Christine Quinn Files Restraining Order Against Husband Christian Richard; Former ‘Selling Sunset’ Star Accuses Husband of Throwing Dog Poop At Her & More

What a sh*t show– literally (allegedly) and figuratively speaking.

Trigger Warning: This story contains mention of domestic violence.

Christine Quinn has filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against her husband Christian Richard following Christian’s two arrests last week.

As The Ashley told you last week, Christian was first arrested March 19 for domestic violence. He was taken into custody from his home while wearing only a bathrobe and no shoes. His arrest occurred after the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call at the couple’s home relating to a domestic dispute that resulted in the pair’s three-year-old son getting injured.

The LAPD told Page Six that the suspect (Christian) threw a bag containing a glass bottle at the victim (Christine), which missed her and ended up hitting their child.

Christian was booked for an assault with a deadly weapon (felony level) and, after being released on custody Wednesday, he went on to score his second arrest of the week– this time a misdemeanor charge for returning to his and Christine’s home, despite Christine having filed an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) against him.

This week, both Christian and Christine attempted to file for temporary restraining orders against each other. According to Us Weekly, Christian’s TRO against Christine –which he hoped would prevent Christine from leaving LA County and possibly abducting their son— was denied pending a hearing. Christine’s TRO filing against Christian is still pending as of Wednesday.

The former ‘Selling Sunset’ stars are telling very different versions of the events that happened last week between them. 

Here, The Ashley will break down both Christine and Christian’s versions, based on the court documents they each filed. 

Christine’s Version:

In documents obtained by TMZ, Christine states that her and Christian’s marriage has been declining for several years. She points to Christian’s alleged mental health issues and controlling nature as reasons for this decline; however she states that things between them worsened in late 2023. 


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Christine also alleges that the events of last week began after she attempted to discuss finances with Christian, which she says set him off and led him to throw multiple decorative items at her, including some that contained metal rods. Christine also claims that in his moment of rampage, Christian began urinating on the floor and then threw dog feces at her. 

Though things eventually calmed down, Christine said the incident convinced her to finally leave Christian, which she claims to have secretly made a plan to do the following day (last Tuesday). Unfortunately, Christine claims that while packing her things, Christian came into their room, began yelling at her and proceeded to throw a bag of recyclables at her, which missed her and ended up hitting their toddler. She then left the room and called 911.

Christine has been staying in a hotel away from the couple’s home, but claims that she still fears for her safety and believes Christian is monitoring her accounts and electronic devices remotely. Because of this, she has requested in her TRO that the court require Christian to leave her accounts and devices alone.

She is also requesting sole physical/legal custody of their son until they can be seen by a judge, after which she is asking for monitored visitation for Christian.

Christian’s Version: 


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In documents obtained by Us Weekly, Christian’s TRO filing against Christine states that he and Christine got into a fight last Tuesday. He blamed the argument on Christine’s two dogs, which Christian says Christine “refuses to have house- or crate-trained.”

In the documents, Christian alleged that he confronted Christine last Tuesday after realizing the dogs had urinated on some of his belongings. Christian said he found Christine in their bedroom with cleaning supplies and that Christine claimed to have “tried to clean, but was not going to do anything further,” according to People.

‘[Christian] constantly finds himself the only one cleaning up after the dogs, so much so that operating and cleaning the remote vacuum cleaner has become a bonding activity between himself and 3-year-old Christian,” his filing states. (Just to note, Christian is still two, and will not turn three until May.) 

Christian claims that, after Christine refused to clean up the mess, he grabbed a trash bag from the floor and “threw it to the side of the room, against the wall.” Christian insists that the bag did not contain glass (as Christine told police), and that he did not throw the bag at either Christine or their son.

“There was no glass in the bag, as there was no broken glass in the room or anywhere in the house,” he stated, adding that the bag was full of used rags and paper towels.

Christian alleged that when he attempted to take his and Christine’s son out of the bedroom, Christine got to the toddler first and proceeded to go to a separate room in the couple’s house where she made the call to police. Christian claimed the incident-– specifically Christine’s decision to “suddenly” file an emergency protective order after last week’s incident–- was done by Christine in effort to gain an upper hand in potential divorce and custody proceedings.

According to Daily Mail, Christian claimed in his court filing that Christine “has a history of threatening to take away or hide our children from me.” (He mentioned that Christine is very close to her parents, who live in Texas.)

Christian also stated that Christine is “not cooperating” with him on parenting decisions.


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Christian stated that he wants he and Christine to have joint custody of their son, and that Christine can have unmonitored time with the two-year-old. 

Christian accuses Christine of fabricating domestic violence, and claims that the ‘Selling Sunset’ star aims to “embarrass him.” 


Christian is due in court April 11 regarding last week’s arrests.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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  1. I dunno. “Selling Sunset” really made her out to be an unlikeable villain so I don’t know what to think. I certainly believe she was attacked, but based on her fiendish and manipulative TV character, (I know, I’s just a storyline), I can’t just immediately give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that he was randomly peeing on the floor and throwing poop. Blame Netflix.

    It must be horrible to be physically and verbally attacked by a spouse and father of your kid and have random things hurled directly at you- especially to have something accidentally hit your innocent child.
    I’m glad she got away, because he’s clearly abusive and mean. He also seems to have an issue with throwing very random things at her…including but not limited to ornaments and dog poop.
    Making these accusations public with a statement is a choice. I hope she and her kid(s) remain safe and pray that this doesn’t become a crazy Kim and Kroy situation.

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