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The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that weren’t covered by The Ashley this week!

Scrapbook Squabble! Starcasm: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Defend Their Being Late to Visit with Daughter in Order to Finish a Scrapbook

‘Pump’ Plastic Surgery! Reality Tea: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix Gets New Jawline; Doctor Gives Details

Gimme Money! Radar Online: Christy McGinity’s Ex Todd Gibel Disputes Her Claim That They Never Had Sex, Demands Spousal Support

A New Contender? Us Weekly: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Fans Want Derek Peth to be the Next ‘Bachelor’ 

Pat Doesn’t Hold Back! The Hollywood Gossip: ‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Trashes Ashley Jacobs in New Interview 

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  1. C&T have gone from selfless to selfish…..
    I used to like and respect these two.
    Yes she is the birth mother, but she signed away her rights to this child.
    They get visits at the parents discretion!!!!
    Personally I’d have closed the open adoption down years ago.

    Maybe C&T would have accepted she isn’t their child, a lot better than they do now, I think leaving it open has done so much damage to all involved, making it more difficult for C&T to accept and comprehend that this child isn’t theirs.

    B&T, are far more patient with all of this than I’d be.
    Ffs Cait b&t are not babysitting this child, they are legally her parents.

    I’d they carry on like this, when Carly is older she may resent C&T for bashing her mom and dad.

  2. It’s the worst open adoption, omg. I never clicked with this couple, they’re the dumbest schlubs on a show about dumb schlubs, but the way they treat the adoption is SO TOXIC. Telling Carlie “the truth” so the all-important side of their story is a seed planted in that poor kid’s head to make sure she knows that she’s still THEIR kid, and the loving adoptive parents who couldn’t conceive are just jealous losers on a powertrip.

    Good God it’s so toxic.

  3. Does anyone else get tired of them using the term, ” birth sister,” when talking to Nova about Carly? Just reading that in the recaps bothers me. It’s not like the girls really know each other.

    1. Yeah, I feel for Nova. She doesn’t understand any of this and keeps hearing about Carly. She’s forced to celebrate her birthday and blow out the candles for this mystery sister. And you can tell she feels like she needs to compete (“I’m going to race her and win” “I’m faster”)

      1. Oh man I didnt put that together until now- poor nova. when they showed her in the car, and her silent little tears- What a complex situation for someone so little.

  4. If anyone took offense to my “pussified” comment…I’m sorry. However, I wasn’t calling a person a pussy or slamming them for their opinions. I was calling the whole alias thing pussified.

  5. Um, you’re thinking is backwards. Teresa is not a bitch, she’s actually a saint. They are trying to raise their daughter properly. Carly is NOT Cate and Ty’s daughter. Biology doesn’t automatically make you a parent. Making the right decisions, even when it’s difficult, is what a parent does. Brandon and Teresa love, provide for, and protect Carly. They are her true parents.

  6. @theashley.
    Any truth in jenelle evans, so called fans donating money as jenelles ass is broke????

  7. Let me start by saying I love them! Buttttt Oh their scrapbooks. Come on. They visit her so infrequently and don’t work. Sit down and finish it at home! This isn’t the first time they were rushing to put something together. It’s not like she popped by for a visit and they ran to wrap something upstairs. They know her birthday. They could have put it together before they went

  8. Here you go again heroically posting under your own name-Hannah. There are thousands of Hannah’s in the world. Why you think this is such a ballsy move is beyond me. The majority of your responses are disrespectful and nothing but shit talk. You just proved that by your name calling and ranting about all of us pussies not posting our real names. Frankly we don’t know wtf your real name is and couldn’t care less. I like to read differing opinions on these comments but not when they constantly result in troll like behavior. OK time for your name calling incoherent ALL CAP response punctuated with several !!!! I expect nothing less. Not reading anymore of your rude comments or responding. People please stop taking the bait and acknowledging all of this bs. Done.

    1. You have a choice not to go back and forth with me and that’s YOU CHOICE. But tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, that is THEIR CHOICE. Done

  9. Omg I cannot stand cait and Tyler. When cait was asked not to be late, and her reaction was so cavalier “oh just explain to her that were working on a very special gift”. GTFOH! She had forever to make that stupid book. Lazy gross slobs the both of them

  10. I really hope that Carly is not her real name – like Brandon and Theresa told them they would name her Carly, but like she has a real first name and maybe Carly is her middle name so no one in her real life can put 2 and 2 together to know she’s saddled to those 2 yahoos (Caitlyn and Tyler).

    And what was up with Caitlyn and Tyler bringing the circus with them? You know that B&T don’t like the way you CONSTANTLY bad mouth them, talk about Carly ad nasueum on the show when they’ve asked you to not do that, and they haven’t let you seen her in a while because of YOUR actions, so when they finally agree to another visit, what is the first thing you do? “Hey, B&T, can we bring the whole trailer park with us????”

    Is Dawn a real adoption counselor? I have a hard time believing that what C&T do is something that should be done with an adoption like this. Someone needs to be teaching C&T about the do’s and don’ts of a respectful relationship with your birth child’s adoptive parents because, while I don’t know from personal experience, I’m sure this is not an example of a good open adoption.

      1. Definition of moniker: a person’s name, especially a nickname or alias.. Therefore, you are basically insulting Carly with your “I don’t get on here with a pussified alias” comment. Not cool, there’s a reason you’re second to Sir Nibs for my favorite troll. Sending love! ~Stephanie~ (Although I have been seriously considering changing my legal name to UglyWhisperCry.)

        1. In my mind, ANY alias is pussified. If you have a certain opinion (popular or unpopular) a person should be brave enough to stand by it (don’t hide behind a fake name).

          A moniker is the shortening of a name. Her given name is Caroline Elizabeth (she goes by Carly).

  11. I feel like the Scrapbook should have been done beforehand or mailed later. Always allow for extra time for traffic, needing to stop for one of the kids, etc. People face consequences for being late all the time. I also feel it was disrespectful of people who worked hard to make the meeting happen

    late for a job often=fired
    late for an appointment=you miss it.
    late for a DVD return-pay a fine.

    1. No thank you…that POS pisses me off!!! I respect differences of opinion (but I have a right to my own as well), and he (if it is a he) DON’T!!! And besides that, I don’t get on here with a pussified alias username!! I use my own name because I OWN WHAT I SAY!!!

      1. Why?? Because I have a different opinion than most everybody on here or is it because I choose to voice it RESPECTFULLY and WITHOUT shit talk and sarcasm?

        1. I think a lot of people here have different opinions. I’m normally downvoted because my opinion is unpopular too. I guess where I see you as a “horse of a different color” is because I find you disrespectful and extra. But that’s just my opinion.

          1. How is it disrespectful or extra to call someone a bitch. To me “Theresa is a bitch”.

  12. I had so much anxiety watching them do that damn scrapbook instead of getting the hell out the door and to their visit.
    Being late is absolutely inexcusable.

  13. Ya know, this whole ordeal with Tyler and Catelyn would be different if they just kept their adoption off of Teen Mom OG. I get that was their reason for being on the original show but now its been revamped and they have two more children. Their storyline could be about dealing with family addictions because theres enough of that happening to make a whole season. The Carly storyline should be kept off of MTV for her privacy but unfortunately theres a bunch of weirdos out there that feel entitled to see her. Its really disturbing actually and I feel so bad for Teresa and Brandon cause there lives have been negatively affected by this reality show and theres nothing they do about it.

  14. We should all be ashamed for watching the same shitz over and over again. All C and T do is complain. They get a visit with C and they are late. Who the f would be late? Lazy azz people. Who gets a b&b in the state you live in? WTF is up with that? How about C saying “I don’t want to go to a zoo”? SMDH!!! ITS ABOUT Carly!!! WTH is wrong with these people.

    Also: your house is ugly as hell on the outside. It’s not a farm,fools.

    1. They haven’t seen C in 2 years. Couldn’t they started the scrapbook a year ago? 6 months? 3 months? 2 months? 1 month? 3 weeks? 2 weeks? 1 week? WTH

  15. They literally had weeks to put together the scrapbook. Both sets of grandparents were there in the rental house to take care of Nova and Vaeda, but Cate and Tyler still couldn’t get their sh!t together. After complaining about not getting to see Carly and bad-mouthing Carly’s parents at every opportunity, this is stunt they pull. Also, weird that Dawn called on Day 2 to make sure they would be on time. Why would she do that unless they were also late on Day 1? I would bet money on them being late both days. We only saw the second day.

    And, C&T can downplay the 45 min all they want, but if that was my biological child who I hadn’t seen in years, I would have been an hour early, waiting in the parking lot, so I didn’t lose a single moment with her. I can’t imagine blowing that time off for any reason. The thought of Carly sitting there waiting for almost an hour is actually heartbreaking. And when Dawn warned them that Carly would be waiting, Cate didn’t even care.

    And it is so disrespectful to her parents. Despite all the nasty, snide remarks C&T make, they flew Carly to Michigan to see them. That is an amazing gift. To make them wait around like that is crazy rude. Also, worth noting that C&T said Carly was fine when they arrived. That’s probably BECAUSE of her parents who managed to remain positive and upbeat for her, assuring her that C&T were coming even though they were secretly peeved.

    Tyler is being especially dramatic about being called out and it’s pathetic. Just say “yeah, we should have been ready. We messed up.” Instead, he’s martyring himself and throwing a giant pity party.

    This just further establishes that they are incredibly lazy and self-involved.

  16. Seriously, neither one of them have jobs and it was a planned visit, they had plenty of time to finish this scrapbook. Hell they could have brought the unfinished portion with them and let it be a fun art project with Carly and Nova to help finish it or make their own page together to add to it.

    1. This scrapbook was to HER (Carly) from THEM (Cate, Ty, Nova and Vaeda). Why would Carly want to put pictures of herself in a gift that was going TO HER??

      1. Ummmmm cause she’s a child and they like to do crafts. She could have drawn a picture with Nova to put in the book or traced their hands in the book. Just because the book is for her doesn’t mean she can’t be part of putting items in it. I made a scrapbook for my daughter and now that she’s older she puts her own stuff in it…crazy right?

  17. 30-45 minutes!!! Hell, I’m surprised that bitch of an adoptive mother didn’t cancel things once she realized Cate and Tyler were 5 minutes late!!!! If MTV is creating trust funds for the children (like I’ve heard), I hope they are creating one for Carly!!!! She’s entitled to her share. But no doubt Brandon and Theresa would dip into it before Carly is able to!!! Those jackasses think that since Cate and Tyler gave them a child, they’re entitled to anything involving that little girl!!!

    Yes, I agree that birth parents are strong people!!! But I don’t think they’re the strongest!!! There are some parents whose children are dead, NOW THOSE ARE THE STRONGEST PEOPLE IN MY OPINION!!!

    1. How is Teresa a bitch? Like, at all? Brandon and Teresa are borderline saints for putting up with Catelynn and Tyler’s shit as long as they have.

      1. Seriously. They are so patient and forgiving. I would have been done so long ago. They literally got on a plane with Carly to fly to Michigan to see Cate and Tyler. That’s incredibly generous.

      2. Neither pair is perfect, but Theresa ALWAYS seems to know what buttons to push on Cate and Tyler (no wonder C&T stay pissed at B&T). They hadn’t seen Carly since they got married (in 2015 or ’16) and they are supposed to see her ONCE A YEAR. But everytime C&T ask to set up a meeting (3 times since the wedding), T is always saying, “it’s just not a good time.” You’re entitled to your own opinion, you like B&T, and that’s fine. But I’m entitled to mine as well, and I don’t like them!!!

        1. They hadn’t seen Carly because they specifically asked butch stay away from Carly at the wedding because he’s a violent addict/felon. And they let butch break that request. They constantly trash talked B&T after they asked they not mention them on the show. They constantly showed private pictures of Carly on the show after being asked not to. They don’t even show up on time for the meetings they do have. Why in the world should they even keep the adoption open?!

          1. They didn’t LET Butch do anything, he did it on his own. So, how is what HE did THEIR fault?

        2. They haven’t had visits because Catelynn and Tyler have bad attitudes and don’t respect Brandon and Teresa as Carly’s PARENTS. They’ve gone against Brandon and Teresa’s wishes several times.

          Also, I feel like we’ve all gone over this with you before, but those visits are NOT required and are completely at Brandon and Teresa’s digression. And did you ever think that maybe CARLY didn’t want to see them and they were just trying to spare Carelynn and Tyler’s feelings?

          Brandon and Teresa made time and spent money to go all the way to Michigan from North Carolina, and Cate and Ty couldn’t even be bothered to show up on time. How do you think Carly felt sitting there waiting on them? Do you think she felt special to them during those 45 minutes? NORMAL people would have already been there waiting when Carly showed up because they would have been EXCITED to see her.

        3. They are not entitled to any visits at all. They see Carly because her parents allow them to see Carly.

        1. I’m not attacking c&t or calling them bad people. But really they’re 30. They chose adoption for their first child and gave her to B&t. B&T held up their end of the agreement by giving Carly a stable happy healthy life with a family (as far as we know). C&T have dropped the ball on everything they said they’d do…college….becoming counselors…..keeping in touch with Carly through letters or gifts….showing up on time for meetings…..stopping weed smoking…..getting their mental health in check…. They have so much opportunity and have taken advantage of none of it. I’m their age I don’t have the luxury of a new car or new house or new therapy pony everytime I want. They could be doing so much but they don’t.

    2. I am so lost by your comment.
      Why are you making Brandon and Theresa out to be awful people?

      1. Because TO ME they are!!! Especially Theresa. Has anyone ever noticed that when they are on film, Brandon is off in the distance but Theresa is RIGHT THERE FRONT AND CENTER?

    3. Why would B&T dip into Carly’s money? That doesn’t make sense, there has never been any indication that B&T adopted Carly in hopes to make any money, they both have good jobs. I think maybe you’re confused on what an open adoption entails. Cate and TY do not get to demand a visit nor are they promised one. An open adoption is mainly for the child’s benefits and allows C&T to send Carly gifts and pictures so that she knows her adoption story, unlike many children who may never know. B&T can cut off contact at any time and for any reason. The fact that they have put up with all the Teen Mom craziness and still stay in contact despite being trash talked on national television and harassed by fans speaks volume of their maturity. They never signed up this show, they don’t get paid and Im sure they would appreciate some respect. If ANYONE is “dipping” into Carly’s money, its Cate and Ty. They get paid an unbelievable amount of money to continuously talk about Carly and they use her as their main story line on TV. Brandon and Theresa get no money an they just want THEIR daughter to have a normal childhood.

    4. Umm…as Brandon and Theresa are Carly’s legal parents, yes they are entitled to anything involving her – as it should be.

    5. I don’t understand why anyone would downvote this?? People’s children die every day and they are strong people!!!!

    6. “Those jackasses think that since Cate and Tyler gave them a child, they’re entitled to anything involving that little girl!!!”

      That is LITERALLY what adoption is – the adoptive parents are entitled to EVERYTHING involving that little girl.

      You need to seriously research “open adoption”: In Open Adoption, the adoptive parents hold all the rights as the legal parents, yet the individuals of the biological and adoptive families may exercise the option to open the contact in varying forms: from just sending mail and/or photos, to face-to-face visits between birth and adoptive families (from Wikipedia, emphasis mine).

      Brandon and Theresa don’t have to do A THING for Caitlyn and Tyler and quite frankly, they shouldn’t because of the way C&T act (badmouthing B&T on camera, on social media; whining, crying, and carrying on about never getting to see her yet when they have the opportunity they whine about the location and then they are late; they don’t bother to acknowledge Carly but sending letters, cards, gifts when they don’t see her). B&T are saints and I hope that Nova has got plans in her little noggin to figure out a way to hop on the B&T train as well because I’m willing to bet B&T are way better parents to Carly than Caitlyn and (to a lesser extent, because he seems OK) Tyler are to Nova.

      Also, Dawn is a terrible adoption counselor, letting C&T act like that and not explaining to them what it is like being responsible, respectful adults.

      1. All I could picture when you said that about Nova is Brandon and Teresa getting back to their hotel and finding her hding in the back of the

    7. And just how is Teresa a bitch, Hannah!!!
      Teresa is the child’s mother.

      She’s not some fucking baby sitter to Carly.

      She’s Carly’s mother, jumbo bangs and closet boy, signed away all rights, she isn’t their child.
      And they have no rights at all.

      I hope Carly when older, will see cait and ty, for the selfish deluded, fucked up lazy slobs that they are, and decides to cut them loose.
      Yep big bangs gave birth, but that’s where it ends, she’s not Carly’s mom, hell cait can’t even look after the two trap babies she has now, how dare you call Teresa a bitch, for protecting her daughter.

  18. Cate and Tyler bash B&T and act like they’d do anything to spend time with Carly then show up late to their meeting?! I’m sure Carly really treasures a book full of pictures probably available on google. I just really really don’t like them at all. Stay away B&T they’ll never change.
    It reminds me of Ryan late to trick or treating but look at the cool make up I was late for. Ya we were late but look at the cool scrap book. It’s not like they have literally anything else going on they could’ve spent 24/7 on the scrap book leading up to this planned visit. Ugh. So over the TM crowd.

    1. You don’t think that having two children to take care of is anything!!! Hell, I don’t have any kids and I can tell you that chasing after one child while taking care of a newborn ISN’T AN EASY JOB!!!!

      1. Thank God you don’t have any kids! I have 2 and my husband works 80 hours a week and I completed a whole masters degree with two kids at home and you think these two didn’t have time to make a damn scrapbook? Come on.

      2. I have 3 children THANK YOU. I don’t want to hear excuses for people paid $500k a year to do literally nothing. They can’t even make it to a scheduled meeting on time to see their other kid who they complain about never getting to see?!

        1. I’m not saying that having kids is an excuse, I just don’t think it’s fair to say that they do NOTHING when all we see is what gets put on camera. They have a life outside of filming and NOBODY BUT THEM knows what goes on.

          1. We’ve been watching them for ten years. No we don’t see every moment but you don’t have to to get a general idea of what goes on. No excuse to be late for that. None. Having kids isn’t an excuse having a farm isn’t an excuse being high high siting on the couch isn’t an excuse. They’re 30 time to grow up and be responsible. No wonder B&T don’t bend over backwards for these people.

          2. Again, I’m NOT making excuses for them!! I just THINK we need to be fair, while they do bad things, I’m sure they do good as well.

          3. Good for you!!! I’m not saying that parenthood hinders other responsibilities, I’m just saying that I’m it makes things harder.

            FYI- I DON’T have kids because I CAN’T have kids.

      3. I have three under three (including a baby) and my husband doesn’t really help at all, but I could still figure out some time to throw a scrapbook together for an important visit I knew about way ahead of time. They always seem to be able to make time for vacations and nights out.

          1. I’m sure it would be a hell of a lot easier if I had a partner that also stayed home and helped and if I pawned them off on their grandparents for half the week.

          2. We see weeks on end in one night and I have yet to see them dump those kids on the grandparents so they can go back home and have time off!! Yes, I’ve seen them drop the kids off with April (Cate’s mom) so they could go on vacation together. But that was once!!!

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