Ryan Edwards Wants Lien Put On Ex Mackenzie’s Home If She Doesn’t Pay Him Child Support; Demands to Be “Primary Residential Parent” Of Their Kids (Exclusive Details)

“Gimme them kids— Stella and…and..um…the boy who ain’t Bentley! And some money too!”

Ryan Edwards and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie are currently in a battle for their kids and, in a proposed “parenting plan” created by Ryan last month, the troubled Teen Mom dad is asking for 50/50 custody of his kids, as well as child support, alimony and more from Mack!

The Sun reported on Wednesday that Ryan recently filed a proposed parenting plan. In the Complaint for Divorce (which has been obtained by The Ashley), Ryan asks to be  “designated the primary residential parent” of five-year-old son Jagger and four-year-old daughter Stella. He also asks that Mackenzie pay him child support, using the money she earns at her job.

The Ashley can also exclusively reveal that Ryan— who has made millions during his nearly 15 years on MTV— also asked the judge to “vest the title to [marital or separate] property to him as “alimony.”

In addition, Ryan is asking the judge to make Mackenzie pay his attorney fees, as well as any legal fees that he incurs for “defending the interest of the children.”

Ryan is so adamant that Mackenzie pay him the child support that he asked the judge to have “a lien be imposed on [Mackenzie’s] property to ensure the payment of any child support.” 

“A lien upon your house, Peasant!”

 As The Ashley reported earlier this week, a mutual restraining order was issued, barring Ryan and Mack from contacting each other. The restraining order allows Mackenzie to speak with Ryan’s family in regard to custody and visitation. 

Jagger and Stella have been living with Mackenzie since she and Ryan split in early 2023. In his proposed Permanent Parenting Plan, Ryan says he wants the kids to reside with him 182.5 days, and 182.5 with Mackenzie. (Ryan is currently living with his girlfriend Amanda Connor, whom he met last year while both were in rehab.)

He asks that the kids be exchanged between him and Mack every other week, with the exchange happening on Fridays at 6 p.m. 

“If she don’t stop acting up, I’m fixin’ to tell my Mommy on her!”

Until Mackenzie and Ryan settle their divorce, both are asked not to move the kids out of state (or within 50 miles of the home they once shared), without permission from the other parent or the court. Among other things, they are also asked to refrain from cancelling insurance premiums for the kids or each other; and to not “hide, destroy or spoil, in whole or in part, any evidence electronically stored or on computer hard drives or other memory storage devices.”

Mack and Ryan are both asked not to give away, hide or dispose of any marital property without the other person’s consent.

Mackenzie has yet to respond to Ryan’s proposed plan.

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(Photos: MTV)

51 Responses

  1. Ryan is a self serving mommy’s boy who still hasn’t matured into manhood. He doesn’t care one bit about those children just like he doesn’t care for his 1st born. You can bet your ass its all coming from mommy and Dada wanting a do over because they f-Ed up with there first.If Ryan is ever granted custody even 50/50 custody with primary. Those kids will be doomed and the judge should lose his job!!!

  2. Who asks for a lien to be put on the home of the mother of his children where his kids live?!?! Ryan is just heartless and a big spoiled child.

  3. Is this a joke i hope and Pray the judge doesnt grant any of his request until he can prove stability and sobriety . Not only that asking her for money while she works to support her children his children he has some nerve really.

  4. ‘You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another place to live and no one is going to survive anything.” – literally the text Ryan sent to Mack. He isn’t even allowed to be around his children, what the hell makes him think he’s going to get ANYTHING he’s asking for?!?

  5. I know Ryan has issues and felt suspicious of Mack but dang, this whole thing makes you really curious on who she is as a person for this to go down.

  6. This is what happens when a grown man is coddled, enabled, and treated like a giant man baby. Let’s not forget, this family has the judge in their back pocket. This ridiculous filing may actually come true. I am Always amazed at how backward parts of the South still is in this day and age. This is most definitely coming from Larry and Jen. DO BETTER! Do you two honestly think Ryan and his junkie girlfriend should have custody of these kids? My guess is the “custody” will mean staying with Jen and Larry.

    1. I know they have the judge in his criminal case in their pocket but is this before the same judge? I really hope not.

  7. This is why you don’t marry and have kids with drug addicts. Probably won’t go through but why would you want to worry about that?

  8. Maci, this is what you put your stamp of approval on?! Gross and delusional…

    Considering what this waste of space has gotten away with, it kind of scares me that he might get away with some of this crap too. Hoping a judge sees through this and takes everything into consideration before he/she laughs at him and gives him a dose of reality.

    There is also no way his addict/loser girlfriend came up with this. She’s not very bright, clearly. This has Jen and Larry written all over it.

  9. Oh, for pity sake, he’s stupid…. you don’t get child support while you’re sharing 50/50 custody, moron. AND she SHOULD ABSOLUTELY sue your dope ass for all of the damages you caused at her house. This pos hasn’t bee sober for a full year & lives with another real piece of work who is also not sober for a year. I just don’t see this working out for Ry…

  10. I really hope Mack files a counter claim against him to be reimbursed for everything he destroyed int he house that she had to pay for! I don’t like her, but she’s been the one taking care of the kids while he’s been off in rehab & jail. If he’s sober, great, but it doesn’t take away the fact that he’s an addict & he made the choice to use knowing he has kids who need him. This shows he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

  11. Sounds like Jen and Larry got a good divorce attorney, or Maci recommended a good attorney. Unfortunately Ryan will get nothing he asked for! It’s comical to read though

  12. Imagine being the judge in this clusterfuck and having to keep a straight face while explaining to Ryan all the reasons why this is never gonna happen

  13. Now I know this guy is delusional af. I wonder how his attorney could file this with a straight face. I’m sure the clerks office had a great laugh. This is what comes from being an entitled spoiled brat that never faces consequences. The audacity.

  14. Ah, I see he’s hitting the drugs hard again, together with his new girl. I have no other explanation for this delusional attempt at grabbing money and trying to hurt Mckenzie.

  15. Way to go Larry and Jen, you brought up a real tw@ of a son, I think Larry is a violent man also, Jen is just a stupid delusional wet wipe

  16. Sadly this just shows that he will not stay sober for long. He hasn’t grown from his mistakes and instead continues to make poor choices despite being sober.

  17. WHAT?! He thrashed their house which def left a lasting mark on his young kids…yet he wants half a custody?! How can this guy possible provide to his daughter and son?! What can he teach them? How to do drugs? How to almost kill someone or yourself while being on said drunk while driving a car? How to kill innocent cats? The list just goes on and on. Damn, the delusion is big in this one. And I bet his enabler is encouraging this all. I am so afraid he will end up knocking her up too. The last thing these two need is a kid.

  18. Yup, seems perfectly reasonable to me…..said no-one ever. He’s still standing tall on his pedestal of dilusion. Awww, Jen & Larry have done such a good job raising their little prince into a fine member of society….also said no-one ever.

  19. ??? I wouldn’t trust Ryan to take care of a plant…

    I can’t wait to read her lawyer’s response to this ridiculousness.

  20. As crazy it might sounds he might get whatever he’s asking because of his relationship with the judge.
    Any other judge would give him supervise visitation, and banned children to be around Ms. Felony.

    1. I think pretty much everyone with half a brain knows that except for Mackenzie. The woman was absolutely out of her mind.

  21. who’s gonna tell ryan he can’t just dump the kids at jen & larry’s? and what a loser that he’s willing to do anything but get a job

  22. This is typical abuser move. Ryan is an abusive person and he is showing it with this tactic. He also has a large rap sheet for crimes and drug use so any judge who grants this or anything other than facility supervised access should be questioned. As for the money, he’s looking for someone to float his and the gfs drug addictions. He is not a safe person for those young kids who are not even old enough to fend for themselves if he goes into one of his drug induced tirades. Sadly, if a judge gives him unsupervised access, those kids won’t stand a chance and will end up harmed or worse. I have no doubt in my mind that he would be capable of k!//ing his young children contrary to the claims and support from Maci. At least Bentley is old enough to protect himself to a point and be self sufficient if Ryan gets strung out again.

  23. He wants her to give him damn near everything but she’s the one who’s been caring for the kids while he’s off getting into bar fights and speeding around town like a jackass? Yeah ok ?

  24. F*ck this guy. He knows this will never happen, but wants Mack to have to suffer and pay an attorney to fight this.

  25. That is absolutely insane. Dude trashed his kids house, breaking all their toys and destroying their clothes….. hasn’t parented them in at least a year most likely and wants full custody, child support and a lien placed on their house?!?!

    I’m betting the new girlfriend suggested this. Isn’t that what he did with Bentley? He wanted to see his kid when he had a new girlfriend so they could all play house together..

    1. I don’t think his new girlfriend is smart enough to know anything about legalities. She seems like she barely got through elementary school. I’m guessing his family has an attorney friend (much like their Judge friend) that is guiding him through this.

  26. This is laughable. I worked as a legal assistant in Chattanooga law firms for 20 years. Would love to know what firm actually took his case and filed this.

  27. If I was the judge, I’d give him no custody and demand a drug test since he’s clearly high if he thought this was even a possibility.

  28. Well she ll be living maci’s old life now. He is so full of it.He barely saw Bentley and is barely clean a year.

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