EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Says She & Her Kids Are “In Danger” Because Of Her Mom Barbara; Is Angry That Barbara Talks to Their ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producer About Her & More

“You gettin’ ya feelings hurt does not qualify as domestic violence, Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle Evans claims she and her children are in danger of “serious and immediate injury” at the hands of her mother, Barbara Evans.

In court documents exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle demanded a judge forbid Barb from speaking to— or about— her or her children; to keep Barb from buying or owning weapons and— most giggle-inducing— to keep Babs from “name-calling” her in their texts, all of which Jenelle claims is causing her “emotional distress.” 

The fired Teen Mom 2 star requested a restraining order for herself and each of her three kids, as well as her stepdaughter, Maryssa, to keep Barb away. (For unknown reasons, Jenelle lists herself as Maryssa’s mother instead of her stepmother.)

It should also be noted that Jenelle did not request one for her husband, David Eason.

“I don’t need none of them Talking Words court papers to protect myself!”

As The Ashley told you yesterday, Jenelle recently filed for a domestic violence protective order against her 70-year-old mother, whom she recently fell out with (again). As The Ashley previously reported, a judge denied Jenelle’s request to have the protective order request done “ex parte” (which is basically like putting an emergency rush on it), because Jenelle failed to prove she was in immediate danger and needed rushed relief.

In the court paperwork exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle checked the box stating that she feels Barbara has “attempted to cause or has intentionally caused me bodily injury,” and/or has placed Jenelle or a member of her household in fear of “imminent serious bodily injury” or “continued harassment that rises to such a level as to inflict substantial emotional distress.”

“You’re distressing me, Ma!” 

Jenelle checked the same box stating that Barb was doing the same thing to Jenelle’s kids.

“I believe there is danger of serious and immediate injury to me or my children,” Jenelle checked.

Jenelle asked the court to forbid Barbara from near her residence, The Land, the kids’ schools and— curiously— Jenelle’s place of employment.

“And where might that be, Juh-nelle?”

While filling out her request for the restraining orders, Jenelle was required to explain why she felt she needed a protective order against Barbara. The Lady ‘o’ The Land proceeded to explain why she feels Barbara talking to TMZ about Jenelle (and Jace’s recent attempt to run away) is harassment. Jenelle wrote that, while Jace was still missing, TMZ contacted Barb and asked for a statement.

“She ended up giving a statement without my permission,” Jenelle wrote. “This is causing myself and my son emotional distress with it being shared in the media…I am trying to keep my son’s life private at the moment but we both keep being harassed by my mom to TMZ media on the Internet.” 

Jenelle …probably…

Jenelle also explained (in her signature “more classier Jenelle Speak”) that she is unhappy that Barbara isn’t being nice to her when they communicate.

“She is also causing emotional distress to myself by name-calling my parenting in text messages frequently,” Jenelle wrote. 

In addition, Jenelle stated that she was unhappy that Barbara has been talking to their old ‘Teen Mom 2’ producer, Larry Musnik.

“She also has contacted our old MTV producer twice this month about my son’s ‘drama’ when we do not work with MTV anymore,” Jenelle wrote, adding, “And I chose not to work with them.”

(As fans know, Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019– and it was not her choice to stop doing the show. She has been offered a few appearances on the spin-offs since then, but it was not Jenelle’s choice to be removed from the show.) 

File Under: “Things that did not happen”

“There is proof of the texts between her and Larry as well,” she added. 

Jenelle wrote that Barbara has been asking for Jace’s school records, and that she feels Barb is doing this so she can leak the info to the media and/or Larry from ‘Teen Mom.’

“I’m gonna need a therapy horse after dealing with these circus clowns.”

“For these reasons I would like a restraining order granted so my life and my son’s personal life is kept private at this time for both of our mental healths,” Jenelle wrote. (And, no, that is not a typo.)

Jenelle also randomly asked the court to prohibit Barbara from “purchasing or possessing a firearm.”

(This may be why Jenelle didn’t request a restraining order for David, who is very vocal about owning and carrying weapons. It’s possible Jenelle may have been concerned that Barbara would turn around file one of these on Jenelle. Since Jenelle lives with David, it’s possible that— if a judge granted the request–he would not be allowed to have his weapons. However, The Ashley is just speculating here.) 

“I like weapons and such…”

Jenelle and Barbara will meet up in court on September 14, where the judge will decide if Jenelle will be granted the restraining orders she’s requesting.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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37 Responses

  1. Jenelle can’t ask for a restraining order for David, as he is above 18, only her minor children. That is probably why she listed her stepdaughter as her daughter. I doubt she can legally file on behalf of her stepdaughter either, unless she has been named a legal guardian.

  2. Your kids are in danger because their “mom” a shitty sorry excuse of a mom who chooses scumbags over her babies and their “dad” is a psychopath who shoots the family dog in the backyard. Bitch we’ve seen the way he treats you and the kids. If you want to spend your life getting your ass beat fine. At this point you deserve everything you have coming to you. But the kids don’t. Fucking protect your kids for once in your pathetic life.

  3. This is comical. Babss should have gotten a restraining order when little miss perfect over here pulled a gun on that dude while Jace was in the vehicle, then proceeded to lie about it. Lololol

  4. Oh come on! You are living with a psycho and yet your MOM is a danger to your kids?! When did you put your kids first actually, Jenelle?! Why start now? Is it because you are bitter? I’m so sick of her bs, no way she will win.

  5. Sadly she grew up in chaos and that’s all she knows. Seems like I’m her mind this is normal. Those poor kids.

  6. Dear Judge,

    My mommy talks with my former supervisor and that gives me sads.

    Please punish her.

    Thanx! xoxo


  7. She and dieVid are dangers to the children not Barb.
    Chinelle is also a danger to herself, she’s the only one on SM chatting about shit.
    I hope Barb files one on DieVid and chunky, I mean chinny.

  8. My mommy called me a sh!tty mother so I’m getting a restraining order. ? Jenelle is fast approaching Farrah levels of delusion. I didn’t think that was possible…

  9. This girl wants back on TV so bad and does she not realize that her mom had custody of Jace 3 years after Jenelle was fired, so why now would she want to leak his records. Jenelle they are not hiring you back go get a job girl.

  10. Jenelle will NEVER grow up. She’s incapable of being a decent mom and has traumatized all of her children with her shitty behavior, poor choices, and pick of “husband” to “father” her children.

  11. Jenelle is one huge joke of a human being. Does she really think anybody would buy that a 70 year old woman that is less than 5 feet tall is a physical danger to anyone? Unless Barb threatened her with a weapon, there is no way in hell she would ever be a physical threat]. This is laughable.

  12. So they’re in danger of a 70 year old grandma but they weren’t in danger when David murdered their pet in front of them, or pistol whipped Jenelles friend, or popped Jenelles collar bone, or when he was calling Kaiser a little bitch on national tv? And we all know that’s only the tip of the Eason abuse iceberg. I seriously wonder WTF goes through Jenelles head?? She has such a warped and sick view of the world. It’s really her world and everyone else is just living in it.

  13. Can you imagine being the judge that has to read this crap? Here are real restraining orders for women living in danger and then this petty ass nonsense. Ugh ?

  14. I cant believe she has the nerve to check off those boxes. Like she really thinks that she is entitled to a restraining order bc she fears “immediate harm” by Barbara to herself & her kids. It is so sad thinking about people who truthfully check off those boxes in hopes of securing a restraining order against someone who had abused them or tried to kill them. Imagine being so ridiculous that you think your mom giving a tmz interview is as deserving of a restraining order as someone who legitimately fears for their life. How sad.

  15. Babss is dangerous.. but the man who murdered a dog and pistol whipped someone is safe for the kids. Make it make sense!!

  16. Jenelle, you’re a shitty fucking egg donor & your ‘parenting’ sucks. Pretty sure you & Swamp-ass Lurch are the first people who said anything about Jace being missing the first time around so idk what your issue with Babs is. Glad to see she’ll always live rent-free in your head though.

  17. leaving david out is probably so barbara has to go through him to discuss jace. he insisted nathan go through him concerning kaiser in the past. he’s that controlling and she’s that dumb to agree to it

  18. Imagine trying to isolate the one person who takes care of you and your son. Jesus, I hope the judge doesn’t grant this restraining order. Those kids need to be removed ASAP and Jenelle and David seem to be doing everything in their power to make that happen.

    1. The judge will absolutely not grant it. Nothing babs did was illegal nor was it imposing any threats to jenelle or her family. If anyone gets in trouble at court, it will 100% be jenelle for wasting the courts time.

  19. How many boyfriends did Barbara have around Janelle and her siblings growing up? Why was that never discussed? How many episodes did you see Barbara screaming around Jace? Of course, because she has some funny “one liners”, people like her and think she is this great parent.

    1. Oh hi Jenelle and/or UBT ?. What does that have to do with anything? Whether or not what you’re saying is true, it still doesn’t warrant Jenelle trying to take out a bogus and absolutely absurd restraining order against Barbara, one in which the court will never grant her.

      How many “soulmates” did Jenelle bring around Jace since he was born? How many times did she abandon and leave him with Barbara to party, drink, do drugs and be a degenerate with whatever loser she was with at the time? How many times did she call the cops on her POS boyfriends for domestic violence? How many times has she called the cops on her CURRENT husband for domestic abuse, the same husband she and her kids still live with? How about all of her constant screaming and fighting in front of her kids? What about the time she pulled a gun out in front of Jace during a road rage incident, following a man to his house and almost getting shot by him (her only saving grace being that the man saw Jace in the car too)? Then when Jace told Barbara what happened, she called him a LIAR??? You sound as stupid and Delu-jenelle

        1. Jenelle, I’m sure you remember sneaking around to see your sleazy boyfriends. I’m sure you recall every time Barb begged you to dump your loser-of-the-month because he was ruining you and I’m sure you recall telling her to STFU and leave you alone. She tried to keep you straight but you were hell bent on partying and bedding losers. BUT…if you have forgotten, don’t worry, little Ensley will be doing the same crap you did as a teen soon enough!

    2. No one has ever said Barbara was the best parent, but if it wasn’t for her, Jace probably wouldn’t even be alive anymore. Jenelle abandoned him! She threw a fit about having to make bottles for her mom for Jace to drop off at daycare.

    3. How many boyfriends did Barbara have? that was never disclosed on the show.
      And actually Barbara admitted to being with a very abusive man to try and give her kids a better life by building up her credit to move into a nicer house… Barbara’s past was never discussed…why would her past be discussed when the show was about jenelle and Jace… so how do you know that?
      And people like Barbara not bc she’s funny.. it’s bc she stepped up and took care of jenelles baby boy when jenelle wouldn’t. Barbara prevented him from being in the foster care system… jenelle wouldn’t have Jace right now if it wasn’t for Barbara.. he’d still be in the system bc jenelle is unstable… Barbara had her flaws.. what parent hasn’t yelled in front of or at their children??? Really? Obviously Barbara was a screamer.. but her heart was in the right place… how many times did jenelle yell in front of jace? She even discredited jace by calling him a liar when he told Barbara she pulled a gun out. How terrible and damaging for a child..
      it’s rather odd you’re taking up for jenelle..
      Who hasn’t had a person in their life that has caused emotional distress at one point or another… it’s not normal to go and file a restraining order.. this woman is 70.. and like someone said on here. There are people who actually need restraining orders and you have this narcissist taking up time and money for her drama to get attention.
      And it’s okay for jenelle and David to announce Jace was missing but it’s not okay for Barbara who raised him for 13 years to comment on it when tmz called her?
      Like kailsfifthbaby said… she’ll always like rent free in jenelles head.

  20. Janelle is constantly abusing the court system with her bs. The fact that she has fans confuses the hell out of me

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