‘Jersey Shore’ Star Jenni “JWOWW” Farley Has Filed For Divorce From Roger Mathews

“Yeah, we’re over it!”

After nearly three years of marriage, two kids, and plenty of Jersey Shore drama, it looks like the marriage of Jenni “JWOWW” Farley and Roger Mathews has finally imploded.

According to New Jersey newspaper Ashbury Park Press, Jenni filed for divorce from Roger on September 12. The filing, which took place in Ocean County, New Jersey, cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason Jenni was seeking a divorce.

According to the filing, Jenni and Roger’s marriage has been on the rocks for at least six months.

“The Plaintiff and the Defendant have irreconcilable differences which have caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months which make it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation,” the complaint read, according to APP.

Jenni– who is currently starring on Jersey Shore Family Vacation— has yet to comment on the divorce news.

Back in August, Roger posted some screenshots of a text conversation he had with Jenni to his Instagram account. He captioned the photos “Convos with the ex wife. Or soon to be.” Most of Roger’s followers assumed he was kidding, but now it looks like he may have been hinting of the future. The photos and caption were posted just 22 days before Jenni filed for divorce.

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Convos with the ex wife. Or soon to be.

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Jenni met Roger while she was appearing on the original ‘Jersey Shore’ series. The couple went on to star on the ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off, Snooki and JWoWW. They were married in 2015.

APP reports that Jenni is seeking joint custody of their children, Meilani and Greyson, but wants primary residential custody of them. She is also seeking child support from Roger, and want him to continue to provide health insurance for them and help pay their medical costs.

“Farley is seeking life insurance on behalf of the children and to be named a trustee on the policy,”the site reports. “She is asking for equitable distribution of all property acquired during the marriage.”

UPDATE! After news of the divorce filing broke on Thursday, Roger posted a video to his Instagram account, confirming that the news is true.

“My wife filed for divorce, it’s true,” he said. “I’m just going to keep it simple: I don’t blame her. There’s no cheating or any dumb s**t or any juicy details. She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into. Again, I’m not going to get into details, but it was a repetitive pattern and not a good one.

“Here’s what’s also true,” Roger said. “I’m not done fighting. I’m going to win my wife back. I’m going to win her affection back. I’m going to win her love back. I have no intention of being a single dad. We’re in counseling so there is hope. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

Jenni has yet to address the divorce filing.

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  1. Really sad. I think they had had problems for a few years and I remember all the jokes they made about never having sex (yes I *know* that isn’t the only thing a good relationship consists of)… I agree with a previous commenter who said they never seemed to have much alone time. I was still shocked and a bit saddened to find out about this though.

  2. I always felt that Rodger was too old for Jenni. He lacks maturity, is hot headed, argumentative and a bit of a bully.
    I don’t blame Jenni for filing for divorce. I know things had to be horribly wrong for her to contemplate divorce.
    Raising a special needs child is difficult. I have seen strong marriages fall apart over less.
    I wish Jenni strength.

    1. Yes, exactly! Roger is a total hothead. On S&J, when they’d have a fight (usually about something minor) instead of staying and talking it out with Jenni like an adult, he’d storm off for hours/days. On JS, whenever they had a fight, Jenni always was the one who called him to apologize (usually crying) when half the time she had nothing to apologize for.
      Dealing with someone who thinks they’re always right can’t be easy, and throw in a child who might have special needs to the marriage must make things very difficult for her.

  3. I also feel sad about this. I really like Roger. He is really witty and funny. Divorce is such a quick fix rather than really figuring out why they got married in the first place and decided on having children. Why not try and work on it? Oh, I have to agree on the comments about her plastic surgery….WAY too much!! She looked better before. I simply don’t understand the need for a nice looking woman to get plastic surgery under the age of 40?? Geez…..just saying. Plus, the tattoos….I just don’t get it.

  4. Having a (possibly) special needs child is VERY hard on a marriage. Especially when you’re still processing the (potential) diagnosis. I think with time these two will find their way back to each other. It also can’t be easy playing Mr Mom (or vise/versa) while your spouse is off for weeks or months at a time working..

    1. Yes, having a Special needs child is stressful and requires maturity, a sense of humour and a sense of calm.
      Rodger and Jenni have always had a volatile relationship and I don’t believe they bring out the best in each other.

  5. I actually thought Snooki will divorce first (I still think she will), Roger and Jenni seemed fine. I always liked Roger, yes sometimes he was dumb as rocks (like thinking Lorenzo will be a preemie born 2 weeks before due date, dude, I was born like that, that’s not a preemie!) but he had a good heart. (Jenni’s ex Tom, he was another story. From what we saw, he was a douche) If they don’t make it, I hope they keep on co-parenting great for the sake of Meilani and Greyson.

  6. Never really cared for how Roger used to speak to Jenni during JS. He also used to mad over the stupidest things and then storm out for hours/days on Snooki and JWoww. Kind of not surprised.

  7. I never would have guessed they might not make it, they never had hysterical fights or whatever when they were a new couple /s.

  8. He made an Instagram video since this post confirming it and saying they’re in marriage counseling and that jenni got sick of what was going on . He kinda hinted it was his fault . No cheating or anything just the day to day routine. He said he was going to win her back. Tbh the delays with their son could have played part. A lot of time energy and focus goes into a child with special needs and can cause issues in relationships

  9. Im actually shocked. I liked them together..buttt youd never guess they were having problems since jenni liked to always give her 2 sense about everyone elses relationship during family vacation

  10. Bummer. I like them. Their YouTube videos are funny and the kiddos are crazy but lovely. I similarly have 2 young kids very close in age and could relate to their chaos. Man…. sucks

  11. I’m honestly stunned by how much work she has had done on her face. She looks like a totally different person.

      1. I know very little too, but the only thing I do know is that he’s 2 years and doesn’t speak yet.

  12. Their kids are so young. It’s so unfair to them. I hope they explored all forms of marriage counseling before filing. Not being “happy” isn’t a good enough reason. Marriage has big ebs and flows.

    1. I think having parents who do not love each other/fight/don’t want to be with each other is far worse than having divorced parents.

    2. I cannot believe you’ve gotten so many downvotes. I waited quite a while to have kids, because I wanted to be certain that my husband was the right man for me and that he’d be a good father.

      My parents were divorced when I was 3; it was an amicable breakup. Despite my parents getting along, I always felt a little out of place when stepparents and new siblings came along. Like each parent had a “new” family and I didn’t belong.

      I understand that sometimes it’s for the best, life has gret area. That being said, it’s really sad that so many people think parents of young children shouldn’t put in 200% and try to make it work. They’re lying to themselves if they think it won’t affect their kids. It will. You’re correct that not being “happy” *in the moment* isn’t a good reason to end a marriage when children (especially toddlers) are involved. It honestly makes me sad so many people disagree.

      1. I don’t know… I was 4 when my parents divorced, my brother was 12; and while I don’t remember anything, he remembers all the fights and everything bad that went down and it had a huge impact on him, but barely any impact on me.

        That said, my parents had issues even before I was born, so it was way longer and truly for the best. We don’t know what is happening between Jenni & Roger, but in my opinion it’s better to call it quits before your kids can remember the trauma instead of trying some extra years and have them remember it. It definitely depends on the situation though! I just know that for me & my parents, it would’ve been a disaster if they stayed together any longer and my brother & I would’ve suffered.

  13. If I had to make an educated guess, it never seemed like Jenni and Roger had alone time and when they did, Jenni was rolling her eyes a lot. This educated guess is from watching some of Jenni’s youtube channel.

  14. Awe, this makes me sad. Really liked them together. Hopefully they can co parent and be amicable for the kids. Sorry to say it but I think Snooki is next. I loved them all together on Snooki and j woww. Boooo!

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