EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Takes Out Restraining Order Against Her Mother Barbara; Claims Barbara Is Causing Her “Emotional Distress”

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya not lettin’ me contact ya anymore!”

The bitter feud between Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara has turned legal.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the fired Teen Mom 2 star has officially filed for a protective order against her mom. Jenelle filed for the protective order on September 1 and, shortly after, Barb was notified. The Ashley hears that Barbara wasn’t officially served with the restraining order until Tuesday, though.

According to court docs, Jenelle initially tried to file for a domestic violence protective order against her mom. (In North Carolina, you can file for this if you have lived with the other party at any time.) Jenelle requested that this restraining order be done ex parte, which means the court would need to take emergency action, granting it immediately and give her a court date within 10 days. If a judge granted it, the restraining order would be in effect for a year.

However, Jenelle’s request appears to have been denied by the judge.

Next, Jenelle filed for a civil restraining order, stating that the comments Barb made to TMZ last month about her and Jace caused Jenelle and the kids “emotional distress.” (As fans know, Jenelle’s son Jace has been living with Jenelle since March, when Barb signed custody back over to Jenelle.)

“You’ve been distressin’ me for years, Juh-nelle!”

The judge has denied it, but Barbara still has to go to court next week. At this court date, the “burden of proof” will be on Jenelle to prove that Barb’s actions did, in fact, do what she claims they did. 

The Ashley can also confirm that both Jenelle and her ever-present husband David Eason went to court on Tuesday, but it was unrelated to what’s going on with Barbara and the restraining order.

In a photo obtained by The Ashley of the swampy soulmates at the courthouse, Jenelle is seen wearing her “more classier” courtin’ heels.

Jenelle and David exiting the courthouse on Tuesday…

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle and Barbara are no longer getting along, despite a short truce they had made earlier this year. Last month, Jenelle announced on social media that she had, once again, “cut off” communication with her mom. She also blasted Barbara for giving the interview to TMZ after Jace ran away (the first time) in August.

In that interview with TMZ, Barbara claimed that, since Jace went to live with Jenelle, the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has stopped giving the 14-year-old the ADHD medication he’s been on for the past seven years. Barb also stated that Jace is no longer seeing his behavior specialist.

Jenelle later responded to the story on social media.

“Cut my own mother off again, and she has to keep going with the articles. Doesn’t call to check up, doesn’t ask me how he is, but talks to TMZ to give updates she knows nothing about,” Jenelle wrote. “Please do not believe anything my mother is saying to the media at this time. The truth will prevail and I’ll soon tell you when the time is right.”

Last week, 14-year-old Jace went missing again. He was reportedly gone for a few hours before being located at a nearby gas station. Jenelle later took to social media to tell nay-sayers that she shouldn’t be blamed for Jace’s issues, as they existed before she regained custody of him.

Barbara and Jenelle have had a tumultuous relationship for years but, to The Ashley’s knowledge, this is the first time Jenelle has ever filed for a restraining order against her mother.

UPDATE! The Ashley has obtained the document Jenelle filed with the court in order to request the restraining orders. Click here to find out what Jenelle wrote in the document.

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  1. What a waste of the police and court’s time with her nonsense. “My mommy said something I don’t like” is literally what this is.

  2. I honestly think Jenelle contacts the police department so much because she has no friends, and they’re the only ones who will answer her phone calls no matter what and listen to her ridiculous complaints. A restraining order against Babs? Girl bye.

  3. People that abuse the system of DVIs, protection orders, and restraining orders piss me off to no end. It makes it so much harder for actual victims of real abuse to get the protection they need. I have a permanent DVI against my ex-husband because he was extremely violent, drig-addicted, and mentally unstable. He beat me constantly (even while pregnant), threatened to kill me all the time, and actually came close a handful of times. Thankfully he was also a complete dumbass that bragged about it all through texts while threatening to kill me and several other people, so I had ample proof. I feel for the women that have smarter abusers and aren’t believed because of vindictive spiteful bitches like Jenelle doing stuff like this.

    1. I am so sorry you’ve had to go through all of that. After my husband’s arrest for assaulting me he got wise and though he still abuses me in every way possible, I have no way of proving it.

  4. Barbara loves this drama because she can run to TMZ to make money. Barbara has chased MTV money just as hard as any of the teen moms. Jace would of been much better off going to a adoption family.

  5. Just when you think Jenelle couldn’t sink any lower. What a POS.

    Not to mention a colossal waste of the court’s time and resources.

  6. Oh wow. Woman who basically RAISED your own son for 14 years and this is how you repay her?! There’s no way any judge with eyes wouldn’t see this as nothing more than a revenge. Go away Jenelle and rather figure out WHY you teenage son ran away from home…no, it is not Barbara’s fault.

  7. This is what she said she would do when she would get Jace “back”.
    She never had Jace when he was a baby, she didn’t take good care of him and abandoned him.
    (Hygiene) issues with both nappies as feeding bottles. Too high to know how to fix him a bottle, too selfish to give it to him, she would just throw it in his crib and go back to sleep cause she had a hangover.

    And now Babs needs a restraining order?
    Her husband and her fight publicly over social media and cause each other stress. Why no civil restraining order against David?

    1. This is so sad for the boy. No wonder he has so many issues. Janelle is so unfit to be a mom. Barb isn’t the best either, but at least she was taking care of his basic needs….. Ugh I hate Janelle.

  8. Jenelle is definitely being told to do this via David. She will absolutely never win. She has to prove that Barbara has threatened her with violence at least twice in the last 6 months. My neighbor put a restraining order on me even though I never even met her. Didn’t even know who it was when she was in the courtroom. Obviously I won. I was there from 8am until 6:30pm. There were many many cases that day and the judge only granted 2 restraining orders that day. I also live in nc. Jenelle is not going to win. I really hope babs turns around and gets one on David. It will be easy to get one and David will lose every gun he owns.

    1. He shouldn’t be allowed to own one anyway with his criminal history. Also you are not allowed to own guns with a medical marijuana card. So I don’t know how either one of them got a foid card.

      1. Hello, fellow Illinoisan! FOID is not a federal regulation and IL is the only state in the country that requires it. Other states may require licensing, but most accept a quick ATF background check before purchasing a firearm. FOID is also different from a concealed carry permit. But all things considered, neither David nor Jenelle have any business owning a gun.

  9. Jenelle is a piece of garbage human. Like she didn’t cause Barbara emotional distress when she left her newborn son in Barbara’s care when Barbara repeatedly said no to watching him. Or when she stole Barbaras credit card and repeatedly let her string of loser boyfriends be disrespectful and antagonistic towards her mother. I just can’t with that level of self centered entitlement.

  10. Anytime I see Jenelle’s bullshit in the media it causes me emotional distress, now damn it give me a restraining order for her.

  11. Barbara stepped up and raised a child who is not hers. I absolutely cannot say that my mother would do the same. Jenelle better count her blessings because Barbara absolutely always had jaces best interest in mind. Shall we remind Jenelle of her drug addict antics? Her desire for men over her KIDS? Her frequent arrests and drama??

    1. Yep.
      Now the two swamp things are thinking: the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they’re friends again, against Barb.

      The ridiculousness of her parking in the Eason reserved court carpark, heaving that big ole ass out the truck, whinging to a judge she’s probably on first name basis with about how her mother ran to the tabloids before she did & got the check and emotionally traumatised her family AND THEN JENELLY says she’ll tell all ‘when the time’s right’ cos it’s all peaches and cream coming out outta HER mouth, not emotionally damaging at all.

      Go find out why your boy keeps running away from you and that fat old ass you drag around called UBT.

  12. If Barbara is causing Jenelle emotion distress what are Jenelle and David causing the kids?

    1. Lifelong psychological trauma and the blame lies on Jenelle, Andrew, Nathan, UBT and CPS.

      These kids need hard core therapy the rest of their lives and it looks like they’re not getting it. I hope with all my heart they don’t repeat their parents’ choices.

  13. Chanel is scum of the Earth. I feel bad for Barbara while she wasn’t the perfect parent when you’re saddled with a trash bag child like this there’s a little you can do she’s made poor decisions her entire life which includes getting pregnant multiple times by multiple men who are either domestic batterers, or drug attic’s of which she is guilty as well being both as well as mentally abusing her children and her mother in fact, I would say that Jenelle herself is emotional distress to her mother be that as it may none of that matters now because there’s another child involved a child Janelle abandoned for years and wanted back when it wasn’t a good idea, and because of her poor DNA as well as her poor choice of DNA for the father this child now has problems, and it’s her opinion that bringing him into an unstable home that has violence drug use And a narcissistic homophobic racist living there as well as an animal killer that he will somehow gloriously not need a therapist not need medication and become a better person and all his problems are because of her mother right Jenelle. I don’t know who would believe that and I really don’t care if you believe that because obviously you’re as fucked up as she is , Jenelle shouldn’t have any children. It’s a testament to the state of North Carolina’s commitment to keeping mother and children together that she has the one she has now and frankly David should not just be out in public. Not only should he not be around children or animals he shouldn’t be around human beings. People like this were born to live like hermits on top of mountains somewhere where they don’t interact with anybody and don’t cause problems. I feel bad for Jace , I feel bad for the way he’s manipulated by Jenelle I feel horrible for Barbara. I can’t imagine having my child act like this as an adult and then get my grandchild act the same way and I feel bad for Jace that poor child and those other children, especially Kaiser who you can see is absolutely miserable are all suffering, because Jenelle is too much of an eager testicle sociopath to realize her choices are what has brought all this on them. God, please help those small children. I can only think of one thing that would help them, and it involves the absence of both Janelle and David from their lives.

        1. I was thinking they meant egotistical.

          Every time I hear the word egotistical now I am going to be thinking eager testicle!!! LMFAO!!!

          Even Farrah speak isn’t that funny!!!

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