EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Suddenly Released From Jail Night Before Christmas, Despite Judge Sentencing Him to Spend Holidays In Jail

“Thanks, Judge!”

Ryan Edwards was supposed to be spending his holiday season behind bars but the Teen Mom OG dad was suddenly sprung from the slammer early enough to enjoy the holiday season with his girlfriend and family.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, on December 23, Ryan was released from the Tennessee jail he’d been incarcerated at since his December 8 court date. According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Judge Gary Starnes (who has arguably always gone very easy on Ryan despite his years of mayhem) ordered Ryan be released from jail “as soon as possible” on December 23.

Ryan, wondering how the hell he was sprung from jail in time for Christmas dinner…

(As The Ashley previously reported, Judge Starnes cracked down hard on Ryan at the last court hearing, ordering him to remain in jail at least until his January 17, 2024 court date, due to Ryan continuing to get in trouble and not completing his court-ordered requirements.)

Judge Starnes is now requiring that Ryan come to court on January 2 for his next hearing, meaning that Ryan will also be a free man for the New Year’s holidays (provided he manages to stay out of trouble until then.) 

The Ashley hears that Ryan is currently shacking up with his met-in-rehab girlfriend Amanda Conner

Ryan’s sudden release is a far cry from the scene of his December 8 court hearing, where the DA urged the judge to sentence Ryan to his original, full three-year jail sentence. The DA told Judge Starnes that Ryan needed to do “simple” things to stay out of jail: continue with his Vivitrol shots (which he was overdue for at the time of the hearing); submit progress reports and attend AA meetings. However, Ryan has not been doing them.

“Let’s just say that’s a work in progress, Judge!”

Judge Starnes, for once, did not side with Ryan, stating, “He has failed to do what he’s supposed to…He wants to stand here and ask for more time to do it. How many more chances does Mr. Edwards think he’s going to get? What do you think when he doesn’t follow the program? He has gotten so many chances and every single time he got an opportunity to do things he should’ve been doing. Now he’s back again.”

The reason Ryan was suddenly released early from jail on December 23 is unknown. The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. This is sad. He has a problem and it’s his parents and the judge that released him. There are so many people that would love to be home for holidays with family and they are wrongfully convicted. He will mess up bc he has a problem that is being ignored. I guess this is being privileged… or helping him harm someone or himself.

  2. If he obviously has zero concern for the safety of anyone else, this judge should be concerned that he HIMSELF could be a possible victim of Ryan Edward’s being let out of jail — and driving while stoned off his ass.


  3. Are you fucking kidding me right now??? I have always tried to be “sympathetic” to Ryan’s cause, because addiction will make you do the absolute dumbest shit ever, but what in the actual fuck??? This judge needs to lose his damn job, he’s facilitating Ryan’s shitty decisions by continually going easy on him. And as long as Ryan keeps putting his wants and needs and apparently his dick ahead of everything else in his life, there’s no hope for him. Especially when he’s dating a fellow addict not even a year into his own so-called sobriety. I don’t know about Tennessee, but in Nebraska, his ass would either be on a Drug Court program or on his way to prison. This is going to all end so bad for him, and that’s going to affect his kids unfortunately. I don’t think he really gives a shit, though.😞🙄

  4. The judge is friends with Ryan’s family and has been SO easy on Ryan during this whole ordeal. Not surprised he made yet another decision to please Ryan and his parents instead of protecting the city as a whole from Ryan’s dangerous antics. It would be amazing if someone higher than this judge could go after him for an ethics violation.

  5. This judge should have never been involved in Ryan’s cases. A judge, who didn’t know Ryan, should have been presiding since the beginning.

    I’ve never heard of a judge letting a criminal out 3 to 4 weeks early, after he was told he’d have to stay in jail until the next hearing in January.

    This is an ethics violation. The entire community, and Ryan himself, are all in danger from his addiction, untreated mental issues, and dangerous driving.

  6. When Ryan kills himself or someone else, this Judge should take a long look in the mirror. Not that Ryan wouldn’t be 100% responsible, but still. This Judge knows damn well Ryan has no business being out free right now. And HOW on earth does the system let Ryan keep going in front of a Judge who is friends with his family?? Seems like that should definitely not be allowed.

    1. For those who down voted on Canned Raviolis comment…if this isn’t white privilege do mind explaining what this is because I must be blind…?

      1. It’s not us, it’s those who down voted who are blind. And that is a privilege on top of the other one…

        1. Nah, you’re just a typical racist crybaby that blames everything on “white privilege” You’re the blind one if you have to resort to racism.

          1. Laura, I don’t think I am one who blames everything on white privilege. I try to be reasonable and fair. Can you explain why Ryan gets so many chances though? What is the reason? Just have a decent conversation without reverting to name calling.

      2. In your comment further down you asked me to explain to you why Ryan gets so many chances. I have to reply to you here because there is no reply button on that comment you made. First off, the fact that you claim you don’t blame things on white privilege is completely lame because that’s what you did when you said “ladies and gentlemen this is what white privilege looks like.” Do you not read the dumb remarks that you make about race? Then you asked in another comment for me to explain why I don’t think this is white privilege, yet you are claiming to be a decent and fair person???? While you are making a racist remark against the white race you claim to be a decent and fair person? LOL! Uh huh, ok. You have a lot to learn about decency. You don’t seem to get it that Ryan is getting special treatment because his parents are friends with the judge. But you of course ignore that and run right to “white privilege” I think you just enjoy creating racial division.

        1. If you would read you know that I didn’t make the original statement “ladies and gentlemen this is white privilege…etc”. Therefore everything you just said to me has no basis. Also, white privilege is having your momma and daddy be friends with the judge. That doesn’t happen very often with black children. I am sitting here as a white woman who has seen white family members get out of trouble time and time again all because of who their white daddy was friends with. So, I’d say that’s white privilege.

          1. Yes, you are right. I was mistaken on who wrote that comment, However, you did ask why people don’t think this is white privilege. And I think you are being very narrow minded about that statement. People use it all of the time to get back at the white race and then claim that they aren’t being racist. Yes, I believe Ryan is getting out because his parents are friends with the judge. But what does that have to do with being white? If Ryan and his parents and the judge were black, and he was getting out and people started screaming about how the judge is on his side because he’s black, the entire world would come un-glued and start rioting because people had the nerve to accuse the judge of letting the black kid out. Right? So why aren’t white people allowed to defend their race in the same way? We are all supposed to hate ourselves if we are white, but it’s ok for everyone to accuse white people of white privilege any time it suits them. All of it just creates more racial division. That was the point I was trying to make.

          2. Laura, I understand what you are saying but in the grand scheme of things very rarely do we see a black man being released for crimes because his daddy is friends with the judge. Maybe once in a blue moon. It does happen often though with white boys like Ryan and that is a privilege that has to do with race and social class.

          3. Lampshade: Again, I have to reply using this section because there is no reply button on your last reply to me. Anyway, I guess we should just agree to disagree. But thank you for at least trying to understand what I was saying. Hope you have a happy new year.

          4. Laura, same to you. I do understand what you are saying. I think we can both agree either way that Ryan shouldn’t have gotten out of jail for whatever reason. Happy New Year to you also!

  7. 1 rule in recovery is not to date and jump into a relationship for at least 12 months. He missed that at orientation I guess and went in even harder with hooking up with another addict. They are not capable of supporting their own sobriety let alone each other’s.

  8. I just don’t understand how this man can be allowed to act as judge in a case involving Ryan. He is friends with Ryan’s parents! He is not impartial! I don’t live in the States, but over here a judge could absolutely not do that.

    1. An ethical judge would not do it here in the states, either. I work in the court system and judges recuse themselves from even divorce cases around here if they’re somewhat vaguely friendly with one side or the other – they don’t want any appearance of impropriety. That’s to say nothing of how far away they’ve run from a criminal case in which they know the defendant in any way.

      I cannot believe the prosecutor hasn’t requested that the judge remove himself from Ryan’s case(s) also, because they’ve certainly allowed to do that. My guess would be that they don’t want to risk the wrath of the judge for asking for that, so they’re simply waiting for Ryan to screw up so much that even this judge can’t ignore it.

  9. I give up. Ryan will NEVER face consequences for anything and will probably end up killing someone or himself. What a relief it is that Ryan can bring in the New Year and get shit faced on alcohol and drugs of his choice with his new junkie girlfriend.🙄

    Judge Starnes is a coward and corrupt. I don’t care how buddy buddy he is with the Edwards’ clan his JOB is supposed to be protecting innocent people. He is turning loose someone who has threatened to kill someone, killed cats and posted it online, wrecked his wife and kids house, smeared shit on the walls of Mackenzie’s house, drove high AF on camera, has OD’d behind the wheel of a car and been charged for driving while intoxicated. He has been to rehab multiple times, he has violated his parole multiple times. What incentive does he have to not remain a POS?!

    I’m beginning to think that Ryan, David and Janelle are related somehow because they get all the breaks while their children are screwed time and time again.

    1. The epitome of white privilege. If this were a Black or Brown man, they would’ve built the jail on top of him

      1. Not sure why you got so many down votes. I literally came to write this comment. It’s so obvious it’s true. Same goes to David and Janelle.

  10. Ok now I’m sure Ryan’s parents have some dirt on their friend the judge. Otherwise I don’t understand why he’s making a mockery of himself and his court yet again. It’s a disgrace

  11. If this idiot ends up killing some innocent person on the road, I’d hope the people involved go after the judge as well..it’s a tragedy waiting to happen and this stupid ass judge is enabling it!!

      1. Don’t act brand new. He is a white man getting white privilege. If this was any person of color, he would’ve never been let out the first time

        1. Oh boo-hoo! You sound like the typical crybaby black person that blames white people for all of the worlds problems. Grow up.

          1. Oof. Got a little racism showing there. Do you really think any person of color would get the same treatment Ryan has?

      2. Every one in this thread’s racism is showing. You know the rest of the world is just waiting for America’s next civil war to begin, right? You lot are filled with hatred, both black and white. Racism goes both ways. My country isn’t perfect but at least we can afford health care and every time something goes wrong we don’t yell, “The black people did it!” “White privilege!” Why do you think Meghan Markle ran back to America? She can get away with that garbage there.

    1. If this was purely racially motivated, then all the whites would have been set free.

      This is money and friendship privilege.

      1. I agree that this is NOT racially motivated. It’s probably because of the friendship the judge has with Ryan’s parents. That’s why I asked that person what “skin color” has to do with it. And of course the crybabies have to jump right to “Oh it’s because he’s white! He would never get away with this if he were black!” I’m so sick of that excuse. But then people like Sasha try and call me a racist yet she has her “reply” button off so that I can’t defend myself against HER racist remark to me??? Real brave of her. LOL!

  12. Ryan getting realized early isn’t a surprise. I’m from the West side of Chicago where documented gang members get “electronic monitoring” for possessing guns. Heck, here in Illinois we don’t even have cash bond anymore.

  13. I’m sure he ran out and made a wonderful Christmas for his children 🙄.

    I bet he gets picked up again before his next court date.

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