David Eason Says He’ll Never Get Married Again Following Split From Jenelle Evans; Claims the ‘Teen Mom’ Star Took His Money

“Even though the ladies are lining up to be my First Mate, I’m just sayin’ no to marriage!”

David Eason will not be taking any more strolls down the aisle.

Dressed in a boating hat and sporting his now-signature Swampy Longstocking braids, the fired Teen Mom 2 dad hit TikTok Live on Saturday to discuss a variety of topics, including his take on marriage, and his money situation.

David— who has been living on his and Jenelle’s broken boat since he and Jenelle split in February— was asked if he would ever walk down the aisle again.

“I’m not gonna say I’ll never date again, but I’ll never get married again!” David insisted. “That’s for sure.

“There’s no reason to get married to anybody, ever,” David continued. 

David stated that a legal marriage is not necessary.

“You probably won’t be saying that if you take Jenelle to the cleaners and get a bunch of alimony!”

“Not through the government, not through the paperwork,” he said. “You don’t gotta be in the system to be married. That’s not what marriage is. Marriage is not a piece of paper! I promise you that. Anyone who tells you it is is wrong!

“Don’t do it!”

“Interesting, because that’s exactly what I told Juh-nelle when she said she wanted to marry ya– don’t do it!”

David instructed his followers to “just go to the church and get married under God, for whatever kind of religion you’re in.”

David has tried— and failed—  marriage twice so far. In addition to his marriage to Jenelle, David was also married to Whitney Johnson, who is the mother of his oldest daughter Maryssa. David and Whitney got hitched in October 2006 and officially divorced in September 2013. He met Jenelle in 2015 and they got married in 2017. 

#NeverForget these fairytale nuptials…

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle filed for legal separation from David in February, but will have to live apart from him for one full year before she can file for divorce from him in North Carolina. Jenelle also filed for a protective order against David and has been battling in court with him over that filing. After having their case continued twice, the exes will meet in court face-to-face on May 16, where a judge will determine whether or not the protective order can be granted. (David told the judge at the last hearing that he is unable to afford an attorney.) 

During his TikTok Live session on Saturday, David was also bombarded with people asking him why he refuses to get a job. Jenelle’s former swampy soulmate insisted that going on TikTok to beg people for money is, indeed, “work.”

“Yes I work! Everyone is always worried about me workin’!” said David. “For one thing, I’m on here workin’ right now!” he insisted. “I’m trying to make some money on TikTok before I go make money workin’! Them bills are stackin’ up, man!” 

“If anyone needs me, I’ll be out by the docks workin’ by dancin’ for spare change! People generally give me a dollar to stay away from them! I’m an entrepreneur!”

In another part of the Live, David insisted that it’s Jenelle fault that he has no money.

“I would be making a lot more money but Jenelle took my money from me!” he said. “If y’all want to know the truth! You’re all sitting out here talking about how I’m using her money. Well, how am I getting her money?”

David went on to say Jenelle “took all his clients” from him (assumingly for his boat-cleaning ‘business’).

“She deleted everything on my phone, remotely,” David said. “It cost me a lot of money.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

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  1. David is swamp looking with all that hair but looking back on the wedding picture he was presentable with his hair cut. He could cut his hair and go get a real job if he would just try. Also, I am cracking up at Janelle wearing the veil over her face in the wedding picture. What was happening there? Was she trying not to see him?

  2. “Swampy Longstocking braids”😂😁😂. The Ashley’s descriptions always vivid and on the spot!!

    Scarily, some woman will want Swamp Thang. He has serial killer vibes/expressions in some of those pictures.

    Jah-NELLE stole HIS $$$? Dude, you are delusional.

  3. Laugh as we may, but this fool has had longer marriages than a lot of folks. 2 at 7 years each.

    I have faith he has one more woman’s life to ruin. Just one more. He can do it if he tries.

  4. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I know so many women have lowered their standards, but I can’t even imagine the life experience of anyone who sees this man and … Ew

    David must have something we don’t see. How this “man” got 2 (legally competent) women to marry him is …

    If he had Kardashian money, maybe I’d understand, but he has nothing to offer. Looks … Personality … Talent … Fame … He isn’t funny or kind.

    I don’t get it. Can anyone explain?

    1. He is a man and sadly a lot of women, like jenelle, have horrible taste in men and therefore they find eachother and marry.

      1. I think it was a little different when Jenelle was dating him. God I hate defending Jenelle, but only defending her for not knowing at the beginning.

        She meets this guy of tinder, he says he has two kids, his an involved dad, so he claims, so pictures of his kids, raving about them. Says he has a job and is an entrepreneur. Probably pays for her meals, true love bombing at the beginning. Espeically since every boyfriend Jenelle ever had relied on her for money, he was probably the exact opposite. Didn’t he know one of Jenelle’s exes or something, so probably knew what to say.

        Even evil can pretend for a couple of hours to be nice. Then once they live together, he’s pushed everyone else out of her life, including her mom, that’s when the facade slips, and then she realises she with a monster.

        Rest I can’t defend, the second that man killed my dog I would be out. I would be heartbroken for the dog, of course, I love my animals. But I would be more terrified for me and my kids. Who’s next, what thing would set him off?

        But now thank god, most women can just google him or his pictures if he lies about his name. And just block him.

          1. OMG. your right.

            How could a I forget about that? They were like cellmates or in the same cellblock. And it was right around when Jenelle filed for divorce, so Courtland was going on and on about his wife. Probably gave him the intel on how to woo Jenelle.

  5. I don’t know what bit is funnier, the one about “workin” by talking crap about Jenelle on TikTok or the one about Jenelle taking away HIS money lol he’s more delulu than her

  6. The sad thing is you just know there’s some desperado swamp wannabe trying to get her 15 mins of fame who thinks this delusional idiot is the way to get it.

    Good luck girl! You’ll need it being stuck between UBT and fake mum Jenelle.

  7. Lol. That’s funny.

    David isn’t getting married again because he doesn’t want a different woman taking the money he’s taking from Jenelle in the divorce.

    You can’t write this stuff it’s so good.

    Now let’s see if he tries to get alimony… since you know he “works”, he doesn’t have the kids, he’s living on a boat, he doesn’t need anything from Jenelle, right?!

  8. There aren’t many people on this earth I detest more than Jenelle Evans, but this neanderthal claiming that SHE took money from HIM is so effing insane, I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard.

  9. What a lovely story of how he had money, has a job and lost work and money due to her. Nice try 🤣 Judge wont put up with his sorry excuses.

  10. How heartbreaking for all of the ladies of North Carolina that dreamed of being married to an abusive, unemployed, animal murdering POS. Guess they’ll have to find another loser that lives on a broke down boat that sounds illiterate every time he opens his mouth.😂

    1. He’s also a deadbeat. Three kids isn’t care of any. Jenelle was the one paying his child support. He tried to go to court to claim he didn’t have an income, so they said since he’s married they will factor in his wife’s income. So she had to pay it.

      … Step right up, Ladies the line starts here, now no pushing, you all can have a chance with UBT…..

    2. I think he’s just teasing.
      Some lucky dumbass will come along with a rusty 1993 Ford Thunderbird and knock him off his feet.

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