EXCLUSIVE! Chris Lopez (Finally) Signs a ‘Teen Mom 2’ Contract; Does Podcast Episode with Kail Lowry’s Nemesis Briana DeJesus & More Behind-the-Scenes News

Score one petty-point for Bri!

Teen Mom 2 may be a snooze-show on TV, but behind the scenes, things are poppin’….and The Ashley has all the exclusive details of what’s been going on lately!

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail Lowry‘s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, has always been resistant to being on the show, and only recently made his non-blurred-out face debut during the latest season. However, a production source tells The Ashley that Chris recently signed a show contract (after years of resisting it)…and Kail is not happy about it!

“When Kail found out Chris is now receiving money for appearing on the show, she was very upset and texted [one of the higher-up producers] and said it was disrespectful of them to have given Chris a contract and not even have given her the heads-up, especially after all these years.”

File this under: Kail is always right.

“Kail was not happy that Chris is going to be cashing in on an opportunity created by her,” the source added.

An additional source tells The Ashley that Chris will now receive around $2,000 for each episode he appears in. (The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm that number, as each person’s agreement is different, but that is about average for someone in Chris’ position.) 

As The Ashley has stated in the past, it counts as an “appearance” if Chris physically appears in an episode, or if audio of him is used.

The contract— which was apparently signed a few weeks ago— opens up the opportunity for some interesting audio to be used on the upcoming season, should MTV desire to use it. 

Chris’ oh-so-eloquent debut appearance on ‘Teen Mom 2’…

The source tells The Ashley that Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and longtime nemesis) Briana DeJesus went on Chris’ P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks with Single Dads podcast sometime around April, and now that Chris is under contract, the audio from that podcast episode with Bri can be used on the show!

“MTV wasn’t there filming when Briana did Chris’ podcast,” The Ashley’s source tells her. 

When you’ve been filming about wallpaper and this crap is going on behind-the-scenes…

Briana appearing on Chris’ podcast is not surprising, given that Kail had Briana’s baby daddy (and sometimes-nemesis) Devoin Austin on her Coffee Convos podcast earlier this year, much to Briana’s dismay.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Briana stated in recent legal documents that she has had conversations with Chris in the past. While responding to the pending lawsuit Kail filed against her, Briana claimed that she got much of the info in question from Chris himself, during private conversations they’ve had.


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The 11th season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is currently being filmed. The Ashley will update this story when she has more information. 

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  1. To Chris’s dad…… these comments aren’t worth the time.
    There is ALWAYS going to be haters, I mean the show Chris & Kail put on?!?! REALLY?!!!
    If you’re so concerned about the kids then you should be telling them both to back off and just be the best parents they can be!
    The kids will most definitely see all this crap and can you just imagine how they will fell?
    I digress, don’t waste your breath on responding to trolls. It’s like trying to put a forest fire out with a toy squirt gun = it’s just not going to help anyone!

    1. Thanks for the advice Greatly appreciate it!! It’s definitely easier said then done. It’s natural instincts to defend your family specially when they can’t & u know what’s being said is either falsehoods, embellished, or to boost ratings.. I also want my grandsons to know somebody was there to set the record straight & defend their name. But again thank u & have yourself a blessed week!!

  2. Hold up…. Is it possible this was the endgame for Chris? Pretend you don’t want to be on MTV, refuse a contract when your fickle baby momma hounds you for it, and be the lone hold out. Then, just as she puts the dagger in deeper w/ the Javi mess and she’s in the middle of a brawl with Bri, befriend her worst enemy and get that MTV contract for much more than he’s worth, I’m sure….?

    If so, he did a damn good job. They were going to paint him in whatever light Kail wanted anyway, so what’s it matter how he acted up to this point? His behavior made him way more desirable for MTV trashtastic producers, and this pisses off Kail to the nth degree.

    Do I think any of them are being good people, or parents? Nah. But if he played MTV into his hands, good for him.

    1. Unfortunately u are way off base! What U just did is exactly what the MTV trolls bottom feeders (production team) do all the time! Make up a outlandish narrative & run with it!! Lol.. So YES!! U are 100% WRONG!! Now as for your other statement about my son’s parenting. To be perfectly honest they are both EXCELLENT PARENTS!! In closing u have a right to your opinion but understand just that.. IT’S A OPINION THAT HOLDS NO WEIGHT WHAT SO EVER!!!! Nice try.
      Have a blessed day!! ❤️🙏💯

      1. Not sure if this was in reference to my comment, but if it was – I’m the only person here who was willing to give him even a bit of credit for *possibly* playing this MTV thing to his advantage.

        If he didn’t, and this is just par for the course, then he’s just as vapid as the rest of them.

        You’re right, nobody’s opinion of their parenting holds any weight – except their children’s. Who I’m SURE will loveeee going to high school and reading these posts and knowing all of their parents juicy, vomit worthy drama. Bleh. I hope they’re stashing some money away for intense therapy.

        1. It’s ok cause they have THE ABSOLUTE BEST THERAPIST ALREADY!! They are FULLY COVERED!!! I make sure of that!! They are prayed for everyday!!!! So that’s the last thing I’m worried about!!!! They are blessed & highly favored by the King of Kings!!! Have yourself a blessed night & Monday!!🙏❤️🙏❤️💯

  3. Maybe if she didn’t create 2 babies with him there wouldn’t be any opportunities to create for him.

    1. Briana is the most interesting person the last several seasons. I’m not condoning all of her choices but at least she’s bringing excitement to a dead series. I enjoy the Coven. I liked Kail and Leah at the beginning of the series but now they are dull. It wasn’t so scripted then.

  4. He is as insufferable and unlikable as Jenelle’s David. Granted this drama may temporarily revive this dying show, but will certainly carry it downward in the intelligentsia realm, of it can go lpwer.

    1. For u to go above & beyond to bash my son & call him out of his so to speak. Shows your ignorance & just how gullible u really are!!! Have a blessed day ❤️🙏💯

  5. U guys that are on here degrading my son saying he doesn’t have a job. U have no clue what your talking about!! U see or hear a false narrative dropped by the network or producers & take it as gold & to be the iron clad truth!! When in actuality U the audience are the ones being dupped. My son remains gainfully employed!! This is so disappointing that u guys Still fall for the banana 🍌 in the tailpipe 🚗. Have a blessed day 🙏🙏🙏

    1. We’re also saying he’s unlikable and a petty fool too.. I think someone called him an ass too.

      He degraded himself by thinking Kail was a come up.

      Yeah we’re being duped by a total joke. Cool story bro.

      1. Omg really?? Get a life!! Your only wanting some attention & I refuse to give u any!!!! All those derogatory things u said trying your hard to hurt somebody… DOES NOT HURT US AT ALL!!!!
        My favorite quote is:
        Think about it… Have a blessed day ❤️🙏💯

        1. You refuse to give me attention but replied to my comments. Makes sense.

          Derogatory or truthful?

          We have a saying too.. “Truth hurts”.

  6. Why does it matter if my son joins the show or not? I’m proud of him for standing his grounds & holding out for as long as he did. Now finally his version or side of things will be heard!! My main concern is that this doesn’t become some “BASH SESSION ON TV” for my grandsons sake!! THEY ARE WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT!!! & once things are said or done on TV there’s no taking them back my grandsons will see it 1 day!!!!

    1. If this really is Chris’s mama, you’re gonna need a lot thicker skin bc its about to get real.

      It’s unrealistic and a total waste of time and energy to even defend online. Chris has his own voice, its his job now to paint himself in a good light. Not yours. He got this.

      Pro tip.



      SET ALL YOUR PROFILES TO PRIVATE OR DEACTIVATE SM. Make a private profile just for family and close, close friends.

      Your life will be a whole lot simpler if you do those 3 things.

      1. Well 1st let me get this straightened out… I AM NOT HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!
        BUT I AM HIS FATHER!!!!! LOL

        NOW let me start by saying “THANK U” for the free advice on not defending my son’s honor & name!! Sorry but not sorry my son is a good guy & u all will find out this out soon enough!!
        They both are AWESOME PARENTS & I COMMEND THEM FOR THAT!!! I’m sorry but I will defend my family to the death of me!!! Thanks again ❤️🙏💯
        PS what makes u such a “PRO” & giving me “PRO TIPS”??

        1. Sorry. Was a real female energy you give off. My bad.

          Ok so good luck.

          Die on that hill lady. I mean dude. Its going so well here and all.

  7. How are you going to be mad that the person you chose to create TWO CHILDREN with, is now making a little money from your employer? I can’t even fathom the level of petty and ridiculous that Kail reaches on a weekly basis.

    1. She’s not mad that he’s making money, she’s mad that she wasn’t a part of it. He contracted with them directly, and she didn’t get to control or even influence the terms. She just can’t stand when somethings not about her.

  8. Imagine having to jump onto a sinking ship after talking all that shit….and I’m not just talking about jumping onto the TM2 caboose…Brianas ass has drooped lower than any TM2 seasons ratings…on numerous occasions.

  9. PLEASE do not watch any of this fake a$$ sh*t!!
    This is all just a last ditch effort to make TM2 relevant again, it’s never going to be relevant again!!!

  10. Why would Brianna be having private conversations with Chris? Does she legit not know how to make real friends? Kail is a jerk, but Briana is definitely cut from the same cloth.

  11. Oooh, this is the epitome of hypocrisy!!!

    Kail thought it was no problem to fly Devoin right up to good old Delaware for her podcast, but she doesn’t like that Briana had Chris as a special guest star on her podcast.

    How dare MTV not give her a heads up on every decision they make regarding her baby daddies!!! She has practically been producing herself the past few years, and at the very least, telling her camera man exactly when he can turn that camera on and off OR ELSE! Oh the DISRESPECT!!! The HORROR! They will not be getting the inside deets on the next PFO she dishes out, so there!

    Obviously MTV is grasping at straws now for an interesting storyline, because this is all these two petty fools have going on. God forbid we actually see some interesting PARENTING from them.

    And Chris has a podcast too? I also hope he has a job. What do all these people who are only famous for not using birth control and being assholes on TV to each other have to share to the listening public?

    CANCEL this shitshow MTV, so they really have something to complain about!

    1. Chris is just doing it for the money (as everyone else has). I mean, Karl’s going to discuss him anyway, at least he can get paid for his point of view. Nothing’s going to save the show at this point but Id cash in too lol.

    2. Exactly what I came here to say. Kail throws a fit when things don’t go her way, but she can do as she pleases?! I see Chris mom in the comments defending him, as she should. That’s what any mom would do. BUT she shouldn’t waste her energy, the negativity will keep on comin’. Who cares if he’s cashing in on that MTV money, if I had to deal with Hulk I better be getting compensated. Make that money! Kail can cry and complain all she wants how people ride her coattails but girlfriend needs to sit down because she is not THAT great and important. She does not make the show, she’s boring as hell.

      1. Well I’m only responding to your comment cause I’m not Chris’s mother!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
        But I AM HIS FATHER!!!! 😂🤣🤣💯
        I thank u For your support of my son!! Only thing I would ask is that we as a village never lose sight as to who is the real victims (my grandsons)!! So please keep keep me those 2 NO 4 INNOCENT LITTLE BOYS in you prayers!!!

  12. Lol I bet they offered him way more than scale. They are so desperate for new content and now with the cushy producers gone– it’s on!!

    Lol that Kail thinks she gets a heads up when cast members sign on. As if girl. As if.

    I don’t think he’s ready for what’s coming to him, rabid fans, etc, but whatever. Its about time he had some sort of income.

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