Savannah Chrisley Says She Cut Ties With Her Sister Lindsie Chrisley Due to Lindsie’s Alleged “Constant Lies” & “Victim Mentality”

“Get lost, sis.”

The Chrisley sisters are once again at odds. 

Just weeks after Savannah Chrisley was accused of using her older sister, Lindsie Chrisley, as a “punching bag,” the former Growing Up Chrisley star is doubling down on her decision to distance herself. 

“It is very interesting,” Savannah told People of her recent fallout with Lindsie. “I don’t do well with constant lies and victim mentality, so I’m good.” 

“I have realized that as an adult, it’s my responsibility to have healthy relationships and cut out unhealthy ones,” Savannah said.

As The Ashley previously told you, Savannah revealed last month on Nick Viall’s Viall Files podcast that she and Lindsie are no longer speaking to each other, claiming their sibling relationship has always been tense. The news of the sisters’ estrangement came just months after the two seemingly made amends prior to their dad, Todd Chrisley, and Savannah’s mom, Julie Chrisley, reporting to prison for tax evasion and fraud crimes.  

In addition to her parents being imprisoned, Savannah has had to navigate her new role as primary guardian to younger siblings Grayson, 17, and Chloe, 10, while Todd and Julie remain behind bars. She also lost her friend and ex-fiancé, Nic Kerdiles, last month, after the 26-year-old was killed in a motorcycle accident. 

Because of everything she’s had to endure recently, Savannah said this week that a reconciliation with her older sister is unlikely at the moment. 

“Especially now with the two kids, it’s my job to protect them emotionally, physically, psychologically and I just don’t have room for people that don’t want to show up and show up in a healthy manner,” she told the magazine. 

Savannah appeared on the currently-airing season of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test; however, viewers saw the 26-year-old withdraw from the competition on Monday’s episode in order to return home to her family. 

“We have experienced so much loss in the last year. And not having mom and dad home, we’ve created our own little safe place, and we are what each other turns to,” Savannah said of her early exit from the competition. “When I was [on the show], I got to a point where I wasn’t prepared for being away from them.” 

Although “it’s been a challenge,” Savannah said she and her younger siblings are learning and growing together, noting that everyone (herself, Grayson and Chloe) also attends therapy.   

“We’re doing things to better our lives every single day, cut out the negativity and just try to love each other,” she said. “I have great friends in my life and great people that have just shown up for me. They’re like, ‘Savannah, you’re always showing up for other people, let us show up for you.’

“And I’ve allowed that to happen, and I’m just so grateful for the people that I do have that show up,” she added. 

Lindsie has yet to respond publicly to Savannah’s latest statements. However, in late September, Lindsie spoke about the situation with Savannah on her podcast, Coffee Convos, telling her co-host Kail Lowry that Savannah blames her, in part, for their parents being in prison.

 “If [Savannah] feels the need to blame me to move forward with her life and responsibilities, that’s OK,” Lindsie said, noting that Savannah acts like she is the only one who is reeling from the loss of Todd and Julie in her lives. 

“While I was not a part of my parents’ life in the same capacity, they’re still a loss,” Lindsie said, adding that Savannah has a “complete lack of empathy” and “awareness.”

On the podcast episode, Lindsie stated that Savannah “knows how to get a hold of me if she wants to work this out privately.”

“Don’t hold your breath, Sis!”

The Ashley has reached out to Lindsie for comment.

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8 Responses

  1. I watched the show maybe 2-3 times when it first came out and Lindsey was still filming with all of the Chrisley’s. What I recall is thinking that everyone treated Lindsey like she was an outcast. They seemed to enjoy making fun of her on air for some reason and frankly it just turned me off. I think Savannah is bratty. She has had a silver spoon in her mouth (little did we know it was due to her parents fraud) her entire life.

  2. Victim mentality is what your whole family has instead of just admitting your parents are delinquents that screwed up all of your lives

  3. Kind of amazing. Feel sorry for my loss of parents I didn’t even have in my life while her younger, childless sister steps up to parent her siblings. I’d say Lindsie might have a complete lack of empathy and awareness.

  4. This whole family needs to go away, Lindsie’s podcast partner too. @TheAshley, when do we get an article on Kail’s not so big announcement?

    1. I wonder if she actually quit the show because she got pregnant and didn’t want it airing and just claims it was time to move on….

      Cuz clearly she will never move on from that, the spotlight etc. She just doesn’t like people talking about her every move and wanted to control this and make money in her own way?

      Different perspective that’s all

      1. She’s a huge hypocrite. She blasts everyone else’s business but plays victim when it’s done to her. ? Karma always comes for her and the Chrisleys and I am here for it. Scary to think Savannah has custody of children when she has the mean girl mentality of a primary school student.

  5. Aw Savannah, how christian of you to constantly feel the need to smear shit over your sisters name for the world to see. I’m just gonna say between all these Chrisley kids, their father Todd really taught them how to act like their shit don’t stink. Every one of them acts like a hypocrite to whoever enters their lives. They really think they can do no wrong. Savannah was a huge B***h to her ex nick and suddenly when he tragically passes she can’t help but gush over him. his family didn’t even like her. Chase (the brother) constantly throwing shade at his ex emmy publicly. Because the chrisley’s are a perfect pristine bunch, right. Their behavior towards their own sister was shameful. Lindsie isn’t a peach either. listen to her podcast for all of her hypocrisy as well. especially when it comes to marriage. Didn’t the younger brother get exposed for concerning behavior towards his ex gf as well? explosive anger issues with that one. don’t get me started on the older brother.. now that he’s not addicted to drugs his daughter is still thinking todd & julie are her parents while he adopted his new wife’s children and is in their lives 100 percent. that little girl is gonna need therapy in a few years. nobody in this world is perfect but it’s a brow raiser when you prance around talking about god all day but shame & ridicule others for being just as human as you are!

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