Ryan Edwards Arrested & Drug-Tested After Court Hearing For Not Following Probation Terms; Judge Tells ‘Teen Mom’ Star “You Had Chance After Chance After Chance”

“I reckon I done fudged up again!”

Ryan Edwards has been arrested…again. 

According to The Sun, the Teen Mom dad was cuffed Tuesday while in the courtroom for a check-in hearing–– a check-in that was scheduled after Ryan plead guilty to driving under the influence and simple possession on November 6. 

Judge Gary Starnes (who had long been a big supporter of Ryan) made it clear that he was angry that Ryan has continued to break the law and has reportedly not followed through with the terms of his probation. In addition, the judge was made aware that Ryan was not staying current on his Vivitrol shots. (Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine designed to help curb alcohol and/or opioid dependence that Ryan has been taking getting since July.)

The outlet reports that during Tuesday’s hearing, District Attorney Coty Wamp expressed to Judge Starnes that he was “interested to see” if Ryan could pass a drug screening, as he had last been screened November 8, “the same time he was released from Oasis [rehab].” 

“It raises concern he could fail a drug screening,” the DA stated. “If he’s not doing [Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services] CADAS outpatient, he’s not doing the support groups. Can we drug test him in court today, judge?” 

“Can I take one ’em rain checks?”

Judge Starnes gave the go ahead to get Ryan drug-tested and an hour later, Ryan–- who is currently on furlough from a year-long jail sentence–- was called to the stand. At this point, the DA noted that Ryan was late getting his Vivitrol injections, pointing out that, without the injections, Ryan will be able to get high and feel the full effects of the drugs. 

“He was supposed to get it on November 17,” the DA said. “We know what happens when you go longer than a month. The rehab representative believes it is way past overdue. That would correspond with his behavior at the bar.” 

(As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan and his girlfriend Amanda Connor were recently booted from a Chattanooga, Tennessee, bar after the two were allegedly involved in a bar brawl.) 

“Aww, judge! We was just foolin’!”

The DA went on to state that, while Ryan had been drug-screened on Monday, the results of that screening would not be available until Friday. The DA requested that Ryan be taken into custody in the event that he does not pass, arguing that Ryan “agreed to submit a report on his continuing care and follow-up,” but has failed to do so. 

“If he does not do that by Friday and show he went to AA … If he doesn’t go, if he fails drug screens, the state will file this petition,” the DA added. 

Rather than waiting for the results of the drug screening, Judge Starnes ordered that Ryan be taken into custody on the spot. 

“He’s going into custody,” Judge Starnes said. “My patience is gone. You had chance after chance after chance. The results will be back Friday.” 

“Chance? Why the heck is he bringin’ my dog into the conversation?”

While Ryan requested permission to speak in court, the judge denied that request and Ryan was handcuffed and taken out of the courtroom. 

Interestingly, Ryan’s mother, Jen Edwards, did not attend this hearing, despite attending nearly every hearing Ryan has had this year. Ryan’s dad, Larry, was in attendance for some of the hearing.

Ryan’s baby mama, Maci Bookout— who has been very vocal in her support of Ryan this year— was not in attendance. 

Ryan will return to court on Friday, December 8, where the results of his drug test will be revealed. He will remain in jail on no bond at least until then.

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    1. I don’t think it’s surprise so much as disappointment…it is disappointing that he hasn’t gotten the point and gotten better…not its time for tough love instead of leniency.

  1. “I didn’t see this coming.” said no one ever. I swear, this judge kept on enabling him all the time and now he is SURPRISED he is not making progress. Lock him up and let him stay in there. This guy will never learn.

  2. What did they expect? He’s had zero accountability from day one and he was given numerous opportunities. The judge should be held in contempt for all the free play time he gave this fool.

  3. The bottom line is- he cannot be trusted to make good decisions for himself. He cannot be trusted to not be a danger to others (bar incident, motorcycle accident, driving 100mph..) so, the only solution is to take away the possibility of Ryan endangering the public and put him in prison. I don’t know why he is just freely skipping around town when he has shown complete recklessness.

  4. Good for the Judge for finally saying enough is enough. I am so fed up with Ryan at this point. The opioid epidemic is real and I have nothing but sympathy for the victims of this horrific tragedy. But Ryan is in his 30’s. Ryan has had relapse after relapse and been given chance after chance. People have tried, time and time again, to help him. What he did to Mackenzie is disgusting. It would be one thing if that was his rock bottom and he used that experience to take advantage of the help and resources offered to him. His behavior since that time has demonstrated, unequivocally, that much harsher consequences are warranted. I don’t have confidence that jail time will keep him clean and/or change him. But it is the ONLY option at this point. At the very least, it will keep him from harming others. It may not keep him from harming himself. It is a very sad situation for his family and his children. But it is the only path forward.

  5. Why would he want to get clean? HE’S NEVER NEEDED TO! That’s the what both his mom and his wife can’t seem to figure out. I honestly think he’s most likely hopeless at this point. After a certain age, if you still don’t have your shit together, the chances get slimmer of it ever happening.

    1. While the tail end of your comment is true, as someone active in the AA/NA community, I can tell you that MANY people can and do recover from addiction and lead meaningful lives well after the age of 30. That said, Ryan has reached what many would consider rock bottom (or close to it) and has failed to change. He needs to want this for himself and he clearly doesn’t. I don’t know what it will take for the lightbulb to go off, but I am of the opinion that serious jail time is the only option going forward. All other options have been exhausted. Jail may do nothing to help the situation, but there is no better alternative. He needs to want this for himself.

      1. Glad to hear that, Sarah. Congrats on your sobriety.

        Not sure if Ryan has hit rock bottom because I think he gets saved by his enablers. You’re probably right that a long term prison sentence is his best bet.

      2. Sarah I completely agree with you. Both of my parents were Alcoholics. They met at AA! lol. Sadly sobriety never stuck with my Mum. She never wanted it/ was never strong enough to do it, she admitted that to me.

        My Dad said it took him several attempts to get sober but he got sober at the age of 40 (while running a Pub!!! He will always be my hero!) and he’d been sober for 46 years hen he died.

        He lived and breathed AA. Ran 2 local AA meetings a week for the last 46 yrs of his life. He said that Alcoholism/ addiction is a disease and that he would never be “cured” and that he always had to keep putting in the work. He said a big part of AA and sobriety is helping other people and service to others. But he would also always sat “you can’t do it for them!”.

        To me, sadly, that’s where Ryan is, he doesn’t WANT to get sober. I hope and pray for his family’s sake that changes but I’ve got no idea what his rock bottom looks like.

    2. I am in recovery for alcoholism and I will tell you that there is ALWAYS hope- However, I had been in and out of the rooms so long, and while I never had legal repercussions, my bottom was losing my dad to the disease of addiction. However, a few months before he passed, I knew I was getting close to really surrendering and being done. I was tired. I was broken. I was desperate to stop. My dad’s passing was my absolute bottom and while I hate that I had to lose him to get sober, I am grateful I woke up. I will have three years in April and honestly, I have been relieved of the obsession of drinking. I really don’t think an addict/alcoholic will quit until they hit their own bottom- whatever that may be. For some, losing a relationship from drinking/using, losing a job, losing someone else, losing their kids, a DUI, jail time, a serious health condition from drinking/drugs- or all of the above- is enough. Some, never hit that bottom. There is a saying in AA that the only way out besides sobriety is institutions, jails or death and it is 100% on point. I hope he gets it together, but Ryan is a classic case of having complete enablers- not just family and friends, but also the legal system has contributed to him continuing to use. Sorry not sorry- it’s true. And when others enable you and get you out of consequences, you are likely to keep going. The courts/legal system/judge needs to put their foot down because no one else is.

      1. Congratulations Sir, you’re doing amazing! One day at a time. I’m so sorry you lost your Dad but it sounds like he’s still helping you.

  6. At least, in prison Ryan will be humbled. Drug addicts are on the lower end of the criminal hierarchy inside. It’s much easier to steal from family, friends or retail stores than hardened convicts who have long sentences. If he tries to get into “protective custody” it is usually 23hrs inside your cell (by yourself) and 1hr out. Idk think prisons are quite as bad as the media portrays but it’s sure as hell not a fancy rehab. Ryan don’t belong in rehab, he belongs in prison.

  7. Adding..

    I’m sure the judge got a strongly worded voice mail from Jen.
    Funny how his 2 best enablers weren’t there.

    Also, fuck this guy. He doesn’t want to get better. Can’t make him care about anything if he doesn’t want to, and here is further proof that he doesn’t.

    1. I’ll never forget Robert Downey Jr saying that you can’t force someone to get sober. He said he went to jail over and over and over and didn’t care because he didn’t WANT to get sober. It wasn’t until he sat himself down one day and was like man I’m sick of this, I want to get sober, and so he got sober. I feel like Rhine is in the IDGAF and I don’t want to be sober stage, so all of these “chances” he’s gotten aren’t chances at all. They’re just a bunch of greenlights for him to keep doing what he’s doing.

      1. This is such a smart comment and spot on. It is a difficult situation to navigate because it is natural to want to rehabilitate and help an individual suffering from the disease of addiction. But I agree 100% that these chances are nothing but green lights and opportunities to continue using if they are not wanted and the person does not take advantage of them. It is such a difficult situation to navigate because many people DO want those chances and so act on them. How do we choose when to give chances and when to give the harsher consequences? In this case. It is clear that harsh consequences are the only path forward. I think the Judge made the right call.

      2. I would have thought RDJ deciding to get sober was the day he woke up in a strangers house & bed. Thinking it was his own home.

  8. I really hope they do not release him for his own safety and well being. He is unwilling to give sobriety a real chance. He is taking up spots in programs for people who really want recovery. The fact that a JUDGE has been enabling him in addition to pretty much everyone else in his life is reason enough that he needs to be incarcerated. The whole situation is beyond tragic. Hopefully some day he will wake up and want recovery and sobriety. No one can force that no matter how hard they try. Until then, this cycle of enabling and second chance after second chance will continue

  9. He’s going to fail his test, and now I want to know what will happen. The judge has proven that he will not hold Rhine accountable.

    So how many chances will he give him again?

  10. Ryan is a danger to himself and society. Stop giving him so many opportunities to kill himself or someone else.

    1. No loss if he does something to himself, but there’s such a high risk at this point that an innocent person will be harmed. Especially if he operates a vehicle or motorcycle. He MUST be locked up at this point before this saga has a tragic ending.

  11. I’m sick of the judge and these “IF’s”, “IF he does not do that by Friday and show he went to AA … IF he doesn’t go, IF he fails drug screens”…well judge, IF you don’t start holding him accountable he IS going to die.

    This situation is just plain sad. Rhine doesn’t want to be sober, he doesn’t want to get better, he obviously wants to be in prison, so go ahead and put his ass in there.

    1. I believe that was the DA that was saying all those “ifs.” They were saying that Ryan was supposed to give an update about his status and prove he’s going to his meetings and he hadn’t done that. So they were saying if Ryan does submit them before Friday they would accept them, if not they were filing paperwork against him. The judge responded, doesn’t matter, I’m holding him until Friday.

  12. A Christmas miracle. I think part of the reason he didn’t really try to do what he was supposed to is BECAUSE the judge was a family friend. He thought the judge had his back because the judge wasn’t firm enough to begin with.

  13. He’s wasted spots in programs that could have gone to better deserving defendants. He isn’t serious about being sober

  14. I’m very pleased with this development. Finally the judge found his… nerve and sent Ryan to jail where he belongs. He doesn’t want to be sober and that’s a fact. Throw his ass in jail and lose the key.

    1. He found a nerve before and put Rhine back in jail to then months later let him leave again on furlough to go to rehab when he already escaped the rehab once before while on furlough.

      He’ll make a performance, throw the book at him and then in a couple of months give him another chance.

      The judge knows people are watching him and are scared that Rhine is ruining his reputation, which he is. So he make a big performative act to prove he’s a good judge. To then when he thinks no one is watching let his old buddy Rhine out again.

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