Kail Lowry Says Her Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Banned Her From Their Son’s Boxing Gym; Chris Thinks Kail Chooses Not To Get Along With Him

Translation: a whole mess.

Kail Lowry and her third baby daddy Chris Lopez have been struggling with their co-parenting since before their oldest son Lux was even born, and both took to their podcasts recently to air out their grievances about the other…as you do.

On the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail revealed that Chris— who is the father of her youngest two sons, Lux and Creed—has banned her from Lux’s boxing gym— even on “her” weeks with the four-year-old!

Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that Chris doesn’t want her at the gym where Lux boxes. (Chris also apparently works there teaching boxing to other kids.)

“He does not want me to attend anything regarding boxing for Lux, even on my weeks,” Kail said. “He does not want me to be there. In my personal opinion, it’s for personal reasons. It’s not that he doesn’t want me to see Lux. I don’t know how to navigate it. He refuses.”


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Kail stated that she is very active in her kids’ activities, and that she attends her older sons’ practices and games, even if it’s not “her” week with them. 

“I don’t want to miss things for Lux,” she said. “Part of it is a pride thing for me as a mom. I don’t ever want [my kids] to look for me and not see me. And then the other part of me is, like, I do deserve to be there. So why can’t I? But Chris doesn’t absolutely want me to be at boxing.”

“..I don’t feel like I should be required to miss it because his dad coaches other kids. I want to be there every step of the way. I don’t know if it’s a pride thing. I think I could compromise, like, ‘OK I won’t be there on your weeks’ but I deserve to be there on my weeks. Like, I deserve that much.”

Kail said she offered to put Lux in a different boxing gym near her home on her weeks so that she and Lux’s brothers could watch him.

“I’m not driving an hour to Wilmington [Delaware, where Chris’ gym is] for him to go to boxing on my week and I’m not allowed to be there. So why don’t you take him to the gym that you teach on your weeks and I’ll take him to a gym down here on my weeks…I’m willing to compromise here but don’t shut me out of his sport completely.”

Chris is also apparently struggling with getting along with Kail. However, on his podcast, P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks with Single Dads, Chris told his co-host “Bread” that he feels Kail chooses to not get along with him, given that she is able to get along with her other baby daddies, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin.

“Let’s talk about co-parenting. It’s a challenge,” Chris said on a recent episode. “It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life…it’s frustrating as hell, to a whole new level…you ever just sit there and think, ‘Why? Why does it got to be like this?’

Chris’ toasty co-host, Bread, stated that, while he has his own co-parenting issues, his situation isn’t as “severe” as Chris’, due to the fact that his “s**t ain’t in the light” and his baby mama “don’t be on no s**t, like y’all s**t is… (inaudible grumbles.)”

That Bread is quite the wordsmith, ain’t he?

(Bread is basically trying to clown on Chris and Kail for taking aim at one another on social media, and making their problems so public.)


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Anyway, Chris continued to gripe about his co-parenting problems.

“Sometimes you’ve gotta do s**t sometimes that you don’t really want to,” he said, later adding, “Why the f**k it gotta be this hard?”

Describe the current state of your co-parenting situation with Chris…

“In my situation…I don’t say s**t. I really try to keep my f**king mouth shut but…why is it when we’re together I can get anything? But when we’re not together I can’t get s**t? When you’re together, the guy, most of the time you can see the kid whenever you want.”

When Bread suggested Chris take his gripes to the court, Chris protested that “it ain’t quick enough! That’s what people don’t understand, and how frustrating it is to be a guy. Being a guy, everything is just slower.”

“I feel ya, bro!”

He then added that he is the only one of Kail’s baby daddy that she doesn’t like currently. (As The Ashley previously reported, Kail and her second baby daddy are currently enjoying a period of peace, with Kail even stating that she is not ruling out the chance of her and Javi giving their relationship another try. Kail and her first baby daddy, Jo, are also getting along well and have been for some time.)

“How the f**k you get along with everybody but me?” Chris asked. “It’s a choice!”

“Been there…done that…”

“S**t is flowing so well over there, but damn, it’s f**king World War 18 over here!” he added. “I’ve been through s**t that grown men haven’t even been through yet. People older than me.”

Chris said that he didn’t get invited to the birthday party Kail was throwing for Lux and Creed. (It ended up being cancelled when Kail and the kids contracted COVID-19.) 

“I didn’t know how to take that. I was not really caring, but I cared. I was like, ‘Damn, that’s my son [Creed]’s first birthday. But here’s thethe crazy part that had me, everybody else gets invited, except the actual dad of the kids? Other baby daddies and s**t like that, but not me?

“I would have worn my finest fishing hat and everything!”

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  1. They’re both to dense to see how toxic and negative they are towards each other! Funny how Kail doesn’t like it when someone else tries to control what she can and can’t do. Both of them need sterilized!

  2. Imagine being so petty that you take the Lopez name from Lux. But Creed has the Lopez name. Imagine growing up knowing who’s your mom’s favorite. 💅

  3. Imagine being so petty you put your pettiness first and your child’s needs last. And that goes for both of them.
    A 4 year old can’t see his mom at boxing classes because his dad doesn’t want to? Or can’t see his dad at his birthday party because his mom doesn’t want to? And he’ll grow up and listen to both of them talk crap about one another on social media and TV? I’m embarrassed for both of them. Grow tf up and put your children first

    1. For the longest time chris didn’t want to be filmed at all. So alot of that could be from that until his contact is signed

  4. So Chris works there? I know I sure wouldn’t want a drama starter like Kail coming to my job every week either. Sounds like a perfect way to get fired when she decides to throw one of her tantrums during class.

  5. You keep running after the love of the people, but you’ll never get it. And what you do get, will never be enough. The hole inside you is too big. You see, it was made by God, for God. How could anything less fill it?

    Sir Nibs

    stay lit

  6. And another thing, I think that if I was Chris I’d get a DNA test on Creed, I always thought it was EXTREMELY peculiar that she would be sane enough to have 2 kiddos with the same Baby Daddy, but now that I see him with his blonde hair while the others have dark hair, something just dont seem right plus hes ALOT lighter than Lux.

      1. Lux is mixed and he has dark hair and dark skin (always has), Creed on the other hand has lighter skin and blonde hair.

        P.S- I hate to break it to ya sweetie but ALL of them are mixed and Creed’s complexion favors that of Isaac…so maybe they ought to test Jo.

        Kail is dim witted, if Isaac, Linc and Lux didn’t look like their dads I’d test them all, not just Creed. She wants a girl so bad she’d sleep with anything with a decent enough looking dingaling to get it.

        Everyone is always reacting to Cate’s reaction when she has another girl but what about Kail’s nonchalant reaction. Everytime she finds out what she’s having she gets this blank look in her eyes and says “it’s another boy”, but nobody calls that out.

        When Kail had Isaac, Jo said that when he saw a penis he yelled “ITS A BOY!!!” They played back that scene and he was truthful, he did say that. But what nobody (but me) noticed was called Kail rolling her eyes and murmuring “Yay a boy”

        And mind you I’m NOT a Javi fan but even he cried when they found out what Linc’s gender was. Kail of course had no reaction.

        1. You can have the same parents and look completely different. My girls all have the same dad and my oldest 2 have dark hair and brown eyes and my youngest has blonde hair and blue eyes. You sound IGNORANT. If you don’t know how genetics work, then learn how to shut the fuck up about how kids SHOULD look according to your LIMITED knowledge.

          1. From my knowledge of genetics, their looks should come from the dominant (aka the male).

            Everyone’s opinion of how genetics works does NOT make them ignorant…what does make a person sound ignorant is the fact they think their OPINION is the be all end all (aka the only one that matters). EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

            And the fact that you tell a person to “learn how to shut the fuck up” and that you dont recognize a slam at that bitch Kail when you see it just shows how ignorant YOU are.

          2. Plus, if you look at the picture of Lux and Creed together they look nothing alike: different skin colors, different hair and none of the same facial features.

            I believe someone said that Creed is the spitting image of Isaac (thus my comment about testing Jo).

          3. True Dat You think the male has all the dominant genes? You are incredibly stupid. Your 10th grade Biology teacher should be fired.

          4. What I said is that from what I’ve learned, the dominant genes (aka the male) SHOULD determine the looks of a child not that they DO.

            And to set the record straight, it was SEVENTH grade. I spent most of 10th on homebound because I tried to commit suicide after my mom’s death

    1. I’m pretty sure that paternity has been tested. They’ve been in and out of court for both kids. Plus, Kaill certainly wouldn’t allow Chris in her son’s life if he really wasn’t the father. She didn’t want him around even with Lux who we know is his son.

      I’m also sure Chris wouldn’t take on another kid if he knew it wasn’t his.

  7. Umm kail. He doesn’t want you there because you make his life difficult on purpose because you are petty. We all know she makes the life of the BD she wants to bang, very difficult.

  8. Nothing wrong with not wanting her at HIS boxing classes. My kids have their own extra curricular activities at my house. My daughter does ballet and my son races RC. Their bio dad isn’t invited, simply because he can do something else with them. These activities are expensive and funded through myself and my fiancé. Their dad doesn’t pitch in but wants to participate…? Not happening. So I see nothing wrong with Kail being banned. She can grow up and deal with it, because it sounds like she started not including the dad in activities first…. so why you crying now Kail?

    1. It’s not about your baby daddy or Kail, it’s about what the child wants and needs. You wouldn’t allow your baby daddy to be there if your kid needs him to just because he doesn’t pay for that activity? That’s petty and the same goes for Chris.

      1. Explain this “need”….They have both their parents in their lives, so why impede on bonding time not meant for you?

        1. Ummm…I believe there’s more to NEED than just financial. What about the child(ren)s physical and emotional NEEDS? Shouldn’t they BOTH be present for that?

          I think they are both being childish and petty, yes there is such a thing as delegating certain activities (i.e.- a dad taking his son to a sporting event or a mom taking her daughter to ballet or gynastics) But if both want to be there they shouldn’t “ban” each other from those activities just because it’s a father/son thing or mother/daughter thing.

          They should be respectful of each and say, “hey this is a father/son bonding event(or mother/daughter bonding event) but if you want to be there then great.” Bonding with BOTH parents is precious.

    2. I’m very sorry for your kids to read that. My ex sure isn’t my favorite person but our son is our son. He is half of me and half of him. He will always be welcome in our sons life as long as our son wants him there.

      With that said, my son asked to play baseball this past spring, I approached both his father and my partner, both were on board.

      My ex asked to coach and my partner ended up coaching too. I paid the fees and signed my ex up to coach. He bought the gear.

      I showed up on his weekends, and he showed on my days/weekends. When our son was upset with his schedule with dad I gave dad a heads up and dad changed days.

      We co-parent not co-compete for who can give him more.


    1. If a boy with long hair is not decent, I guess a girl with short hair isn’t decent too ? Welcome in the 1950′!
      Imagine if boys were allowed to wear pink and girls blue, it would be the end of the world. 🤦‍♀️

      1. All I’m saying is clean up his appearance, just because his daddy looks like crap dont boy has to, hell Creed even looks decent.

        And by decent I mean clean cut.

        The others look like little gentlemen.

        1. It’s a bit more nuanced than your first post and less screaming without the capital letters. I still don’t agree with your point of view, but it doesn’t matter.

          1. I’m sorry for the yelling but I just dont understand why cant make Lux look as decent as the other three when she claims to love them all the same.

            In the words of the Black Eyed Peas “Where Is The Love”

      2. I’m just saying to clean up his appearance, just because the Daddy looks like crap dont mean the boy has to also. Hell even Creed looks decent.

        And by decent I mean clean cut.

        The others look like little gentlemen.

    2. That’s the biggest issue that you can find in this situation? Lux’s hair has nothing to do with anything, and you seem like a creep for being that worried about it lol.

      1. It’s not the biggest issue but it’s an issue (in my opinion).

        I saw a post on TMZ of a picture of Kail with the the kids in the background. Lux had his back turned and I swear to all that is holy that it i thought it was Jo and Vee’s daughter Vivi.

  10. I could see why Chris wouldn’t want Kail at the gym, considering he works there and everybody knows Kail is going to try to start something. If she was a classy person, there wouldn’t be an issue. However, I think it is only fair kail gets to see him box on her weeks at a different gym closer to her. Both of these people are petty and need to learn to grow up. I truly feel bad for lux and creed that their parents can’t be civil. (And kails other children when she’s fighting with jo or javi). Why doesn’t Chris go to mediation to get stuff agreed on in court? Who cares how long it takes, lux is 4 years old, it should have been done already.

  11. Had to skip must of the unintelligible conversation.

    Chris, this was YOUR CHOICE 100%.. TWICE. No pity here at all.

    Kail, he doesnt want to see YOU. And now with his own income coming in, he may never jump into bed with you again.

    1. All I’m saying is clean up his appearance, just because his daddy looks like crap dont boy has to, hell Creed even looks decent.

      And by decent I mean clean cut.

      The others look like little gentlemen.

  12. These two are ridiculous. Instead of talking to “Bread”,”Bone”,”Peach”, and other friends who were given totally normal nicknames….

    You two need to take some Co-Parenting classes, put all decisions in writing, and stop the messiness.

    Also Kail, nothing wrong with Chris wanting to have something that’s just between him and Lux….UNLESS he’s doing it to be an asshole.
    I Mean, neither of you would do any kind of passive aggressive moves would you?

    1. That chick (Kail) needs more than parenting classes, the most important one would he called “How To Keep Your Legs Closed 101”

  13. So they’re both setting boundaries (kail not inviting to the bday party and Chris not wanting Kail in the boxing gym) but they’re too ignorant to see or respect those. They both have their own personal time with the kid, so they each need to do their own thing and quit pissing and moaning about he-did, she-did. It benefits the kid because he doesn’t have to witness his parents acting the damn fool. But when have either of them taken into consideration those boys’ emotional and mental well-being?

  14. Well when you didn’t want to be on camera chris and she’s filming the birthday party, I mean that’s a pretty good reason to not invite you imo. Like chill tf out

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