EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans & David Eason Face Off In Court For Restraining Order Case: Here’s What Happened

“A courtin’ we will go!”

Jenelle Evans came face-to-face with her former soulmate (and future ex-husband) David Eason on Thursday in court.

Jenelle and David were there to present their cases to a judge in regard to the domestic violence restraining order Jenelle recently requested for herself and her kids. The former Teen Mom 2 couple– who split in February— attempted to avoid each other during the short hearing.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that David arrived over 15 minutes late, telling the angry judge that he accidentally went to the wrong courtroom; however, his truck didn’t pull into the courthouse parking lot until 9:30— 15 minutes after the hearing started. Jenelle was also late; however, her lawyer was present to represent her and informed the judge Jenelle would be a few moments late. She arrived shortly afterward.

David strolling into court late…

“David finally arrived– solo– with no lawyer,” The Ashley’s court sources tell her. “He told the judge he needed the case to be continued because he still doesn’t have a lawyer.”

Judge T.D. Nance stated that, usually in these types of cases, he allows the case to be continued only one time per party. He then asked Jenelle’s attorney if they would agree to the case being continued. 

“Jenelle was waiting outside the courtroom during this time but lawyer said they agreed, but that they want this case over as soon as possible,” the court source said.

“Aint’ nobody would want to get rid of me. It’s just talkin’ words. I’m a fine hunk of man meat!”

Jenelle— who was “obviously dressed up” for the hearing, according to The Ashley’s sources— arrived wearing a pink shirt, suede “more classier” court shoes and had her hair curled. David also selected the finest wares from his closet on his broken boat. He came in wearing all black, as well as a bright red coat with a yellow hood. 

It’s giving “Bigfoot sighting” vibes…

The next hearing has been set for April 25. Jenelle and David are both expected to attend. 

This not the first time David went to court this week. The Ashley can exclusively report that David was in court on Monday, attempting to get the restraining/no contact order that’s currently in place to prevent him from contacting Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, dropped. His request was denied and the order still stands at press time. 

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19 Responses

  1. When he shows up on April 25 without a lawyer… Then what?
    Does he represent himself?
    Will Jenelle pay for him one?
    Will the case be continued again?

  2. I like how they’re both late for court. David had how many months to get a lawyer? What does he do all day rotting on the boat (I guess substance abuse is an activity).

    1. He is probably desperate to get back with Jenelle. He has no money and no where to go.
      His family isn’t helping him, apparently.
      He is probably sitting by himself on that boat without a penny to his name, thinking how he had it good. His only chance is to get Jaces TPO dropped so he could apologize to Jace and try to get on his good side in hopes that she will take him back.

      She takes him back this case gets dismissed, he can use her money, and she will pay for his defense attorney for assaulting Jace.

      That’s the only reason o can think of.

    1. The article says she was wearing a pink shirt, suede “more classier” court shoes. Maybe she “upgraded” them. ??

  3. Why would Jenelle accept that this isn’t resolved immediately? He has no lawyer? That’s his problem, not hers. Why keep dragging this? And why does he want Jace’s order of protection to be dropped? This smells like they are preparing the ground to get back together

    1. While I agree altogether it seems suspect it may not be the case. I’m not a lawyer but in law school and these decisions are very standard. The hearing to get the no contact order dropped for Jace is standard and part of the process of addressing and contesting the charges regarding Jace. Further, related to the separation if that no contact order was dropped David could return the land prior to this. No contact order and Janelle could not have him removed because he is also an owner of the marital property. It seems very strategic. Additionally, attorneys seldom disagree with continuances of this nature because they consistently have to work with the judge, makes them seem petty and less likely to get a continuance when they ask for one in future.

      1. That’s exactly why he’s trying to get it dropped. And it’s probably why she’s trying to get one on him. As long as there is a restraining order, he cannot legally return to The Land.

    2. @Mixk The att is representing her just fine. You need to be seen as being fair and reasonable, that’s why the attorney said “but she is eager to get this resolved” on other words “ok. I really don’t want to wait but I’ll be nice to you so the judge sees my good deed.”
      Delaying this case don’t interfere with her in anything, she is actually getting everything that she wants. Her money, the house, full custody and authored her children, and no contact with David. There’s no needs to rush because once this takes off, she will have to co parent, resolve the house and money.

      1. *Apologies for my misspelling words on the previous comment. As I’m writing the comment, my first grader woke up and came to my bed to tell me that someone got “black in school”.
        Poor Van, he is in so much trouble… lol

  4. Brilliant legal strategy, piss of the judge. He hasn’t found a lawyer yet because no one is going to take his broke ass on as a client without a retainer.

    And, I can not imagine having the hueovos to go to court and ask for a restraining order to be dropped with pending charges regarding the assault of a minor child. He’s dumber than a bag of door knobs.

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