‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick & Ashley Martson of “90 Day Fiance” Seen Screaming at Each Other at NYC Restaurant & Nearly Get Into Physical Fight (Report)

“Wait, were we supposed to deck the halls or deck each other?”

File this under “report” until The Ashley has been able to confirm it…

Ashley Martson and Angelina Pivarnick took part in an impromptu 90 Day Fiancé/Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crossover event Wednesday night—-one that may have gotten both stars kicked off the nice list this holiday season. 

According to Champion Daily, Ashley and Angelina were in New York City at The Sugar Factory last night “at a table with a bunch of people,” when the two appeared to get into an altercation with each other. 

“Girl, don’t you watch ‘Jersey Shore’? This is kind of my thing.”

(The ladies were reportedly attending an event at The Sugar Factory restaurant hosted by their shared manager, Johnny Donovan, when the drama went down. If his name sounds familiar, it’s likely because he also used to manage Teen Mom stars Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.)

Anyway, Angelina and Ashley reportedly had a disagreement that turned into them cussing each other out.  

“ … All of a sudden screaming erupted from the table and it was clear that Ashley and Angelina were having a fight of some sort,” a source told Champion Daily. “Angelina was going off at Ashley for something (that was hard to hear). What was clear, though, was that expletives were being thrown out there and the two were definitely not happy with each other.

“Someone from the restaurant ended up coming over and intervening, asking the ladies to stop fighting,” the source continued. “There were families and kids present and with the curse words being thrown around, it wasn’t an ideal situation.” 

“That’s the Ashley I know!”

Staff reportedly ended up allowing Angelina and Ashley to stay at the restaurant and the situation seemed to calm down. However, the two eventually began fighting once again—this time, nearly coming to blows. 

“All of a sudden, I noticed Angelina pulled out her phone and seemed to be videoing Ashley,” the source explained. “The next thing I know, I saw Ashley charge at Angelina and had there not been someone who intervened and separated the ladies, things definitely would have gotten physical.” 

Angelina and Ashley have yet to comment on The Sugar Factory fight-club fiasco.  

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(Photos: MTV/TLC) 

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    This is what happens when you make trash “celebrities”

  2. Omg go to the website. I haven’t been but I’ve copied the cotton candy drink recipes. That place is epic. I’m picturing the throwing gobs of cotton candy at each other. How can you be mad with candy around?

  3. I could see this fight and these two random broads being featured on that old claymation show Celebrity Deathmatch. Hahahaha

  4. I wouldn’t put that past Ashley…the girl is batshit crazy…she’ll bust the windows out of your apartment with a fire extinguisher.

  5. This must be the most random fight in 2019.
    I can’t stand grown ass women acting like teenagers. YOU ARE A MOTHER, ASHLEY! Stop acting like trash and getting into fights. You embarrassed yourself enough with Jay, stop it already.

  6. I need to know more about what they serve at this Sugar Factory. Sounds yummy and like Buddy the Elf’s favourite restaurant.

    1. Omg go to the website. I haven’t been but I’ve copied the cotton candy drink recipes. That place is epic. I’m picturing the throwing gobs of cotton candy at each other. How can you be mad with candy around?

    1. No one deserves to be roasted on their wedding day. You must be young and immature….. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done it’s trashy to do that at a wedding. They are all mothers and should know better!

      1. She’s TRASH. And got what she deserved and please, stop playing stupid as if it wasn’t all set up for the drama of the show. Derp.

        1. Great job showing your maturity. She didn’t insult you at all, she POLITELY responded with a mature comment. “Derp”…your showing how young you are with that one. I don’t normally hear that word outside of my daughter’s high school. Grow up and learn to respect other people….or go do your homework or something. I’ll sit patently and wait for my insult that I’ll never read. Your getting so many downvotes for a reason.

  7. You expect more from white trash? I’m trying to figure out what Ashley needs a manager for….her calendar getting full?

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