EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie Edwards Responds To Rumor She’s Back With Ex Ryan Edwards; Reveals Where They Currently Stand

“He’s all yours, Amanda!”

Mackenzie Edwards got the rumor mill churning Tuesday when she posted— then deleted— a video to Instagram showing her with her ex Ryan Edwards and their daughter, Stella, eating at a restaurant, but the former Teen Mom OG star is denying that she and Ryan are trying to make things work again.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Mackenzie made it clear that she and Ryan are never [ever] getting back together. 

“For 2024, the kids and I are going forward, not backwards. This was an old video,” she said, adding that Stella’s birthday was Monday. “He is wearing his wedding ring in the video because we were married at the time.”


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(Eagle-eyed followers may have noticed that Mackenzie recently changed her last name on Instagram back to Standifer, which is her maiden name.) 

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan is currently dating Amanda Conner, a girl he met while both were in rehab. (Amanda— who, like Ryan, has a hefty criminal record— has reportedly been shacking up with Ryan since he was suddenly released from the slammer on December 23.)

Not only are Mack and Ryan not back together, but Mackenzie said she and Ryan have zero communication whatsoever now.

“We don’t speak because [Ryan and Amanda] feel it’s disrespectful toward their relationship,” Mackenzie told The Ashley. 

Ryan and his legally challenged lover, Amanda, last year….

“I hope eventually Ryan and I can reestablish communication so we can co-parent our kids,” Mackenzie added. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Mackenzie filed for divorce from Ryan in February 2023, in addition to filing for a protection order against him. In the petition she filed on February 8 for the order of protection against Ryan, Mackenzie mentioned several times that Ryan allegedly got violent with her or made threats against her, sometimes in front of their children. 

Last year, Mackenzie stated in court docs that Ryan held a pocket knife to her back, grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall, punched holes in the walls of their home, called her and said that members of a “club” he had recently joined would find her and harm her, threw menthol nicotine in her eyes, and committed other violence against her.

In April, Ryan completely destroyed the home he and Mack and their children lived in. He has not been charged with any crime in relation to that incident, as of press time. 


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Mackenzie and Ryan got married 2017. In addition to Stella, they also share son Jagger, and both have sons from a previous relationship.

According to court paperwork obtained by The Ashley, Mackenzie’s divorce filing against Ryan is still active and ongoing. Ryan’s attorney quit his case in March, and it doesn’t appear that he has hired another one since, which may be contributing to the case being stalled. 

The exes are scheduled to meet in court next month.

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  1. Proving further that he makes terrible decisions. To not communicate with your children’s mother because it’s “disrespectful to your relationship” with your ADDICT TRASHY GIRLFRIEND OF THE MONTH is pathetic and proves this man should’ve never procreated in the first place. Then again, Mack, you should’ve known this when he married you high on heroin.

  2. Why in the Sam Hell has Ryan not been charged with destroying their house?? Where the kids live?? And smearing feces on the wall?? Help me on this one, Judge Family Friend!

    Those two younger children are all Jen and Larry.

  3. Ryan will find any excuse to. not parent his children.

    Rhine isn’t speaking to his ex-wife because it will be “disrespectful to his current relationship”, what a joke.

    Rhine doesn’t want to change. He likes his life. If he could not get arrested, he’d continue doing all this shit.

    He will always find some loser with him and have sex. His parents will continue to bail him out, until literally his dying breath. Why would he want to change? Sometimes he might go to jail, but he’s so high all the time, who cares where he is? And his parents have the judge’s balls wrapped around their fingers, so he’ll never really serve time.

    He gets everything he wants this way he has no responsibility.

  4. She knew who Ryan was and what he is using!!!! For crying out loud she allowed him to drive high as a kite and sleeping behind the wheel on a major highway plus blaming Maci for the incidents!!! Plus making fun and talking about her then stepson’s back along with Bentley’s mom!!! This immature little girl needs to grow up and keep her mouth closed because she’s reminding me of another person on the show where everything that comes out of their mouths are lies and trying to gain some sympathy from the fans that are left from watching the show!!!

    1. Yep. She had him driving them both TO THEIR CARPARK WEDDING while off his face.
      Her response to this? Switch the MTV cameras off, have 1, 2, 3 kids with him, then drive off into the sunset.

      It’s no secret Rhine’s had a drug problem for a long, long time. He’s had in-house treatment for drugs and parents that enable and coddle him.

      I feel bad for the 3 sweet babies. They’ve got a mum who chased Z-list fame and married Rhine and a deadbeat dad running around with his new junkie girlfriend.
      I hope Mackenzie is a stable parent for these 3 sweet peas.

  5. Wow, that pic with Mack and her 3 children really show how much she has aged in such a short time. Marrying a severe drug addict will do that to you though. I hope she moves on and lets Ryan/Amanda’s relationship blow up. Because it’s going to happen.

  6. She totally posted that video for attention and she got it. She got an interview. Still glad she got away from him and is still going forward with the divorce. I was afraid she might go back again, after all she forgave his cheating and drug use before.

    1. EVERY single part of it, except the trashing of the home and DV. She wants attention so badly, it’s kind of sad.

  7. She would be the stupidest woman ever to go back to him after what he did to her and that house. She’s finally understanding what she and Ryan did to maci. Hopefully she’ll apologize one day to her. I guess she’ll have to do what maci did all those years and co parent with Jen.

  8. You’re not telling me she didn’t have any cute old videos of her daughter that didn’t have her abusive addict of an ex in them… she had to have known that would cause a stir.

  9. It’s funny that she mentions that Ryan doesn’t communicate with her because Ryan & his new girlfriend think it’s disrespectful. Isn’t that exactly what Mackenzie and Ryan did to Maci?

    Ryan should have been charged with what he did to the house. He trashed his children’s toys and rooms. Not to mention the vile stuff he wrote on the walls. And let’s not forget he smeared his actual shit on the walls. Why would you ever want to be in communication with him? Clearly he is still breaking the law and now he has a druggie girlfriend.

    If I were Mackenzie I wouldn’t be worried about one day establishing communication with Ryan so they can co parent. Ryan is violent, destructive, irresponsible and probably still on drugs and/or drinking. I wouldn’t want someone like that around my kids. I’d be more worried about protecting them from Ryan.

  10. I have been rooting for her the past few months but i wish i could take it back. she posted that on purpose.

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