The Ashley exclusively. “I have already been through all of this, talked to everyone there along with their husbands.

“Tell the two girls nice try!” she added. “I had already gotten to the bottom of this months ago. This is insane.”

That being said, Mackenzie tweeted that she and Josh are taking some time off from their marriage.

“I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I am deciding my marriage needs a break,” she wrote on Friday. “My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you.”

One of the women in question told the magazine that Josh was caught with a “mystery blonde” at a Fort Worth, Texas bar—the “Thirsty Armadillo,” to be exact—in late April. (You seriously can’t make this stuff up.) 

“My friend and I saw Josh McKee and another guy walk in the bar,” the woman claimed. “They walked over and joined a group of about five or six girls. Within a matter of minutes, he started talking with a girl with long blonde hair. They started making out and kept on kissing. Like, couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They left the bar hand in hand.” 

Raise your hand if you like to chase tail at the ol’ Thirsty Armadillo…

The woman said the group knew it was Josh but they assumed he and Mackenzie were no longer together. After seeing the cheating issue discussed on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ the woman decided to come forward with her own story. (The Ashley does find it strange, though, that the girls failed to take any photos of Josh’s alleged encounter. You would think they’d want photographic evidence to help them sell their story to the tabloids?) 

A second source came forward who also claimed to have been at the Thirsty Armadillo that night. (And, I mean, who wasn’t? Clearly The ‘Dill is the place to be for all your rodeo-ing hoeing needs!) The second source confirmed that “Josh and a tall guy were there as well.” 

“When they came into the bar they met up with a group of ladies,” the source added. “Josh and one of the girls were very affectionate with each other. They kissed over and over again until they finally left together. His friend stayed behind with the other girls.”

“How could you go to the Thirsty Armadillo without me?!”

The source went on to claim that Josh and the mystery blonde “didn’t look like strangers,” given how quickly the two of them left together.

“ … I mean, who walks into a bar, meets a random girl, makes out within 10-15 minutes and leaves? the source continued. “It’s like they knew each other maybe. From the time they came in until the time they left together … it was maybe 30 minutes. That’s fast.” 

“And here y’all thought I was slow!”

Before OK! magazine’s story broke, Mackenzie seemed to have been tipped off that it was about to be published. She tweeted a message to who we can assume are the loose-lipped Thirsty Armadillo patrons who are quoted in the story, shutting down the allegations made against her husband and calling the source “a liar.”

“If you have ‘information’ and reach out to the tabloids instead of the woman herself. It’s obvious you are a liar. Duhhh,” she tweeted on Monday.

However, a more recent social media post from Mackenzie may have hinted that she’s had a change of heart regarding her husband’s innocence in the cheating matter. 

“My entire world just changed,” Mackenzie vaguely shared on social media, while confirming that the change was not a good one. (The post has since been deleted from Mack’s Facebook.)

OK! states that they reached out to both Mackenzie and Josh for comment on the cheating allegations.

“Josh called the allegations ‘bull crap,’ while Mackenzie claims she has ‘proof’ the women are lying,” the magazine states. “OKMagazine.com cannot confirm the night the sources claim Josh cheated is the same night that was discussed on the show.”

However, after Mackenzie revealed on Twitter on Friday that she and Josh are taking a break from their marriage, she opened up to fans who expressed their surprise.

“You guys seemed solid,” one person wrote to Mackenzie.

“We were,” Mackenzie responded. “We were truly best friends. It’s all just devastating.”

“I know in my heart he loves me. This was my decision,” she told another person on Twitter.

She then posted that she was “freshly single” on Instagram.

“Freshly single and ready to, be the boss babe that I am and let God lead me to what i deserve edit:this is an old photo so my ring is on,” Mackenzie wrote in the caption of a selfie she posted.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter) 


  1. The split is the right thing! Her mother is so ill and needs a piece of mind that no matter Angie’s own fate; her daughte’s life is making some tuff but positive changes. I pray for mom to win this battle, it’s nearly impossible to fight strong with extra added stress.. she needs to know her daughter and grandkids are going to be A-OK no matter her outcome.
    Mackenzie needs to eliminate her immature burden of a husband, stay on the show as long as they’ll have her and use that money to start a good wholesome life for herself and kids. To stay with this bastard now is defeating the second chance she’s been given, move on Mackenzie.

  2. I think this whole thing is made up for ratings. And it won’t work because only like 4 people in the world give a shit.

  3. Or its just same old made up drama crap. Last time they were separated he was home all along as they were laughing about the media headlines about their divorce. Mack wanna stay relevant so she wont be kicked off the show. It seems they do just fine as long as there are no cameras in the house…

  4. Making fun of a family breaking up isn’t funny. Kail can say she hates Jo’s guts but there was no humor in that. I guess having 3 babies and 3 baby daddy’s isn’t funny either. I guess people like kissing Kail’s azz.

  5. “Due to stress, me needing to stay focused, and media” she needs to step away from her marriage?? WHAT?! Girl, your priorities are all wrong. You need to step away from social media/a drowning TV show and stay focused on your family. 🙄🤦‍♀️

    1. I think Josh AND social media are causing her stress. She needs to take a step back, go on a solo vacation to clear her head and then think about what is best for her family. I’m all for “unconditional love” and taking your vows seriously. But their comes a time when a person needs to say “enough is enough” and I think that time has come. I’m sure she is staying for the kids, but she needs to think “is this really good for them, am I being fair to them?”. Lots of people coparent WITHOUT the benefit of marriage. Look at Corey and Cheyenne, they aren’t married (or even in a relationship) but compared to most, I think they have a wonderful coparenting relationship!!!!

      1. She doesn’t need a solo vacation. She needs to spend as much time as possible with her mother before she can no longer do so. Focus on that because believe me, once they’re gone, you always wish you had spent more time with them.

  6. Mackenzie is so desperate for fame and money, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all a ploy to stay on teen mom and garner interest in her storyline. She will literally do anything for publicity. Remember when her sex tape was stolen and going to be released just Farrah? She is so gross and never should have been put back in the show! Her poor children are doomed!

  7. It’s certainly not the first time he’s fucked around on her and certainly won’t be the last. And this ‘break’ they’re taking is just an excuse to both go fucking a fuck load of other people without feeling guilty about it.

  8. In most pics of the two of them together shes always grabbing him and holding onto him for dear life while he looks absolutely miserable. He has never seemed happy with her. I also think she might be making all this up for attention so Teen Mom brings her back full time. The more drama the better.

    1. This girl heard that there was a girl at the house he was at and drove her pregnant butt over and demanded someone bring Josh to her and when she refused to go the owner of house tried to fight her and josh didn’t come out to stop it. She drove an uninsured car into a ditch when he was out late hunting with a friend because he wasn’t answering his phone. This girl has never trusted him. She stuck with him when he told her to kill herself and your telling me that she chooses now to dump him and it’s her idea?

  9. I don’t want to sound harsh but I feel like he’s done everything to get rid of her and she was committed to not leaving. Now being back on tv has put her in a position to look even more stupid. Just watch she’ll beg for him back. If my marriage just tanked I wouldn’t be posting how single I am on social media unless I was that petty or trying to make him jealous. I had to cancel my own wedding after I found out bad things about my ex and stayed off most social media for years after still to this day cause I didn’t want to have to go thru explaining things and wanted privacy for me and my kid. She’s loving the attention of the “poor wife”

    1. Yeah, posting things on social media is never a good idea. They aren’t even that famous (so it’s not like everyone is waiting for them to post something about their relationship status)

      What you did is the best. I did the same with all my problems I had with people. Because if I started attacking someone on social media I would just be petty.

  10. Like I said in a post on the other thread last week, the rodeo Buckle Bunnies are coming out of the woodwork now. Divorce his cheating ass Mackenzie!! He’s nothing but a loser.

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Hate to hear about any marriage failing or separations BUT sometimes it’s for the best…I have never had any good feelings about Josh, he is strangely awkward towards anything emotional that Mac talks about to him (from what Ive viewed on T.V) she is so much more of a woman than he is a man…with all she goes through with her moms illness you would think her husband would be more supportive of her and not depend on her for everything he has! Who is he without Mac? He will soon be forgotten while she is making postive impacts on people…good luck to you beautiful Mac, you deserve the world and so do your precious babies

  12. The two have seemed on the absolute brink of divorce for literally years. Maybe that’s a sign to pull the plug? They seem to only make each other miserable

  13. Well Mackenzie just confirmed that her marriage needs a break. So I guess everything was true. She needs to dump this loser for good.

  14. I wanted to give Josh the benefit of the doubt but I don’t know. When Josh said “I don’t know” to her request that he just come clean with her the next time something else happened sent up a red flag to me. If he isn’t/hasn’t done anything wrong, why keep it a secret?? Just sounds fishy to me.

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