EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Pleads with Court to Make Ex David Eason Surrender His Guns: “He Threatens To Shoot People…If Someone Makes Him Mad”

“I enjoy my guns and such!”

Jenelle Evans says she and her kids are scared of her estranged husband David Eason, and is asking a judge to restrict the fired Teen Mom 2 dad from possessing or purchasing any guns. She’s also pleading that the judge make David turn in his firearms, ammo and other weapons.

In court paperwork obtained by The Ashley— which includes a request for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection against David for Jenelle and her three kids—Jenelle issued a warning to law enforcement that her estranged husband has guns and other weapons in his possession.

In the “Identifying Information” form filed by Jenelle on March 13, she notes that, although David has no permit to carry a concealed handgun (and no permit to purchase a handgun and/or crossbow), she warned law enforcement officers that David is a “potential threat” because he “has guns.”

David has showed off his cornucopia of assorted weapons over the years…

In the filing, Jenelle claims that David took— without her consent— a number of items that belong to her, including a pistol and a 300 Blackout rifle (valued at $2,000). 

“Both firearms are registered in my name,” Jenelle wrote. 

Jenelle also stated that David makes verbal threats to hurt people when he gets angry.

“[He] threatens to shoot people or use his weapons if someone makes him mad,” Jenelle insists. 

She also checked the box to indicate that David has allegedly “made threats to commit suicide.” 

“[He] says, ‘Maybe if I were gone or dead things would be better,'” Jenelle wrote. 

(A judge denied Jenelle’s request for the Ex Parte DV protective order for herself and her three kids, so immediate relief was not granted. However, a hearing has been set for later this month for both Jenelle and David to argue their case before a judge, who will then decide if a regular– non-ex-parte– Domestic Violence Order of Protection should be granted to Jenelle.)

Jenelle also asked the judge to order David not to “cruelly treat or abuse an animal owned, possessed, kept or held as a pet by either party or minor child residing in the household.” 

(As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle stated in the same documents that David ran over one of the family’s puppies with his car in February, an act she says happened after she and David got into a fight. David later denied Jenelle’s claim that he killed the puppy.) 

“That’s all it is!”

Jenelle asks that she be granted custody and control of any of the family’s animals/pets. 

Jenelle also states in the court docs she filed that David has allegedly showed up at her home on The Land numerous times following their split in February, with no reason to be there. According to Jenelle, his only reason for coming back to The Land repeatedly was “for the sole purpose of harassing” her.

She described one incident, on March 6, in which she claims she was coming down her driveway and noticed David sitting in her BMW on the side of the road, waving to her. She stated that she immediately called the police.

Can you imagine how creepy it would be to come down the street and see THIS waving at you…

“Jenelle Eason and her children would like to be protected at all costs from David Eason,” Jenelle writes. “Jenelle Eason is scared of David if he gets mad. David causes Jenelle and her children extreme anxiety almost everyday. Jenelle doesn’t want her children exposed to this behavior David is exhibiting over the years…”

She asks the judge to order David to have no contact with her or her three kids, and to to stay away from The Land, the kids’ schools and any place Jenelle shelters. 

“I want [David] to be ordered to have no contact with me,” Jenelle asked the judge. “I want the Court to order [David] not to assault, threaten or abuse, follow, harass or interfere with me and my children.” 

Jenelle claims that David “has a history of physically acting out to include punching or hitting holes and walls, throwing objects, [and] stealing items from Jenelle.”

“These former acts of physical intimidation have given [Jenelle] PTSD and she is scared this behavior might happen again soon. Some of those behaviors were in front of the children over the years,” she alleged. 

A hearing to decide whether or not a regular Domestic Violence Protective Order will be granted is set for later this month.

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41 Responses

  1. Apparently David has had HOME SICK tattoo’d on his knuckles . . . as per OK magazine which I can’t read in the UK.

    I pray they get divorced but I just don’t see it.

    Ashley please keep calling the Boat the Boaterhome, that’s the only funny thing about this mess.

  2. Who can even tell anymore when she isn’t lying. She wouldn’t know or accept the truth if it smacked her in the face. I don’t doubt anything she said about David in this filing but also proves she had been lying about so many other things when she was “protecting” him in the past. And picked his sorry crazy ass over her own children and pets. I am pretty sure she must have a new man that she is trying to keep David away from the Land. Her just once saying “I messed up picking him over my kids/pets” would go a long way but she is just as f’d up ad him. I do not understand why she is still allowed around these kids…. So sad.

  3. I hope she gets granted the protective order only for the kids sake. David truly seems like the type of sociopath to harm her children to harm her. Or the kids would wind up as collateral damage while he tries to kill Janelle. Shots fired and one of the kids got hit type shit. He’s killed countless pets to “teach her a lesson”. Imagine what he’d do if he really loses everything. He completely depends on Janelle. He’s already harassing her and the kids. This can only escalate to a very dangerous point for those poor children.

  4. Well well well!! The psychotic dick-head finally speaks the truth!! The story claimed that David was once suicidal and claimed that everyone would be better off if he was dead. SO RIGHT DAVID!!! You finally woke the hell up!! The whole world feels the same way about you! The important part is this: Every child that you have fathered or been a step parent to, would absolutely be better off with you “leaving this earth”
    Oh, and let’s not forget every single animal that has had the misfortune of being in your care. They also would vote you off this earth. So congratulations on making the first truthful statement of your entire life!!! You’re a useless waste of air.

  5. Those poor kids. They didn’t choose ANY of this, they have no control over any aspect of their lives. For Kaiser & Jace, neither of their “fathers” will help them. Poor Ensley has the WORST parental luck-of-the-draw!! I hope Maryssa’s family can be a safe refuge for her, and she is almost an adult. Praying that all of the kids survive this ONGOING horrible and dangerous situation.

  6. I have no doubts that David is an abusive psycho. BUT . Isn’t this the same Jenelle that stood by David’s side stating that he didn’t hit Kaiser when the Griffiths claimed he abused the child. Isn’t this the same Jenelle that stood by David and defended him when he choked Jace? The same Jenelle that said David was the best husband and father ? Smdh. She is just as fucked up and I have no doubts that she is abusive as well. Hey Jenelle , remember when David shot and killed your dog and you got fired from MYV because of it . And you still defended him? You failed to protect your kids from this monster for years . You and David are both abusive , selfish and insane . Those kids deserve better than either of you. They are the real victims here.

  7. Can you please try to find out if David is still being represented by that same attorney or what’s the situation on that?
    Also, if Jenelle is representing herself in the divorce. I’m assuming that she is but just wanted to know for sure. Thanks!

  8. But Jenelle said David was the most patient, loving husband and father like 2 months ago, and Jace was just mentally unstable. Now he’s a danger to everybody, he’s unstable, he doesn’t care about his kids and is a serial pet killer.
    I swear I feel sorry for every abused woman on Earth… except for Jenelle, who put this lunatic before her kids for years and gaslighted everybody. Leave both of them on the Swamp by themselves and let karma do the rest

    1. There’s just something so foul about Jenelle and this entire situation, I can’t feel sorry for her. She defended this monster until she was blue in the face, tried to gaslight the entire WORLD, and is now like…actually…you guys were right. Everything that was said about David was true, and it was actually a lot worse than you guys thought. It’s like shut up Jenelle, it’s too late. The damage is done, stop looking for sympathy and go try and make things right with your kids and your mother.

  9. I don’t like Janelles behavior either but it’s nuts she can’t get an emergency protection order. He already has pending charges for assaulting her child and is known to be violent.

  10. I’m sorry while I do believe her shouldn’t she also surrender all weapons do we not remember her in the car with a gun with her son chasing down some random person in traffic exactly they’re both scum of the Earth so let’s not give Janelle Saint Hood just because she’s finally taking the road of hating on David. She still scum.

    1. David took/ stole them from her, so she doesn’t even have anything like to protect herself or the kids. (Not that I think it’s a good idea for that crazy loon to have a fire arm)…. My question tho is WHY isn’t the judge or the cops doing anything about the fact that he has weapons, but no conceal carry permit & isn’t allowed to purchase, in his possession? That’s fuckin crazy

  11. Jenelle is the boy who cried wolf.
    No one cares, jenelle! You swore up and down for yearssssss that David was a stand up amazing person so now you want us to believe all this backtracking?

  12. Good for Janelle for finally getting the courage to leave David. Of course, Janelle could win a Noble Peace prize and you folks would still be hating on her. Hopefully, she has bank accounts and stuff in her name only.

      1. The Janelle snark will have to eventually end. Her moving on from David is one of the best choices she’s made in years.

        1. Yeah, I’m not applauding people for doing the bare minimum for what needed to happen, as well as for doing it AFTER her children and herself have been harmed by swamp daddy Davy.
          Everything is roses in Jenelle’s world until she decides it’s shit. It’s obnoxious, dangerous behavior by an adult responsible for kids.

    1. She deserves whatever abuse she got! No decent mother would’ve put her children through what she has. No decent mother would allow this psychotic dick-brain to abuse her children and kill their animals and traumatize them on a daily basis. You’re obviously an abuser yourself since you are a Jenelle supporter. You should be ashamed that you obviously don’t care about her kids at all. I hope you never procreate. People like you would just produce and raise children as fucked up as you are.

      1. But her being abused affects her children. They saw it happening. No child should see that or be around that.

        I had a Janelle mom. Dated someone who did the exact things David did – abused, then killed our pets one by one in front of me to scare me. Strangulation. Me. Animals.

        Do you guys notice the way none of those children really smile? Those tight smiles, the tense energy…

        Am now almost 40 and in therapy twice a week to deal with what’s left of me after spending my childhood in absolute fear.

        My mom eventually got out of the relationship and is living a somewhat “normal” life. We barely speak. Oddly, my mom lives close to the swamp and I left the US and started a life far away. The abuser is still out there and did kill people. Got away with it.

        Personally I would not be happy to see my mom suffer despite everything she did allowing me to be abused. My mom had mental health issues like Jenelle.

        I can’t help but read and follow this story, it’s truly like a car wreck for me, I can’t look away. I have lived this. I deeply want Janelle to get help. Her behavior has been deplorable. But I pray for her because those kids do not need more tragedy.

        I guess I am sharing this because I want to stress that mental health is real. That Janelle needs help. I do not believe she is a sociopath. She is terribly sick. David is a sociopath. David will never be okay. David will hurt people, I could see a shootout situation, a hostage situation.. this will not end well for David.

    2. She’s too stupid to have anything in her name only. When (IF) they actually divorce, she’s going to be screwed right up her poop hole. And I’m here for it!!! lololol

  13. While I do agree that he needs his guns taken away, this crazy ass broad wasn’t singing this tune when he murdered Nugget, or when he pistol whipped her friend. This girl is unbelievable.

  14. If you look at that video of him at the start of their relationship to the pictures of him now, that’s a man that’s sampled too much of his product…iykyk

  15. Says the person who was swinging a gun around with her young son next to her as she chases after someone she perceived “pumped the breaks” on her. She put Jace’s life in danger then (as Jenelle does) did her fake crocodile tears routine to the cop. Then right after calls her son a liar repeatedly.

    I hate both of them in equal amounts. This story will change too. It won’t be long before she will say Jace lied about being strangled, Marissa misunderstood that her Dad ran over a puppy in front of her, Kaiser didn’t hear correctly when he was called “a faggot like his father” by dear old David. Nugget bit a whole chunk off of Ensley’s face (instead of the tiny scratch on her face that wasn’t even bleeding) and David heroically saved her by murdering the dog in front of her.? Then she will blame the courts for typing up a false narrative.

    1. I’m shocked she hasn’t called out his pictures of Kaiser in his diaper.
      Or making Kaiser peel a banana ? while David held it like a ?. Don’t forget she was right there filming & laughing along with him.
      So many times.
      Towing the elderly guys truck. Threatening her co workers & family. Ect.
      She knew he wasn’t allowed to carry a gun.
      And I’m highly disappointed in NC LE. Takes 2 minutes to find out if he is legally authorized to carry a gun.
      I knew he didn’t.
      He shouldn’t have DL either last I knew it was revoked.
      Not suspended it was revoked.

      1. Guns are in Jenelle’s name. There’s nothing LE could have done to take the guns away when they were together.
        Jenelle would go right in the officers face like the trash that she is and claim she owns the guns.

        They can’t go inside his house or boat without a warrant. At this point only the judge can order him to turn in the guns.

  16. Time and time again, she defended him and his antisocial behavior. It’s documented. Of course, the court is going to want to take a deep dive into the facts and issues before they issue any orders of protection. I can’t help but feel sorry for her children. They are the collateral damage of her chaotic, dysfunctional life.

    1. This is what happens when every word out of your mouth for the last 7 years is a lie. You finally tell the “truth”, and nobody believes you.

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