EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie Edwards Asks Judge to Reactivate Her Divorce Filing From ‘Teen Mom’ Ex Ryan Edwards After Case Was Dismissed Due to Inactivity

“I can’t unload you, Ryan!” 

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards are never (ever) getting back together, and Mackenzie is asking a judge to reactive the couple’s divorce case that was dismissed last month due to inactivity.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, according to court documents, Ryan was mailed a copy of Mackenzie’s order to set aside the dismissal of the divorce case and restore it to active. The court documents were sent on Thursday to the home of Ryan’s parents’ house (although Ryan and his met-in-rehab girlfriend Amanda Conner recently moved into a new home together).

The Sun revealed last month that the divorce filing was dismissed on February 19 because there were no filings in the case for 270 days. 

In the new court docs obtained by The Ashley, Mackenzie states that Ryan was incarcerated at the time she originally filed for divorce back in February 2023, (possibly a reason for the hold-up in getting the divorce finalized).

“And, you know, jail…and stuff. I ain’t gots the time….and stuff.”

Mackenzie claimed that, later that year, she and Ryan did try to settle their divorce via mediation, but Ryan came to the hearing and shut it down almost immediately. 

“On November 3, 2023, following [Ryan’s] release [from jail], the parties scheduled mediation…[Ryan] appeared for the mediation but terminated the session immediately,” the docs state. “Thereafter [Ryan] was again incarcerated for a shorter period of time.” 

Ryan and Mackenzie— who share son Jagger and daughter Stella— had another mediation session scheduled for February 21, but, right before that session, the case was dismissed due to inactivity.


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The court docs state that Mackenzie and Ryan still attended the scheduled mediation session of February 21, but it was unsuccessful. (The Sun was the first to report this.) 

Mackenzie–through her attorney— states that the divorce is not dormant and still needs to be resolved. She then asked the judge to set aside the dismissal and bring the case back to “active” status so that they can get the divorce proceedings completed. 

In the court paperwork mailed to Ryan on Thursday, it states that he and Mackenzie are to meet in court on March 18. If Ryan fails to show up, Mackenzie’s request will be granted by the court automatically. 

Ryan is currently representing himself in the divorce.

“I also have my legal assistant, Chance, here to help me with all the legal stuff…and stuff.”

Since their split last year, Mackenzie and Ryan have continued to have issues. Last month, Mackenzie reported Ryan to police after he allegedly sent her threatening text messages. The texts allegedly were sent after Ryan came over to Mackenzie’s home (accompanied by police) to get some of his possessions. 

Following the incident, Ryan’s girlfriend Amanda spoke to the @TeenMomFanz Instagram account, denying that Ryan had threatened Mackenzie. 

“To my knowledge this is false,” Amanda wrote in a message later posted by the Instagram page. “However, [Mackenzie] is very dramatic and hates that he is sober, happy and has moved on…typical depressed housewife issues.”

Mackenzie has since (seemingly) responded to Amanda’s comment by adding “former depressed housewife” to her Instagram bio.


It is unknown if Ryan and Mackenzie’s divorce (and custody battle) will be covered on the upcoming season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Although Ryan has filmed for the show, Mackenzie has not. 

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  1. How someone can make themselves look like a bigger A-hole than Mackenzie is pretty amazing, congrats Amanda.

  2. Goddamnit, this is a whole mess. I really hope after this is over she is able to move somewhere where this asshole won’t be able to find them. The kids look adorable, such a shame their dad is such a prick. Amanda can live in her dream world (also sober, lol, keep telling yourself that he is) where she thinks this guy is a prize she won in some competition, I bet Mackenzie is glad to be out.

  3. Watch him continue to contest this divorce, despite having someone new, despite having been apart for a year now, despite his violence..

    He really hates this woman and wants her to suffer.

    But yes, MTV, by all means.. give him a platform.

  4. He will self-destruct, and I feel for those cute kids.

    IF the people around him held him to be accountabl(parents, a familiar judge, MTV) he might have a successful recovery. But so far, only his baby-mama’s know enough to get the law involved and fear for their safety.

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