Javi Marroquin Called Cops on His Sister Lidia During Argument with Lauren Comeau: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Accused of Cheating on Fiance (New Details!)

“Me? Cheat? No way!”

Days after cops were called to the home of Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin and his fiancé Lauren ComeauRadar Online has released a 911 call made by Javi to the City of Dover Police Department on Saturday, the night the fight went down.

Javi can be heard telling a dispatcher that he was trying to get someone out of his house so he could go to sleep but “they won’t leave.” He then revealed that the person was his 31-year-old sister Lidia, who has appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ in the past.

From what The Ashley hears, Lidia came to Javi and Lauren’s home to pick up their son, Eli, because someone in the house called her and let her know that the couple was fighting. (Several of Lauren and Javi’s friends were present during the altercation.)

“Javi didn’t want Lidia there, and didn’t want her taking his son, so he called 911 because she refused to leave without the baby,” the source said. 


The PIO for the Dover Police Department told Radar that no arrests were made as no crime was committed.

Javi and Lauren have yet to speak about what their blowup fight was about; however, The Hollywood Gossip states that the argument started because, “Lauren became infuriated upon learning that Javi had been unfaithful to her.”

“Our source assures he did, indeed, cheat,” the site’s source added.

The Ashley hears that, in the heat of the argument, Lauren even called many of their friends and family and informed them of Javi’s infidelity.

And…because The Ashley knows you are all going to ask her, she wants to be clear: this incident had nothing to do with Javi cheating with his ex Briana DeJesus— who coincidentally just became single herself— or with his ex-wife Kail Lowry as some have suggested on social media. Briana even stated this in an interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday and The Ashley can confirm that the blowup had nothing to do with either Briana or Kail.


When news of the split first broke, Javi’s ex-wife Kail Lowry declined to comment on what went down.

“Even though I’ve said things in the past, it’s not my place to comment on their relationship or issues,” Kail told Us Weekly. “I wish him the best whether they’re together or not.”

However, on Wednesday, she seemed to be toying with the idea of releasing more details of what happened.

“Since @Javimarroquin9 wants to text me asking if I’m leaking the info about him & his girl. I’m about to,” she tweeted. “I could have by now and I have not but if I’m being accused I might as well, right?”

“But I won’t do what he did to me during our divorce so I’ll keep my mouth shut,” she added. “Karma is a bitch & I’ll let her do her work.”

Listen to Javi’s call to the Dover Police Department below.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

36 Responses

  1. Kail just can’t help herself and has to get her nose in the trough and make any situation about herself ?

    1. How many,’soulmates,” do these poor kids have to be introduced to. All I keep thinking of is that time Amber let that weird Chris guy change Leah’s diaper. Stop letting your kids be around these people!! You have to take it slowly. Thankful that Chelsea has a brain and never exposed Aubrey.

  2. Fake news.They are all too old for this type of behaviour,nobody involved is still in HS.This just went nowhere FAST.Javi is cute but if he’s a cheater he is definately not all that !Thank you,Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois

  3. If poor choices and fame whoring stupidity were crimes, where Javi and Lauren are concerned I’d love to call the cops on BOTH these so-called “celebrities.”

    My only kudos go out to Lidia, who was at least trying to take their little boy OUT of this dumpster fire.


  4. I want to feel bad for Lauren but she did a huge 180 out of the blue. She had enough sense to stop things when she couldn’t handle his fame(if you can even call it that lol) but then she jumped back into bed with him and got pregnant as he was still trying to get with two of his costars and then she defended him so fiercely but we all saw what we gonna happen months ago. I’m sure she was trying to make the best of things but when I saw how she went from fame fearing to a continuous product pusher I was like ok maybe they will work since they both like getting there faces out there. Javi is so sleezy! But no doubt another dumb girl is always lurking round the corner. It amazes me as a woman how many girls are willing to get with a guy they know isn’t single or ready to be the fallback. Just shows the self worth they must feel to consider Javi a catch.

  5. All of these people, Lauren included, seem like utter nightmares to be around. We just haven’t seen her crazy on full display like we have with Kail and Javi but who willing want to be a part of this? Briana gets crap on the regular and even she got the hell out of dodge and quickly.

    I feel bad for Linc, Eli and Lidia.

      1. I still remember the final episode of the Teen Mom 2 reunion when Kail was telling Leah (trying to whisper it anyway, but MTV picked up the conversation and aired it. Lol) that Javi cane to her hotel room in the middle of the night or something cuz he wanted to hook up….
        Was there ever any fallout from that? Did Javi deny it..did Lauren say anything? I don’t ever remember there being anything said about it.

        1. Me neither. This idiot makes STUPID choices and NEVER pays for them. If it were a normal person in the everyday world, there would be hell to pay. IT’S NOT FAIR!!

  6. Oh shut up Kail. For once just take the high road and say “no comment”. You didn’t need to tell the world he texted you and asked if you leaked info…and blah blah blah. Feel free to sometimes keep shit between just you and your baby daddies.

    1. You’re absolutely right! I do believe though, that Javi loves drama as much as Kail does. These two really deserve each other. I just feel bad for the children involved.

    2. Kail cannot keep her mouth shut. Just st another topic cfir her tweets/ podcast. All the children spawned from these people will have problems bcuz they can’t stop airing their dirty laundry on social media

    3. Exactly what I said when this story first broke! She says “no comment” but then she just can’t stay out of the drama or keep her opinions to herself! Either tell us what you know Kail, or just shut the hell up!

  7. Ah, and the plot thickens (grabs popcorn)

    Also, I’m taking bets on How long till he…

    *gets another girl pregnant
    *gets engaged again
    * he calls another girl “the love of his life”….

    I say a year. Place your bets below ??

    1. Double-or-nothing on new love interest within a year, and I’d like to go all in on unnecessary public drama.

  8. That’s the sister that does everything for him, she had the baby’s best interest at heart-when his own father didn’t-and he called the cops on her for it. Nice.

  9. Javi the Ho. He never respected Lauren, she was always just his back up plan. I dunno why she thought she was the exception to the rule when it comes to being with a cheater, but here she is…getting played…AGAIN…but this time she has a baby.

  10. What was the harm in letting Lidia take Eli for the night? Javi does have massive control issues in addition to cheating.

    1. Once a cheater always a cheater. They always believe things will be different with me, narcissist never change their stripes.

  11. Javier bought that gym just to cheat. That’s the whole reason he didn’t want it on TM. Javier get fixed. 3….2…… Javier impregnates someone else…….engaged……cheats……breaks up…..same story. When someone wants to take your child away from hearing arguments,let them. All the families that moved to Dover because of Javi. Now they have to stay there because they have kids. Jo,Vee,Kail,Chris,Lauren.
    Issac,Lincoln, Lux,Vee Vee,Eli. What a mess. Javi has no plans of stopping either. He will be like the ever ready bunny. Hoping all over town.

  12. As much as I was rooting for them. I knew Javi didn’t really love her or want her. He chose her bc she was willing to have his baby and move to be with him. But with Kail & Brianna he wanted to get married within months of being together. But with Lauren it’s been an after thought. He asked bc everyone kept asking when he was going to ask her. Have to say though he f’d up. He ain’t gonna find a better mom and step mom for his boys then Lauren.

  13. Once a cheater, always a cheater. And, you lose ‘em how you got them. Kail’s right about one thing, karma IS a bitch.

  14. We wanna know if it has anything to do with the recently single Mackenzie McKee! They seemed to be a little flirty on social media

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