‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Kim Plath Has Moved to Florida With Her Boyfriend Ken Palmer, One Year After Divorcing Ex-Husband Barry

“Sorry kids, I just can’t resist his Kenergy.”

Kim Plath has moved on and moved south. 

Just a year after splitting from husband Barry Plath, The Sun reports that Kim has relocated from Georgia to Florida to live with her boyfriend, Ken Palmer.

Kim and Ken’s Florida love shack features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an in-ground pool, a two-stall barn and more. The 3,485 square-foot log cabin-style home sits on five acres of land.

“It’s got lots of room to spread out!” 

Fans of Welcome to Plathville previously saw Kim living on the $663,000 Georgia farm she shared with Barry and the four youngest Plath kids. As The Ashley previously told you, Kim and Barry announced in June 2022 that they were divorcing after 24 years of marriage and 10 children. 

“He’s all yours, ladies.”

While Kim didn’t pack up her dancing shoes and hightail it to Florida until sometime between June 2022 and March 2023, Ken reportedly purchased the home they now share back in 2017–- long before Kim and Barry’s breakup.

Documents obtained by The Sun show that Kim has listed the home as her main address on documents; however, her name has not been added to the house deed

The timeline of Kim and Ken’s relationship remains unclear as Ken, a pilot and former aircraft technician, posted photographs with members of the Plath family-– including Barry-– in May 2022 while giving the couple’s son Isaac a flying lesson. A month earlier, Ken reportedly posted a photo that featured both Kim and Barry. 

“Don’t worry kids, we can always photoshop your mom into this one.”

Viewers will presumably find out more about Kim’s new man on the current season of ‘Welcome to Plathville.’ New episodes of the show air Tuesdays on TLC. 

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(Photos: Facebook; TLC)

12 Responses

  1. It soundclike Ken Kim’s new man was a friend of the family? Berry is a one of a kind stand up man father etc. I think Kim will jave to reap what she sowed at some point. It’s like she the protocol son but daught that strayed. But it was necessary for her because she been filling shes missing something. . Tis my view so far. I hate to see a blessed family like them breakup all it take s ita 1 to do it. I see where Ethan got his ways from

  2. Olivia, had an influence over the Plath children. It was sad to watch. I often wondered what influence she had in her own family. Thankfully the Plath Family is waking up. I can’t blame Kim for wanting out . I do think she is wrong in living with any man outside of marriage. It’s wrong & painful for her children. I hope the entire family the very best.

  3. Seems strange. Kim leaves her younger kids and moves in with her boyfriend! What mother leaves her kids and does not take them with her.

  4. She can’t condemn her kids lives
    She sets good example
    Barry is still there for his kids
    If she wanted to play the fields,at least wait until your kids are grown
    Pawned her responsibility off on oldest daughter still at home. S##t.

  5. So…..she just left her younger kids? WTF kind of mother does that? Especially for a man?! ? She has always been a dirtbag, but it just keeps getting worse

  6. So much for being around for her younger girls. It was bad enough that she abandoned them when she initially separated.

    1. Do not like her anyway. She is spoiled and acts like she woupd like to be left alone, without children. What kind of mither leaved her younger kids just to move in with her boyfriend???? Shebis uselesz….

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