Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Finally Admits She Gave Birth to Her Fifth Child Last Year; Says It “Was Not Fair” That Her Pregnancy News Was Leaked

“The Kail spawn just keep on coming out of me!”

Kail Lowry is letting her fans in on what’s possibly her worst-kept secret ever.

The former Teen Mom 2 star revealed on her Barely Famous podcast that she did, indeed, give birth to her fifth child in late 2022, just as fans have been speculating for nearly a year. During the pregnancy, Kail– who was already the mother of four boys—never confirmed that she was “with child” and did not comment on reports of her giving birth to her fifth son last November. (She did state once that she didn’t give birth to a baby in December 2022, which technically was true, as her fifth son was born in November.)

On her podcast— and later in an interview with People— Kail confirmed that the baby’s name is Rio, and that Rio’s father is her live-in boyfriend, Elijah Scott. She also revealed why she kept the pregnancy and birth hidden for so long.

Elijah asking if he could date Kail without her having his baby…probably.

“I have not addressed the rumors about, you know, my fifth son,” Kail said on Friday’s episode of Barely Famous. “So I can do that now, but this is not where I was supposed to bring it up…”

Kail pointed out that she is upset that her fans and haters wouldn’t allow her to announce it on her own.

“Every single time…I have pushed back or paused or postponed my own story telling, my own f**king was just not fair,” she said.

She stated that Rio’s birth was “traumatizing.”

“We didn’t have time with him after he came out of [me]. He had to go right to the NICU,” Kail said. “I literally got to hold him for maybe three seconds before they took him to the NICU. And I was so upset…I was beside myself. It was so scary.”

Later, Kail stated that Elijah never signed up to be on reality TV and wanted to keep things about their son private.

“It’s never been true though that he wasn’t allowing me to post anything [about Rio],” Kail said. “After my experience with [third baby daddy] Chris [Lopez], knowing that Chris didn’t want to be public about anything and then I got mad at him and outed who the dad [of my kid] was, that made him a public situation.”

Kail went on to say that she never intended to “betray” her supporters by not revealing the pregnancy and baby, and that she wanted to announce it.

“Every single time I have almost announced on my own, literally in the last year, I have not been able to because it’s been taken away from me,” she said. “So when you guys are commenting, and speculating and you think that you’re one-upping me by commenting [online about Rio]— this is to the haters, the trolls—you’re not [telling] me something that I don’t know.

“You think you’re doing something and you’re not; you’re just irritating me because every single time I’ve wanted to announce this by myself, on my own terms, that has been taken away from me.”

Kail mentioned a few photos of Rio that had been leaked online, as well as the times her ex Chris has leaked info about the pregnancy and baby. 


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She did acknowledge that her exposing the fact that Chris was expecting his third baby (with another woman) in September 2021 was wrong, but stated she feels she has already “paid” for that.

“I already got my karma ten-fold for what I did to Chris when he was about to have his third son. “I already got that [karma back to me].” 

“I wanted to be able to tell my own story on my own terms and kind of share what information I wanted to share instead of being within a contractual obligation or storyline,” Kail told People.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Kail’s pregnancy was a frequent topic of discussion online for ‘Teen Mom’ fans. In the 11 months since Rio’s birth, fans have pointed out obvious clues from Kail’s social media that indicated she had a new baby. Earlier this year, Kail herself exposed that she had given birth in November during an episode of her Barely Famous podcast. However, she never actually confirmed the rumor.

Still, Kail told People that she was upset that fans didn’t allow her to keep the pregnancy and fifth baby private.

“…err…I mean, five.”

“I feel like it was ripped out from under me time and time again,” she said. “I kind of feel like my hands are tied. People are announcing it for me and so, at this point, I might as well just talk about it. At this point, I can at least try to do it my way.”

Kail confirmed that her friends and family held a baby shower for her before Rio’s birth. (The Ashley can confirm that a few people tied to ‘Teen Mom’ were invited.) 

She also admitted that her pregnancy with Rio was a “surprise.” (Rio is the first baby for Elijah, who is Kail’s fourth baby daddy. She also shares Isaac with Jo Rivera; Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and sons Creed and Lux with Chris Lopez.) 

Kail and her litter, minus Rio…

“As chaotic as it was finding out about being pregnant again, he’s been such an incredible baby that it really was a true light at the end of a really dark year for me,” she explains. “It was rough [last year] with the lawsuit [with Briana DeJesus], the depression that I dealt with and everything else. So, he has been really a joy for all of us.”

It’s been widely speculated that Kail is currently pregnant again, but she did not mention the additional pregnancy on the podcast or in her interview with People.

(Since 2016, it has been The Ashley’s policy not to post pregnancy speculation, “possible bump photos” or any other type of pregnancy announcements for reality TV stars, which is why The Ashley never addressed Kail’s pregnancy with Rio or the speculation around her current situation.)

UPDATE! Chris has seemingly responded to Kail’s statements about how it was unfair that her pregnancy and baby info was leaked before she wanted to announce it. 

“How tf you going cry about your pregnancy news but [you] went and ran to the Internet when you found out I was having my third son,” he wrote on Instagram on Friday. “Man if y’all don’t cut the hypocrisy.” 

In another post to Instagram Stories, Chris stated that Kail “straight out lied multiple times” to her fans about the pregnancy/fifth baby situation.

“I’m not angry about anything, I’m tired,” he wrote. “I’m aware [Kail] acknowledged the lame s**t they did but 2 years later??? Does that really sound genuine…it seems to me this was done to overlook the fact they just straight up lied to the fans about this specific situation MULTIPLE times.

“And again if they willing to lie about something like that then you better believe they’ll lie about something more serious,” he added.


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76 Responses

  1. Uh- when you put the MAJORITY of your life in the public… what do you expect? I am not a Chris fan, but I completely agree with him about how she really can’t be mad about him leaking this, when she did it first… but then again, I have ALWAYS thought Kail was a hypocrite.
    The whole keeping this a surprise has been so strange to me- like, no one honestly cares THAT much and honestly everyone knew, Kail. You act like you had the royal baby . You just didn’t want to admit you had yet another kid, by another Baby daddy. Don’t get it twisted. I’m not even convinced she was THAT upset because the speculation caused people to talk about her. And the baby was a surprise?! You’ve been pregnant at least 4 times… and you don’t use anything obviously. How could you not know there was a STRONG possibility you’d get pregnant? I don’t know how anyone likes her or sticks up for her having all these kids- “She’s a great mom” or “she pays for everything and provides” Uhhhh, okay. I have three boys and it’s really hard to share my attention with three of them. I cannot imagine 5… They might be fed, safe and have all the material things, but I wouldn’t want the trade off to be having a mother like her and you can’t put a price on attention from your own mom. I also don’t know how that many people listen to her podcast. I assume it’s because of Vee. Also, the recent pictures of her would HIGHLY suggest she’s pregnant again and she’s always been big but good lord- it’s either twins or she has gained an obscene amount of weight. Anyway- Kail is an eternal victim. She always will be. It’s really unbecoming to see someone live like that.

  2. I’m no Kail fan at all BUT LAUREN, you need to sit the you know what down. Javi isn’t done dm ing women and you try control every aspect of that serial cheater portraying he’s found g0d. Is your self worth that dang low because it’s showing.

  3. Including everything I said in my last post…simultaneously I have mad respect for this woman.

    Do you guys remember first episodes of Teen Mom 2??
    Her mom??
    Joe’s mom?
    And having to live in that place, and how AWFUL THEY WERE TO HER? Then she had to move out WITH NOTHING…ETC…ETC…now she can have as many kids as she wants. But …please…girl….PICK BETTER DUDES

  4. O.M.G….she acts like ALL THESE DUDES, and her relationships, WITH ALL THESE DUDES, don’t work out because of privacy issues. Girl, GET REAL…like they didn’t know wtf YOU ARE????

  5. Oh Kail, playing victim again. You bet I’ll leak to sources in a round and about way whenever I get the chance .

  6. What a self absorbed ingrate. She CHOSE to live a public life-those “fans” gave her the home and luxuries she has, and she’s going to complain she couldn’t “announce” her 5th pregnancy? Just..announce it. Was she mad that she hid it so poorly? So what if people guessed? What a weirdo.

  7. What is her deal having so many kids without any thought or care how THEY feel not having dads in their lives? Theres way more to this imo & is related to her childhood, its not just she wants more kids. The fact shes hiding even 1 pregnancy when youve been on a show for YEARS based on your getting pregnant & being a mom is laughable! I think she knew what people would say & thats why she (very sloppily)tried to hide it. Her kids deserve better, its not just about her.

  8. She’s a v jealous person and a POOR ME. She is insanely jealous Chelsea got her own show. She thinks she’s a Kardashian or something and thought by withholding the baby news she’d get her Kail and the Chaos spin-off.

    The baby wasn’t a surprise. She’d been messsing around with Javi for months and didn’t get pregnant. He even helped her move into her new house in January 2022. Remember Lauren crying on Insta around that time?

    Dec’ 2021 Chris had just had a new baby with someone else. I think it was inevitable, from that moment, she wanted to also have a new baby with someone else because she was petty and jealous and wanted to PROVE she’d moved-on. She hasn’t! She didn’t want another kid with Javi because can of worms and he’s too strong willed/ she can’t control him.

    Along comes new “hot neighbour” younger, more malleable/ easier to control. He just wants an easy life and likes her money. She’s suddenly pregnant . . . OOPS! As scouser’s over here in the U.K say You Can’t Kid a kidder!

    1. I forgot to mention that guy Malik that she lived with for a year. She certainly knew how to avoid getting pregnant with him!

      You want sympathy for the court case that YOU CHOSE to bring out of pettiness and spite to try to find out if Chris slept with Bri. I guess you did lose tho, POOR YOU.

  9. She was just mad that someone was going to spoil her getting a bit $$$ payout on the announcement story. If the public already knows, there’s no story.

    And she is doing it again lol.

    Old news. Bye.

  10. I actually get Chris on this one, she’s def a hypocrite…

    I had such High hopes for her back when I watched her 16 and pregnant episode … What a fucking waste

  11. Imagine having 4 sons but 3 different fathers and still call your latest kid “a surprise”. Come on Kail, you should have known by now how this works. And now you have a potentially fourth baby daddy (I don’t feel like this will work out) to fight with. Elijah can have privacy all he wants but you have been hiding this kid for months, I assume cuz you knew everyone will tell you “We told you so”?! No wonder Isaac wants her to use protection! I’m glad your sons are smart…cuz it’s very obvious you aren’t.

  12. Kail needs sterilization & fast after this next one is born!! Something is mentally off with her. She wants that child support to keep hitting that bank account.

  13. What did she expect? That people would just not care or notice that she had a baby? Come on….

    And “keeping things private” is like not putting the kid on tv or not show him on instagram, not to not acknowledge his existence.

  14. Surprise???
    Unprotected sex with a brand new “boyfriend” resulting in a 5th baby is a surprise? You’re not 16 anymore Karl. You know how conception works.
    No wonder Smirnoff Suzie is in hiding. I would be embarrassed if Karl was my daughter too.
    Hopefully Karl has a spreadsheet to keep track of which kid belongs to which baby daddy. Imagine the schedule?!
    I feel for Isaac. Won’t be long before he does a Jace and runs away to live with Jo and Vee to have some normalcy in his life. I just dont understand how Vee can stand Karl to work with her.

  15. If anything the people who “ruined” it for her, spared the rest of us another nude mom horse maternity shoot.

  16. Duhnelle is getting too much attention right now. Someone got jealous and needed her 5 minutes of attention to share about her 4 baby daddies. Everyone wants a participation trophy. ?

  17. Am I the only one that doesn’t give a shit if Kail has 27 kids by 27 men? Why does she think that everyone is so invested in her life that we are all waiting clutching our pearls that Kail announces she had another kid with another man. Shocker. She thrives on the speculation. It makes her happy. Then she plays victim because I’m sure someone out there will feel sorry for her. I’m not the one though.

    1. Exactly. She hid him because 5th pregnancy that produced a child, 4th man.. another boy. That’s it that’s all.

  18. Didnt she start dating this dude in Feb of last year?
    Then had his baby 9 months later???
    I also heard he was married at that time..

    1. Then a few months later she announced she was leaving TM. I’m still holding strong she only left because she pregnant again and wanted to control the narrative.

      1. Add in that dude didnt want to be her storyline.. yeah.

        Had he wanted to be on TV, she would have stayed on the show.

  19. She is not upset that people speculated. She thrives on it. She loved the attention of people asking and wondering. She felt that it kept her Relevant. That’s the only reason she had pictures of baby items in the background, to keep everybody talking about her.

  20. Not a big fan of Kail but it was a low move by her ex to disclose her pregnancy.
    She could have wanted to keep it a secret for types of reasons-though I suspect she didn’t want her stress level increased by everyone’s intrusive behavior and opinions. Either way-that was her news to share or not.

    1. I don’t think her ex leaked it. SHE leaked HIS new woman’s pregnancy. Hospital staff leaked it according to Kail (take that with grain of salt).

      1. Am I misremembering or was he the one that posted about her needing to act right and stop trying to physically fight him because she was pregnant this revealing her pregnancy?

  21. Wasn’t the whole premise behind teen mom to prevent teen and Unwanted pregnancy? I thought the whole purpose was to educate these young girls. Seems that whole script was flipped and it promoted girls getting pregnant to try to gain notoriety, Fame, or money. So sad for the kids.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think the show ever helped with that. Sure, it made some teen girls wary but there were more instances of girls getting DELIBERATELY pregnant in order to get on the show. I know at least one of the last season of 16 and pregnant girls admitted to that.

    2. @Downvotedat completely agree with you. What was supposed to show the struggles of teen parenthood and educate people turned into a “the more you get knocked up by losers who probably don’t know where they are half the time, the more money and publicity we’ll give you ” type of thing. It’s really sad, and I feel terrible for every single one of the TMOG and the TM2 kids. As far as Kail is concerned, I think that any man that sleeps with her should ask for proof of birth control. I also often wonder if any of her multiple baby daddies could pass a mental health exam, because you have to be either completely insane, completely high, or completely stupid to keep knocking “Octomom wannabe ” up.

  22. I’m sorry, no pregnancy Is a surprise. There are ways to avoid pregnancy. She’s a grown ass woman, and should know how not to get pregnant. It is not a surprise! Use birth control!

    1. After reading your comment, I totally heard Dr. Drew’s voice in my head “for more information how to prevent teen pregnancy, go to” ?

  23. Fair? After baby 3-4 with different BD it’s no longer anything to warrant attention. You’re a trainwreck not of the likes of Jenelle but a small one. You are unmarried and having kids left and right to have a girl. The world knows this. Great you can care for them but what’s it showing the boys about relationships.

    1. On a very serious note, despite how I may or may not feel about Kail on a personal level, she is doing what her mother could not do and taking care of her children. I will be downvoted to oblivion for this, but I do believe she is a decent mother. In light of the Jenelle situation, I just wanted to acknowledge this and note that, all jokes aside, Kail takes care of her kids. They are safe and have everything they need. Sad that it needs to be said. But we don’t have to love/admire a person to be able to acknowledge that they take care of their children.

  24. Jenelle is clearly the more sh*t parent but it’s becoming a toss up on who has a bigger victim complex for shit they create in their lives.

  25. That’s the trade-off for getting millions of dollars just to exist on public media. Kail has a degree and could have used it to pursue any career off-camera/mic, but she didn’t want to start with an entry-level job and wage after making so much on TM2 for years. Elijah did sign up for aspects of reality tv life when he chose to procreate with someone from reality tv. It’s wild that these reality tv stars feel entitled to only get adoration and rewards for making their lives public, without any drawbacks.

  26. Wow 4 baby daddies. That is A LOT!! Congrats to her though babies are a blessing. I love the name she chose this time. I feel like she keeps trying for a girl. She should just do IVF to get her girl and then she can be done instead of continuing to add more kids with more men to her family.

  27. If she doesn’t want people to know her information, she should shut her mouth. A friend of mine ran into her in Delaware, they struck up a conversation, and out of Kells mouth. She said she was pregnant with twins. She said this to a total stranger, obviously, she doesn’t care if the information gets out. And I guess she still doesn’t understand how pregnancy occurs? It’s a surprise?? It’s because you’re having sex unprotected dumbass! Go to it’s your Sex life online. You know the one that teen mom promoted to try to keep teen girls from getting pregnant? Didn’t pay attention did you?

    1. Even Isaac knows how to prevent pregnancy. Hell he begged her to stop having unprotected sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry. She meets even begged her to put her nasty sex toys away so he didn’t have to look at them. I feel as bad for him as I do for Jace. This poor child needs therapy to deal with his mothers inappropriate behavior. When a young man has to beg his mother just stop sleeping around and having children, there’s a problem he is more mature than she is.

      1. I am just glad Isaac is such a smart kid (you know he doesn’t get it from her side, must be Jo’s side…he also has only one kid with his wife and I’m sure it will stay that way) that he knows NOW ALREADY that he in no way wants to be a teen dad. This kid will be going places…

    2. If she’s really pregnant with twins then she’s approaching Duggar territory with all of her blessings. Wouldn’t it be something if the twins are boys ?







  29. Kail didn’t announce she had a fifth kid (by baby daddy #4) because she was embarrassed. She didn’t want to admit that people were right about her. As soon as she started dating Elijah everybody knew she was going to get pregnant again.

  30. So did she quit TM really because she pregnant and wanted this news to herself? then would come a huge pay day? Only speculating.
    I am genuinely curious. She’s mad because she couldn’t control her situation pr news surrounding it.

    This is actual Karma!! I still think she left TM cuz was pregnant.
    Only way to know for sure if he full term or not? She said he was in NICU, so idk if full term or not.

  31. She didn’t announced it because she didn’t want to. Period. Nobody prevented her from doing so. She could have just said “I’m pregnant and I want to have some privacy for my baby so I’m telling you this now and I won’t address it again. Thanks”. And that’s it, people stop speculating about it.
    I don’t dislike Kail but I think she needs even more therapy than she already does.

  32. Hiding an entire kid while trolling people with where’s Waldo pictures of baby stuff in background (her job is social media if she wanted that shit hidden it be hidden) isn’t about privacy … it’s about controlling a narrative. But if she’s really that pressed maybe she could commiserate to Chris’ baby mamma what it’s like to have their pregnancy leaked (oh wait Sierra may not be up to talking the hypocrite who did it)

  33. Kail that is called KARMA. Why make your kids lie for you? Why make a video of Issac lying about the baby? The pregnancy was a surprise? Lordt. How the hell you have a fifth baby by the fourth baby daddy and it be a surprise? Lie all lies.

  34. Her and all of her baby daddies are complete morons. Well I guess jo wasn’t. They were just young and dumb. Plus he is doing well with his own family. So javi and the ones after him.

  35. I don’t blame her for wanting to keep it private BUT she’s always been a little petty and hypocritical when it comes to others and I think she got her karma here.

  36. I’ll say it.

    Boo fucking hoo.

    Better go ahead and announce the current pregnancy before she gets salty that people ‘stole’ the opportunity. Oh, wait…

  37. Kail is biggest hypocrite and the most self centered fool. Maybe she do something to make this world a better place instead of constantly talking.

  38. Colour me…not in any way surprised. When’s the announcement for the one (or two) she’s carrying right now? Either The Sun’s photos show she’s pregnant or she has one hell of tumor that needs immediate medical attention.

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