ABC’s New Show ‘Castaways’ Puts A Twist on Survivor Reality Shows: Watch the Eerie First Trailer

“I probably should have sprung for the waterproof suitcase…”

A new reality show coming to ABC this summer begs the question, what do get when you mix some aspects of Survivor, add in a little Naked and Afraid, and throw in a pinch of Lost?

The answer is Castaways, a reality show that “shipwrecks” 12 strangers in the South Pacific. While ‘Survivor’ has been putting people on South Pacific islands for years, the difference here will be that each Castaway will be surviving—-solo-—on a chain of deserted islands.

“They are lost, stranded and alone,” the first trailer for the show states.

While the individuals will learn along the way that there are other castaways on the islands, they won’t be told how many there are or where they are located. None of the castaways are told when or how they will be rescued.

(On ‘Survivor,’ the contestants have to learn to work and live with their tribe mates. They also know that they are done after 39 days of play, no matter what.)

“This revolutionary series tests the human need for companionship,” the trailer states. “Will they choose to survive alone or will they attempt to find the others?”

In the first look of the series, posted by Deadline, we learn that, unlike on other survival-centric reality shows, ‘Castaways’ will also give viewers a look into the personal life and struggles of each cast member through footage shot prior to their marooning. Among the show’s deserted dozen is a man struggling with his weight, an individual transitioning from military life to civilian life, and a homeless woman working to overcome whatever life throws her way.

“In the search for others, you may find yourself,” the show’s tagline reads.

During the journey, the 12 castaways will receive washed-up suitcases, randomly, containing items that may help them to outlast the harsh elements. The islands will also have some abandoned structures that the castaways can use for shelter—if they’re able to locate them.

The only way out for the castaways is to escape by surviving until the rescue team arrives or to quit. It is not yet known if the castaways will receive any sort of prize for making it through the entire journey.

“This looks easier to do on TV.”

The 12 castaways are:

  • Matt Jaskol, a former professional race car driver
  • Kenzi Whittington, a country/rock singer
  • Tim Burke, a former U.S. Army Green Beret
  • Terry Allen, a 62-year-old mom from California
  • Robbie Gibbons, a physical education teacher who is struggling to drop weight after reaching 390 lbs.
  • Krichelle Kerbow, a feminist who lives in the jungles of Hawaii
  • Tracee Wnetrzak, a 41-year-old mom from California
  • Sawyer Brown, a recovering addict who is now an ambassador for the Spartan run and a sponsored athlete
  • Angel Alvarenga, a 20-year-old man who immigrated to the United States (alone) at the age of 15 from Honduras.
  • Eric Brown, a newlywed and U.S. Navy vet
  • Richard Rogers, a 35-year-old outdoorsman from Washington
  • Reshanna Hearvy, a 24-year-old New York City woman who is currently homeless

The 10-episode series premieres August 7 on ABC, following ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’

Watch the first trailer for ‘Castaways’ below!

(Photo: ABC)


  1. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. I know I could never do this and I admire anyone who has the courage to do so.

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