‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ to Premiere in September; Watch a Sneak Peek of the New Series

“Get ready… we’re comin’ for ya!”

Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, will make his return to TV in September with Dog’s Most Wanted—- a new series that will follow Dog, his late wife Beth Chapman and their bounty hunting team as they take on a “bucket list of wanted fugitives.” 

The Ashley told you in January that Dog would be coming back to the small screen after a six-year hiatus, though at the time, a release date for the new series had not been announced. Earlier this week, however, a sneak peek of the new show was released, along with a premiere date of September 4. 

In the new clip, fans get to see some of the bounty hunting in store on ‘Dog’s Most Wanted,’ as well as a glimpse into Beth’s battle with cancer. 

As fans of the couple may recall, Beth was diagnosed with Stage II throat cancer in September of 2017. While Beth’s cancer was in remission at one point, it unfortunately returned in late 2018 and in June, she tragically passed away. 

‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ premieres September 4 on WGN America. Check out a sneak peek of the new series below! 

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(Photos: WGN America; YouTube) 

6 Responses

  1. Some one pick this show up . Don’t let Lyssa who is destroying Dog take Everything away from him with her hatred. His blood will be on her hands.

  2. Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s daughter Lyssa expresses displeasure to father’s rumored new girlfriend… seven months after the passing of his fifth wife Beth

  3. So do I. Gary wants to be a police officer. I remember when he was maybe about three or four, and all he wanted was to go on a bounty. Now, he’s eighteen, and studying to get into the police academy. Go get ’em Gary Boy!!

  4. I liked the family, too. I cried when I first read Beth had cancer. BUT lately, the show, WGN, the media and the family have been totally disrespectful and disgusting. Is there any limit too low for them to stoop to? Dog and family, I feel sorry for you to have no more respect for Beth than to exploit her death for your gain.

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