Kail Lowry Rants About Trolls’ “Obsession” With Her After Rumors Fly That She’s Given Birth to Her Fifth Child: “Let Me F**king Live!”

“If everyone could please stop talking about what did— or did not— come out of my hooha, that would be great.”

Kail Lowry hit social media on Tuesday to (kind of) address her trolls’ theories that she recently gave birth to her fifth child.

While the former Teen Mom 2 star never actually specifically mentioned the rumor that she had another baby, she did mention the “timelines” fans have created about her.

(Several ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram pages have recently posted “timelines” regarding when Kail began dating her boyfriend Elijah Scott and when she could have gotten pregnant, etc. The Instagram accounts have also pointed out a specific Instagram video that Kail posted recently in which what sounds like a newborn baby cooing can be heard in the background.)


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In her rant, Kail never actually denied that she had been pregnant or recently gave birth. However, she did slam the people who follow her life so closely, despite her not having been on television in eight months.

“This is for the trolls. This is for nobody but the trolls. The obsession that y’all have with me is so f**king sick and deep,” Kail began the rant, which took place while she was in the car.

Business as usual still, apparently…

“Y’all wanted me off the show so f**king bad. Y’all claim you hate me. I’m a horrible person, I’m disgusting, I’m this, I’m that, but y’all never f**king stop talking about me…Y’all have been obsessed with every single move I make from the time I was on the show to the time I left the show. I haven’t been on the show for eight months and y’all still dissect every single thing I do, down to the timeline.”

Kail then seemed to be denying that the proposed “timelines” about her alleged pregnancy are correct.

Kail on the fifth baby rumor…

“Y’all are all so f**king delusional that somebody comes up with a timeline, thinks that they’re right and y’all f**king run with it, and that’s what’s insane to me,” she said. “The fact that my real-life friends are sending me s**t that y’all are posting, and it’s so far off.

“Let me f**king live! Y’all don’t do this to anybody f**king else…I really haven’t seen it for anybody else and it’s crazy that y’all think that I’m the horrible person.”

She then encouraged her haters to find something to do with their time. 

“Consider transferring this hate to Briana or Chris or any one of my other baby daddies!”

“The s**t that y’all do to me, say about me, think you know about me is so sad and just so beyond anything. I’ve seen the timelines…I’ve seen the accusations, the assumptions. I’ve seen all the theories…it’s really sick [that you spend your time focused on me], and for y’all to think that I’m the sick one is just unfathomable.”

Rumors have been circulating for months that Kail was pregnant, with photos of her with what appears to be a baby bump being taken by the paparazzi several times. Fans became even more suspicious when Kail took two weeks off from her podcasts recently.

While Kail has never directly stated that she was not pregnant, she did make statements on her podcasts that she was “just obese” and that she had planned to get her tubes tied this month. 

In October, she went Live on Instagram, stating that she was “never gonna try for a girl, never gonna try for more kids.”

The ‘Teen Mom’ trolls to Kail despite these statements…

Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez insinuated, though, that Kail was indeed pregnant. In July, Chris posted a series of tweets, claiming that Kail threatened to beat him up over a dispute they were having.

“Out here talking bout you’ll beat me up now you know you gotta protect the belly stop it,” Chris wrote in a since-deleted tweet. 

You can listen to Kail’s full rant below! 


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45 Responses

  1. I’ve never been a Kail fan, I’ve found her to be abrasive, rude, and mean from the beginning. But these petty hens sitting around a clucking about whether or not Kail had a secret baby is sick. Not borderline sick. It’s sick. It’s obsessive. And being a “public figure” does NOT excuse all the talk.

    This is cranking up to Chris-chan levels of insanity, the way these women are stalking Kail online. Grow up. Get a real job. And stop obsessing. It’s a mental illness, to be this wound up over literally nothing.

  2. Wow what a big, fat hypocrite! I guess they would not be trolls if they had a podcast to say these things like the crapgoblin herself. What kind of drugs does one have to be on to exist in this level of denial?
    Weed shampoo, sex toys, and whatever happened to that degree that was so empowering?
    You’re a queen, mama!

  3. Oh Karl.
    How disappointing for you to be feeling the wrath of Karma.
    You exposed Chris’s pregnancy, Javi’s relationship and continue to ignore both their requests to not discuss their lives on your podcast. So here we are. Ironic isn’t it.
    I would not be the least bit surprised if there is a new baby. And she will likely try and just blend it into the litter she already has and hope we won’t notice ?

  4. Kail is white trash, and no amount of podcasts, stupid big houses, sponsored posts about her sex toys, or 10 baby daddies will change that.
    She loves to play the victim card, much like Jenelle. Who is also white trash.

    Kail made her bed, she continues to choose a life that puts herself, her business and everyone elses business that she associates with out there.

    If she wants peace and quiet, she needs to step out of the spot light. But she won’t because she loves this attention and drama.

    And the fact that she honestly thinks she is the only Z list celeb who gets shit, is comical. She needs to get over herself- she is not as important as she wishes she was.

    ugh I can’t stand her.

    1. “If she wants peace and quiet, she needs to step out of the spot light. But she won’t because she loves this attention and drama.” Plus the $$$ that comes with airing all of her dirty laundry, embarrassing her children and not giving others around her privacy. But all of that is still not worth giving up the easy money.

  5. She’s just mad she couldn’t surprise the world with a new baby since all her life experienced and education couldn’t help her catch a clue on how to do it right. If she doesn’t want people talking about her, take a hint and go private and don’t have dumb podcasts. You want privacy but you’re running a public lifestyle. Yah makes sense.

  6. Shes probably mad because the “trolls” got it right. She probably did just have that other baby. It’s like she’s got a baby as a souvenir commemorating almost every single relationship she’s been in…she’s gotten pregnant by every boyfriend except for that Jordan guy from ack in the day.

  7. Here’s the result of Daddy abandoning you, your Mother choosing alcohol over you, and never receiving good long term therapy to deal with all your abandonment issues. She doesn’t know how to love or be loved. Anyone near her will pay. I feel bad for thing #3 & #4, they got two shitty parents. #2 has a slim chance, Javis a terrible partner, but seems to be a good part time Dad. The #1 kid is more mature than any adult on the show. He will be the one stuck being Kails lifetime crutch. As far as a #5, sounds like she’s ashamed. Great start.

  8. You are setting apoor example for your kids.Im embarrassed for you.Your language, and jumping g from man to man in front of your kids is soooooo bad

  9. Kail might not be on the show, but she has multiple podcasts about her life. Kail insists on talking about Javi on her podcasts despite repeated requests from him that she stop. So Kail can talk about whoever she wants because “its her job,” but gossip sites aren’t allowed to speculate on pregnancy rumors. Which, btw, gossip mags and subreddits do about lots of women in the public spotlight. Her whiny “I haven’t seen it with anyone else” claim is just that– whining. Kail has no problem capitalizing off her fan base. SHe doesn’t seem to realize that with fans there will always be critics.

    1. No I’m sorry but things go a tad bit far with the pregnancy rumors around Kailyn.
      People are way too invested in the life of an ex trash TV show star.
      Let her be, stop talking about her, stop hate listening those 4 (or is it 5 this months?) podcasts she has talking about how others are her issue.

    2. Lol how many years did they push Jenifer Aniston being pregnant? Or Beyonce?
      Both are pregnant every other month.

  10. I’m with Kail here. Literally thousands of people have podcasts and they pretty much all much all talk to and/or about other people. She has no responsibility whatsoever to talk about her private life if she doesn’t want to. How many of the gossip sites (including this one) talk about their own personal lives? Yeah, almost none. See? She owes nobody anything. Yes, she put her life out there previously, but it doesn’t mean she is obligated to keep it up, it is her decision. Let her be.

    1. Doesn’t she talk about her private life on the podcasts though? I thought that was part of her reasoning for why she shot down Javi’s requests that she not talk about him on the podcasts. Obviously, she doesn’t owe the public any information. But if she puts her life on display, people are going to speculate about it.

    1. We think so. She hasn’t confirmed it but she looked pregnant in recent photos, we heard a baby in a recent video and she took time off from the podcasts to get her tubes tied. Chris also said something about her belly months ago.

      Plus its Kail.

  11. She could set all her social media to private and solve this problem, but then she wont get endorsements aka money! In another six months when nobody cares about her and her endorsements dry up, she’ll cry about not getting the attention she gets now!

  12. This is an advertisement for I had a baby. I’m just not ready to say yet. AKA:I want money. Everyone called this months/months ago.

  13. Here’s my issue with what Kail has said. She has 2 to 3 podcasts, did TM for like 10 years (and a couple other reality shows). She does brand endorsements on social media, therefore she is a public figure. People will speculate and have something to say no matter what she says or does.

    If Kail did have a kid, I’d certainly understand why she’d want privacy and not want to deal with speculation and judgment from a 4th baby daddy.

  14. If she wanted to keep a pregnancy/baby private, she would’ve done a better job of it.

    As much as she complains about people keeping tabs on her, she does just as much work to bait them with her attention-seeking posts, comments, rants…

  15. i mean kail IS right there whether y’all like to admit it or not. doesn’t matter if u hate or love her because she’s still getting paid at the end of the day because y’all are watching her every move just like jenelle. if y’all really want them out of the spotlight then stop paying attention to them

  16. I’d like to preface this I don’t believe I’ve commented on anyone but jenelle or amber so you know I’m annoyed with this narrative.

    Ok you’re not on show, but you do make money off people being interested in your life. No endorsements or podcast without.

    No one did this to anyone else because you’re the only one who has made a game of it. Kail has played into this as much as the trolls

    You literally called out Javi and Chris on relationship status, announced others pregnancies and births so don’t be surprised when karma is a mother.

    If she did have a kid it’s sad you got Isaac to lie for you. As you’ve just mentioned you know how bad trolls can be and if you had a kid you may have sent some of them your kids way by involving him at all.

  17. I for one could care less for what is happening in Kail’s life.

    And yes this does happen to other former Teen Mom’s like Jenelle and Farrah. It isn’t just exclusively for Kail. I have noticed that all 3 of them post constantly about themselves, their kids, their baby daddies, their ex’s and then complain and whine that people are discussing it.

    I personally follow none of them. I don’t check their IG, Twitter or Facebook. I will say that I see a lot of posts on Reddit and honestly the least likeable people are the ones that are targeted. I’m sure it’s difficult to have your life dissected by strangers. However, they CHOSE that. They chose it when they were on TM and they choose it now by posting constantly.

  18. Those baby noises are pretty audible. Not doin much to address the rumors but I think she just mad people figured it out. She’s lashing out bc she knows it won’t be long before she’s showing off the baby & every pregnancy/birth accusation will be valid.

    It’s very ironic to me that she talks shit about so many people but can’t take people talking about her- and can’t seem to see the resemblance!

    1. Everything has become so incredibly predictable, all of them keep repeating the same behaviour. Same kind of posts, same rants, same sugary shit, same issues.
      Some just learned to hide their shit better (,Macy), others flaunt it for attention. Whatever makes them the most.

  19. Y’all, that’s a LOT of y’all’s! And yes, that was a baby cooing in her video. She loves all the attention.

    1. That’s more interesting than Teen Mom right now.
      Two of the wives are changing.

      The TM cast is same old shit on repeat and again.

  20. She does have a point though. For the people that wanted her off the show or comment so negatively about her life, why comment/follow everything she still does?

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