Dream Houses, Drunk Dads & A New Mom: Get Your First Look at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9B

“Seriously. How are you people still watching this show?!”

MTV has just dropped the first trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 and, while it’s certainly not the most entertaining trailer ever put together for this show, it’s remarkable for two reasons: it’s the first to feature new cast member Jade Cline and the first without discarded cast member Jenelle Evans!

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9B, which premieres next month, shows us what Kail LowryLeah MesserBriana DeJesus and (an hair-extension-less) Chelsea Houska have been up to since we last saw them. It also re-introduces us to Jade– last seen on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant— who seems to be the one who will be delivering the bulk of the drama this season.

Jenelle’s mug is, of course, absent from any of the footage. As The Ashley told you, the show’s producers will likely not be including any footage from Jenelle’s “firing” in the new season, being that it took place over the phone…kind of. (Jenelle was awaiting a call back from the network’s higher-ups when MTV went ahead and released the news that they were no longer working with Jenelle. The execs never officially told Jenelle she was getting the boot!)

Sadly, though, this means the new season will not include Jenelle’s “motha” Barbara Evans, either.

“Ya can always call me, MTV! Or ya can just send Docta Drew tah my house!”

What Season 9B will include— according to the new trailer, anyway— is Kail and Leah going on vacation together; and Leah dealing with her youngest daughter’s health scare. (In the trailer, they ridiculously try to bring more drama to the situation by having Leah tell someone Addie may have cancer. Insert eye roll here.) 

The new season will also show Briana hanging out with her semi-new boooooyfriend John Rodriguez… and dealing with a drunken baby daddy (Devoin Austin).

“Hey, at least I didn’t pull a Ryan Edwards and ‘rest my eyes’ while driving, so there’s that!”

We also see Kail talking about moving to a new house, and longing for a partner to share it with.

“I always envisioned moving to a big dream house with somebody,” she says in the trailer.

“Look at our new land! Not to be confused with ‘The Land,’ of course! There are no gun-toting husbands here!”

It appears that Leah may have found her “somebody”…in her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert! The two flirted with the idea of getting back together last season, and even admitted to doing the ol’ horizontal mambo on occasion.

“Jeremy actually showed up and we kinda hit it off,” Leah says.

“You got me hotter than a fryin’ pan full of canned raviolis, Jeremy Lyn!”

As The Ashley told you last week, the scenes featuring Jade will be the season’s most-dramatic, though. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of some of her craziest moments that were caught on camera.

“I don’t understand! This is my house and he’s abusing me!” she cries as we see the police getting involved in a dispute between Jade and her then-boyfriend, Sean Austin. “I’m so f**king mad right now!” 

Something tells us Jade will fit right in on this show…

MTV also announced that, for the new season, ‘Teen Mom 2’ will be moving from its long-standing spot on Monday nights to Tuesday nights.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9B premieres Tuesday, September 10 on MTV.

Watch the trailer below!

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Stick by your opinions Hannah, You’re entitled to them . Don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad because your views are different than theirs !

  2. @Hannah Please allow me to apologize in advance, because I realize what I’m about to ask you will offend you. However, after reading so many of your comments on numerous articles on The Ashley, I simply must ask. Are you delusional? I cannot, for the life of me, understand where you are coming from with some of your comments & conclusions about these shows. I am literally mind blown. SMFH

    1. No, I’m not delusional. These are my opinions and I stick to them. If you don’t like them/don’t understand, that’s fine.

      1. Stick by your opinions Hannah, You’re entitled to them . Don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad because your views are different than theirs !

  3. @Tori Jentry WTF is your problem? Nobody is forcing you to read this site. I’m sure The Ashley can do just fine without uou. In spite of your uncalled for rudeness, you have a lovely day & bless your sad cold heart ♥

  4. I am glad that Barbara will no longer be on the show. As bad as Janelle, I think people seem to forget that Barbara raised her. She is pure trash and I think poor Jace would of been better off in a foster home.

  5. Looks like cheek fillers on Leah. Hopefully I’m wrong because it’s a slippery slope once you start with those procedures

  6. Kali, I love your strength and your ambitions but when it comes to this idiot shes chasing after she throws all her self worth and morals out the window. He is no good for you kali you way out if his league cut your losses but the real loss is his. Hes a bad example for your kids to be around SONETIMES cut him loose hes not mr anything right

  7. I always liked jenelle, she just seems to get lost in these men that do not have hood intentions. Instead they bring out her bad side. She is a good person she just needs the right guy to make her shine.

    1. What has she ever done to give you the impression that she’s a good person? She’s been a snake since she was on 16 and Pregnant.

  8. I’m really going to miss Barb. She’s my favorite person on the show (since 16 & pregnant)!

    1. @Michele Can you please give some valid reasons why you believe Jenelle is a “good person?” She’s been horrible all along. And I’ll even give her a slight pass from when she was younger, just for the sake of this discussion. But once you become a parent & an adult, you can no longer blame your character defects on a man, or any other person. She’s ALWAYS been narcissistic, selfish, lying, habitual criminal who neglects her children & abuses animals. And those are just the main issues. If I were to go all out & fully dissect her, I’d use up all the space on The Ashley’s site. I’ve tried to give Jenelle the benefit of the doubt several times, and I’ve hoped she’d reevaluate her life & make improvements. But that’s never happened, and clearly never will. So again, please back up your statement with some facts & examples. I’m sure many of us would love to try to understand where you’re coming from.

      1. I totally agree with your post

        This is what I was referring to when I commented on @Hannah’s post.
        We are ALL entitled to our own opinions. Some were agree with,, Some were may not, Its not a personal attack.

        But like I said I think your post was 100% Spot on

  9. I think I’m finally done with this. I’ve been watching since S1 & I’m over it. I haven’t watched the OGs (overweight goobers) in a couple years, but I couldn’t stop the TM2. But I’m finally there. No more, I give zero f’s what these over entitled idiots do. I cant say I wont still read the Ashley updates, but I wont be a ratings number any longer. Count me in for the where are they now special,that should be epic.

    1. So you are comparing a gossip column with pedos and human trafficking and victims of sexual assault and abuse? Makes total sense. smdh

    2. Oh wow.
      Your comparing this site to a pedo, and pedo ring, jesus wept, you need to stay off the pipe.

      What a disgusting thing to say
      If you do not like this site, then get the fuck off here and stay off here, your an absolute fuckwit.

    3. Aww, sounds like you’re a little butt-hurt, Tori. You do realize that The Ashley didn’t hijack your browser and bring you here to partake of her snark. You did that of your own free will. If you don’t like what you’re reading, that’s fine, feel free to fuck right off. We won’t miss you. ??

  10. I give this show mayyyyybe 2 more seasons tops before it cancels. We really are at the beginning of the end.

  11. Leah, Jeremy again, REALLY?! I have a feeling even she is forgetting how to be single…from Jason back to Jeremy, that will end GREAT! And the worst part is, they are giving Addie false hope, don’t do that to your child.

  12. I only enjoy Chelsea it feels she’s the only one who has actually grown and is a responsible adult. Kail needs to put the phone down while driving and stop complaining about not having a man we’ve seen the revolving door, you’ve had plenty. Don’t miss Jenelle one bit. How dare Leah use a “cancer scare” as a plot line, disgusting. I don’t know enough about jade to care. And Briana is a mess But her kids are lovely I feel bad they’re in the situation they are in.

    1. I watched for a while just for Chelsea but in the end I couldn’t stomach Briana, especially since I’ve always struggled enough with Kail the Pig.

  13. I was thinking the same, Leah looks soo different! Does she have new teeth and some other new things? I didn’t even realize that last pic was her, I thought it was one of her friends.

    1. I remember reading that she was going to get her teeth done. She had always hated them so she was going to get them fixed.
      I think she looks great now.
      I was watching some episodes of her a couple of weeks ago on YouTube ( when she had the pill addiction) and she looked about 30 years older back then. She’s really healthy looking now .

  14. Is Leah trying to conture her face or something? It looks awful. She’d look so much better with a more natural look, her face can’t hold all that.

    1. ????????! This, DeJesusGawdLeah. ??????‍♀️

      These women are not teenagers anymore. They’re more sideshow shit-show than anything. Something you gape at because it’s so sloppy you can’t tear your eyes away. It doesn’t even qualify as reality anymore, because what mid 20’s something is spending 3 weeks in Hawaii with their 3 kids? What ridiculous “reality” is that based off of?

  15. I’m going to miss Barbara and Jace on this show and little Kai but I’m glad they got rid of jenelle.MTV should have carried on filming with Barb and Jace and filmed Kai when he was with Nathan.That would have destroyed Jenelle.

    1. I thought of this too but she would have some lawyer send cease and desist letters faster than you could blink. Plus I doubt she would sign off for kaiser to be filmed since both parents have to give permission. Best they don’t bother at all. I hope barb was wise with the $$ she made and can still enjoy retirement.

  16. This show needs to end. Chelsea is boring as you know what, lol and let’s just say quite a few stopped watching long ago. Thank god Jenelle is finally fired.

  17. Take this off. It has run lonnnnnnnng enough. What is positive? They are no longer teenagers and mtv pays them insane money. Why doesn’t mtv take that money and do something positive like give money to schools for daycares of teen mothers so they don’t pay for that but get an education. Sick and tired of this show

  18. With all the money they make, Leah still looks dirty. After this fake cancer thing witj Addie I’m done this show. Jeremy uses her and she’s just as trashy. Who puts that out there about their own daughter. We all saw Addie was in the hospital bcus Jeremy gave Leah a little attention and she dumped that guy she was with at the same time. I like Kail and proud she didn’t waste her money and bought a nice home for her boys. Briana seems like a good mom compared to her exes. Jade should have been put on Teen Mom and they should let Amber go. It would be the OG Teen Mom and this one could have been retired. I planned to watch but not when MTV and a teen mom will use a fake cancer scare on their child for ratings is as low as its gets… Not tuning in. Will read The Ashley recaps as she makes the stories MUCH MORE entertaining!
    You need to do a podcast. You are funny as he’ll Ashley

  19. It was actually really nice not seeing Jenelle in this trailer! Jade actually seems like she has a really interesting story to tell…she’s not rolling in the MTV dough just yet, so I think she’s going to be the most real/relatable…And let’s all just hope Leah restocked up on her Plan B before her and Jeremy “hit it off”, so she can continue to take it as needed.

  20. Ok you know it’s time to Cancel a show about the hardships of teen pregnancy when two cast members storylines are about their joint trip to Hawaii.

  21. Kail imagines sharing a home with a partner… wait, has she forgotten about ol javi?? Ya know, the man that did her no wrong and wanted to work on their marriage, come back from deployment to their shared home and kids?? Kail is trash. She is so selfish it’s embarrassing. “Chris is the only person I’ve ever loved” give me a break kail. He doesn’t want you and never did. You just spread your legs and thought you’d trap him with a child but it totally backfired. He uses you like a doormat… ridiculous.

    1. A trailer is a preview. They are just previewing the upcoming season and UNFORTUNATELY this is gonna be something Leah. It’s the same with previewing a movie were the main character has cancer, would you call that pathetic too?

      1. This isn’t a movie it’s a reality show taking a low blow to drum up viewers. It’s fraud basically. They knew she didn’t have cancer she had mono and was put on antibiotics. That’s like kail saying she’s a super high risk pregnancy and going on a international flight for a vacation on a beach. It’s insulting for people who actually have these health scares and issues. Movies are fake and aren’t advertised as “reality” like this show does.

        1. You’re 100% correct, Klizzlelee. Don’t mind Smeagol.. I mean Hannah.

          Her cheese done slid off her cracker a long time ago.

        2. I know this is reality, movies are reality in a way too. People get cancer and UNFORTUNATELY some DIE too. And besides, I’m sure it was MTV and NOT Leah who decided to put it out there. All of these girls are puppets and MTV is pulling the strings!!!

          1. Haven’t you ever seen “based on a true story” movies? And really when you think about it, aren’t ALL movies reality to a point? I mean, even if the storyline isn’t reality, somewhere/somehow a person has lived that storyline!!!

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