Lauren Comeau Finally Discusses Her Breakup with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin; Insinuates She Found Out Something Upsetting From Javi’s Kid Today (Exclusive Details!)


Lauren Comeau has finally broken her silence on her breakup with baby daddy and Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin.

On Tuesday, Lauren— who split with Javi in October— took to Instagram Live to discuss the breakup at length. 

Over the past few months, Lauren has posted a few telling quotes, memes and small hints about what went down with Javi, but this marks the first time she’s actually addressed it directly. Lauren’s live seemed to be spurred by some sort of event. (More on that in a bit…)

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Lauren found out that Javi— with whom she shares son Eli— had been trying to hump his ex-wife Kail Lowry in the WaWa parking lot (as you do) behind Lauren’s back. Kail shared this during an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that aired in October because she was mad at Javi. Kail later apologized to Lauren for humiliating her on TV.

In her Instagram Live on Tuesday, a sobbing Lauren discussed what it was like hearing Kail talk about Javi trying to cheat with her.


“The night I found out, along with the whole world [when it was on ‘Teen Mom 2’], we were going to go put a deposit down on a house the very next day,” Lauren revealed. “I’m thankful that I obviously found out. But this has been going on for three years, you know, I think there’s a lot more that none of us know, and only two people know. I think there’s a lot more truth to it.”

Lauren went on to mention that she wishes she would have listened to her gut and gotten out of the relationship when Javi “showed [her] who he was the first time.” 

(Lauren is referring to The Bathroom Banging Incident of 2019, when she caught Javi hooking up with a friend downstairs in their home while Lauren was upstairs. They got into a fight— where the cops were called— and Lauren left Javi but eventually got back with him.) 

Lauren stated on Tuesday that she’s now “stuck” in Delaware (due to having to co-parent with Javi) and is a “single mom.” (Lauren’s family lives in Maine.) 

“I’m never gonna air dirty laundry on the Internet. My mama raised me better than that. I do think I deserve to come on here and show some real f**king pain,” Lauren said. 

Lauren told her followers that she stayed quiet for so long. A recent event, though, seems to have triggered her. 

“If you see Javi driving around in a black Suburban today, now you know why,” she said.

This statement left plenty of Lauren’s followers confused as to what she was talking about, but The Ashley has the details.

A source tells The Ashley that Javi just purchased Kail’s old car, and Lauren is very upset about it.

“Really? Of all the crap I’ve pulled that’s what made you mad?”

“He had a white SUV that he traded into the dealership in order to get the black Suburban Kail had recently traded into the dealership,” the source said. “Lauren feels like Javi driving a car that used to belong to Kail is a slap in the face to her. But what’s funny is the white SUV that she and Javi both use to drive was also Kail’s car originally. Lauren used to drive it around, knowing it was Kail’s old car and it never bothered her.” 

“Kail and Javi are definitely not getting back together,” the source added. 

Lauren went on in her Live to insinuate that she believes Kail and Javi have done more over the years than just buy and sell cars to each other.

“She just feels like Javi buying Kail’s car is a sign that they’re still hooking up, and have been behind her back for years,” the source said. 

(The Ashley realizes this isn’t as juicy as Lauren made it seem to be, but it is the truth of what’s going down.) 

Javi posted a pic of his “new” car today on Instagram Stories…

“It’s just f**king upsetting that two people can be OK with causing people this much pain,” Lauren said. “It’s really f**king upsetting. I have dealt with my fair share of betrayal and pain and all that my whole life. But what I found out today, from the kids nonetheless, just makes me feel like the last three years they’ve just been waiting for this to happen.”

The source tells The Ashley that Lauren found out about the car-swap from Javi’s son, Lincoln.

When Lincoln casually mentioned to Lauren that Javi went to buy Kail’s car, she flipped out, even though she and Javi aren’t together and haven’t been for a while, the source added.

“So to any ladies out there…that means Papi is single!”

“I’ve always known people have been against me and Javi,” Lauren continued. “I’ve always known that people have been fighting against us being together. People have wanted to see us break up our whole life, I mean our whole relationship. And now that it’s finally here, it’s just like, where did those three years go?”

(Kail has stated multiple times on ‘Teen Mom 2’ that Javi has tried to to bone her over the years. During one “Unseen Moments” taping, Kail told co-star Leah Messer while on-stage during a commercial break that Javi tried to come to her hotel room that morning to give her the ol’ dippity-do-da but she refused. The girls’ mics were on and the footage was aired on the show, much to Javi’s dismay.) 

“He said it was an upgrade from the WaWa parking lot!”

Lauren stated that she is stranded in Delaware, because she has to co-parent with Javi.

“People can move on with their lives, their relationship gets better and this and that and I’m just left to pick up the f**king pieces for me and my kid, who are stuck here with no family or friends.” 

The source tells The Ashley that Lauren and Javi had been living in Javi’s house together, even after their breakup, but Lauren is now in her own place in Delaware. Lauren is currently living in the same city as Javi. 

“Javi was trying for a while to get Lauren back, but he has accepted they’re over and is moving on now and it’s all hitting Lauren at once.” 

Javi has yet to respond to Lauren’s Instagram, and Kail has not commented publicly yet either.

UPDATE! Javi’s other ex, Briana DeJesus, has chimed in on Lauren’s video. She tweeted her thoughts after Lauren talked about being stuck in the state of Delaware because of Javi. 

“Damn I would hate to be stuck in another city with no friends and family,” she wrote. “Thank god I dodged that bullet lol f**k datttttt.”

UPDATE #2: Javi has responded to Lauren’s Live, telling In Touch Weekly, “While I have tried to avoid a he said/she said situation [by] staying quiet, the accusations Lauren made against me this afternoon on Instagram are false,” he said. “My only focus right now is creating healthy co-parenting relationships with both Lauren and Kail for the sake of my boys and bettering myself.” 

UPDATE 3: In an emailed statement, Kail’s PR rep Alexa tells The Ashley, “Kail is disappointed that a business arrangement over vehicles today was blown out of proportion. All [insinuations] made against her on [Lauren’s] live were false.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


94 Responses

  1. I just went back and read the Ashley’s previous reports of Javi cheating& literally on everything that has ever happened, briana ALWAYS comments about “dodging that bullet”. She doesn’t ever mention Lauren or how horrible what he did too her is. Which she doesn’t have too but why after yearrssss are you still commenting about him like anything affects you? We get it, that coulda been u but how many years later have u not been together & ur still adding ur two cents like we care what u have to say? Even at that YOU wouldn’t of been alone kuz we all know ur mom & sister would’ve followed ur ass to delaware n lived in ur basement rather than let you go on ur own. Lauren is in real life pain n all Brianna does is joke about dodging a bullet in a life that never was.

  2. It’s absolutely sick the circus these innocent children are growing up in. Kailyns the ring master juggling her 3 baby daddies and Javi and his side pieces and gfs are the clowns. All of Kailyns children have different half siblings, their parents have multiple children by different partners, & they are carted around from house to house with random people in & out of their lives constantly. It’s a freak show, which is then blasted on TV & the internet. Save your money Kailyn for all the therapy your kids are going to need. It’s sickening how irresponsible they all are, save for Jo & Vee who do seem stable.

  3. Lauren … Honestly girl .. What did you expect?
    You choose him, you chased ham .. you knew who he was at what he was like ..

  4. I bet they do occasionally bone. Kail is sucker for attention, Bri needs to zip her lips since she was still banging Luis. Like gross man, she has terrible taste in men which isn’t so surprisingly because she’s so tacky to begin with. The whole lot of them, ugh.

  5. Look, at this point f**k staying in Delaware JUST to co-parent. He obviously didn’t care about you or your feelings or the consequences when he was sleeping with other women or attempting to. Lauren ought to move right on to Maine where her support system is. She can worry about the whole custody and visitation thing later after she gets settled.

  6. First of all go away Brianna you were a side piece to javi and you were his ticket to stay on the show and vice versa. You both used each other so myob. Lauren while I do feel bad for your child I have zero sympathy for you. Javi showed the world who he was and yet you still decided to get with and have his baby, why I don’t know and you still stayed with him after he slept with a girl in the bathroom of a house you shared with him but yet you draw the line over a car, this is laughable at best. Bye girl….

  7. Brianna.. your comment on this matter is neither desired nor required. Focus on your own mess of a life with your two deadbeat baby daddies.

  8. Kail and Javi both knew exactly what they were doing when they posted those pics. Just trying to get attention and a rise out of Lauren. She didn’t respond when he deleted all of her pics from Insta, so let’s push some other buttons. Fucking pathetic.

    Lauren should look into leaving. Javi is in the reserves, not active duty. That means some weekends and staying somewhat near his assigned base in Delaware. As long as his commute isn’t crazy, he can move. Which means so can she.

    1. Javi is a recruiter though, which is a full time position. It’s important to her to have her sons father in his life. Lauren’s been living in Delaware for 3 years and she has no friends there?

      1. I thought the same thing – you’ve been there this long and have not one single friend??

        I’m an introvert by nature, so I have a hard time putting myself out there and meeting people. A lot of my friends are people I grew up with, coworkers/former coworkers, or people I have met through others. That being said, if I moved to a new city, I would do things to ensure that I met others. Especially with having a small child, it’s easy to meet people. Take this kid to a park, to a mommy and me group, to mom and baby swimming lessons, story hour at the library…there’s tons of opportunities to meet other parents and make friends that way. Javi owned a gym, she never went there to work out and met people there? Take a yoga class, join a church, join a book club, volunteer somewhere, go introduce yourself to your neighbors, etc. There are hundreds of ways to meet people. If you have no friends after three years in the same city, perhaps there’s a reason. (Maybe the reason was that she was too concerned about Javi’s wandering ways to do her own thing.)

      2. Not really. He’s a recruiter for the reserves. He can still relocate or commute.

        And she probably wasn’t allowed to have friends. Remember how Javi was with Kail? Super controlling, she wasn’t allowed to go out or he’d blow up her phone telling her she was a shitty mom. He required ALL of her undivided attention. If she even looked at her phone, she was cheating on him. I doubt he changed those ways.

    2. What about lincoln? You’re basically saying lincoln can’t see his dad anymore, because he has to move to maine for Eli.

      1. That’s not what I said AT ALL. I said SHE’S not stuck there and that he can’t hide behind the military bullshit of “you can’t move because I can’t move”.

  9. Oh boo hoo…….. I don’t feel sorry for this chick one tiny bit. She spread her legs for this dirt bag, has a child, and then wonders what went wrong LOL. That’s the story of many of these Teen Mom’s on the franchise. They spread their legs flor these losers, don’t use birth control, and then complain and wonder what happened……. you can’t make this stuff up. So many losers on TM.

  10. WTF is Briana’s obsession with Kail, Javi and Lauren?? Her and Javi broke up YEARS ago, so why TF did Briana find it necessary to insert herself in something that has NOTHING to do with her. I’m not the biggest fan of Lauren but there is absolutely no need to try and kick her while she’s down. Lauren was VERY distraught in her live, it was kinda hard to watch, and instead of making a joke about “dodging a bullet”, how about shutting the hell up and hoping for Lauren’s healing. Briana is DISGUSTING.

  11. Karl just OOZES class and sophistication…… She picked a NEW parking lot to have sex in, Yay Karl, upgrading..or is it. What’s your next hookup spot, Home Depot? But my question to the universe is: WHAT DOES ANYONE FIND ATTRACTIVE about a lying, cheating. stupid FUGLY gorilla????

  12. Has anyone else been trying to up or down vote a comment and, when they do, it changes the numbers of both votes for that person to 0?! This site has been doing this to me for weeks and I can’t stand it!

    1. YES!!!!!! There are MAJOR bugs on this site. If I feel strongly about leaving a comment, I work around ALL the hassles. Most times I don’t even bother to try to comment or try to like/dislike others comments, it’s not worth the hassle. These “glitches” have been happening forever!

      1. No it happens to me even when I don’t post anything & try to up or down vote someone else’s! I don’t even bother anymore bc I don’t want to screw up everyone’s votes!

    2. I can’t even see the upvotes and downvoted anymore. They’re just there. And I have to hover in the right place for the reply button to even be visible. It started doing that about a month or two ago. Before that, I had the same issue with upvoting and then having the numbers reset to 0.

  13. What’s with Brianna chiming in?!? I mean, her comment was not supportive to Lauren or Javi (which I wouldn’t expect it to be since he cheated on Brianna w Lauren right?) but it was more her giving herself a pat on the back for avoiding Lauren’s situation. Brianna has her own mess of a life to deal with. She really didn’t need to say anything. Interesting that Brianna and Kail are both good to hurt Lauren yet they can’t stance each other either. Hot mess!

  14. I have never and will never understand Javi’s appeal. He’s the definition of a dork. He looks like a human Mon-chi-chi and if you don’t know what that is, google it and tell me I’m wrong.

    1. Hahaha!!! So, I had to google WTF a mon chi chi is but I can definitely see the resemblance! I’m LMAO over here!! He’s definitely not worth all this fighting and boo woo-ing all over social media… that’s for damn sure!!!

    2. I am laughing SO hard right now. For YEARS I have thought this too! The Ashley’s picture of him and the “Papi is single” comment also made me chuckle. Ah, what a shit show.

  15. Briana needs to STFU!!! Now when Kail or Javi or both respond to what she said she doesn’t need to try to play victim like she LOVES to do and act like somebody’s bullying or picking on her and coming at her for no reason. She should have stayed out of it. She says Kail comments on her business but she does it more than Kail with everyone’s business yet she doesn’t feel it should be done back to her. She comments so much about Javi it makes me wonder if she still wants him but won’t admit it.

  16. This may be unpopular but I think Javy likes men. I been a fan of this show for too long not to say it. And as much as Kail tries, her drama isn’t that interesting anymore.

  17. Everyone is stuck in Delaware because of Javi. What a sick relationship. Kailyn and Javi should be together. They deserve each other.

    1. Even Joe and Vee are in Delaware because Kail & Javi moved there with Isaac when they were married. Maybe everyone but Javi should have a meeting and move to a place they choose and agree on and make Javi move there. Just saying…

  18. Translation: kail and javi aren’t getting back together, they just hate fuck and javi gets his damsel in distress boner that he can fix kails broken home and kail gets her smug boner that even after they both had kids with other people he still “wants her more”

    You two deserve each other. And the negativity you bring into the world.

  19. How many huge Chipotle farts do you think Hulk has buried into that front seat cushion? Javi is a dog, literally.

    stay lit young butt sniffer

      1. Maybe THAT is why Lauren is especially upset about him buying that car. It’s not just because it was Kail’s, it’s because it’s literally the scene of his cheating and now he’s driving her kid around in it. That is extra gross.

  20. I feel so bad for Lauren!! We’ve all been there… thinking we could be the one to change someone and it backfires on us!! She genuinely seems so upset about this! I watched it & she’s absolutely right!! Why should she lose Eli 50% of the time bc Javi is a POS?? Obviously, Javi wasn’t too concerned about his son when he was out there cheating on his son’s mom!! Javi is 100% a dirtbag and I don’t believe a word he says! He’s doing damage control to In Touch but, honestly, he’s already admitted to the worst things he’s done to her.. why try and do damage control now??! She should have taken her son and left the first time he showed his true colors! I honestly have no idea how she even looked at him after that… let alone anything else!!! Am I the only one who absolutely despises Brianna?! Why does she feel the need to insert herself into everything?! Does she really think Lauren felt like reading that from the girl she knew he was dating at the same time as her??! All these Teen Mom girls need a lesson on when to STFU!! They’re acting like they are still teens!!

    1. I feel badly for her,but she isn’t a teenager. Javi showed his full douchiness before and after they were together. I can’t imagine finding my partner with another person IN MY HOUSE & not waking up to reality. I kind of lost respect for her after that.

      I chuckled watching the old tm2 this week when Javi said insinuated therapy is for the weak. That guy needs intense therapy.

      I agree with you about Bri. She was mildly entertaining on tm3, but she (to me) is the worst cast member now that Jenelle and Farah were fired. Kailyn and Bri are cut from the same cloth, though. They both love to stir the pot, play victim and clearly have very low self esteem.

  21. Does Briana not have enough messiness in her own life? She always has to do insert a stupid comment. Nobody cares about Bri’s opinion, it’s none of her business!

    I think Lauren absolutely made stupid decisions but it doesn’t excuse Javi and his wandering dick. She shouldn’t have to live in Delaware. I’d live where I want, Javi has enough money to come visit. I wouldn’t change my life for his convenience.

  22. I just really can’t understand why anyone would want to have sex with Karl if they had any other option….. like literally ANY other option….. like even a hand seems more attractive and less huge and gross

  23. Lauren can’t leave Delaware because javi is there for lincoln, who’s there with kail, who’s with Isaac, with jo who can’t leave because of Isaac, because of kail and javi. ???????

  24. What’s the reason she is stuck in Delaware? Are you unable to move to a different state with your child? Whilst I know court is expensive, if she requested/filed a move, surely the fact that she would have emotional and physical support if she moved, would be something a judge would take into account. I’m from the UK and thing are slightly different here. My child’s father moved 7 hrs away on the other side of the country (not with the children, they are with me) without any discussion. He’s done this several times.

    1. Lauren could move if she wanted to. Kail moved to Delaware with Isaac and Jo was living in New Jersey, after all. Yes, it’s slightly different with a military spouse (as Javi was, at the time), but people still receive permission to move out of state quite often. All Lauren has to do is present evidence to the court showing that the child’s situation would be stable (family support, friends to participate in Eli’s life, both friends and family nearby to help with childcare, job opportunities, good school districts, etc) and lay out a plan to facilitate a good relationship between Eli and Javi, no matter the distance. People make shared custody work with greater distances between them than Maine to Delaware.

    2. Not usually…Because they’re separated nobody has full custody of the child until they go to court. So she can’t assume she has more rides and move away. The courts could make her but repack and Main and move back to Delaware. Sad but true.. you have to be really careful of who you pick to be your baby daddy.

    1. Legally, she probably can’t. Delaware is a 50/50 custody state and is Eli’s residence. If she packs up and moved to Maine, as soon as Javi files (which he will and she knows it) she would have to move back. Pretty sure she’s stuck there until he’s stationed somewhere else and I don’t know how likely that is.

    2. Lauren should have chunked the deuces and kicked Javi’s ass to ther curb for good when she found him cheating in the downstairs bathroom with their friend, baby or no baby. Secondly I really wish people would stop saying that Creed is Javi’s because he’s not. Chris and Kail both let it be known that he had a DNA test done when the baby was born and that Creed is his son. As the Ashley previously stated Lauten had no problem whipping around in the white SUV that used to be Kail’s when she was WITH Javi but she has a problem with Javi buying a car Kail recently traded in that was probably a good deal/move financially for him not that they’re not together. I can’t place blame on Kail for this situation because she was not involved or at the dealership. Also I can’t necessarily say that she shouldn’t have put him on blast about trying to cheat with ther because she took a lot of heat when they divorced and it was made like she eas the one doing all yhr dirt and come to find out Javi was doing worse. I wouldn’t cover for him either.

      1. Speaking as someone who has been cheated on … I’m pretty sure she minds about this truck because she thinks/knows that they probably banged in there. The last truck they bought together and she didn’t know everything. Or Javi has promised not to have any contact with Karl unless it’s regarding Lincoln and just when her life is rebuilding the jerk goes and buys her truck. Are there no other trucks in Maryland? It’s not like he got a great deal from Karl, they went through the dealer. He’s a cheating scumbag who obviously has problems with the truth, she’s well rid of him. I usually wonder why is she with him, now I’m just sad for her, she’s stuck with him for years.

        1. I feel sorry for her to an extent. My sympathy only goes so far because she knew what she war getting herself into with him beforehand yet she still got pregnant and had a baby by him. He LITERALLY got caught fucking someone else in their downstairs bathroom during a get together at their home if I’m not mistaken only a few months after she gave birth to their son and she left and came back to him. She should have stuck to get decision to leave the first time because if he would something so disrespectful, disgusting and down right trifling as fucking a friend while she was right there in the house where he could get caught he would definitely do more than that. There would have been NOTHING that would have changed my mind to go back to him whether wr had a child or not. And I had a child and left his father when a he was a few months old because he started cheating and became abusive and it was hard because I loved him and were had been together for 3 years but I knew it was best and time to go our seperate ways with my son. I don’t know why he bought the truck and I have to admit I found it odd. But truthfully whatever he does is no longer Lauren’s business. They don’t live together anymore and haven’t been together since October so he doesn’t owe her an explanation for what he does anymore and it’s not get business and the same goes for her, what she does is no longer his concern and she doesn’t have to answer to him.

        1. Ok. I thought he had one for both of them. Thanks for letting me know. But honestly although Creed looks like Kail somewhat when I look at him I can see features that Lux has that are similar to Chris especially in that picture of him holding Lux and Creed together. People say it might be Javi’s but the way Lux and Creed look compared to Lincoln is like night and day.

  25. Sorry to say this but Lauren is an attention whore, she is a college graduate who is honestly very pretty. She could have gotten handsome, with no kids, and no psycho ex wife. The only thing that Javi has going for him is that he is in the Air Force. I don’t see what Lauren saw in him, other then to be “famous”. The worst part about it is that they have a baby which I am praying to god wasn’t planned just for tv ratings and attention that goes along with it. I honestly don’t feel bad for that clout chaser.

  26. Oh please Javi ? if there’s one thing we learned from your actions and habits it’s never to believe a damn word that comes out of your mouth. I do feel bad for Lauren. She made dumb choices but who TF hasn’t especially when you’re “in love” and being gaslit. I’m usually pretty tolerant of Kail but she seemed to deliberately want to hurt Lauren. Like she didn’t know mics were still on at the reunion and didn’t intentionally air things when she did for the audience. I’m not cool with going out of your way to hurt fellow women when it’s men like Javi we should be rising above together. She doesn’t want Javi but due to her own insecurities she doesn’t like him with others and I feel she needs to validate herself by subtlety testing if options are still open when he’s with other women. However I don’t think Javi leaves that door cracked for Kail I think he leaves it cracked for the money.

  27. I think she found out that baby #4 IS Javi’s baby, not Chris’. Kail is messy af. She is saying it’s Chris’ because she knows she wouldn’t have share the child, since he’s absentee.

    I don’t trust Kail for shit. She’s a known cheater, as is Javi. She was dating some dude while living in Jo’s house, got pregnant with another guy while married, DENIED the hell out of that!

    I think the whole car thing is some hush gift setup between the two cheaters. Don’t tell anyone that Creed is your child and I’ll hook you up with a car. Until you piss me off, then I’ll tell the truth. Happens EVERYTIME with this effed up chick.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Creed winds up looking more like Lincoln than Lux. Those names in one sentence sound like I’m talking about bands from the 90’s.

  28. Lauren has made some DUMB decisions, but Kail just can’t help herself. She is always so messy, always stirring up drama. She wants everyone to be as miserable as her.

    Shouldn’t she be preparing her defense for her assault case?

  29. Girl cmon we don’t feel sorry for you.
    1. Reminder that you were the THIRD girl Javi was with in a short time period with SO much overlap.
    2. You found him messing with someone IN YOUR HOUSE
    3. You found out he wanted to screw his ex on tv

    You decided to bring a baby into this mess knowing what it is. But you thought you were a special snowflake that would escape the crap behavior. Oh well. And if you’re this upset over a car…girl. Get some therapy and self-esteem

    1. I mean, I feel sorry for her. She even said in the live she was already pregnant when she found out (on tv) that she was Javi’s third choice. And yeah she said with a cheating loser longer than she should have to try and hold a semblance of family for her son, which is common.

      The only thing she’s guilty of is having a baby too soon with someone she wasn’t sure loved her or would be a good father. And, well, on her show she’s in good company there.

  30. I commented already, but have another thought ?…..

    Kail is soooo dirty for saying what she said about Javi on air. She apologized – great. Damage is done and she knew exactly what she was doing and exactly who it would hurt. Of course Javi is the worse one, but the two of them didn’t care about how badly they would hurt Lauren. As a woman and mother, Kail should have done better.

  31. He’s a slime bag and Kail so is Kail if she really has been hooking up with him. Kail and Javi were already separated when Lauren came into the picture, Lauren didn’t do anything wrong. She was a fool to put up with Javi’s crap, but we’ve all been there. I feel bad for her.

  32. A car deal got that reaction out of her, but her catching him balls deep in a friend in their house while he thought she was asleep, wasn’t enough to make her leave the 1st time? Kail announcing to the world Javi tried to bump uglies in the Wawa parking lot didn’t even get this reaction…What in the world? I saw part of her live and she was really really upset, so I thought Javi got caught red handed cheating again…but all of that was over him buying a car from Kail?? I hope she feels better because she was in shambles during her live, but Lauren’s seriously gotta get it together.

    1. I suspect the car is just the final straw. When I broke up with my ex husband, I just wanted him to care. I wanted to feel like he understood and regretted how much he hurt me (he had an affair on me when I was pregnant). I didn’t want to get back together. I just wanted to know that the years I spent with him meant something. One day I just realized that he truly didn’t care and never would. It sucked. Maybe today was that day for Lauren.

    1. Exactly. Although perhaps Lauren doesn’t want her son to be without his father, even though Javi is a disgusting POS. She ignored the red flags but now she’s in a very difficult and unenviable situation.

  33. Dont worry Lauren, considering how bad the Teen Mom ratings are Kailyn wont be able to pay Javi for sex much longer. He will be all yours again.

  34. Good for her. Hopefully she comes out stronger than ever! A lot of people are against her for no reason other than falling for a guy she gave her whole heart to. Hopefully she has the best glow up and finds a man that is perfect for her and her son! I truly wish her all the best!

    1. Right. She decided to have a baby with him so soon after being together, that’s her own fault. Play stupid games, win stupid prices ??‍♀️

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