Former ‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn Says She Felt “Controlled” & “Unsafe” With Christian Richard; Accuses Husband of Taking “Extreme Measures” to Isolate Her & Their Son

Trigger Warning: This story contains mention of suicide/suicidal ideation. 

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard’s marriage woes were only recently revealed to the public, but, according to Christine, the couple’s relationship has been troubled for far longer than that.

Days after the former Selling Sunset star filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against her husband of four years, a source told Us Weekly that Christine has felt “controlled” by Christian throughout “their whole relationship.” 

According to People, Christine also accused Christian of taking “extreme measures” to “isolate” her and their son.

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, Christian was arrested March 19 for domestic violence after allegedly throwing a bag of trash containing a glass bottle at Christine that ultimately missed and hit the couple’s two-year-old son. 

Christian was booked for an assault with a deadly weapon (felony level) and released from custody the following day, when he proceeded to earn his second arrest of the week–- this time a misdemeanor charge for returning to his and Christine’s home, despite Christine having filed an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) against him. 

This week, Christian attempted to file for a restraining order of his own against Christine, but it was denied. In his filing, Christian claimed he actually threw a bag of trash at the wall, not Christine or their son, and that the bag did not contain any glass.

Christine went on to file a TRO against Christian this week, in which she reiterated her original story regarding the March 19 incident that led to Christian’s (first) arrest, while also accusing Christian of throwing multiple decorative items at her– some containing metal rods– urinating on the floor and throwing dog feces at her. 

It has also been revealed that in her TRO request, Christine claimed that Christian “faked a suicide attempt to see if I cared about him” in September 2023. 

“[Christian] became angry at me, questioning why I needed to work, asserting that he was providing for everything,” she alleged in court documents. “That night, in our hotel room, I watched [Christian] pour handfuls of pills [and] appear to shove them into his mouth, with pills flying out of his hands and spilling on the floor, and then tell me he was dying.

“After what felt like an hour of [Christian] apparently falling in and out of consciousness and me being terrified, he suddenly appeared sober again and said, ‘You passed the test, you really do love me,’” she continued. 

In her TRO filing paperwork, Christine also claimed Christian essentially locked her and their son inside their home, using the home’s technology. She alleges that Christian did this by locking the front security gate at their home to prevent the mother and son from physically leaving the property, as well as “routinely” turning off household Internet in order to “cut off communication with the outside, because we have no cell phone reception in the residence due to the terrain.” 

Christine is reportedly planning to file for divorce “very soon,” as she claims “this is not the first time she has seen [Christian] lash out in an angry manner during their relationship.” 

Us Weekly‘s source also stated that Christian would get upset when Christine would do work that included sexy photoshoots.

“He never liked that her whole brand was about sex appeal and Christine would often have to lie about what partnerships or photoshoots she was doing so Christian wouldn’t have a meltdown,” the magazine’s source stated. 

“She has felt unsafe for a while,” the source claimed. “It has been toxic for several months and Christine has been in distress … It is going to be a long messy road ahead of them, as they both have restraining orders and are not in agreement on plans with their son.” 

Both Christine and Christian stated in their respective TRO filings that they feared the other would abduct their son, with each requesting that their spouse not be allowed to leave Los Angeles County with the child. They’ve both requested that the other vacate their shared home, as well. 

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(Photos: Netflix; Instagram) 


  1. I had an ex who was very much like this. He would lock the inside of the house so I couldn’t leave. I didn’t even live there!
    Also one night he called me at like 10 PM telling me he had a gun to his head and was going to shoot himself. I had kids! I had 2 kids under 7 at home. I rushed over to his house and once I got there he opened the door acting all surprised like I just saved his life. I was so mad. He did it again. I didn’t go. It’s all a game and he left me so traumatized. He was an alcoholic and just a plain narcissist. He would text me god awful things all night while I was asleep and I would wake up to 30+ text messages just spewing hatred at me. So glad I left.

  2. Well, that’s what happens when you only care about marrying for money. Can’t say I’m surprised. Apparently, this treatment started before they married- she should’ve gotten out then/not married him but she either thought she could change him or the treatment was worth the abuse he handed out.

  3. Also, why are you not immediately calling 911 or a physician if you watch someone you love swallow a handful of pills?! Everything Christine does is orchestrated. I don’t believe anything either of them say.

  4. Yeah, this is very much how not to be a boss bitch, despite her book I’m sure she didn’t write. This was clearly and obviously a marriage for money.

  5. Is anyone surprised by this? lol I thought it would have happened sooner. Christine just used him for his money.

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