Lindsay Lohan Announces She’s Expecting First Child with Husband Badar Shammas

“Maybe if we have twins, someone will greenlight a Parent Trap sequel…?”

LiLo is preggo! 

Actress, singer and former MTV reality star Lindsay Lohan announced Tuesday that she and her husband, Badar Shammas, are expecting their first child together.

“We are blessed and excited!!” Lindsay captioned a photo that revealed the couple’s “coming soon” announcement.

While Lindsay appeared recently in the 2022 Netflix movie Falling for Christmas, she last graced the reality TV screen in 2019 on the MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. The series followed Lindsay as she got her business woman on, managing one of her clubs in Greece, the Lohan Beach House Mykonos. The show focused largely on the club’s staff, and despite only airing for one season, it made a lasting impression. 


Lindsay confirmed in June 2019 that the reality series would not return for a second season, not due to cancellation, but rather her own decision to end it. Lindsay claimed she had an issue with the show “wanting to create drama and invent storylines” and felt that producers wanted to make it a family affair by bringing in Lindsay’s mom Dina, and siblings Ali, Michael Jr. and Dakota. 

After Lindsay announced her pregnancy on Tuesday, her Instagram post was flooded with comments congratulating her on the exciting news. Among the well-wishers was Lindsay’s former frenemy, Paris Hilton, who recently became a mother herself. 

“Congratulations love!” Paris wrote. “So happy for you. Welcome to the Mommy Club!”

(As The Ashley previously reported, Paris and husband Carter Reum announced in January that they had welcomed a baby boy via surrogate. They announced the baby’s full name, Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, the following month.) 

In an interview with The Sun, Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, revealed that Lindsay is currently four months along in her pregnancy.

“I’m really really happy for Lindsay and Bader. I think she’ll make an unbelievable mother. She’s got a very maternal instinct,” he told the site. “It’s up in the air where the baby will be raised. Bader’s family’s home in the Middle East and we’re here, so I don’t know, but she might get busy here.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)



  1. Lindsay Lohan…wow there’s a blast from the past…hadn’t heard anything about her for YEARS!!! Hope the little one has a better childhood than she had!!!

    1. Agreed! I always thought Lindsay was beautiful when she was younger… she’s like living proof that a hard lifestyle of partying, drugs, binge drinking, and smoking a pack a day will destroy your looks. I’m still rooting for her though, she had a rough childhood and REAL $hitty parents but seems to have drastically changed her ways and is on the right track! 🙂

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