Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Baby Mama Jen Harley Arrested After Allegedly Hitting & Dragging the ‘Jersey Shore’ Star With Her Car

“I’m beginning to feel like we may not be compatible…”

The saga of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama Jen Harley continues!

Jen, who is the mother of the Jersey Shore star’s two-month-old daughter Ariana, was arrested in Las Vegas on Sunday on charges of domestic violence, according to Us Weekly, who broke the news. She was thrown in the slammer after she allegedly got into (yet another) fight with Ronnie.

TMZ states that Jen was driving Ronnie and their daughter home from a barbecue when the couple started arguing (as per usual). Jen allegedly hit Ronnie in the face while she was driving. After that, Ronnie allegedly told Jen to pull the car over so he could get out. During his attempt to exit the car, he allegedly got caught in his seatbelt and, according to TMZ, Jen didn’t wait for him to untangle himself before starting to drive off.

“Um…oops. Didn’t see ya there, Ron…”

Because of this, Ronnie was allegedly dragged alongside the car.

“[Jen was] driving so erratically that three of her four tires were flat,” Us Weekly reported “She drove over a median.”

Ronnie reportedly suffered injuries to his body and face.

“Ronnie’s face was bloodied and bruised and, as you’d expect, he’s got a nasty road rash,” TMZ reported.

Jen was arrested and booked for domestic battery. (Check out her smoldering mugshot here.) Her bail was set at $3,000 and a hearing was set for Tuesday.

“Ronnie is going to his family counsel first thing this morning to see what his options are because whatever they are doing is not working,” Us Weekly reported.

This is, of course, just the latest in a string of physical fights between Ronnie and Jen. Earlier this month, cops were called on Jen after she allegedly punched and spit on Ronnie during an argument at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas. (Jen later denied the accusations.)

Two days before that incident, Ronnie had security called on him at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas because he was trying to fight a random dude while filming at a pool party.)

Ronnie and his Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast mates have been shooting the show’s second season in Las Vegas this month.

In April, Ronnie and Jen got into a physical altercation after breaking up. The fight was streamed on Instagram Live.

Jen and Ronnie have not commented publicly on the latest incident. However, on Sunday afternoon, Jen posted photos of herself playing in the pool with her daughter Ariana. Us Weekly reported that one of Jen’s friends came to pick up the baby before Jen was arrested.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Shame on them for doing that in front of their seems like ronnie has met his match. Its not a good match at all. Stay away from each other. Ronnie needs therapy and rehab. He is an absolute mess i actually like ronnie but he needs to grow up big time. And stop doing coke

    1. Yeah, I don’t care about them, if they want to kill each other to death, be my guest but…….leave the poor kid out of it (so she shouldn’t have even been in the car while that happened!). CPS can find her a normal family because obviously they are both not stable enough to raise her. Too bad making a child isn’t that difficult and every looney can have one.

  2. The karma of fucking over a good girl is the bitch you end up with….he shoulda been nicer to Sammi! This new girl (that he’s stuck with for 18 years) seems like a real piece of work.

    1. Sammie was also a whackjob. She constantly baited and tested Ron. She was just as much responsible for the dysfunction in that relationship. Maybe she’s matured since then. Sadly, Ron hasn’t. He seems to have also developed drug/alcohol dependency issues.

      1. I honestly do think Sam matured. Not wanting to film Family Vacation when clearly the production team would want them to fight and talk about the breakup. Now the only thing we have is Ronnie whining the whole time about her.

  3. They’re like the jersey shore version of Charlie sheen and Brooke. How long until someone has to go in and take the baby away?!

    1. Months ago probably. We only know about things that were reported to the police or filmed. Imagine what else has been going on.

      These two need no contact orders, a strict visitation schedule, anger management and parenting classes.

  4. Ronnie is clearly a victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE here. I know he’s been a POS in the past, but that doesnt negate the fact SHE is abusing HIM. The past few instances, HE is a VICTIM.

  5. I grew up with parents who fought physically and a dad who tried to kidnap us and take to the reservation (I am native american) where if that had happened – then my mom would had a lot of difficulty getting us back. I wasn’t close to my dad then or now so basically he was trying to use us as a tool in their fights.

    As an adult I am bitter towards parents who “stay together for the kids.” Yeah divorce would have sucked for awhile but i would have rather grown up in a home with happy people. I grew up living in fear and developing deeper anxiety issues. Sure life was good sometimes and you could almost relax til you get off the school bus to my mum crying and that night’s dinner thrown out into the yard…

    1. Same. I used to pray at night that my parents would get a divorce. Staying together for the kids is a bad idea all around. Yeah divorce is hard on kids but a home filled with stress/fights/anxiety is worse. I’m over 40 and I still have to sleep in the fetal position near the wall to feel safe.

  6. The hilarious part is that they are tied together for life. You would think they would try to work things out and be co-parents.

    1. It’s decidedly not hilarious. That poor baby. This is a TRAVESTY, not comedy. But hey at least you’re entertained right?

  7. Whoa!! I don’t even like the dude, but that is beyond f**ked up!!! She could have killed him! Do these two idiots love their baby or not?? Why would u do this type of shil*t at all?? Let alone with your baby in your back pocket?? This baby needs to be in a healthy environment… Just shows that it doesn’t matter how much money a person makes, doesn’t mean the child is in good hands… smh. Disgusting people.

    1. There is absolutely no doubt that she threw that dog in the pool to fkk Ron up…She’s the craziest beatych we have seen on these shows..and she’s not even on these shows!

    1. Vegas isn’t that big of a town – they need to be in separate parts of the country. Do Brandon ‘n Theresa have room for another child?

  8. I guess the authorities will let the baby stay with these Jenelle like people. What the hell. SMDH

  9. WTAF is going on here?! Whenever I read stories about this couple I IMMEDIATELY assume that both of them are abusing some sort of substance. To be acting like that with your newborn in the vehicle is beyond even “Jenelle Evans Level” crazy. Something is wrong here and not in the anger-management way. Drugs or idk what

    1. Yeah, what the hell. She obviously cares very little about the safety of that poor baby.

  10. The baby was in the car? She had 3 flat tires? Drove over a median? Is the baby okay? Isn’t that child endangerment?

    Who cares is Ronnie has an boo boo? I’m worried about the 2 month old!

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