EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Edwards Pleads Guilty to Harassing Wife Mackenzie; Heading to Rehab & Banned From Posting About Mackenzie on Social Media

“I hope they save me my special parking place at the rehab!”

Ryan Edwards is heading back to rehab.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG dad had an emergency court hearing on Wednesday in which his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie testified to the harassment she’s suffered at the hands of Ryan. As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan has multiple violations of a protective order Mackenzie has against him.

The Ashley can reveal that Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, as well as other relatives, were present in the courtroom lending support to Ryan as he pleaded guilty to the charge of harassment. A judge (who happens to be the same judge who has put Ryan behind bars several times in the past) sentenced the father of three to 11 months and 29 days of probation in which he must wear a GPS monitor. (This monitor also lets Mackenzie know if Ryan is nearby and in violation of the protective order.)

When you’re trying to figure out how to blame Maci for this and it’s not working…

In addition, Ryan is prohibited from contacting Mackenzie (except as allowed by the court, which is likely when it has to do with the two kids they share). Ryan is also not allowed to make any social media posts relating to Mackenzie, which should put a stop to his constant posting about her.

Finally, the judge ordered Ryan to go to inpatient rehab. (As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan had drugs and drug paraphernalia on him when he was arrested last month.)

Ryan’s drug-related charges were also addressed at the hearing. The judge dismissed the charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. As for the possession of controlled substance charge, Ryan was sentenced to rehab, with the option of having his time reduced for good behavior after six months. 

His stalking charge has been dismissed, as has his charge of violating Mackenzie’s protective order.

Ryan is due back in court on April 20 for a hearing regarding the harassment and drug possession stories. 

“April 20? Ain’t that 4/20 hehehe…”
“Ryan Christopher, this is NOT the time…”

The Ashley will have more info on this shortly, stay tuned…

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25 Responses

  1. White privilege…wtf!!! Grow up people…this has nothing to do with race…its fame and fortune…plain and simple.

  2. If Mac doesn’t already have a means of personal protection, she needs to get one and learn how to use it well. If Rhine is not going to be behind bars, she is in danger. I can’t believe the judge doesn’t seem to care anything about Mac or her kids. Just awful.

  3. He was up before Judge Gary Starnes (source Chattanooga Times Free Press) who seems to be Ryan’s parents age and has 3 adult children. His son Bryan was arrested on drugs charges in 2012. I think that’s one of the reasons he’s gone so easy on Ryan. Plus class and racism. Would a female judge have taken the alleged violence, death threats, stalking and harassment more seriouly? Dear God, I hope so! As far as I’m concerned, the drugged-out bathroom selfie with the gun clip was a death threat against Mackenzie! No accountability at all.

  4. I can’t believe how Ryan always just gets a slap on the wrist. He is so spoiled and so entitled that’s why he was stalking, harassing, and constantly threatening, Mackenzie and posting about her on social media. I wonder if the judge was the same one that has a son Ryan is friends with?

  5. I mean, who’s surprised? He’s been enabled his entire life, and ironically one of his main enablers is the very person pressing charges…so of course he feels he’s not guilty. He needs to get his head outta his ass and get help.

  6. Proof that money and white privilege will never make you accountable for your actions.

    As long he can afford a good lawyer you can never go to jail. I mean look at Jenelle never faced jail time for any of her felonies.

  7. So Basically no consequences. Shocking.

    I am all for rehab but he should have to go to jail if he drops out. Does he have to end someone’s life for anyone to hold him accountable?

  8. This is a joke. He was blasting her on social media two days ago so he doesn’t GAF about protective orders and the like. This “sentence” is a disgrace. They are all enablers, the judge, his parents and any family member supporting him

  9. definition of white privilege wtf!!!! this is why he never learns his lesson, he keeps getting off too easy and he knows he’ll have someone there to support him whether it was mackenzie or his parents, he won’t change until he loses everything smdh

  10. Nothing like an upper middle class white man being sentenced to rehab after repeated incidents of drug possession and violence toward his wife. Rehab will almost certainly work as well as it did the last time. Ryan isn’t just an addict, which I could have empathy for, he’s an overall piece of shit, being coddled by enabling parents and a racist, elitist justice system that is systemically designed to give him a pass.

  11. I hope he lets rehab work for him this time. I’m glad he’s got that GPS monitor and that it tells her when he is near by. Hopefully the both of them can figure out what’s best for their kids. ????

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