Jenni Farley Discusses Her Divorce for First Time on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: Snooki Says Jenni’s Drama with Roger Mathews “Is On Ron & Jen Level!”

“You guys finally got me to talk about this.”

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley is opening up on-camera about her divorce for the first time on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

During a conversation with her pal Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni reveals why she was reluctant to discuss her split from husband Roger Mathews while filming a scene at a dude ranch with the rest of the show’s cast.

“As bad as our f**king relationship got, I stayed quiet, because that’s what you’re supposed to do!” Jenni tells in the new video.

Jenni admitted that she had filed for divorce from Roger before the recently aired “dude ranch” scenes were filmed, when she refused to tell Ronnie Ortiz-Magro what was going on with their relationship on-camera. “To me it’s the ultimate betrayal that [Roger] went public.”

Jenni is, of course, referring to the series of videos Roger posted to Instagram in December 2018, accusing Jenni of taking his kids away from him, etc. 

“My divorce…I didn’t want to talk about it publicly, out of respect for my children, so when those videos came out I feel like it was a really, really low blow by Roger,” Jenni says.

Nicole tells us that she was not happy about the public attack her best friend received because of what Roger posted.

“Kick rocks, Roger!”

“Everyone was attacking Jenni about keeping the kids away from Roger when that’s not even the truth!” Nicole says. “Little do they know, Jenni let Roger stay in the house after she filed for divorce so that he could still be with the kids. But he would start fights in front of the children. So, finally, enough is enough and she called the cops and said, ‘You gotta get out! But she never said he can’t see his kids.'” 

As fans may remember, some of Roger’s videos were filmed in the back of a cop car, something Jenni and Nicole say was done by Roger to garner him sympathy from the public.

“People think I had him arrested! [That’s] not even the case,” Jenni said. “[The cops] were being nice and giving him a ride.”

Jenni says she’s thankful that she was smart enough to get a pre-nuptial agreement before she married Roger, but she’s aware that he will be in her life forever, regardless of what happens with their divorce.

“You can post all the videos you want, but you’re still not getting my money!”

“At the end of the day, he’s still the father of my kids, gotta keep it together,” Jenni says. “Everything I do in this life today, the kids come first. And for him to literally piss on all of that and call me a piece of s**t mom, that sucks.” 

Nicole brings up the fact that Jenni and Roger’s drama fest was reminiscent of the crapshow that is the relationship of Ronnie and his baby mama Jen Harley.

“[Roger] like stooped to Ron and Jen level!” Nicole says.

Jenni then tells the camera that, while she’s taken quite a few jabs at Ron and his on- and off-girlfriend for their drama, she’s now involved in similar chaos.

“The irony in all of this is that I love to make fun of Ron and Jen– car chases, getting ran over, drama– and now I’m on that level and I’m sure Ron and Jen are looking at each other like, ‘Oh, did you see what’s on the morning paper today? Not US!”

She later tells the camera, “This thing can’t end soon enough!” 

Watch the full scene below! 

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(Photos: MTV)

21 Responses

  1. The thing is even in the video that was released you can hear jenni telling the cops that roger is a good dad and she would never want to keep him from the kids. He proceeded to cry and pretend on Instagram that she was keeping the kids from him

    He is manipulative and like a man scorned. He really wanted to her jenni because she dumped him. I’m really shocked that he’s okay with her having a boyfriend. He did a complete 180. I do think he’s mentally insane and she should keep an eye over her shoulder for roger

  2. That’s really sad to hear that they are splitting up. I thought they were going to be together for a long time. What the fuck happened? Man, I guess one day we will hear what really happened. That sucks. They were perfect for each other.

    1. Roger has always been abusive. Watched reruns and the episode when he pushed jenni because she was trying to get him to stop fighting came on.
      He gaslit her and made it seem like it was her fault and she actually had a broken or sprained ankle

      1. OK, Snooki! Get off of the Internet, drink some wine and take care of your kids!

        Seriously… stop defending people you don’t even know.

        1. So what’s your connection to Roger? I nean, since you are defending him, and defending people you don’t know is wrong.

  3. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! I am not a Ronnie AT ALL, but I think he had a point when he said, “why, when I’m asked about my issues, I’m forced to talk about them and she isn’t”. I think it should have been ALL OR NONE!!!! The way they did it was a total double standard!!!

    1. I don’t see them holding a gun to his head and forcing him … He puts that crap out in the open on social media, it’s embarrassing… He can easily refuse to discuss any of his PERSONAL problems, but he and his crazy gf are stuck with a 13 y.o girl’s mentality and posting things for the public… ? then, like idiots they give their relationship another go and ignore those big issues until the next public explosion… They make themselves out to be clowns and get laughed about…

      Personally, I don’t find their shit to be funny or amusing… However, they both need to stop pretending what they have is worth saving and move on already. That poor kid doesn’t have a shot at a healthy and normal functioning family if those two keep trying to play house..

      1. I’ve seen them physically block him and corner him in when they (Angelina, Snooki, Deena, Pauly D, Mike or Vinny) ask about his issues and not let him pass until he answers!!! But yet when anyone of them ask JWOWW and she doesn’t want to answer they just step aside and let her go.

      2. @…..

        Whatever Hannah says you just got to go against it no matter what. What do you mean they don’t make him? Of course they do! They make ALL the reality stars talk about their drama or they would have no show!

        1. Excuse you??? And to think I was about to be nice about your previous comment about how they were perfect for each other and thought that they would be together!!!!

        2. Still… He doesn’t need to talk about it. It’s as easy as telling them to just f**k off already and it’s none of their damn business!
          You guys are idiots for thinking a GROWN ASS MAN is being forced to talk about his issues and then proceeding to blast his sh*t on Instagram/Tweeter or whatever other social media they have on their phone to spite and humiliate each other…
          Petty. Grown adults can say no. You speak as if he has no choice ???‍♀️

          1. He has to look out for ratings!!! If the ratings go down, he’ll lose that $ and with the battles he will UNDOUBTEDLY have to fight with his ex (domestic, child support and visitation), HE’S GOING TO NEED IT!!!!

        3. The first sentence says, “Whatever Hannah says you just got to go against it no matter what” How is that considered being on my side?

          1. Im pretty sure she was referring to the other person who seems to disagree with whatever you say… like telling them no matter what you say they always disagree no matter what the evidence to the contrary is

      3. … But he still has a choice ???
        You went from nobody talks about Jenni, they corner him, and he needs to worry about ratings! ???
        Still. A CHOICE!
        Jenni from the get-go says she isn’t going to discuss it, she’s got some balls to let it be known that her personal life us off limits… Something he should have done in the beginning and probably shouldn’t have put every fight he had for the world to see and then continue to see his not-ex, on-again girlfriend. Adults don’t behave that way! He did it to himself. The dumbest part is when they pretend everything is just fine at the wedding ???‍♀️ He sets himself up for it.
        It is easy to pretend I suppose…
        Again. Those are his life choices.

    2. There’s this thing we humans have called “free will”…Nobody forced him to blast their issues all over social media, or forced him to talk about it. He did what he wanted to do, and Jenni didn’t want to talk about it, so she didn’t talk about it.

      1. Exactly, if I recall there were multiple Instagram live videos with Ron and Jen fighting. Jenni only released home video footage of her telling the police about Roger being a good dad after he released everything else for sympathy.

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