Heather El Moussa Says It Was “A Blessing” That She Wasn’t Asked to Return to ‘Selling Sunset’: “It’s Very Toxic”

From Selling Sunset to slinging shade.

Heather El Moussa previously claimed she was “frustrated” when she was not asked to return for Season 7 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, but the real estate agent is now singing a different tune. 

As The Ashley told you in March 2023, Heather revealed she hadn’t received a call to resume filming for the series, despite being a main cast member since Season 1. Heather stated at the time that she was an “OG” who had “been there from the beginning,” hinting that she wasn’t pleased with the snub. 

However, during this week’s episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Heather criticized the series, calling it “toxic” and claiming it “took over her life.”  

“In the beginning it was just all fun, not crazy drama,” Heather said. “We were all friends. Any drama was just simple. Then it just got worse and worse. They started adding in more girls. It just became out of control.” 

Heather was one of the five women who appeared on the show as a main cast member in Season 1; by Season 5, that number had doubled. 

Heather said because there was no set filming schedule for ‘Selling Sunset,’ she wouldn’t find out until the last minute that she was set to film–- some days up to 14 hours–- which made it difficult for her to do her “real job” as a real estate agent. 

According to Us Weekly, Heather even claimed that appearing on the show often left her coming home and “crying from the stress.” 

“It was pretty brutal,” she said. “They just want more and more and more and you saw me on the show, I pretty much was level-headed almost the whole time. I was kind of friends with everyone and I kept things pretty chill in my life.” 

Despite having friends on the show, Heather still considered the environment to be “very toxic.” 

“You’re around a bunch of women that everyone wants to be stars on the show, No. 1,” she said. “And they’ll kind of do anything.” 

At one point, Heather was starring on both ‘Selling Sunset’ and HGTV’s The Flipping El Moussas–- the latter of which she continues to co-host with husband Tarek El Moussa. After tying the knot in November 2021, Heather and Tarek went on to welcome son Tristan in January 2023. 

Heather made what would ultimately be her final appearance on ‘Selling Sunset’ on the Season 7 premiere, during which viewers saw her going on maternity leave in preparation for her son’s arrival. She later confirmed that she would not be returning to the Netflix series. 

“It was a blessing that I wasn’t asked to come back because I’m so much happier filming my show with Tarek,” she said. “We’re co-producers on our show so we pick the hours.” 

While Heather says she’s glad her ‘Selling Sunset’ days are behind her, she admits the experience wasn’t entirely negative. 

“Some of these girls are still my really close friends,” she said. “That was a really positive [thing] that I took away from it.” 

One former co-star who may not be among Heather’s “close friends” is Christine Quinn, who revealed to E! News last summer that she was “not shocked” when Heather wasn’t asked to return to the series for Season 7. 

“ … she’s a snoozefest,” Christine said. “But, you know, it is what it is.” 

When asked to clarify why she felt this way, Christine doubled-down on her comment. 

“She’s a little snoozy! I love her, she’s a sweetheart but it’s TV. You have to give it,” she said. “You have to bring it.” 

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