‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Says Her Son Lincoln Is Upset About Her Feud With His Dad Javi Marroquin; Kayla Sessler Basically Calls Mackenzie McKee Old

“For one thing, I wouldn’t have too much to talk about on this podcast!”

From fighting with your ex to fighting on Twitter, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Kail Lowry revealed just how bad things are between her & ex-husband Javi Marroquin

“It’s like herpes: even after a dormant period, it always flares back up again!”

Things have gone south— very far south— in the co-parenting relationship of former ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Kail and Javi. The exes– who would occasionally bang out their frustrations in the parking lot of the local WaWa (allegedly)– are now not even on speaking terms.

“He won’t even look at me or speak to me if I’m in his presence,” Kail said during a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast. She also revealed that her feud with Javi has had a negative effect on their son, Lincoln.

“[Lincoln] said something to both of us on Sunday. He was like, ‘You get along, then you don’t get along, and then you do, and then you don’t,’ and he was basically saying that it’s exhausting.”

Javi and Kail with Lincoln in better times earlier this year…

“I said, ‘Unfortunately, that’s between me and your dad but you need to focus on you and football’ but he can’t because he wants his parents to be friends. He wants them to get along, at the very least, and it’s hard.”

When Kail’s co-host Lindsie Chrisley pointed out that things must be pretty bad if their son is saying this, Kail insisted that the feud is Javi’s fault and not hers.

“Lindsie, it’s not me,” Kail said, adding that Javi refused to thank her for what she did for Lincoln’s football team as the team mom.

“That’s how bad of a term we’re on, and it’s not because of me,” Kail said again. “I don’t care what anyone says, it is not because of me. I am so far past that.”

She then hinted that Javi’s current relationship redo with his other baby mama (and Kail nemesis) Lauren Comeau has a lot to do with her and Javi not getting along.

“If he wants to be in a relationship or not, I’m OK with that, I’m comfortable with that,” she said. “I want to be on civil terms, talking terms, for my son because my son loves us both.”

Otherwise known as foreplay for these two…

“It’s been six or seven years since we got divorced, and we know what we’re capable of [co-parenting-wise],” she said. “So why are we not OK to say thank you to each other or hi and bye? I don’t care if he’s in a relationship or not. Hi and bye, there’s no boundaries crossed.”

Kail didn’t go into details about whose ‘boundaries’ she was talking about. However, Kail and Javi and Lauren have a long history so it’s likely Lauren’s.

As fans may remember, Lauren called out Javi and Kail in an Instagram Live session in January 2021, after an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ aired in which Kail blurted out that Javi had had been trying to hump her in the WaWa parking lot (as you do) behind Lauren’s back. Kail later apologized to Lauren for humiliating her on TV. In that 2021 Instagram Live session, a sobbing Lauren discussed what it was like hearing Kail talk about Javi trying to cheat with her.

“Right after getting gas and right before walking into the mini mart to buy some sodas and scratchers!” 

Still, Kail stated on the podcast that she feels that she and Javi can still respect “boundaries” and get along.

“There’s a difference between ‘boundaries’ and just being f**king nasty,” she said, before confirming that there has been no bangin’ at the WaWa happening.

“Javi and I haven’t hooked up in God knows how long, so that’s not even a factor right now,” she said. 

Kail has also stated that Javi does not like her posting about him on social media or talking about him on her podcasts, something Kail has said she will continue to do.

“Pop some popcorn and get ready!” 

“He’ll cuss me out for talking about it, but this is my real life that I’m struggling with,” she said. “I did nothing to deserve the treatment that I’ve gotten.”

Nathan Griffith’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt is getting hitched. 

Congrats to Ashley on finding a man who owns shirts with sleeves.

Ashley Lanhardt, who previously appeared on several seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’ as the longtime girlfriend of Nathan Griffith, announced this week that she is engaged to be married. 

According to her Instagram, Ashley’s fiancé, Lee Runion, proposed to her November 17 while they were vacationing in Aruba. 

“My love for this gentle, respectful man runs so deep,” she wrote. “He has shown me a love that I thought only existed in fairytales. I’m so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with him! Can’t wait to be Mrs. Ashley Lynn Runion!”

“Why am I a guy and not a gentle, respectful man?!”

‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers may remember Ashley from a 2017 episode during which the cast was taping the Reunion. Backstage, Nathan’s ex and baby mama Jenelle Evans saw her mom, Barbara Evans, give Ashley a hug, igniting a massive scene in the hallway, courtesy of Jenelle.

Jenelle’s gonna Jenelle…

Ashley also stood by Nate’s side as he attended custody court hearings for Jenelle and her husband David Eason, as The Land Dwellers struggled to win back custody of their children who had been removed from their home by CPS. Nate and Ashley cared for Jenelle and Nate’s son Kaiser during the time he was not allowed in Jenelle’s swamp home. 

We’re sure these two shared a lot of good memories and t-shirts during their relationship.

In July 2021, Nate finally confirmed that he and Ashley had ended their years-long relationship, after previously denying they had split. Nate revealed he and Ashley had actually been broken up for six months and that Ashley was the one who ended things. He also gave a shout-out to Ashley’s now-fiancé, Lee. 

“He’s a very attractive guy,” Nate said on Instagram Live. “Him and Ashley are together right now.”

Kayla Sessler’s ex-fiancé Luke Davis has a new girlfriend…and some regrets about being on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.’

But…but…they were so happy…

Luke, the ex-fiancé of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ star Kayla, confirmed this week that he’s in a new relationship with a woman named Dez (He hasn’t actually met her, though, as she lives in Arizona, while Luke is in Illinois. They have stated online that they plan to meet in-person later this month.) 

Luke showed off his new girlfriend in a now-deleted Instagram Story, shared by @teenmomshaderoom__.

(He later shared a different photo of Dez on his IG Story that did NOT get the post-and-delete treatment.)

From what The Ashley can gather, Dez is currently married (but separated) and has three children. She is in her 20s.

While some fans in the comment section of @teenmomshaderoom__’s post suspected that Luke’s new girl is only with him because he’s on TV, Luke popped up in the comment section himself, insisting his girlfriend is “here for the right reasons.” He also questioned why “everyone thinks being on TV is something special.” 

Later that day, Luke did a Q&A on his Instagram Story, during which he doubled down on his criticism of reality TV, telling his followers he regrets being on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.’ 

“I regret being on the show period would not recommended,” he said. “Only bright side is the people I’ve met from the show and that worked with me got nothing but love for them all.” 

Luke’s decision to take his new relationship public comes just two weeks after Kayla’s mom, Jaime Szot, confirmed that Luke and Kayla were living separately as the pair’s turbulent relationship had ended. 

Kayla solidified the split that same day when she debuted her new man Justin on Instagram. 

When asked if he was sad that Kayla moved on to someone new, Luke replied, “not at all.” 

” … I’m happy where I am we good over here,” he added. 

Kayla Sessler basically called Mackenzie McKee old.

“I’m not saying you’re old. I’m saying you’re not young.”

Speaking of Kayla, she was involved in a tiff this week on Twitter, clapping back at former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Mackenzie McKee, who accused her of “hating.” In a zinger thrown at Mackenzie, Kayla basically implied that Mack is old and should be more mature.

During the recent episode of Girl’s Night In, Kayla and the other ‘Young & Pregnant’ girls watched an old episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that featured Mackenzie. When Mackenzie appeared at the beginning of the episode, Kayla told her co-stars, “Of course, we’re gonna start with the boring one.”

Mack apparently found out that Kayla had called her boring, prompting her to post a tweet about it.

“Idk who or what ‘Young and Pregnant’ is. But apparently they be hatin’,” Mackenzie wrote. 

Kayla responded to Mack’s tweet, stating that she wasn’t hating on Mackenzie. She then told Mack that she hoped to be as “boring” as her when she’s Mack’s age. (By the way, Kayla just turned 24, while Mackenzie turned 28 last month.)

“Ma’am calling you ‘boring’ isn’t hatin’, at your age it should be a compliment,” Kayla wrote to Mackenzie. “ At 30 I pray my storyline has calmed down and I get called boring.”

All of our faces when Kayla hit Mackenzie with the “Ma’am”…

When a fan responded to Kayla’s tweet writing, “Using the words ‘at your age’ and 30 should not go in the same sentence,” Kayla explained that she meant, “you’re more established at 30.”

Mackenzie– who, again, is only 28— has not yet responded. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

33 Responses

  1. Kail talks about boundaries with Javi, even though Javi has communicated multiple times that he doesn’t want Kail to talk about him on her podcasts. Kail is going to disregard any boundaries Javi tries to set that she doesn’t think are necessary.

  2. Kail, if you want Javi to like you more maybe stop talking about him on your podcast. Poor Lincoln should not even be aware of what his parents think of eachother.

  3. I don’t like Kail all that much as a person, I’ll admit, even if I think she parents better than quite a few of the others on the TM franchise. She has plenty of faults and lots of areas she needs to work on if she intends to have any kind of real relationship with her kids once they are no longer under her roof. But, Javi is a POS and always has been. He’s definitely no better than her, he’s way worse in some aspects, and definitely at least on par in most others. They each have their faults and I’m fairly certain all the kids can see it. I’m not sure why everyone literally blames everything on her, just because they don’t like her when there are two grown ass adults involved here.

    Whether or not they like each other, there is no reason why they can’t and shouldn’t be able to co-parent properly. They are both EQUALLY at fault for their failure in this area and they both need to EQUALLY take responsibility and steps towards repairing that co-parenting relationship. They could hate each other’s guts, say whatever they want about one another wherever they choose (outside of anywhere the children will see/read/hear of it-something both need to work on). But when it comes to being able to be around one another and parent…Kail is definitely not the only one at fault and she’s right, it’s a bunch of BS that they can’t. That is a two way street and they’ve both blocked it from their own end for no damn good reason other than they’re both still pretty childish.

    Let’s also not forget the outside influence on Javi’s end which also doesn’t exactly bode well for the co-parenting. Both of them should be able to be in a relationship with someone who wants the co-parenting to work out, but neither of them is or has been. Javi does let that lead the way and is clearly only going to continue to do so, and it will negatively affect the kids (already is). If she can’t encourage him to co-parent like a grown ass adult, she shouldn’t be in a relationship with him. The same would go for Kail if she had anyone right now, he should be able to do the same.

    1. Only problem is that, as stated by Kail herself, she believes she’s not even a little at fault. She has to at least be willing to admit that she is also at fault for anything to change.

      1. Oh I know, that’s part of why I don’t like her as a person, she has some serious difficulty accepting fault in anything, she always has since the very beginning. But Javi is no better, and everyone seems to attribute all of their issues to her alone. They’re both equally terrible at accepting any kind of responsibility for their actions and the consequences that follow. They’re both too damn focused on their shitty relationship, past, present, and future, to see it.

        I agree she shouldn’t be talking about him, but it’s also clear he does the same, even if it’s not on a podcast. If his own kid has noticed that they both equally talk shit about one another, despite the fact that he doesn’t do it on a podcast, it’s pretty telling that he’s hearing it from Javi somewhere. If a kid knows it, the world sees it too, and they’re both doing a shitty job.

  4. Kail is legit The.Worst!! I have never liked her & it appears she’s still a C U Next Tuesday. Nothing is ever her fault. Shes never wrong. She wont stop talking about Javi or anyone, but God forbid anyone mentions her name & all hell breaks loose & she calls her “lawyers”. She is an insufferable, miserable hag! I feel sorry for her boys!

  5. Her messy, trashy drama with her plethora of baby daddies and boyfriends and girlfriends and pregnancy after pregnancy after pregnancy is THE ONLY THING KEEPING HER RELEVANT

  6. She won’t stfu about her ex even for their mutual kid who is clearly being affected. Kail continues to be the Queen of trashy teen moms

  7. Kailyn’s clearly at the fault, but given that she’s a co-host on at least one of her podcasts (I don’t keep track) there’s also the enabler(s) just letting it go on.

    Is it only time before Briana reaches this chapter of the “follow in Kailyn’s footsteps” bit?

    Luke be like, “I don’t need free money this bad”

    I havent watched a Jenelle arc since Barb got custody of Jace, but from what I gather out of all of Jenelle’s train wreck relationships Nathan was the closet to actually have some personal growth?

  8. It doesn’t help the situation that Kail is discussing the discourse between her and Javi on her podcast either. It’s going to get to a point where no one (especially her children) will trust her with anything. Then she will get upset and blame everyone else for the problem she created.

    Also, Kail is part of the problem. I highly doubt that she has no fault in the feud between her and Javi. For one, she keeps talking about him (usually negatively) when he asked/told her to stop. For two, why does she need to be thanked for helping her son and his team? If it benefits Lincoln, she doesn’t need to be praised for being a parent. Major Karen energy.

  9. I hope the “TM” franchise spawn continue to call out their parents on their behaviors. Leah, Gracie, Ali, Sophia (just on a particular podcast), Jace, and now Lincoln.

    I think more TM spawn have said things, just maybe not publicly. Lincoln actually didn’t publicly call out anyone, but the fact his mother made this information public on one of her podcasts now makes it public. I’m not defending any party, or 3rd parties to Lincoln. No adult in the Kail/Javi/Lauren love triangle was correct.

    The fact is though, that you are involved in Lincolns life and cant say hi, or talk about anything involving a minor child, is alarming. Every day in this child’s life must be a soap opera.

  10. I feel for Lincoln for having such POS parents who both seem like they secretly want each other still. (Imagine if that actually happens…disaster) Because sorry, which ex talks about ‘crossing boundaries’ with her ex if there’s no actual feelings involved? I don’t like Bri but I am with her on that you shouldn’t care who your ex is with. My ex could be dating the whole city for all I care. I think this is what confuses your son the most.

    See it from Nathan’s perspective. He is perfectly happy for his ex.

    Also Kayla, as someone over 30, respectfully…f*ck you.

  11. So it’s not Kail’s fault she can’t stop bringing up Javi in her podcasts? As usual, Kail refuses to take any accountability. All she probably has to do is agree to stop mentioning him, but she’ll never do that.

  12. I’d be mortified and feel like a piece of ? if my kid had to speak up and chastise me and his father for our behavior…but not Kail. Woman, you should be ashamed of yourself, embarrassed to broadcast this crap. This is full on emotional abuse at this point. She gives zero damns about those boys.

  13. Kail makes her money now by violating her children’s privacy. Well, actually, it always has been, first on Teen Mom and now on her podcasts. She doesn’t give 2 ?? about her kids, they’ve always just been content fodder for her to exploit. Have the boys ever given any consent??? Uh, NO. I bet they all go NO CONTACT with her when they realize that she’s monetized their entire lives for her benefit. Those boys all deserve SO MUCH BETTER than Kail!!!

  14. You can blame whomever you want. The glaring fact remains that Lincoln is screaming for his parents to it work out. This is adversely affecting him; hurting him. However, his narcissistic mother would NEVER place Lincoln or any of her children before herself. Never. And Javi… he is too immature to be a father.

  15. I mean kail isn’t wrong. They can absolutely say hi, bye, thank you to eachother, especially when their son is noticing. That is heartbreaking for him. Not picking a side, but I do think every parent should be able to do these simple things in order to ease the lives of the kids.

  16. She’s mad she didn’t get back together with Javi. She’s always fighting people just to fight. Sure it isn’t your fault sure Kail.

  17. I feel for Lincoln. Kail isn’t the only messy person there. Javi’s a disaster and that’s not Kail’s fault. It also isn’t Kail’s fault that Javi cheated on Lauren, he’s a dog. If Lauren doesn’t wanna get cheated on then she shouldn’t go back to Javi AGAIN. Have some self-respect and dignity, queen

  18. kayla does know she’s at the exact immaturity level as mack was at 24 right? the route kayla is in, she’s far from having less drama by mackenzie’s age ?

    1. Kayla had plenty more future babies and baby daddies to create so her life will still be in shambles when she is 30. Kayla is gonna take the Kail and Leah “never sleep alone” route.

  19. WTF does Kail think will happen when she’s constantly feuding one of the many kids fathers? Of course the kids are going to be effected. Her older boys come off more mature than Kail.

  20. Poor Lincoln is going to end up with some attachment issues. I honestly feel bad for any kid that sees one (in this case both) of their parents bring people in and out of their lives.

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