EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Faces Off In Court With Mom Barbara Evans Over Restraining Order: Here’s What Happened

“Well, Juh-nelle! I’ll see ya in court!”

Jenelle Evans came face-to-face with her estranged mother, Barbara on Thursday, meeting up in a Brunswick County, North Carolina, courtroom to address the protective order that Jenelle recently filed for to keep Barb away from her and her kids.

As The Ashley previously told you, Barb was served earlier this month with the restraining order, in which Jenelle claimed her 70-year-old mother put her and the kids in “danger of serious and immediate injury.” In the court documents, Jenelle claimed that Barbara had been talking to media outlets about her and her son Jace, and it was causing them “emotional distress.” 

On Thursday, Jenelle made the 30-mile trek down to the Brunswick County Courthouse to face off with Barbara. (According to The Ashley’s court source, Jenelle’s ever-lurking husband David Eason was not in the courtroom with Jenelle.)

Jenelle showed up without a lawyer, unlike Barbara, who has retained a well-known family law attorney. 

“Barbara and Jenelle did not talk. They did not communicate at all and it was very tense,” the court source told The Ashley.

“Barbara’s lawyer asked the judge to continue the case,” the court source continued. “Jenelle was pissed! She did not want it continued and was pushing to have the hearing today. The judge sided with Barbara on that and granted her request to push it and Jenelle was mad.

“I would like to go on record and say it’s no fair, dude.”

“It was over very fast, and Jenelle left after not getting what she wanted,” the source added. 

Jenelle and Barbara will next meet in court on September 28. Jenelle will be required to present evidence to the judge showing she needs the protective order against Barbara. (As The Ashley previously reported, a judge has already denied Jenelle’s request to have the protective order done “ex parte”— essentially on an emergency rush.)

She will have to present evidence that Barbara is posing a real threat to her and the kids (which include Jace, as well as Jenelle’s son Kaiser and daughter Ensley, and David’s daughter Maryssa, all of whom Jenelle filed protective orders for to keep Barb away). The reasons Jenelle provided in her court paperwork included that she was mad Barbara was speaking to TMZ; that Barbara had been “name-calling” her in their text messages, and that Barb had been talking about Jenelle to their old ‘Teen Mom 2’ producer Larry Musnik.

“Apparently I’m ‘dangerous!'”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned….

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33 Responses

  1. Yeah Jenelle is SO concerned about herself and her kids, she continues to stay with her violent, lazy ass husband who not only killed their dog but locked her youngest son in the car ( according to previous court documents) but yeah.. barb’s a danger.

    Honestly I hope Jenelle is called out for wasting the court’s time on this. Hell at this point, if I were Bard, I would be going after her to pay my attorney fees

  2. Imagine waving a gun around in your own young childs face in a fit of rage then gaslight about it ON CAMERA and having that absolute GALL to file court documents that someone else is putting you & your children in dangeruous and serious/immediate injury?! insannityyy. I hope the court system laughs her tf out of there and threatens her ass for wasting time & recsources. Get some help Jenelle

  3. Im not a Big Jenelle fan .. But Im not a Big fan og Barbara either. She clearly failed .. she did’nt do that great with Jace either. I feel so bad for these kids, they have no one

  4. God, not only did Jenelle make it necessary for Barb to raise her son, she keeps forcing her to spend time and money on frivolous court cases.

  5. Bitter. She’s just so bitter. Trust me, Jenelle, she would have kept Jace if she could have handled him. YOU and YOUR HUSBAND are a real threat to your kids (and as we know now, Nathan too to Kaiser, poor kid, no one is actually here for him).

  6. Janelle.. your mom maybe has about ten “good” years left depending on her health.. I really wouldn’t waste them like this if I was you.. grief and regret never go away. Just saying guys, life is short and your parents don’t live forever. Make sure it’s worth it

    1. It’s not like Barb was a good mother to her. She was always screaming at her and putting her down. I’m not a big Jenelle fan but I think she is better off without Barbara in her life.

  7. Based on the info that’s here, she’s not going to get a protective order. Talking to tabloids doesn’t put anyone in danger unless the tabloid were to dox Jenelle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barbara chose to countersue.

    1. I hope Jenelle has to pay her lawyer fees and court cost.
      Basically I hope The Easons finally gets dealt their Karma and the kids and animals get help and safety.

  8. Jenelle filing a protective order against her mother because she got her panties in a wad should be criminal. She is clogging up the courts time with her bullshit. Meanwhile there are many men and woman that have to file for legitimate protective orders where they are terrified for the lives of themselves and their children.

  9. Jenelle filing for a protective order because she’s mad at her mom is outrageous. It’s also a slap in the face to real victims of violence. We all know she is doing this for punishment. She said long ago she would do this after getting custody of Jace.

  10. If she did speak to lawyers they probably laughed at her and told her there wasn’t a chance in hell of winning. But Juhnelle being Juhnelle decided she knew better then the lawyers after going to medical school and decided to do it herself.

    1. Dude!! She’s practically a lawyer herself!
      She was grandfathered in with all of court expertise.
      Ashley what shoes did she wear to court?

        1. Make sure you mention the “matching blazers” next time too?
          You know, the important details that totally invalidate your entire well researched, obviously attended, reporting gold – in Janelle’s eyes only!

          She is perpetually 16yo. Only a tweenager would nit pick such a minor detail and use it as a (weak) deflection from THEIR major issues!
          Maybe she should worry about what Barb and her established lawyer? are about to lay down instead of being butt hurt that someone missed her happy famiLIE matching Wish blazers.

          Where was Jace while all this was going on?
          We know it wasn’t at school.

  11. If only she put this much effort into making lunch every day, Jace’s therapy or any kind of sport or activities for her kids. May not need to shut everyone up all the time.

    1. Oh according to her hair-brained fans on FB, Jenelle’s making $40,000 a month with her OF and rakes in more than a million dollars a year (if the math ain’t mathing, chalk it up to the mentality of Jenelle’s “fans”). I don’t believe it and Jenelle not being able to afford an attorney, hire a tutor for Jace or get the SS Shitbox fixed pretty much proves my point.

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
        Let me guess, the same “fans” that use the exact same grammatical and spelling errors that JE uses and seem to support her narrative of the day before she even announces it!
        Couldn’t possibly be one of her very likely triple digit fake accounts.

        What I will never understand is that she knows she pays for those posts and/or that they are posted from the swamp, so why does she still get excited about having support when she knows darn well that if she didn’t write the post her credit card sure did!
        She is not fooling anyone except herself – and it seems to be working!

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