‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Has Split with Boyfriend John Rodriguez

“Well, it was nice while it lasted!”

It’s been a week of breakups for the Teen Mom franchise cast, and The Ashley can reveal that Briana DeJesus and her boyfriend John Rodriguez are the latest couple to call it quits.

The Teen Mom 2 star— who has been with John for over a year— has deleted all of the photos of John from her Instagram and has unfollowed him. John is no longer following Briana and her mug is nowhere to be found on his Instagram account either.

Briana hinted that she was making some big changes in her life.

“Time to move on to big and better things,” Briana posted on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

“I’m just tryna make this money and live a good life with my kids. Everything else is background noise! goodnight!” she tweeted on Monday night.

“I better buy a helmet, just in case Roxanne recently purchased some new red heels! Safety first!”

Briana was very serious about John, despite the fact that she lives in Florida and he lives in New York. She has repeatedly stated on social media and in the press that she had planned to marry John and have children with him someday, but that they weren’t in a hurry.

“Everything has been good. He’s great. He’s super attentive to the girls. He loves the girls, the girls enjoy him and everything’s been good,” Briana told E! Online of John in May. “I like him because he doesn’t rush this relationship. We both have been taking it slow.”

Briana made it no secret that she wanted to make babies with John…

John will be featured in the upcoming new season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ according to the just-released trailer.

Of course, the news of this split comes just one day after The Ashley broke the news that Briana’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and ex-boyfriend!) Javi Marroquin has split with his fiance Lauren Comeau after a big fight that resulted in having the cops called to the couple’s Delaware home.

Briana’s former Teen Mom 3 co-star Mackenzie McKee kicked off the ‘Teen Mom’ breakup streak last week when she announced that she was splitting with her husband Josh McKee after six years of marriage. 

UPDATE: Briana has confirmed the split in an interview with Us Weekly

“There was absolutely no cheating in our relationship,” she says. “John’s a really great guy and the allegations were completely false. Looking back, I don’t think I was ready for nor wanted another relationship. I never gave myself time to heal from prior relationships.”

She also stated that being in a long-distance relationship was hard.

“I have a lot going on in Florida and John is all the way in New York and that obviously would have a strain on any relationship.”

She denied her breakup had anything to do with Javi Marroquin‘s breakup this week.

“Me breaking up with John has nothing to do with the rumored problems Javi is having in his personal life,” she told the magazine. “Javi is old news to me, and I’m not breaking up with John with the hopes of getting back with him. That’s just ridiculous. Even if Javi did want me back — which I’m certain he doesn’t — it’s a solid no from my point. We will never, ever be back together.”

“I feel like there’s still a chance…”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

45 Responses

  1. Lets be real…anyone who is in a “relationship” with Briana is signing up for a relationship with her entire family. Anyone she dates can’t even go back to her house to spend time together alone because her whole family is there. It’s probably so difficult being with her. The ditziness, the random outbursts, the crazy/violent family constantly around…He dodged a bullet.

  2. I think the constant updates from Briana on how her two baby daddies “sucked a*s” to use her words really turned this guy off to no end. His blank stares and sometimes his half eye rolls spoke it loud and clear to the cameras in pretty much every episode.

    So simply put, no way in Hades did he want to become #3 on Bri’s ever-growing BD list.

      1. LOL we all know how much she loves sloppy seconds, and has no standards…McKee and Portwood better lock up their ex’s. Everybody’s fair game to Briana.

        1. I don’t see James being interested in Briana…but Matt might be! (Although I believe the last time he said he is married but he likes to jump from one Teen Mom to another so it wouldn’t surprise me)

          Josh and Briana would be a train wreck worth watching tho!

      2. Dear Lord, could you see Kail having to put up with Briana because their children would be siblings!!!! She’d have a shit fit!!!

  3. Who’s next? I’ll bet Briana buying a house in Florida contributed to the breakup. Maybe John expected her to relocate to NYC in time?

    1. Indeed he did. Hopefully he was wearing two or three condoms at a time since we all know that Briana can’t be bothered with taking any birth control.

    1. Didn’t she say something along the lines of she would have to have a baby with him to know whether or not the relationship would work out? That’s really idiotic!

  4. This guy cheated on her and he’s good at covering his ish up, Brianna was gullible and fell for it too. John let dating Brianna go to his head big time, he’s very much changed, on the east coast here we all like who he was before he was filmed on tv.

  5. Who didn’t see that one coming? The only surprise is that she didn’t pop out baby number three. And then baby daddy have nothing to do with the baby in the way of time or support. ?

  6. Not surprised at all I think either she will try and get back with Javi or realize her mom and sitter oops I mean sister gotta go

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Funny cause this was my 1st thought when I read she ended her relationship now. Funny how both relationships ended 1day apart. Hmm?

  7. Brianna will never have a shot at a real relationship until she ditches her meddling mother and sister. They both seem very bitter anti-men. They influence her decisions a lot.

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