EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Caught By Cops Allegedly Driving 145 mph in 65 mph Zone While on Furlough From Jail; Cited For Reckless Driving & Other Crimes

“I reckon I done fudged up again!”

Ryan Edwards may be on furlough from jail, but he’s not on furlough from getting in trouble with the law!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the troubled Teen Mom star was busted on October 7 for reckless driving and two other charges after he was allegedly caught going 145 mph in a 65 mph zone near his parents’ home in Tennessee. Ryan was also charged with “Failure to Exercise Due Care,” which is a Class C misdemeanor in Tennessee. (Reckless Driving is a Class B misdemeanor.) 

According to court documents obtained by The Ashley, Ryan was out riding his motorcycle around 10 p.m. on October 7 when he was pulled over for allegedly driving at an alarmingly high rate of speed. According to the officer who pulled Ryan over, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter dad was allegedly going a whopping 80 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Ryan received the three charges and is due in court next Wednesday to answer to them. (He was only cited and not arrest, and he did not cause an accident.)

“I guess I didn’t see that speed limit sign!”

It is currently unknown how or if this will affect Ryan’s current legal situation. As The Ashley has previously reported, Ryan was ordered to go to his rehab’s halfway house after he successfully completed the rehab’s 28-day treatment program in Tennessee. The judge allowed Ryan to take a furlough from his year-long jail sentence to go to the rehab and halfway house. As of press time, Ryan is still on that furlough.

Ryan was sentenced to nearly one year in jail after he left his first rehab stay early. In April, Ryan was found unconscious in his truck (which was still running and left in “drive” mode). He had allegedly snorted a substance and passed out. Emergency responders had to administer Narcan (a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose) and were luckily able to revive him before rushing him to the hospital. 

That incident— which occurred just days after Ryan left his first rehab program— garnered Ryan new charges of DUI, possession of controlled substance(s) and violating his previous probation terms.

During the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Reunion special last month, Ryan revealed to Dr. Drew Pinsky that his overdose was not an accident.

Since July, Ryan has been receiving Vivitrol shots. (Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine designed to help curb alcohol and/or opioid dependence.)

During Ryan’s hearing in April, Judge Starnes told Ryan he needed to get his life together.

“Let’s just say that’s a work in progress, Judge!”

“[You need] to grow up, you know that,” the judge told Ryan. “You have three kids. You may have some problems with your wife, but you have three kids. I’m trying to save your life.”

Ryan currently has a court date on November 6 to discuss his previous charges and progress. He will be back in court two days later to answer to these new speeding-related charges. 

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(Photos: MTV) 

50 Responses

  1. I might be a horrible person, but I feel like if someone is so determined to not be alive….it seems stupid to me to do all of these interventions, whether they’re a long term prison sentence, or court-ordered rehab after rehab after rehab, or halfway houses, or whatever else.

    You can’t MAKE people get better. They have to WANT to get better. And if 3 kids and a two partners, and two parents, and a whole town (including the judges) wanting him to do better, aren’t enough…? And every time he screws up he traumatizes all those kids and family members…..like why? Why is “saving him from himself” so important?

    I would rather grieve a death 1 time than grieve and feel ashamed and embarrassed and constantly plunged into drama and trauma and a lifetime of worrying what’s coming next, every time my dad/son/baby-daddy/whatever did stuff like this! And even if he does turn his whole life around magically 30 years from now….you can’t just erase all the trauma he caused.

    Why are we so obsessed with keeping those who don’t want to be alive, alive? Specifically those people who don’t want to get better, and who refuse to get better when they’ve had professional help and familial grace and support. Like he’s not a person who is like “oh, I feel like my life is unraveling, and I don’t want it to be bc I don’t want to hurt my kids and family, I need help and will seek it out myself and then fully participate in getting better.”

    He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about anyone else enough to not want to hurt them. He doesn’t care about himself or his own life. He keeps putting other people in danger and traumatizing everyone he knows….just, stop trying to save him. He doesn’t want to be saved. He’s not going to suddenly “get it” and value his life if he’s in prison for years.

  2. For those not using the imperial system as a standard, I looked it up in km. He was allowed to go 100 km/h but was caught doing 230 km/h! Big fat yikes! If you go that fast shouldn’t it be a more severe punishment? You’ve basically turned you car in a bullet at that point…

  3. This guy still acts like a spoiled teenager. He doesn’t realize he’s a father now and if his reckless actions lead to his death, this will forever affect his children. He only cares about himself and doesn’t think of anyone else.

  4. Ryan is bound and determined to kill himself. The justice system made a big mistake letting him do rehab/halfway house instead of serious time. He hasn’t changed at all, in fact, he’s gotten worst with all the bad decisions he’s been making lately. He’ll be back on drugs in no time.

    1. He has zero accountability and a ton of enablers starting with his parents, and ending with the judges and law enforcement officers who have been barely slapping his wrist. Shame on all of them.

  5. Jesus christ almighty 145???!!! I almost wonder if he is trying to accidentally off himself. Why on EARTH else would you drive that fast??

    I know he’s a grown man and his life is his own responsibility, but if he ends up dead, if I was this Judge who keeps giving him all of these “outs”, I’d feel like I had some blood on my hands. How many insane things does this guy have to do before he gets some real jail time and rehab longer than a couple weeks?

  6. This pisses me off so much. Rhine was proven to be a danger to himself and the people around him and put in jail for crimes he committed.

    Then given chance after chance by a judge who is a good friend’s father and his parents’ friend.

    Then allowed to be furloughed from jail to go to rehab, left rehab against court orders found in a car up on a curb with so many drugs in his system he legally died. They used TWO Narcan to revive him.

    Then given another chance after all this, gets to go play golf at his daddy’s private golf club and play family picnic with his son. Gets a new gf who’s also an addict and not clean cause you know the three kids and the drug addictions aren’t enough of a priority he needs to get his pencil wet.

    And now he’s proven again why he should be in jail.

    Why would he change when he never has to face consequences to his actions. Almost kill his wife, totally cool, threatens his FIL, sure why not, threatens Bentley’s father, no big deal, gets caught with drugs 20 times, perfectly fine.

    And we all know why Rhine keeps getting these chances over and over and over again.

  7. The ONLY thing I am thinking about reading this is how easily and quickly he could have KILLED someone. Imagine being so out of touch, so self absorbed that you could easily hit and kill an innocent child? A mother? A father? Someone’s little sister or brother? He could ruin lives instantly due to his negligence. How absolutely disgusting. Why are we letting this type of careless bafoon on the streets? HE HAS HAD ENOUGH CHANCES. Get him in PRISON before he kills someone. Absolutely a shame on all law enforcement involved.

    1. And the narcissist he is would make himself the victim as he did to his mother and Maci when they were concerned about his drug addiction.


  8. will comment before reading the article & comments:
    rhine is an ABSOLUTE ? F*CKING LOSER.
    i don’t give an iota of a sh*t what happens to him (#sorrynotsorry), but he needs to be locked up for the safety of the general public.
    for real, he and the swampsters ?‍♀️?‍♂️ are irredeemable. F*CK THEM. ??
    now, off to read the story and get more enraged. ????

    1. wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t.

      He’s already breaking his furlough, so break one crime, what’s another?

      I mean he’s never been held accountable before, so why would he think any different now.

  9. So basically stay out of Tennessee unless you want to get flattened by an opiate loving muppet-haired man baby.

  10. Clearly he is suicidal and/or attempting to chase the dragon by other means. I hope he finds the healing his soul so desperately needs.

  11. He should’ve been arrested. That should be a felony. I’m in Tennessee and could’ve sworn it was a felony for that kind of speed. He’s an awful person. He only cares about himself and he barely does that.

    1. I looked it up. Apparently, in TN reckless driving is at the discretion of the police officer, so it could be 25 mph or 100 mph.

      It’s defined as “any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.”

      Reckless driving in Tennessee is a Class B misdemeanor punishable up to six months. It carries six points for Tennessee-licensed drivers. Twelve points in a 12-month period could subject you to a suspension of your license.

  12. Let us all feel sorry for Ryan. He should not be held liable for his actions. Where the Fuck is Dr Drew now? Maybe he is helping Kail on it’s your sex life .org. You failed Drew. Stop trying to convince us that these behaviors are ok. The whole idea of preventing teen pregnancy failed. You actually promoted it! Now their children s as re suffering. Was the money worth it? By way, have you checked in it Jace and Barb? My guess is no. unless you got an interview

    1. That was said with sarcasm if you could not tell. Of course, he should be judged and criticized for his behavior. He alone is the one responsible. For his actions. His ass should be in jail, not cuddled in rehab.

  13. Well, I know which state to head to when I feel like really putting my Challenger through the paces…

    Rhine has been on the nod while driving and now this? How the fuck do they not arrest someone for driving 145 mph!? This asshole is going to kill some innocent person who is unfortunate enough to be on the road at the same time as him.

    1. If I drove 145 mph I would be in jail. And have to pay to get out. This judge should now be held responsible for any crimes committed. I hope the judge can live with himself when someone dies. And they will! Hope he can live with himself when an innocent person dies, hope your loyalty to this family can ease you conscience.

  14. Way to go judge. Let’s give him yet another chance to fuck up. At least if he was in jail, this shit would not be happening.
    Hey Maci, want to defend him again? Thank God Bentley was not with him .
    You get it now Larry and Jen? Or do you want to make more excuses.?

    1. I wish that if Rhine hurts someone the judge gets sued. Maybe then he’ll finally start holding Rhine accountable.

  15. WE CALLED IT ALREADY! He has zero regards for his own life so of course he doesn’t give a crap about other people’s lives. His friend the judge will give him yet another slap on the wrist and send him home until one day he finally succeeds and unalives someone (or himself)

  16. I try so hard to root for this guy because I understand that addiction is a disease and who we are in the height of addiction is not always reflective of who we are as a person. So I have tried to find the good in Ryan and was hopeful he could make it to the other side and get his life together. This recent news makes me so disappointed in light of that. Assuming he is sober, he made a conscious decision to behave in an absurdly ridiculous manner KNOWING that he is one misstep shy of doing serious jail time. I would expect him to worry about a parking ticket at this point in terms of making sure his behavior supports his furlough. Not only was he speeding, but at a rate so absurdly ridiculous that it’s insane to think there was any possibility he could be unaware of the potential consequences. 80 miles over the speeding limit?! My God. I supported his recovery. I cannot support his conscious, sober stupidity.

    1. The problem with Ryan is that he wasn’t a good person before addiction. So I doubt he’ll ever be a good, thoughtful person. But I do understand your thoughts on addiction and why you hope he changes.

      1. I get that. And I think it’s true. To me, I never accepted his behavior but I always hoped that he would hit his true bottom and find a way to change. After reading this story, it’s clear to me that all of his troubles have done nothing to impress upon him the error of his ways. If his recent troubles weren’t enough, I don’t know what will be. It’s a very sad situation for his three children, Mackenzie, and Maci.

    2. Who Ryan is while addicted and who he is while not addicted, is the same person.
      You simply cannot blame everything he does and everything he is on addiction, regardless of what we do know about addiction or anyone’s personal opinion(s) on it.

      He has ALWAYS made the conscious choices he makes, high or not, the choices are always the same. He is a POS person who only thinks of himself, plain and simple. His parents helped create the monster that he is by enabling and coddling him his entire life. But, still, all of his choices were and are his own.

      There is no life to get together, he doesn’t want there to be one, he never has. I don’t give a shit about his recovery to be honest, I have zero empathy or sympathy for anyone who CHOOSES to keep being the person and behaving the way, they are. A huge part of the reason why people like him are the way they are, addiction or not, is because people “feel sorry” for them “have empathy”, “have sympathy”, “want them to get better”. That’s called enabling, you’re giving them excuses to keep doing and being what they are. A slap across the face is what he needs, not another hug.

  17. Rhine oozes spoiled brat. He’s the perfect only child stereotype. Jen and Larry obviously spoiled the hell outta him as a child and unfortunately it has bled into adulthood. I really hope nothing bad happens to him, but he behaves like he has a death wish, he’s so reckless.

  18. Must have been in a hurry to get to the tattoo parlor.

    Seriously, this human equivalent of mildewed clothes you forgot to put in the dryer is just dying to kill himself and some innocent bystanders.

    Straight to jail.

  19. Ridiculous.

    He could have killed someone. Zero regard for anyone else.

    If anyone thinks this guy is learning his lesson, he’s obviously not.

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