Fight Between ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin & Fiance Lauren Comeau Reportedly Started When She Caught Him Cheating (Exclusive Details)

“I tried telling her this was all a dream so she’d go back upstairs but she didn’t buy it. That always works in the movies!”

It seems that Javi Marroquin got caught with his pants down…literally!

Radar Online reports (and The Ashley can confirm) that the Teen Mom 2 dad’s Night ‘o’ Madness on Saturday started when his fiance Lauren Comeau caught him with another girl….in the home that they share! 

The Ashley broke the news earlier this week that cops were called to Javi’s Delaware home to help diffuse a fight between the recently engaged couple. Following that fight, Lauren unfollowed Javi and deleted most of the photos of him off her Instagram account. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Gossip shared that Lauren and Javi’s fight started because Lauren found out Javi was unfaithful to her, and now Radar Online has more info.

““Javi threw a party Saturday night with friends and gym members at their house,” the site reports. “At some point, Lauren went upstairs to go to sleep. When Lauren came back downstairs, she found Javi and a woman naked.” 

The Ashley can confirm that this is, indeed, what went down, and that Javi and the woman (who is not either of Javi’s exes Kail Lowry or Briana DeJesus, by the way) were discovered by Lauren in an, um, compromising position in a downstairs bathroom. 

When that bathroom door opened up unexpectedly….

Several of Lauren and Javi’s friends were in the house at the time and, as The Ashley told you on Wednesday, the fight between Javi and Lauren escalated to the point where someone called Javi’s sister Lidia Marroquin to come pick up the couple’s son, Eli, who had been sleeping upstairs with Lauren. 

“People in the house were afraid that the fight was about to get physical between Lauren and Javi or Lauren and [the other woman] and they wanted to get the baby out of there,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Lauren was absolutely enraged at Javi and the girl, because she considered her a friend.”

Javi did not want Lidia taking Eli home with her, and when she refused to leave without him, Javi called the cops on her.

The Ashley hears that Lauren began calling and texting many of Javi’s friends and family members to let them know what he had done.

“Lauren ended up leaving the house afterward,” the source said.

Javi and Lauren have yet to comment on the situation. As The Ashley previously told you, Javi is not currently filming for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and, as of now, that has not changed, despite all the new drama in his life. (The Ashley will update this if he does begin to film for the show again.)

“UMM? We made a whole episode about Amber getting a blood test but we’re NOT filming this crap? What the hell’s wrong with us?”

While Javi and Lauren have yet to comment, Javi’s ex-girlfriend Briana provided her thoughts by posting a link to Radar Online‘s story.

“LMAO WTF? How are u gonna make that poor girl move away from her family and cheat on her??? ? I probably would’ve ended up on snapped,” Briana wrote.

She also retweeted several tweets that talked about how she dodged a bullet.

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(Photos: WEtv, MTV, Instagram)

113 Responses

  1. Thank you for your service, Stanley. I respect the good ones, but Javi, no way. Can’t stand his controlling behavior.


  3. FFS Javi, Stop tying to get that dopey head of yours in everywhere! You’re irrelevant…… F*** O**

  4. Well…it was NOT me!! I PROMISE YA THAT!! Wouldn’t touch Javi with a 10ft pole!

    Speaking of polls…I wanna take one!
    ? if you’d let Javi bang ya
    ? if you if you wouldn’t

    1. I didn’t sing, but I hummed it!!! I have a TERRIBLE singing voice, it’s so bad my neighbor’s dog would probably howl at the moon if it heard me!!!!

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    All these MTV idiots are just bastard making machines haha. Losers all of them except Chelsea.

  6. I know some people have war in their countries, but I honestly, earnestly hope this girl gets the fuck away from this dude, quits MLMs and starts her own gym with a name that doesn’t sound like it’s a training ground for mass shooters literally anywhere but DE. Engaged isn’t married, she needs to establish residency anywhere but DE right now or she’ll get stuck in their web.

  7. I’ve always said that he is gross, and this proves it. Your future wife’s friend on a bathroom floor?? I used to respect his military service, but this is NOT a good military veteran.?

    1. I served 8yrs in the military and it’s okay NOT to respect us. Many of us lie about seeing combat, cheat on our significant other and drink/abuse drugs while deployed. I never gave Javy any respect for his Air Force service. I knew he was a P.O.S. from day 1.

      1. I think what the OP was saying is that most Americans automatically respect Vets for their service, as they are the reason we can live a life of freedom. So yes, it’s about Javi himself, but OP was just saying that they can no longer respect Javi’s service, since he’s such a POS. Stanley further explains that not all military personnel should be automatically respected.

    2. I’m with you, if anyone can make a person regurgitate……..It’s Javi, he’s a dopey looking thing , I HONESTLY DO NOT see what any girl sees in him ! He’s a wanker !

  8. So what was this actually? Banging potential Baby Mama #3 in the downstairs bathroom while Baby Mama #2 was upstairs sleeping? First of all, what kind of “woman” was he associating himself with, who would even agree to come into another woman’s home — and do this?

    Lauren, I swear. Girl, by now I sincerely hope you’ve had yourself just about ENOUGH of Javi’s unrighteous ass.

    I’m just saying.

    1. I like the part where he calls the cops on his own sister for trying to remove the baby from what sounds like a literal drunken orgy. You know, the sister he relies on for support and childcare all the time. But suddenly, she’s a criminal for trying to remove the baby from an orgy turned domestic dispute situation.

  9. I remember when he first starting pursuing Kail the Pig and thinking he could do much better, but he really turned out to be a putz. Not sure if he always was or if the fame just enabled him too many opportunities to find trouble.

  10. I know Javi is a pig but can we talk about what type of a women does this to a friend with her husband in her friends home, while the friend is upstairs asleep with her baby.
    I didn’t care for Lauren but no one deserves this soap opera. They are both TRASH!!

        1. Usually the only people that have a problem with calling a whore a whore are other whores. Just saying…

          Javi and this girl are both disgusting, shameful whores for this. I don’t even watch the show anymore, just read The Ashley’s stuff, so I don’t know too much about Lauren, but I know her AND Eli deserve better than this.

          Cheating is terrible enough on its own. Sleeping with your “friend’s” man is awful enough on its own. Doing it in their home is a whole new level. Doing it in their home when she’s upstairs with his baby is just mind-blowingly disrespectful.

    1. Both of them are absolutely trifflin, and it really sucks for Lauren, because she’s gotta put up with Javi for 18-21 more years. This is really bad. I don’t like Lauren, but at the end of the day she didn’t do anything to deserve this. My heart does go out to her.

      1. It is a life sentence having a child with someone. After those first 18-21 years, considering both parents have a decent relationship with their child, you still have plenty of your child’s life events that will ultimately lead to having to see or deal with the other parent like weddings, graduations, if they have children etc.

        1. Yup, she’s connected to that fool for life, but she has to coordinate and interact with him for 18-21 years, unless something happens and it’s court ordered they can’t talk. SMH. He told the entire world that she was his girl on standby, and she decided to have a kid with him anyway…he showed her exactly what he was, and I guess she thought she was different.

  11. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve never liked Javi because he has always reminded me of my cheating and lying ex husband. I don’t blame her for blowing up at him and im sure whatever she did, he deserved. With this boys track record with woman im surprised that Lauren ever got with him to begin with. Except that he is a smooth talker and he uses that to get his way, Poor girl.

  12. HUH?! This is like that Shaggy song…Honey came in and she caught be red handed creepin with the girl next door…picture this we were both butt naked bangin on the bathroom floor. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Javi was like “IT WASN’T ME!”

    Javi has absolutely NO RESPECT for Lauren…to bang another girl not just IN THEIR HOUSE, but while Lauren and THEIR SON WERE IN THE HOUSE…He is totally outta pocket for that. SO VILE. Honestly he’s lucky all Lauren did was expose him to family and friends, because let that have been any other woman…Javi would’ve ended up in the hospital with his balls cut off.

    1. Obviously, no respect for his child either. Bringing some random into the bathroom while he’s asleep with mom. I’ve always disliked Javi. Even in the beginning when he fooled so many,he always came off as clingy and deceptive to me. What a dirtbag. Hopefully, he doesn’t try to break into Lauren’s house like he did Kail’s

  13. I am not surprised. Javi thinks he is a god’s gift to women. And this affair proves it even more. Dude, you aren’t so special, get over yourself.

    Lauren also shouldn’t have told everyone, it’s none of his friends’ business, he will tell them if he wants. I don’t put people in my drama.

    So they both look like fools. Poor Eli, such immature parents who were CLEARLY not ready to have him!

    1. Yeah, if we’re engaged and I catch you banging some gym groupie in the bathroom of the home we both share, WHILE I WAS HOME WITH OUR BABY at the same time and theres a house full of party guests, you better believe I’m telling people. There was already a bunch of people there anyway when she caught him, so it was gonna leak anyway.

    2. Telling a lot of friends is a pretty immature thing to do, basically *IF* Lauren did go back with Javi, everyone knows their business and she kind of painted them into a corner. But I cannot tell you what I would have done in Lauren’s situation, hell, I might have gone to jail for assualt. So with that in mind, what she did was pretty tame for how vile of a situation she walked in on. Hope she realizes now that she isn’t the exception, Javi is a turd.

    3. She probably told another truth would be out and he couldn’t play victim the way he always does.

      Also, that seems pretty tame compared to what a lot of women would have done in her situation. She could have shot them both as far as I’m concerned (go ahead and down vote me).

      When you have a family and decide to cheat, your not only destroying your own relationship, but also your child’s family. That is pure selfishness.

  14. Brianna your a fine one to talk, how long did you know luis before banging him against the wall of a restroom ??? Your mom and sister control your life, and would turn you against any man as they see men as a threat, your no angel love.

    Both you and javi dodged a bullet.
    Your a whore and javi is the male equivalent.

    1. Grow up calling a grown woman a whore. You really need to worry less about two adults having consensual sex.

      1. “Clears my throat”
        Having sex with a man you just met in a club’s restroom makes you a whore, or do you prefer skank or slut?

    2. Javi banging some random in the home he shares with Lauren, his recent fiancee, while Lauren is at home too, no way at all compares to a single Briana having sex with a non taken man at a club. They aren’t even near similar.

    3. I still remember that episode that Brianna went to her first real club. I couldn’t understand why Brittany and her mother were so worried and grilled her about what happened. LOL Apparently, she likes to screw in the bathrooms there!

  15. Javi is such a POS. Wonder what happened in his life to make him such a dirtbag. I’m no Lauren fan but that is really, really messed up and to actually catch him in the act must be traumatising. I feel sorry for innocent little Eli as well. She needs to take that little boy and GTFO.

  16. What a complete idiot! I find him so sleazy and creepy sometimes. How did he think he’d not get caught? Although we can only speculate from what has been shown and written about, their relationship seemed doomed from the off. I just hope that Lauren has support close by, and that she’s not forced to stay there because of state laws. xx

  17. It’s crazy how he talked SOOOOOO much shit about Kail cheating on him when they were separated and shit, but then he does this… so disgusting

    1. Javi was trying to get sympathy. It’s not cheating if you are already separated.

    2. On the lie detector test on Marriage Boot Camp.
      Javi failed. He had to admit he had affairs on Kail before she did.
      I was team Javi before that. Sadly he had me fooled he was the victim,and Kail didn’t throw him under the bus like she really could of.

      1. I forgot about that; I saw the season. Thanks for the reminder. It’s ironic how much he was up Kails @$$ the whole season and kept talking about how cold she was, didn’t want to work on the marriage but the coparenting. Kail stated she found out Javi knew she was on TV prior to meeting her and knew she worked at the mall. It makes him look like a liar and fame hungry from the beginning. As much as I don’t like Kail, at least she’s not as fake.

  18. That is absolutely repulsive and despicable!!!
    He does NOT love or respect Lauren, he never has. You don’t hurt people you love that way. Girl needs to run far and fast! If she takes him back after this then she deserves it. Smart people will not forgive this type of action /behavior. That is beyond f*cked up and that is not the first time those two hooked up.. If they were that comfortable doing that in LAUREN AND JAVI’s HOUSE, they’ve had ‘practice’ before! They knew what they were doing…

  19. (Grabs more popcorn)

    Wow!!!! Just Wow!!! Javi has no shame!!! At least take it to a hotel!!! The fact that he was boning another girl in the same house!!!! Wow!!!!…. What a pig

    *** So I’m guessing the new girl will be pregnant next season.

    1. Can’t believe I used to feel sorry for Javi, when he was with kail.

      He’s a complete prick of a man.

      *Little man syndrome*

  20. Damn Javi you friggin skeeze. Who in the hell would do something like this with your future wife and baby just rooms away?? Damn fool…that’s not right. What a prick.

  21. Javi is a huge fame whore. And this girl was also an atention seeker. Killing to share tv time with kail. What did she expected? She accepted to be the backup girl and even that ridiculous and lousy proposal (same what he did with kail) oh but she was enjoying the fab fit fun and all the sponsored stuff… Well sweetie being “famous” at any cost comes with a high priceb

  22. Someone else in another post mentioned that this POS had all these people: Lauren, kail, jo, vee, and all the kids move to Delaware because of him and he’s the lowest of all of them. And As much as I think Lauren was an idiot for getting pregnant by this fool I feel sorry for her. What support system does she have in Delaware and if she did go home to her family in South Carolina could she even take the baby? I feel like she’s either stuck there, going to have to leave her kid, or somehow come up with an insane amount of money to fight this scum in court.

    1. She can leave now with the baby. Nothing has went through the court system yet preventing her from leaving. She may have to come back but she should be able to go now. At least in my state she would.

  23. Congratulations Javi on being a huge piece of sh*t. You’re gonna propose to Lauren just a couple months ago, then have a party, AT A HOUSE YOU SHARE WITH YOUR FIANCEE AND WHERE YOUR YOUNG SON WAS AT, then have sex with this trashbag IN YOUR BATHROOM WHILE YOUR WIFE WAS HOME?? Dude, you’re a dick. Someone please out this skank who bangs taken men at their homes, while their fiancee is home at the time. I would have kicked both their asses if I was Lauren.

  24. Just as Shaggy says!

    Say it wasn’t you Javi!

    Lauren came in and she caught him red handed banging on the downstairs floor

    Picture this they were both butt naked banging on the downstairs floor..

    How could Javi forget that he was living with his girlfriend? All the time she was standing there she never took her eyes off him.

    Javi tell her that you’re sorry for the things that you’ve done, she’s been listening to your they make no sense at all.

    …. for real though dude needs to stop sticking his dick in people.
    Apologies that I couldn’t think of all the lyrics and make em fit.

    1. I doubt Javi is even sorry about it. Cue the song, “It Wasnt Me”, by Shaggy lol!

  25. Java is a ho. I don’t understand because his sausage seems rather small. It would be pity sex. Not the up there next to God sex. If you haven’t had that kind of sex your missing out. I feel like I got a hand shake from God himself. JS.

  26. Honest to God TRASH. Him and Kail should get back together because they’re obviously birds of a feather.

    A cheater is one of the worst things a person can be. To supposedly LOVE somebody and do that to them is sorry.

  27. What a horrible thing to do to your fiance who just had your baby not too long ago.

    Family means nothing to these people. He has absolutely no standards if he is willing to do sexual acts while other people are in his home. He knew that she was going to find out. He knew that other people would see. His child was in the same house. What scum. He didn’t seem that bad before, yea he seemed like an attention whore and wanted to be on tv. He is one of the top people in teen mom who should not be in the media anymore.

    Also shame on the woman who was with him, she knew as well.

    What trash.

  28. That’s so repulsive and disgusting, banging some chick while your fiancé and child are sleeping upstairs… Javi is pure trash.

  29. is Javi still in the Air Force? He’s a little tiny man, what about 5’4? Men always have issues when they are that small! Who told any of these people that those gross tattoos look good?

  30. Dude. DUDE. That’s so low. She was literally upstairs asleep. That takes some balls. Javi is disgusting.

    1. And what does that say about the naked girl. Maybe he met her at Food City?

      Screwing around with his baby mama and baby upstairs. Both he and that girl are total turds.

      1. I can assure you, us Food City Floozies are classier than this chick. Never in the home, always in a pick up behind the Food City.

        1. Apologies for the insult. CrossFit home wrecker doesn’t have the same ring to it. Food City Floozies are more classier than CrossFit c-words…

    1. She said she was gonna keep here mouth shut and stay out of it. Yeah right, guess we’ll see how long that lasts!!!!

  31. For Javi to be such a mature individual, his emotions get the best of him. Think before you react to unloyality. You have beautiful children that will see and feel your bad choices.

    1. Mature individuals don’t do what he did. They put the well being of their children first and foremost. He’s acting more like a horny teenage boy.

    1. No pun intended, right @CASSIE? Because in a way, he was getting his shit together! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but make the comment.

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