Jenelle Evans’ Teen Son Jace Reportedly Went Missing—Again— Just Weeks After Running Away From His School

“He was just doing laps around The Land! He’s training for the Swamp Lands 5k, OK?!”

Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace seems to have found a new hobby: running away.

The 14-year-old— who has been living with the fired Teen Mom 2 star since March— reportedly went missing for the second time this month. According to TMZ, Jace had to once again be tracked down by the cops, after Jenelle called the police when she hadn’t been able to find Jace for hours on Monday.

According to Jenelle’s random manager, August Keen, Jace was just “roaming” around The Land— Jenelle’s lil slice of swampy heaven in North Carolina— but suddenly went no-contact with Jenelle. After several hours, Jenelle was still unable to locate Jace and called the cops.

Police eventually located Jace at a gas station about 10 minutes from The Land. Jenelle’s manager claimed that Jace was returned to Jenelle and her ever-lurking husband David Eason “without issue.” 

“We’re told Jace just wants more freedom as he gets older, and is just a typical teen being a teen,” the site reports.

“What teenage boy DOESN’T go missing at least twice a month! It’s typical!”

“He went off to the gas station, without telling Jenelle,” August Keen told E! News. “The family is fine. Nothing to be alarmed about. Jace is a teenager finding his independence, wanting a bit more freedom and Jenelle is a momma bear.”

“Oh August! I thought ya were makin’ a funny with that last line!”

Jace peacing out from The Land (and Jenelle) is nothing new, of course. As The Ashley previously reported, the cops launched an all-out search for Jace earlier this month after he bolted from his school after getting in trouble with a teacher. The school principal and David reportedly searched the woods surrounding Jace’s school and even sent search dogs after him. 

Jace was eventually located safe, but not before the county’s Sherriff’s Department posted Jace’s photo to its websites and listed him as a missing juvenile. 

Days later, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara (who had custody of Jace up until March) told TMZ that, Jenelle stopped giving Jace the ADHD medication he’s been on for the past seven years. Barb also stated that Jace is no longer seeing his behavior specialist. She listed these as the reasons she believes Jace ran away.

Jenelle later blasted Barbara for doing the interview and revealed that she has, once again, cut off communication with her mother. 

“Well, Juh-nelle, I see ya lost Jace again! Real NICE!”

Jenelle has yet to comment on Jace’s latest attempt to flee. However, on Tuesday she did post to Facebook about how “buckwild” these darn kids are these days.

“Good luck to all the parents and kids starting back school this week!” she wrote. “(Praying for the parents tho because these kids are BuckWild this year. Please monitor your kids phones).”

UPDATE! On Wednesday, Jenelle seemed to be addressing the “Jace” situation in her latest Facebook post.

“The rumors flying around are insane,” she wrote. “Don’t comment on a situation you know nothing about. Thanks!”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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  1. It’s really interesting to see how different the kids are turning out as we’ve watched them grow up. I worry so much about Jace, I’m very proud of the young lady Leah is becoming, I think Bentley has a decent shot at life if he doesn’t let Maci and Ryan’s bullshit get to him, and I’m just glad Carly made it out of that shitshow.

  2. This is not going to end well. She needs to get the eff off her phone and get him into real therapy and on the meds that he needs (if he needs them). And stop with the stupid Only Fans — your son is a teenager and your Only Fans pictures have been leaked all over the internet…..which means half his grade probably has seen them and poor Jace has to deal with that. Imagine having the resources and money that come with being on freaking MTV and not taking advantage of bettering your life and yourself. And resorting to Only Fans while your kids are in school. She is such a POS.

    And for those blaming Barb, I’m not saying she’s perfect by any means, but the #1 reason Jace has issues is because of Jenelle. No matter how Barb parented him, he would have ended up with issues. He will forever have deep rooted issues with Jenelle abandoning him, never getting her life together, all the footage airing nationally of her not giving an EFF about him, all of her drug use and abuse and bad men and Only Fans and abortions and arrests and meltdowns being on tv and online forever, her abandoning him but then going on to have new babies and keeping them, Jace being born with drugs in his system, not having any contact with his Dad, and on and on. Barb could’ve been the perfect parent and this kid would’ve been screwed. And Barb did not ask to have a baby in her 60s and her ending up being Jace’s parent is the only reason he didn’t grow up in foster care. It wasn’t her choice and if you’re not in your 60s yet you have no idea how exhausting it is to even make a meal, let alone raise a little boy.

    The bottom line is that Jenelle chose men and drugs over her child when he was a baby, and now that he is crying out for help, she’s more concerned with what people are saying about her online than her own son’s mental health and safety. She’s a terrible mother.

    1. He definitely had the odds stacked against him but foster care would have actually been the better option. First it would have given Jenelle a very clear path to what she needed to in order to get him back instead of Barbara always dangling custody and visitation over her head. She may or may not have shaped up and done it but either way it would have been clear. Secondly Jace although having exposure in utero to drugs was an otherwise healthy white baby who would have easily found a loving foster family with age appropriate parents who could handle the problems he was bound to have. Whether Jenelle got it together and got him back or her rights were terminated he would have had a permanent situation by the time he was 2 or 3. Unlike this mess that has dragged on for 13 years with Barbara providing the same amazing parenting that made Jenelle turn out so well.

      1. Agreed. And with foster parents, Jenelle wouldn’t have been allowed to be in and out of his life, dragging her dick of the month along with her. Visits would have been supervised, and all of the fighting and yelling that Jace was exposed to likely wouldn’t have happened, either. I know foster care is not 100% perfect, but considering what Jace’s options were, rolling the dice with strangers may have been the better option.

      1. Agreed.
        Not the best arrangement, but it sometimes gets lost in the scuffles between the “Barbara is a saint” and “Barbara is the worst person to deal with anything” (neither of the above posters being at that point, to be clear) is that Jace and Jenelle are their own people with free will.

        She had Jace on long-term ADHD medication and therapy (as an adult it’s a PITA to deal with the hassle of getting my own refilled every month). A lot of his issues stemmed from Jenelle, who was also not raised in an environment where it was impossible for her to not be a total scumbag as an adult. Lighting carpets on fire is also not something that every kid in a bad situation does.

        1. Not that Jace was at all at an age where he could be held accountable legally, just that it wasn’t the inevitable outcome of growing up in a chaotic environment.

    1. Why is it always the person who stayed and raised the child who takes all the blame? Barbara was a single mother who raised her kids by herself after Jenelles abusive father left. Jenelle has even said that her issues with men stem from that. Jace was raised by Barbara when BOTH of his parents abandoned him. I’m not saying that Barbara is perfect, but she stayed. She did everything she could for Jace and Jenelle. Jaces issues do not fall on her shoulders.

  3. Meanwhile, Jenelle is busy posting on IG about her Only Fans content LOL she’s such a concerned mother!

  4. David not only killed a dog he got a goat and killed then ate it. I’d rather be in jail than live with that monster.

  5. Get this kid In therapy ASAP! No zoom meetings with a counselor! Get a military man or woman in this kids life and get him prepared to become a soldier. He can see the world and get that energy out of his body. He will learn some discipline and makeup for having no father figure. His father and David should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Uh, you really want this kid in the military? The military is not rehab for troubled kids. He’s just gonna get in trouble there too. He has no business having any responsibility for national security ? He’s probably failing out of high school. The military has enough dirtbags

    2. Zoom therapy is a joke. Imagine telling a doctor the truth and having Jenelle and Lurch staring you down 2 ft away.

    3. You must not know much about the miltary.

      Miltary is the last place Jace, of all the kids, needs to be until he has healed. There has been so many “Jaces” in the military, and it honestly makes them so much worse. Sure, strong possibilty he wouldnt do drugs in the miltary, but you know how much they drink??
      They are fishes amd they take pride. So many are reckless, first hand knowledge.
      Men with daddy issues are dangerous, and then to have those clowns as fathers his bio and atep?

  6. The first time this month Jace ran away, David spoke about him with such disdain. Now with the second time…I fear for what Jace faced when he was brought back home and David walked in. You know he’s more annoyed than worried that Jace keeps running away.

  7. I hope CPS gets involved and this kid sings like a bird. There’s a reason he keeps running away or several probably. But I’m sure Jenelle with blame it on how Barb raised him for the last 13 and how she should have let her have him sooner.

  8. So how many times is it going to take of him running off and the police being involved before CPS gets involved? You would think they would be required to investigate. There is obviously a serious situation brewing. Guess they will wait till he is hurt , or dead.

    1. I can’t speak for SC, but in my state, a kid has to run away 10-15 times before anyone besides the police will get involved. He will get arrested, and sent back home each time. The family will get referrals for counseling and other services, but even the most diligent parents who beg for help don’t get anywhere: report as runaway, child is found, arrest, repeat. The juvenile court will intervene around arrest 10-12 usually, and the kid might get sent to a juvenile detention facility, which is incredibly expensive and the parents have to pay for. There is a hearing within a day or two of the detention process, and if the parents can’t pay or agree to accept the child back, they get sent home and the cycle repeats. The kid is on probation after about arrest 6-7, and will have restrictions after that, which is what usually leads to the eventual detention process. Therapy is normally a condition of probation, drug testing, strict curfew, etc; sometimes drug treatment, depending on what their testing showed. We need to do much better for our troubled kids.

  9. David hates Kaiser and acted that way with him from day one, you cant tell me he dont treat Jace the same

  10. Gosh, this is just so sad. He has no stability in his “new home” and Jenelle and David are def not parents of the year. I can see Kaiser following in his steps in a few years. And yes, I do think Jace will be the first OF these kids to be a teen dad unfortunately.

  11. Why on earth would she take away his medication for adhd, and his behavioural therapy. Kid needs actual therapy, the amount of trauma he would have.
    The fact is, he ran away and misbehaved so bad when living with Barbar to a point she gave him back to Jenelle as she couldn’t handle it anymore, and that was when he was on his medication and getting behavioural therapy, imagine what’s gonna happen now he has none of that, and he is living with the 2 biggest POS’ I’m actually nervous for them to find out…

  12. This isn’t going to end well. He’s either going to end up in foster care or a group home or whatever they’re called…both not good options imo for kids. Heard horror stories about them. Just sad all around, both sides are alcoholics.

  13. Poor kid. Jace was doomed to have issues from the day he was born because his mother was so selfish and immature. It’s sad. I hope to God he’s found unharmed and something is done to help him and the other kids live in a better environment.

    1. My thoughts exactly. This is a serious cry for help. That place is not safe for children with that lunatic ape and ‘dramastic’ Jenelle. I fear something terrible is going to happen one day. No wonder Marissa bounced as soon as she could.

  14. I’m hoping hes not trying to score drugs at these gas stations. One, bc mommy dearest probably has every pill and ounce of weed one could ever want…

    He needs real freedom and that means time away from them 2. Sports, clubs, friends.. ANYTHING that gets him out of the house.

    Hes gonna keep gettin ta missin until he really ends up missing bc theres something terrible going on at the Land that he wants away from.

  15. I wonder what he was doing with Barbara that she couldn’t take care of him anymore. This is sad. He should not run away but he has ha a messed up life. It would make the most sense if he tells jennelle and the ugly guy where he is going to just get away for a little bit so Janelle doesn’t call the cops. There must be yelling at home if he can’t find peace at home.

    1. I can envision jenelle and David being very controlling. If he did let them know where he was going to go for a bit to get away.. I don’t believe they’d allow him to leave.
      We never heard these kind of stories when Barbara had custody of him.. having him see a behaviorist was a good idea and probably very beneficial. What a shame.. poor Jace.. you’re right.. he obviously can’t find peace at home.. which is supposed to be his “safe haven”

    2. With parents like Janelle and David, I’m def afraid for Jaces life.

      I can david with a quick temper and feeling outta control that feels like he has to control the kid, but really ends up hurting him.

    3. There’s a Twitter account that’s been pretty dang spot on with inside juice. Apparently he did this with Barb BUT no cops involved or it’d look bad on her. Go check out @ustacould ( Roux) on Twitter for deets.

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