EXCLUSIVE! David Eason Removed From Courtroom During Jenelle Evans’ Custody Hearing; Investigation Into David’s Alleged Abuse of Jace & Siblings “Ramping Up”

“It’s no fair dude!”

Jenelle Evans had her day in court on Wednesday to try to hold on to custody of her oldest son Jace— but the fired Teen Mom 2 star had to do it without her ever-present husband David Eason!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that David was removed from the courtroom on Wednesday after he showed up to the hearing where Jenelle and her mother Barbara Evans were battling legal rights to Jace.

As The Ashley previously told you, a judge ultimately signed Jace into the care of Barbara, although he is currently officially in the custody of CPS. Jenelle was stripped of her custody of Jace and is no longer allowed to see or speak to him unless the contact is initiated by Jace himself.

David is also banned from having any contact with the 14-year-old.

According to a courthouse source, Jenelle and Barbara (as well as Jace) were with CPS all morning, with their court hearing taking place in the afternoon. 

“The people at court were shocked when David walked in,” the courthouse source tells The Ashley. “The Easons are very well known around here, obviously, and [we] couldn’t believe it when he showed up, considering what’s going on right now.” 

The source tells The Ashley that David was promptly booted from the courtroom.

“I guess I’ll just be standing outside the courthouse, looking in the window and mouth breathin’ if anyone needs me…”

“David can’t be around Jace whatsoever, plus there is an open investigation on him right now for Jace [stating that David allegedly assaulted him last month],” the source said. “They removed him ASAP.”

Speaking of the investigation, the source tells The Ashley that the detective who was assigned to the case when Jace was admitted into the hospital last month was at court on Wednesday. 

“Because Jace told [the court] about the [alleged] assault on him by David, as well as other [alleged] abuse of the other kids, the detective was asking for documentation and other items,” a second source tells The Ashley. “The investigation [into the alleged assault on Jace and other alleged abuse] is ongoing and is ramping up.” 

The court source states Jenelle was informed during the hearing that, because she and David allegedly didn’t cooperate with CPS/DSS the first times they tried to come to The Land, a judge has ruled that her two youngest kids, Kaiser and Ensley, will be interviewed by authorities without Jenelle or David present, something the Easons had previously not allowed.

“It was said in court that the first time CPS came, they didn’t let them in. The second time [they came] David thought they were trespassers and threatened to shoot them and the third time, they came in but Jenelle only allowed the kids to be interviewed while she was present,” the source said. “The kids will now be interviewed away from Jenelle.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jace does not want to see or speak to his mother.

In fact, according to the court source, Jace asked the judge if he could testify in a room because he didn’t want to testify in the same room as Jenelle. (It is unknown if the judge allowed Jace to testify elsewhere or if the teen was required to do so in the courtroom.) 

Jace was ultimately placed in the care of Barbara, although he officially remains in CPS custody. Another hearing will take place later this month so that the judge can check in on how Jace is doing with Barb. 

As of press time, Jenelle and David have remained silent on losing custody of Jace. On Thursday, though, Jenelle posted several photos to Instagram of her and David toasting over lunch. 

When it’s a big deal that your husband didn’t drink alcohol at LUNCH on a THURSDAY…

She also bragged that David hasn’t had alcohol in seven days because he “just don’t feel like drinking it anymore.”  


Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)

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  1. This broad is just… a trainwreck. Always has been, always will be. When you think about Narcissists, a lot will come to mind. But she is textbook. No accountability. Deflection. Exaggerates her achievements. Expects special treatment. Lying. Devaluing others. She’s just a mess. And David… Good lord- don’t get me started. I hope the court sees that Kaiser and Ensley would be better off elsewhere as well. What is scary is, if they are interviewed without David or Janelle, if they DO say things detrimental to David and Janelle’s case and are not removed immediately- I bet those kids will suffer the consequences of simply telling their truth. I have little faith in CPS so I certainly hope that if things that are said that indicate the other two are being abused or seeing things they shouldn’t, that they are removed while investigating their claims. I’m sad that Jace had to endure abuse but I am proud of him for removing himself from the situation until something was done to take him out of the house and I’m glad he spoke up in an attempt to get his siblings out of there too. Janelle has this ridiculous habit of choosing men over ALL things- including her man of the week (I am REALLY surprised David has lasted this long). As a mother, your responsibility is your children and when they are in any danger, even if it’s not what you want- you leave the situation. I don’t even date right now because I have three boys and honestly, they need me and my attention. As much as possible. If I ever did date someone they would literally have to be a ridiculously great man that treated me AND my sons like gold and it would have to be for a long while before we shared a home. Also, if my mother took my kid because it was in the childs best interest (which c’mon Janelle- Babs didn’t want to take care of a child at her age- She did it because she HAD to and unlike you, she wanted what was best for him and not herself) I would be eternally grateful. I would never keep her away from them. The ONLY reason anyone would, is because they are not being a good parent and they care about how the public sees them. She’s not a threat to you or anyone in that house and the only threat is to your ego.

  2. I see where this is going. Jace is talking, Kaise and Ensley likely will be removed but in an attempt to convince the judge they will blame the alcohol.
    This pictures of tagging the sweet tea” is just to prove “he is a changed man.”
    David realized he had an alcohol problem and has now changed. There’s no danger to the children. I’ve seen this before in court… judges are used to it as well. Wont work.

  3. Oh hey Janelle, I just wanted to say I hope you’re having a fucking lousy day. Make some more tick-tock’s, and YouTube’s an only fans, you have extra time now you don’t have your kid. Soon they will all be gone, and you’ll have all the Time in the world to post your nasty bits online. POS

  4. Jenelle always picks her men over her children she needs ta b addicted to her kids rather than ah man shame shame shame!

  5. Give me ten minutes with David and I’ll correct his behavior asap. I’ll have him begging to get a job, and to get sober. Thank God a judge is seeing thru their BS.

    1. It’s clear David showed up to intimidate Jace-he had no business in the court room, Jace is not his child. I hope to GOD he gets arrested and all of those kids are removed.

    1. Someone in one of these articles commented she ran away awhile back and is living with a friend. Don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but I can believe it.

    2. Her “step dad” was in the last post about jenelle saying she was supposedly “choosing” to live with jenelle and David bc there’s way more money there? Vacations, eating out, lots of gifts, $40k income PER MONTH????? And if she was being abused she would just drive away in her own car…which apparently she has access to??? But he also said maybe she’s staying to help care for and protect her younger siblings??

      And Marissa’s mom is “busy” raising her and the step-dad’s 4 and 5 year olds….and then something about how if you “accept God,” you “only live in the present” and don’t care about or “live in” the past????? So that’s why it doesn’t matter how abusive David was to mom and Marissa in the past????

      It sounded so much like Marissa’s mom has been brainwashed by some “Christian” (quotes bc it’s a corrupt Christianity) guy that somehow allows her and her new man to abandoned Marissa to David so she can focus her time on her new, “Godly” family. And since any abuse David did in the past is “in the past,” and therefore somehow either forgiven or not relevant (???????), that it doesn’t matter they abandoned Marissa to David and Jenelle. Bc she’s supposedly old enough and independent enough to just…..leave if she’s being abused???

      (But also “maybe she doesn’t want to abandon younger kids?”)

      Before that guy posted stuff, I wanted to hope Marissa’s mom was somehow scared of David or being paid off my jenelle….and I was mad at her but gave her some grace…but now? Oh hell no!!

      It’s like she’s just literally started a “new, better life,” and therefore anything from “the past,” including her own DAUGHTER, is “in the past,” and shouldn’t be thought of.

      I hate her now. I have no sympathy. I am so sad for Marissa. Her options are “I stay here where it’s awful; and I’m either abused or consistently witnessing abuse,” or “I run away…..to somewhere unknown on my own bc my own mothers thinks of me as ‘the past that can be forgiven once you accept God.’”

      That poor girl!!! If your options are homelessness and/or “going into the darkness of the unknown with no support or family to run to,” or “staying in this awful place where at least there’s food and a roof over my head until I’m old enough to go to college or get a job”????

  6. Thank goodness they’re looking into the welfare of the other kids. I feel most awful for Kaiser as it seems he has a negative support system as a whole.

  7. Janelle doesn’t deserve her kids she never deserved Jace cuz she signed over custody to Barbara when he was a newborn because she was partying and really wasn’t taken care of him she was only thinking of herself so with him running away then David abusing him probably wasn’t the first time then he abused Kaiser a while ago also so why doesn’t Kaiser’s dad step in and take custody of him and raise him and love on him the way he should be but Jace should stay with Barbara cuz that’s that’s the only person that’s been in his life forever and had a stable home with her and I’m sure he is happy to be back with them Barbara his grandma I’m sure it didn’t it didn’t do any good to remove him and put him back with Janelle and her so-called loving husband he doesn’t work all he does is do our jobs around that house of Janelle bought he didn’t buy any of it cuz he don’t have a job and Janelle needs to get rid of him cuz he doesn’t do anything for her he just keeps bringing bringing and bringing her down and what’s going to happen is she’s going to lose all her children and not be able to speak or see them due to being with David she needs to grow up herself put on her big girl panties and stand up to David and tell him he’s got to go because she loves her kids and wants a life with them she doesn’t need to go through all of this all the time because of David that’s my opinion and my opinion really doesn’t count

  8. What’s crazy is if hell freezes over and Jenelle does one day leave David, she’s going to find someone worse. Jenelle never upgrades, she always downgrades, and she doesn’t care who it affects as long as she’s not single.

  9. LoserJanelle and disgusting violent david seriously need to stop calling jace a liar. David has proven time and again how unstable and dangerous he is.
    On another note, I was thinking about how they stopped giving jace his adhd meds, and antidepressant. I guarantee Janelle and sasquatch took Jace’s Adderall or whatever adhd med he was prescribed. Those two probably love amphetamines. Just my opinion.
    Janelle needs to grow up and stop blaming everyone else for her eff-ups. JANELLE AND DAVID ARE ?S..

  10. I saw someone somewhere say that Jenelle never actually wanted Jace back, she just wants to win. Unfortunately that has proven time and time again to be true. She’ll always chose men over her children. My heart breaks for all of them.

  11. Ah yes, Jenelle’s famous ex meifer/keiger.

    Destination: Known, have you been dipping into Jenelle’s drug supply?

  12. I hope the other kids are permanently removed from their custody and taken off the swamp land, i also hope that barb will be safe ( from that violent gun toting maniac ubt ) she needs to get a RO on both chinelle and her nutJob hubby, im glad jace told the cops about the others being abused too.

  13. If Jace said other children abused I am hoping they aren’t threatened by Jenelle and David to not tell truth. Remove them

  14. Yeah, David hasn’t touched alcohol in 7 days because he “literally doesn’t feel like drinking it anymore”. More like, David is an alcoholic and beat up Jace and now Jenelle lost custody of him. And somehow, David not drinking is supposed to make up for that? Jenelle is delusional AF and I am so sick of her blaming Barbara for everything that has happened with Jace. Jace is not a toy she can pick up and put down at will. He is a human being and Barbara cares for him when Jenelle was unwilling to. Years later, she decides she wants him back and expects Barbara to just hand him over. Barbara loves Jace and has raised that boy. She gave Jenelle custody and 6 months later Jenelle was stripped of that custody legally. Jenelle can talk allll the shit that she wants. Barbara didn’t do this, Jenelle. YOU DID!!!!!!!! Jace ran away, Jace told therapists, the police, the hospital, CPS, and a judge that David assaulted him. And yet, incredibly, the whole thing is somehow Barbara’s fault! I literally cannot with her.

    1. Just following up to add that Jenelle has absolutely nothing left to say about the custody situation with Jace. She’s been pushing the narrative that Mom stole him from her for 14 years. Mom signed over custody. She got exactly what she begged for and claimed that she wanted so badly. And she blew it all on her own. CPS has a VERY high burden of proof to be able to remove a child from the custody of his or her legal guardian. Barbara telling police what Jace told her when they literally showed up AT HER DOOR based on a call JENELLE made is not even remotely close to being enough to transfer custody to CPS. It happened because of the past and present actions of Jenelle and David. It infuriates me to no end that Jenelle continues to refuse to see the truth.

        1. I wouldn’t be at ALL surprised if my downvote came from Jenelle, who still likely believes none of this would have happened if Barbara wouldn’t have told the police what Jace told her. She HAS to blame Barbara because, without that blame, she has nowhere else to turn but to herself.

          1. Well we know she has no problem blaming the kids. She’ll be blaming Jace soon. I had a bad feeling about this from day one- jace is so sweet and all the kids just need stability Andi hope they get it.

  15. So I keep seeing everyone mention Maryssa told about the abuse in court. What exactly did she disclose? What was going on?

  16. The Ashley, have you seen her latest reel? She’s still acting as if this is all Barb’s doing.

    1. Just saw it. Looks like she’s up and doing her daily damage control. She’s such a loser. I’ve never hated someone so much and not personally know them. She’s a monster.

    2. She always blames barb for everything always has.
      Janelle has never took responsibility for anything she thinks the sun shines out of her own a**. She will never learn anything as she never admits to her own mistakes. She believes her own lies, she thinks she’s god’s gift and untouchable. I really hope justice is done and she’s locked up and hopefully some inmates can show her the error of her ways.

  17. So, they know CPS will be drug testing them? They’re clearly acting as if everything is totally fine and they’re totally normal. Never mind the fact that normal people don’t threaten to shoot social workers.

  18. Does she REALLY think not touching alcohol for 7 days is an achievement?! What…what sort of world does she live in?! I’m glad Kaiser and Ensley will be interviewed without them present, I’m sure Kaiser will tell all. (That poor boy really doesn’t deserve all of this happening, he has no stability ever since he was born!) I so HOPE they lose custody of all kids AGAIN. And I hope Jace will be able to live a normal teen life now. Lock these two up, it’s the only way one no more kid will get hurt!

    1. Yeah, people with no substance abuse problem don’t brag about not touching alcohol for a certain period of time. They are so transparent.

  19. Alcohol,drugs, abuse and OnLyFriends. What good parents. In Nathans words “way to go Janelle.” Any mother that would let a man abuse their children is a POS. Any mother that would give up custody of their child is a POS. Any mother that would still be blaming their mother in their 30’s need to be in a mental institution. 2 kids out of the home. Please lets make it 3 more. #jenelle&davidprisonbond #justice4jace

  20. I watched this thing about jenelle and Barb hits or something like that on YouTube.
    You can see there struggle and where it goes really bad.

    Barbs was disappointed in Jenelle. I wonder after jenelle got pregnant, Barbra realized something, especially since Andrew the pedo is jaces dad. The whole relationship is toxic and if she had bad alcohol issues when jenelle qas growing up, I see why the attachment issues between them. Maybe Barbra had some insecurities vuz who she was becoming or some guilt, isk filling in blanks.

    Jenelle was talking to Keifer about she just wanted someone to love her, anyone. He said he loved her and she talked about how much better she felt cuz he was only one who loved her.
    She went on to say just give few months

    Barbra was relentless. Instead of support like Chelsea’s family, she was screaming and emotionally disredulated and same reason with jenelle. She talked so much shit no matter what she did. Jenelle had addict gene in her already, had zero support except from a druggie, well of course she vecame a druggie.
    Barbra just may have no been equipped for her, look at the other kids.
    I am not trying to talk bad or justify etc I’m trying maybe to explain behaviors and learn from them.

    Anyway, she goes to tell meifer that in a few months she’ll be able to get custody of jace back cuz she will have her own home, already was in school and had a job…. only to fall into addiction.
    Had jenelle been better supported by a adult figure or even role model, she may not have ran to someone like keiger, just anyone to love her.
    She was going to have a nicer house, nicer cars.
    Now I see where her obsession for all the materialistic items came from. She should’ve put ALL the energy into raising her kids and being a better mom. If she really wanted to get back at her, that would’ve been smartest option, hut she became way worse.
    I hope Jace is able to grow up to be better now that he is back in her care and get all the help him and siblings need.

    1. Jenell always had something to prove to Barbra. That was always it, to be better and all that and it all back fired. She went on to have another kid( Kaiser) to replace that and make it seem like she was doing so much better.

      The way these two talk to each other since the beginning, was always poor communication, a crappy or annoyed tone and either emotionally tired or some other emotional stress. You can they that love each other not sure how to parent.
      Not saying now, just on that 30 minutes video of all the different clips of them

    2. I should say that Barbara always deemed to want a relationship with Jenelle and she’s too petty or hurt from her childhood or whatever, that she’s always shut her out. So Babs always went to raising her voice to express her frustration there in beginning. I’m sure some was instigated

    3. Oh look at that, another Jenelle “supporter” who can’t spell or articulate any thoughts into coherent sentences.

      You should probably quite while you’re already beyond behind. Good lord the desperation is real, isn’t it?

  21. While I don’t think Barb was a great parent to her kids, she has always looked out for her grandkids and been there for them.

    It’s interesting how Maryssa testified a few years ago and it wasn’t taken seriously. Now that Jace has ran away 3 times after the Eason’s got custody, it is being taken seriously. It wasn’t ever a joke.

  22. Sing, Kaiser, sing like a Canary! Though I don’t know who’ll take care of you, your whole fam are pieces of poop and I’m sure barb just can’t. But SOMEONE will!

  23. Jenelle and UBT are awful. I hope all the kids get removed. Jenelle: I know you won’t listen but this is your LAST chance to grow up. LEAVE David. Do better.

  24. Jenelle has lost touch with reality. She knows how bad David is but can’t take any responsibility or be on her own. Posting all these videos about a toxic parent when many people made the decision to put jace with Barbra. How many terrible things she said about everyone. I find it wild that she still has custody of her other kids when one was removed

  25. Noooo, they shouldn’t have a warning these kiddos were getting questioned without them. They’re going to be to scared to tell the truth and threatened beyond their life. Only reason Jace was able to get out is he was old enough and able to try and get back up.

  26. She brought David to intimidate Jace. She has some nerve. Clearly we all know she’s still defending her trash husband and not her own child.

  27. Idk.

    If the prize is that UBT is never allowed near you again, and you get to go live somewhere else..

    I have faith in these kids.

      1. Exactly
        Marissa spilled the tea last time….just to get sent back to the lion’s den.
        Jenelle and UBT dramatically let these kids down, CPS doubled down and sent them back home in 2019, letting them down again so I have no hope the rest of the kids will be protected this time around.
        Someone order a hair follicle test on these two clowns to get a true reading.

        1. I don’t have much information about what happened last time, but I do know that words alone usually are not enough to remove a child. If the other children did not back up her story and there was no physical evidence, there was literally no option but to return the children. That’s what many people may not understand. CPS likely 100% knew bad things were happening on The Land, but they just couldn’t prove it. I am sure they conducted interviews, did a walkthrough of the home, etc. The evidence wasn’t there. This time around, they have Jace’s and Barbara’s verbal testimony, physical marks on Jace, an alleged video of the attack, the neighbors/other witness testimony, and the past history/claims.

  28. I’m trying not to get my hopes up like I did when CPS took custody of the children previously and the Judge handed them all right back. I think that Jace is old enough at this point to decide where he wants to be. I’m worried for Kaiser, Maryssa and Ensley though.

    Jenelle knows the rules and knows that David is not supposed to be there. Just like she knew that when he had been fired from TM and she kept bringing him anyway because that’s her “huzzzzband”. Jenelle will NEVER choose her kids over swamp thing. She is just as toxic and abusive as he is. She is more calculating and tries to manipulate people to think she is the victim. David can’t control himself so he just acts psycho.

  29. I do have a question. The judge band David from contact with Jace & Jenelle can only have contact if Jace initiates it. Why didn’t he do a full on OP & take their guns away?

    1. In my experience with the courts there, an OP isn’t automatically ordered, ever (even with clear evidence suggesting it should be). When one does get put on the table, it’s considered to be a separate thing, even if tied in with an ongoing investigation/case, and it has to be specifically filed for. Then there is a whole separate set of hoops you have to go through. The court, in my experience, has never just issued or even suggested one be issued, though.

      It was a major struggle to get any kind of OP for us, even with doctors telling the judge it is an absolute necessity. NC moves at a snail’s pace, normally, when they move at all. I’m really glad they’re moving at least slightly faster for Jace. Now, hopefully, they’ll do what’s actually right and protect all four of those children, getting them away from these idiots.

      1. Thats messed up! Here where i live the judges never deny a protective order. They will issue to anyone for the most stupid reasons! I’ve seen one “I told her not to call and she did” lol well she was served with a TPO (temporary protective order).
        SC court is failing these kids! Kaiser in third grade being suspended for a week is not normal! Those kids are going through trauma. Save the children!

  30. “They’re investigating me for being abusive and unstable. I’ll show them they’re wrong about me by putting out a violent song about how eager I am to shoot someone and showing up to a court hearing that I’m legally banned from to make a scene.”

  31. Gee Davey that’s mighty coincidental for you to give up drinking right at the same time you’re be evaluated by CPS. Even if this was true, hard to believe anything Jenelle says, we don’t know what he does in private. For all we know he could have a secret flask and chugging down booze all day long. Jenelle sadly will never cut ties with this loser. Apparently killing your beloved pet dog wasn’t enough to convince her he has major issues. Sadly I think he has manipulated her into thinking it’s them against the world and he is her only supporter.

    1. Jenelle is a loser POS with or without UBT. I doubt she had to be manipulated into following along w his shenanigans

  32. Hopefully a child abuse expert talks to the other children, as they can identity when a child as been trained what to say. They also can tell from reactions if the child is being abused or not. The fact the monster threatened to shoot them the 2nd time they went to speak to the kids, it surprises me that the children weren’t moved from their custody there and then especially when the monsters refused them the first time. The fact Jace don’t want to be in the same room as his so called mother says to me she’s also a abuser and he’s a scared child. I’m glad he’s seen all the bs she’s been spreading as that has added more fuel to his strength to stand up to them. When abuse happens the child always thinks they did something wrong and now Jace sees his so called mother for what she really is, Jace is 100% innocent. I hope barb gets full custody of Jace, Kaiser’s grandparents get custody of him and the girls need to go into a loving foster home.

  33. Those poor kids live in such a chaotic environment. How many times have we heard about David yelling that he’s going to shoot someone for attempting to come to their door or even just walking by their house? I can’t even fathom growing up in a home where you are constantly on edge, not knowing what violent event is going to happen next.

    And then when someone finds out about it, listening to your parents rage about “pigs” and the court and Barb and social workers and CPS and how everyone else is lying and against them. Meanwhile the kids know what happened & must be so confused about why their parents are saying everyone else is lying.

    Anyway I’m very proud of Jace for going through this court process, it must be overwhelming & scary. And extra proud of him for asking if he could talk in a separate room, advocating for himself. I can’t believe a “mother” would put him through yet more hell. She is truly unbelievable.

    Then to go out to a cheery lunch with that monster and post it on social media, knowing your struggling, broken son is going to see it – like, what is WRONG with you?? It’s beyond belief.

  34. So… basically this post admits that David has a problem with alcohol. I wish I could get a job watching people’s social media for CPS.

    1. Or alcohol isn’t the problem and it’s some other substance.He gave up alcohol, but what else is in his system?

  35. Wow!! I really didn’t think the court would move on this at all. Considering last time when they didn’t do anything. I almost wish they hadn’t warned Jenelle that the other kids would be interviewed without her or David present, because now they have time to coach the kids on what to say and what not to say. What a mess! I’m sure we are all hoping that all the kids can be in a home that is safe from abuse, drugs, and violent anger!

  36. The ffing nerves those two have!! They really think they’re above the law and and aren better than every single person in the world

  37. Why the fuck are those kids allowed to be in their custody during an investigation for child abuse!? And after one kid was already removed for being assaulted!? CPS keeps failing time after time and it’s the kids who suffer.

  38. “Hasn’t touched booze in a week! .. because last time, he got drunk and beat the shit out of my 14 year old kid.” Cheers, dude!

  39. I am sure the court will be impressed that she’s posting pictures of them out having a nice lunch when their childrens lives are in turmoil. And they seriously expect us to believe that David’s not drinking anymore, he’s drinking sweet tea. Bull fucking shit. It was all for show just like all the other tactics but this time the world is not buying it. Anxiously awaiting the next update,

    1. Man, she is stupid. This bitch is nuttier than a porta potty at a peanut festival. Straight up delusional. If any of my kids were harmed, runaways, or taken out of my custody, the last fucking thing I’d be doing is smiling in a happy family pic, bragging about the abusive prick laying off the sauce for a WHOLE WEEK!!

      What’s that saying about protesting too much?!

    2. Typical addict behavior. They pick an addiction that’s not as bad as the real one and claim it. Oh he isn’t drinking now by choice…. uh what about other drugs Jan?

  40. I’m scared they’ve groomed these kids and will continue to do in full force till this day. Those poor kiddos aren’t going to throw them under the bus due to their conditioning…Kai, ensley & marissa. My Hearts heavy now

  41. I’m not American so forgive my ignorance but can the judge who gave the kids back in 2019 be held accountable for releasing them to further abuse? From what I understand, and I’m no rocket scientist, swamp queen requested the judge that gave the kids back because she was sympathetic to swamp queen. Is that really allowed? I’m half-British/half-Mexican and this doesn’t seem normal in either countries despite our many flaws. Why was the abuser allowed to pick the judge? Please note, I’m not trying to be anti-American here. I’ve visited a half dozen times and absolutely loved the people I’ve met and places I’ve been. I’m just trying to understand the laws a little better. I’ve also seen that North Carolina seems to be a different beast than other American states. All of this just breaks my heart. I can’t have children naturally and I’ve been on an adoption wait list for two years. I just don’t understand how people like the swamp queen treat their children this way. Does that bitch not realize there our millions of us that would kill for what she was given naturally? That cry ourselves to sleep at night because we can’t have what she abuses? I know I’m not the only one who posts here that would happily take all four of those kids into a safe and loving home. How do you get that evil? Either way, I’m hoping against hope that those children are saved…for good. No chance of going back ever.

    1. Unfortunately there’s really no legal mechanism for accountability except if maybe the judge lost re-election over it since judges are elected in NC. I’m so sorry you are experiencing so many struggles yourself!

    2. Not really. This is going to be a long rant apologies. (I’m not a lawyer, just worked with them for years and one of my parents is a criminal defense attorney, so I have grown up hearing all about it.)

      The Judge can prove that it was based not only on his decision but also on the decision of CPS and police, which did a full investigation. The kids were taken out of the home and only put back after the investigation was finalized. You know the CYA and all that.

      With Judges, there is some judicial authority, but not much. It is kinda an honor system, which needs to change.

      It’s why I find it completely unethical that the judge in Rhine Edwards case has known him his entire life, is friends with his parents, and his daughter has been good friends with Rhine since they were kids. A good judge would have recused himself due to a conflict of interest. But that’s up to the judge to decide, it’s really only if some TERRIBLE happens and someone sues that the judge could or would be held accountable, and even then, there is so much leeway. If the sentence could be probation or jail time, he could prove that other judges have given similar sentencing and look at those cases.

      Also, these Teen Moms live in rural areas (especially Jenelle), with smaller judicial services, there might just be one or two judges total. So like what are they going to do MOVE the trial to another jurisdiction, it rarely happens. Most of the time you hear about in high profile cases, where they believe the JURY can be prejudiced, but those are really only criminal cases.

      Also, typically the way it works in family court is you get assigned ONE judge for the ENTIRE time you are in the system until the kid ages out. So you sue for custody, get a schedule, then sue for change of custody, years go by come back sue for back child support. All this is the same judge. The thought process is that they have a better understanding of the case since they have followed it for years.

      But we also know judges have biases and prejudices, some judges don’t think men can raise kids as well as women. Or that kids need to be raised by the ethnicity they look like (yes, my mom had a case like this, and even though that parent was a crack addict and his own mother tried to persuade the court to not give him custody, the judge said the kids looked like the father is should be raised by the father) Or that being raised in a slightly abusive home is better than foster care, where abuse can be much worse. Or a parent who missed 25 visits last year, won’t redo custody because he came to some of them, and is “trying”, but since he’s not taking them, and child support is based on if he took them, it’s really giving him a break in child support payments, which is why he doesn’t want to change it, even though he never shows up.

      I don’t think there is a perfect system anywhere. And the ones who we get hurt or the children.

    3. The problem was that a technicality forced the judge to close the case and return the children. A social worker on their CPS case failed to disclose that he or she had a criminal charge on his or her record. For whatever reason, that person’s testimony or evidence gathered could not be used.

    4. In some areas, negligence can be proven and people held accountable, but it’s not common at all. Then again it’s also not common anywhere in the world, oddly, some areas are just worse than others. In NC, it would never happen, it never does.

      We tried to get a judge and cps workers charged for sending an abused child back to the abusive home despite having ample evidence that the child could very well end up dead. No one cared. “They’re overworked” “The system is backed up/busy” “They couldn’t have known”. Ugh, makes me so mad.

      Honestly, it’s beyond aggravating to me, but it’s mostly because I’ve been there and I know just how backasswards NC is, and how very little they do to protect children, It truly is one of the worst states, people just don’t realize it until they’re in it (or read about it). They always get away with the blatant negligence and dereliction of duty too. It’s damn near impossible to get anyone to hold them accountable.

  42. Jace jot wanting to be in the room with Jenelle is tall tell signs of grooming and conditioning these kids on what to do and say or they will face consequences. This is so messed up, my hearts breaking

  43. About freaking time.

    This better be a proper investigation and those children listened to seriously.

  44. Stopped drinking my ass! They know what they need to do when CPS is involved. Trying to make their shit smell nicer. ?

  45. Let’s gaslight social media and legal sources investigating us and watching our every move into thinking we’re good parents, not the alcoholics we really are, and sway all legal sources into our hand trying to prove Jace is just being dramatic.

  46. Yeah David didn’t touch any alcohol in 7 days cause he’s been getting high! high! instead. Just look at those eyes…

    Poor Jace, this whole thing must be overwhelming for a teen. I hope they let him testify in another room. He’s so brave and I hope his siblings and Maryssa will get rescued too. That house is no place for children. Or humans and animals in general.

  47. She truly truly feels that People are idiots. It’s clear that David was drinking when he assaulted Jace. This is going to be her “proof” when it comes out that he was drinking when he hurt him. She is a moron, wrapped in an idiot shell.

  48. David knew what he was doing showing up to scare Jace, plus it no surprise he was threatening to shoot a cps worker it in his nature,

    with cps interviewing the kids without David and Jenelle around will be a huge thing cps know when kids are telling the truth or not and when they been informed what to say around them.

    I’m hoping the judge does right this time and take all custody rights away and charge the both of them no one is falling for the stopped drinking crap with David.

  49. So I suppose we just let the law do it’s due process here and wait for official charges to be filed.
    Bc this time, they’re coming.

    Prayers that the system does these kids right for the first time in their lives, although, I’m not sure what advocates they have on the outside. Doris, Barb, Marissa’s mom?

    Seems like this time, the court is taking things seriously versus 2019 which was a huge joke.. except no one was laughing.

      1. Uncle Bad touch.

        Its a joke started by Adam Lind (yes Chelsea’s ex). He called him Uncle Bad Touch in a dad special. it was like his first season, and I think all the dads could tell that he was F**KING weird, after some weird comment on the kids.

        The nickname stuck. And it’s what we affectionately call him.

        1. They were asked what they would do if their kid broke their phone or something, and David said he’d beat them. The host told him he must say something else cause they were not gonna air it, but the other dads were all like wtf man. There was another question about what their p0rn name would be and David said ‘Uncle David’. After this shitshow Adam started calling him Uncle Bad Touch. David had class from day 1 /s

          1. YES, how could I forget. I think they had to redo a whole section of the interview because of his abusive rhetoric on child-rearing. And the dad’s were pissed because they should have been done but they had to come back and redo it. You could see it in the other Dads’ faces, they were mad and ready to leave.

            Like especially now that he does OnlyFan added a whole new level, Uncle David is gross, who wants Uncle David, no one.

            I rarely ever agree with Adam, but he was spot-on about UBT. F***ing weirdo.

  50. UBT is not this stupid. He knew what he was doing. This was a clear intimidation tactic.

    I’m glad the judge acted swiftly to remove him, and make it clear what his role in all this is.

    Also, I would be expecting Jenelle and UBT to take their kids out of public school in the next couple of weeks. It’s a common practice for CPS to interview children at school especially if they want to get their side before their parents have a chance to coach them.

    I’m really scared for the children in their kids currently. Especially Kaiser. Kaiser has taken on a lot of UBT’s abuse in the past.

    1. I read in another group that the 2019 investigation required the kids being in school and not home schooled? But I don’t have any sources for that other than what I read. So here’s to hoping they’re not allowed to take them out of school for this!!!

      1. Normally those are “suggestions” or “best practices”. They might have made that requirement to get custody back. I hope so, for the kids’ sake, for MANY reasons.

        I do remember in Leah Messer’s book, her mom claimed to homeschool her for years. And she wasn’t doing anything but raising her younger siblings and taking care of the house. It’s why she’s really pushing for her girles to get an education, since she didn’t get a chance.

        The county only step in high school. Since Leah’s mom Dawn doesn’t have a GED or a high school diploma, they said she can’t home school because she doesn’t have the qualifications to teach Leah.

        But no one is checking to make sure these kids are actually learning anything in the first place.

        1. I thought Dawn was a nurse, for some reason? (I’m not confusing that with the three minutes Leah though about nursing school).

          1. Dawn was a teen mom and so was Dawn’s mother. She dropped out after having Leah, had three kids by 21. She was married to a much older man, he was like 25 when she was 16.

            I think she went back to school later in life after she divorced her cheating-drug-addict ex-preacher of a husband. And then became a dental assistant, which is a technical degree, I think it’s like 1 or two years.

            Her second husband, Lee, is a nurse. So maybe that’s the confusion. Or maybe she was in scrubs and you thought she was a nurse. I mean after reading Leah’s book, I’m glad that woman wasn’t a nurse, I wouldn’t let her go near my teeth.

  51. I hope they listen to him. Maryssa has already told one courtroom about the abuse and nothing was done. Jace is incredibly brave to not only say what happened to him but to try and get his siblings protection. They need to remove those kids ASAP before David tries to take them and hide.

    1. I am deeply worried about Maryssa. The article stated that the two youngest chidren will be interviewed out of the presence of Chinelle and UBT but Maryssa isn’t mentioned. Had she already been interviewed. Is missing from the Land but nobody noticed?

      1. I thought I read on Jenelles instagram page a while back that Maryssa lives with either her mom again or her grandma? I can’t remember which, and that she visits every weekend at the land. I guess I didn’t pay to much attention to it because frankly, who knows most of the time if Jenelle is making shit up or telling the truth?

    2. There is a big difference here. Jace has an advocate (his grandmother), and Babs is not one to take sh*t lying down. She also has the money for LAWYERS!!!

      It’s sad, but courts don’t really want to deal with the burden of removing kids, especially when there isn’t someone who can take them immediately. So they come up with every excuse not to.

      1. I mentioned advocates.

        What about Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensley?
        Someone mentioned up thread Maryssa MAYBE lives somewhere else througout the week.

        Barb can’t take Jace, Kaiser and Ensley. A first grader, at 70 years old? Heck no.

        And Doris has a million (valid) excuses as well.

        Hopefully Jace has the wherewithal to see that Barb is his last option here, so he needs to make it work.

        As much as we want the kids removed.. where will they realistically go?

        1. Exactly.

          Doris has wanted and tried to get custody of Kaiser. I think she is supposed to supervise Nathan’s custody time and take his custody even when he doesn’t show up, which is most of the time. And I think even that is hard for her. But realistically, he’s a young active boy and only going to get harder to control. And she has a lot of health problems, what is she supposed to do? She’s also older than Babs.

          Babs just wanted to retire. She also had custody of Gabe for a long time. My parents are around the same age as Babs and Doris. I can’t imagine giving them THREE children to raise at their age. Plus who knows what’s going on with Ashley and her two kids, sometimes Babs has them, sometimes she doesn’t.

          I think that played a big role in why custody went back to Jenelle in the first place. Where are going to put these kids, is the abuse WORSE than foster care? Realistically, probably not.

          I think this case will be different because it is one child, there is direct PHYSICAL abuse by the stepparent and a bio-family member willing to take in the child.

          I know the last time they kept pushing Jenelle to leave David to get custody back. Since they believe the problem stemmed from him and she refused. So I think this will be similar.

    3. You know those kids are going to threatened within an inch of their lives to lie, lie, lie. They wil be too scared to tell the truth.

        1. Typical addict behavior. They pick an addiction that’s not as bad as the real one and claim it. Oh he isn’t drinking now by choice…. uh what about other drugs Jan?

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