‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Reveals His April Drug Overdose In His Truck Was “On Purpose”

Trigger Warning: This article discusses mentions of suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Ryan Edwards made a brief appearance on Wednesday’s Reunion episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, during which he revealed a shocking detail regarding his April drug overdose. 

As The Ashley previously told you, the father of three–- who shares 14-year-old son Bentley with Maci Bookout and children Jagger and Stella with estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards–- nearly died in April after overdosing in his truck, just days after leaving court-ordered rehab early. He was later arrested for his crimes. 

During a sit-down with Dr. Drew Pinsky that aired on Wednesday, Ryan– who has battled addiction for years– opened up about his substance abuse issues, telling Dr. Drew he’s currently five-months sober.

Ryan’s April mugshot…

(Due to Ryan’s ongoing legal issues, he was unable to attend the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ reunion taping in Los Angeles, so Dr. Drew traveled to Tennessee to film with Ryan one-on-one.) 

When asked by Dr. Drew if he had ever considered hurting himself, Ryan admitted he had, before going on to reveal that his April overdose was no accident. 

Ryan, as seen on this season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’

“The last time I used and overdosed, that was on purpose,” Ryan said, to which Dr. Drew replied, “I didn’t know that.” 

“Yeah, I don’t think anybody did until just now,” Ryan added. 

At the time of his overdose, it was reported that Ryan had allegedly snorted a substance and passed out in his truck while it was running and left in “drive” mode. After administering Narcan (a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose) emergency responders were luckily able to revive Ryan before rushing him to the hospital. 

On Wednesday’s episode, Ryan explained to Dr. Drew his reasons for intentionally overdosing at the time, citing his addiction and ongoing legal issues as contributing factors. 

“That was probably depression, the addiction, the drama of everything going on with Mackenzie, and the police and just, all that,” he said, adding that when he woke up in the hospital after the overdose, he asked the hospital staff how he was still alive.

“I asked that lady why she saved me,” Ryan said.


As you may recall, Ryan pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment against Mackenzie in March. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance stemming from his February arrest.  After his April overdose, Ryan was charged with an additional count of possession of a controlled substance, as well as DUI.

Ryan is currently on “furlough” from his year-long jail sentence and living in his rehab’s halfway house. His next court date for all charges is November 6.

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(Photos: MTV) 

24 Responses

  1. This makes me really sad. Sad for Ryan and sad for his kids. Sad for anyone who loves and cares about him. I hope that this road he’s on with rehab and the halfway house makes something click in that head of his.

  2. Larry and Jen did not hold him accountable when he was growing up. He was given motorcycles and vehicles and getting girls pregnant at 16. Stop being your kids friends and be a parent!

    Ryan is responsible for his actions, but he’s going to have to be taught how to be an adult and a DAD!

  3. Sp he tried to kill himself by doing drugs, then proceeds to drive where he could’ve potentially killed someone?

    Was he parked, and just accidentally left it in drive, or actively driving down the road when he passed out and then claims was an actual suicide attempt?
    If it was suicide attempt, I just can’t wrap my head around him actively driving , unless was parked and accidentally left in drive and rolled off? Anyone what exactly happemed?

    1. I read the other article from April, and realize he wasn’t actively driving, it was left in drive. I am curious where it excatly took place, could he potentially hit anyone?
      Was leaving it in park on accident or did he plan to do a line quickly and then be on way.

      1. Oh gotcha. I originally was going to question why dui and not apc and this is info I found for TN

        “Defendants charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are punished AFTER they have driven or attempted to drive a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs. In contrast, the Actual Physical Control charge enables police to apprehend a drunk driver BEFORE he has a chance to get out on the road”

        License suspended for one year, once court is thru unless basically have a good attorney from what I read also.

        Does he still have license? Is this his first offense ?

  4. Obviously it’s terrible when anyone tries to hurt themselves so if he wanted to overdose for the last time why did he do it in his vehicle when he knows he could have taken out multiple innocent people going about there business nothing to do with his life I think he’s trying to get out of being held accountable for all the terrible things he’s done yet again poor me it’s not my fault I’m a victim xyz made me do it he’s an absolute disgrace he’s forced to be in rehab he’s not doing it himself

  5. Cry me a river Ryan along with your family friend of a judge needs to be held accountable for all your get out of jail, no accountability free passes. SICK… you destroyed a child’s family home and no dang remorse!!

  6. What really rubbed me the wrong way on the reunion is that everyone was acting like Ryan was some kind of hero because he went to rehab. It’s not like he volunteered to go to rehab. The good ole’ boy Judge that knew the Edwards’ had him go to rehab instead of jail. Ryan has claimed to be sober multiple times. On the reunion he said up until now he has had zero days of sobriety. Yet his parents, Drew and now Maci still do nothing but make excuses. Ryan will never take responsibility for the things he has done because he will never have to. Someone will always be there to bail him out and put the blame on someone else that “triggers” Ryan to use.

    1. Preach.

      It’s like in The Office where Ryan comes back after he got arrested:

      Ryan: I’ve even started volunteering. Giving back to the community.
      Jim: Well that’s great. You’re talking about your court-ordered community service?
      Ryan: I don’t need a judge to tell me to keep my community clean.
      Jim: But he did, right?

  7. No.

    You don’t get to create a huge shit storm in 3 different families and just dip out.


    Accountability. I’ve yet to hear about his accountability.

  8. Why are we giving this man airtime or money?

    Less than a year ago he tried to kill his wife. Destroyed the home his kids live in. Left rehab against a court order. And drove a car while being on so many drugs he overdosed, and they needed TWO narcans to revive him.

    He needs to get off TV, focus on treatment, and stop dating drug addicts. And work on trying to be a good father to his children.

    Let’s give him at least of year of soberity before we start talking about how he’s a changed man.

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