Court Documents Contradict Jenelle Evans’ Lawyer’s Claim That David Eason Hasn’t Contacted Their Daughter Ensley Since Splitting From Jenelle (Exclusive Details)

“That youngin don’t wanna live the barnacle boat life I’m living!”

Jenelle Evans says her estranged husband David Eason isn’t sending any “talking words” to their daughter, Ensley. In fact, the fired Teen Mom 2 star is claiming–through her lawyer Brandon Pettijohn— that David hasn’t tried to contact their kid at all since he was banished to live on the couple’s broken boat in February. However, in court paperwork filed by Jenelle herself last month (and obtained by The Ashley), she contradicts this statement!

In a new interview with The Sun— Jenelle’s lawyer, Brandon, stated that David is allowed to see and contact the seven-year-old, but is just choosing not to. 

“As far as David seeing Ensley, absent a court order, both parents have 100% rights to their child all the time without that court order” Brandon said (while taking a break from shaking his caboose on TikTok).

“You’re representing Jenelle? God speed, son, and good luck. You’re gonna need it!”

“To my knowledge, David has not attempted to contact Ensley, or tried to contact her through our offices, and he has my contact info,” he added.

Jenelle mentioned in her court filing from February 23 that David had not called to check in on Ensley since Jenelle filed for legal separation.

In her filing for a protective order from March 13, though, Jenelle confirmed that David did, indeed, try to contact Ensley on the night of March 9. Jenelle also confirmed that she shut that attempt down.

“March 9, 7 p.m. David asked Jenelle to speak with his daughter [Ensley],” Jenelle wrote in her timeline of events submitted to the court. “When Jenelle said she was busy using her phone for work, [David] started harassing her with degrading texts, telling her ‘she only cares about penis.’ David then proceeded to call Jenelle twice, trying to prevent her from working.

“Jenelle texted David to ‘leave her alone, stop texting me’ and David responded, ‘F**k you.'”

“Dude, every time you text me you, it stops my TikTok dance video from uploading! That’s my WORK, dude!”

This week, David confirmed that he has not spoken to Ensley, stating that Jenelle is to blame for that.

“Yes, I can see [Ensley]. I’ve tried to call, I’ve tried to text, no response, no answer. I tried to see the kids, she didn’t allow it,” David said on TikTok Live on Tuesday. 

“Legally, yes, I can see Ensley, I can talk to her. But the thing is, I tried, and tried, to call and text for the first couple of weeks I was here and [Jenelle] wouldn’t text me back, wouldn’t answer the phone,” David said on Live on April 2.

“Do you KNOW how long I had to stand on the docks, dancing for change, just to earn enough to make that payphone call!?”

“Ever since I talked to this police [officer] a couple of weeks ago, he told me to just act like the restraining order’s in effect, even though it isn’t because then [Jenelle] wouldn’t have anything else to add to [the restraining order request],’ David said during the April 2 Live session. “It’s a sad situation. Do a lot of men go through the same situation I’m going through right now? Absolutely.”

“Most men are probably not as level-headed as me and can’t deal with it as well as I do,” David added.

(No…seriously. David “Yosemite Sam” Eason actually said that.) 

“They don’t come no more level-headed than me! Yee-haw!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle and David will meet up in court soon, where each side will be able to present their evidence to a judge, who will then decide if Jenelle’s request for a restraining order will be granted against David for herself, Ensley and Jenelle’s son Kaiser. (There is already a no-contact/protective order against David for Jenelle’s oldest son Jace, due to the fact that David currently has pending child abuse and “assault by strangulation” charges against him for his alleged physical attack on Jace in September.)

In his new interview with The Sun, Jenelle’s lawyer Brandon declined to discuss David’s child abuse/assault charges.

“At this time I’m not going to be able to comment because there is a pending criminal complaint, but I’ll be able to comment at some point,” he said.

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33 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t let David around my kids. He killed two puppies in a rage. That’s a precursor for killing humans. I wouldn’t put it past him to be the type to hurt Ensley to get to Jennelle. There’s a whole reason a Judge doesn’t let him see his son.

    1. As mentally intact adult humans we all agree!
      However Janelle has gleefully passed on her parenting and adult duties to David for the past 8+(?)years without so much as a flinch and even worse has promoted, encouraged and demanded that he discipline them “like a man”
      David was the perfect “father figure” in Janelle’s eyes up until the point he stopped coddling HER. That was when her story changed…multiple times.

      Bottom line, David is gross and frankly dangerous (more so when pushed and provoked by JE) BUT JANELLE IS NO BETTER! At least David doesn’t hide his psycho. Janelle still thinks she is perfect despite what is still going on on the swamp without David. Ask her what “medications” Jace is on and where he gets it. Or how often the kids go to school. Or how their therapy is going. Or how many friends and extracurricular activities they participate in. **Or who cooks dinner and puts the kids to bed while she is ?? in the shed every day & night. {Hint: it’s not an adult}

  2. Her lawyer actually advertises his services by dancing in Tik Tok videos. Can’t even make this up!

  3. only defending jenelle but if you wanna talk and see your child so bad david then why don’t you take jenelle to court? oh wait you don’t actually have money

    1. He has tried to see his kid but Janelle is doing as Janelle does and using the kid for control.
      If David was overreacting we would be judging him too. There is not much more he can do in the short term because Jan is alienating him from his kid by using the child in her sick game. Notice that is the only kid that she is posting and spending time with with the sole intention of posting to provoke him into a reaction – not a coincidence.
      She does this EVERY TIME she gets broken up with. The kid becomes her pawn in her sick games.

  4. Color me shocked.?

    Contradiction & Jenelle & David all in the same sentence?

    There has to be some mistake because these two individuals are some of the kindest I’ve ever seen. And don’t get me started on how they are also the most honest. David walks little old ladies across the street.Jenelle throws her hair extensions in a gorgeous hairnet in order to take the possibility of 1 precious hair falling in the food of a homeless person. Then they both meet up so they can hand out stuffed animals at St. Jude. St.Jude is in Memphis you say? Not a problem. David and Jenelle will throw on their capes like the superheroes they are and get there to hand out gifts lickity split.

    I love fiction.?

    1. She did, Click on “shaking his caboose on tik tok” that’s highlighted in pink.

      You actually can see him “dance”. I get why Jenelle hired him though. They both are horrible dancers.

  5. I really don’t want to take Jenelles side here but if that is in fact the only time that David has tried to contact his daughter than I would have said no too. IF this were any other couple I would say that a parent should have to schedule visits and calls with the other parent ahead of time to not disrupt the child’s routine. BUT since this is Jenelle and David I’m sure he uses ensley as an excuse to harass Jenelle, and she would definitely alienate him out of spite when really it should be because he is dangerous and already has charges against him for abusing one of her children.

    1. I agree but in reverse. Janelle has done exactly this with every ex that has ever left her. We watched her torment Nathan for years because she had control over Kaiser. Years! At that point Nathan desperately wanted to see his son and Janelle got off on the control until she chased him away and now Kaiser doesn’t have a dad.
      Janelle was perfectly ok with David doing 100% of the parenting over the past 8 years but is just NOW denying him access? That is sick and controlling behavior. I detest standing up for David but it’s no secret that he was the one tending to the kids. Janelle even mentioned it many times. So why all of a sudden is she not allowing him to see Ensley when he has the same legal rights as and does??

  6. I don’t know what’s funnier;
    Jenelle saying she’s working or David calling himself level-headed

    Either way, I think I just peed my pants

  7. 1) Jenelle is a liar, she has always been a liar
    2) I totally don’t blame her if she in fact didn’t allow him to contact Ensley because he’s a dangerous POS, she should just be honest about it
    3) Did David just called himself a level headed man and is playing the male victim card? LMFAO I just can’t

  8. Is it parental alienation when the parent is an actual dangerous POS? I’m not defending Jenelle AT ALL but no sane person would want an individual like David to have contact with their child

    1. He is the same dangerous POS he has been for Kaiser and Ensley,s whole lives. She didn’t worry about his temper before this She never protected them, so sorry to doubt her motives now. Not!

    2. Except that she was totally fine spending her life smoked out in the dope shed while David tended to the kids for the last 8+ years…

      I totally agree, you and I would NEVER even leave a plant in his care but Janelle is only now concerned about control and SM optics since she can no longer pass all parenting and adult duties on to David.
      She has Jace for that now. (Wish I was joking)

    3. However , this is the same man that she has praised for the last 8 years . That she has desperately tried to convince everyone that he is a wonderful man , husband and an even better father. The same pos that she has pushed the parenting duties on while she did what Janelle does and that’s make herself #1. The same man that she defended for beating her . Her kids , and killing the dogs . He is a definite piece of shit and a dangerous person , but you can t suddenly claim to be so scared of him and that he is such a terrible father when you’ve praised him publicallgnfor almost a decade . Not just publically but loudly ! We all agree that David doesn’t need to be around the Kids. Hell, Jenelle doesn’t need to be around them either . But girl , bye ! You are not the victim here . The children are the victims . Of both you and David. Stop standing on your soap box pretending you are protecting them. When you are really just trying to make yourself look like the shinier piece of shit , but a piece of shit nonetheless.

  9. Did I understand this right??? Jenelle’s LAWYER dances on Tic-Tok?? OMG!! If this is true, then Jenelle is an even bigger dip-shit than I guessed!!! All of the men she picks are losers, and she even picks a loser for a lawyer!!! Wow!! Come to think of it, that’s probably where she got the recommendation to retain his legal services, since she shakes her fat ass on Tic-Tok also. Just wow!! Who hires an attorney or lawyer who dances on Tic-Tok??

  10. So since she ran her mouth so much protecting this goblin, her words are coming back to bite her in the ass. She needs to log the hell off the Internet.

  11. It’s interesting. Three baby daddies and not one has anything to do with their children. I’m starting to wonder if she is to blame.

  12. “Using her phone for work”. Taking pictures of yourself for only fans or posting horrible dance content on TikTok can wait. Her kids never come first. She’d rather let her kid feel abandoned by her father than hand her phone over for a few minutes. I obviously don’t like David but those poor kids deserve any love and attention they can get. Jenelle is disgusting.

  13. Typical Jenelle.
    Lying to try to make herself look better except this time it has caught up with her.
    This is now the 4th(?) time she has tried to pull the same stunts without any regard to her children’s best interest. They are all just chess pieces to her. Or more accurately checkers bc we know Jenelle doesn’t even know how to spell chess much less play anything close to it.
    Weaponizing the children and court system as she does.

    It’s pretty bad when she is so terrible I am forced to stand up for David!!

  14. Delujenelle’s favorite thing to do when mad is to abuse the court system. David should have known how she was going to play this game because he’s seen her do it over and over.

  15. Not taking David’s side because ewww , he’s a horrible human. But … parental alienation is right up Jenelle’s alley and I believe him

    1. Yeah well, we all know how David is. If he really wanted to see Ensley he’s bust right down that driveway. No protective order in place at this point.

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