‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Ashley Jones Blasts MTV; “Joining This Show Was By Far the Worst Decision of My Life”

“It’s the editing, I tell ya! I’m actually a delight!”

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Ashley Jones has only been on TV one season, but she’s already slamming MTV and the show’s production team like one of the seasoned pros from the other ‘Teen Mom’ shows!

Ashley used a post on the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram page to blast the shows and its creators, stating that she regrets appearing on ‘Young & Pregnant.’

“I love how the other girls are all smiling and happy and you choose to post none of those happy moments for me,” Ashley wrote in a comment directed toward the show’s social media team (after cussing them out, naturally). “The whole season I was edited to look like a monster. Joining this show was by far the worst decision of my life.”

Like so many of the great MTV-slammers who have come before her (Jenelle EvansFarrah Abraham and Adam Lind, to name just a few), Ashley claimed that she came across bad on the show due to its editing.

“All those hours of filming and all the positivity I spread and y’all didn’t show any of it,” Ashley continued in her rant, which was posted in the photo’s comment section. “No trust for the producers or anyone else that works on the show and knows the kind of person that I am but says nothing to editing.”

She also told one follower that she “signed my f**king life away” to be on the show.

While some of the show’s fans rallied around Ashley, her comments were mostly met with backlash from viewers who told her that, because the franchise has been on the air for years, she should have had an idea of how things would be once she appeared on a ‘Teen Mom’ show.

“If you would have checked out all the other [‘Teen Mom] social media accounts beforehand you would have known how to act appropiately when the cameras were around so they don’t make you look like a trashy monster,” one person wrote.

Ashley also insinuated that the fights she got into with her boyfriend, Bar Smith, were made-for-TV.

“If you want to see how me and Bar really are, on a daily basis without these edited ass scripted fights join my YouTube channel,” she wrote.

She then added that she felt her race had something to do with the way she was edited.

“It’s funny how the black girl is always made to look mad and ignorant,” she wrote.

Fans blasted Ashley for not taking responsibility for her own actions, both on- and off-camera.

“YOU made yourself look mad and ignorant,” one person wrote in response to her race comment. “Has nothing to do with you being black! [Fellow cast member] Kayla [Sessler] is as ignorant as you are and she’s white as snow! Don’t get it twisted sister!”

“Excuse me, have you seen, Jenelle, Amber, Farrah, & Kail? There’s enough crazy to go around in every color,” another person wrote. “Quit looking for problems that aren’t there.”

While a lot of the show’s fans bashed Ashley for her comments, one person seemed to agree with what she was saying. Her boyfriend Bar posted a comment, showing three hand-clapping emojis.

Ashley’s starring role on ‘Young & Pregnant’ may not have made her happy, but it’s certainly made her a lot of money. As The Ashley previously told you, Ashley is one of the first girls from the spin-off show to dip her feet into the lucrative world of Instagram advertising. She recently signed deals with multiple companies to hawk their products on Instagram for cash.

The ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Reunion airs Monday on MTV. Watch a sneak of the Reunion below!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

36 Responses

  1. Everyone talks about a “race card” on this site like race isn’t a real thing. It affects everything that happens in this country. Even on this site, the way you commenters talk about brown girls is way worse than how you talk about the white ones – hands down!

    1. I can’t speak to anything but what I read on this site, which is limited to TM2 stuff. But from what I have read, I would have to respectfully disagree with your assertion that Ashley commentators show that kind of bias. While I agree completely that matters of race are still very much a real issue for people of color here in the US, we do no favors to anyone when we resort to blanket statements and mindless generalizations. All, every, only…these are words that don’t encourage change-oriented dialog and we should be careful about using them. And just because people of color have been and continue to be marginalized, that is no excuse for false accusations of racism. Just as those who falsely claim sexual assault or domestic violence, it does an even greater harm to true victims of such cruelty.

      Race aside, Ashley cannot excuse her behavior as being the fault of MTV, Shen, Bar or anyone else. There were just too many incidents when she willfully refused to control or consider her own bad behavior, even as she took others to task for theirs. If you look at each Y&P girl, whether individually or collectively, NONE of them come off looking good. They share gross immaturity, an inability to control their behavior or impulses and a lot of histrionic behavior. Ashley’s comments on bad editing have been echoed plenty of times by other white TM cast members and those white girls have come in for just as much, if not more, criticism than any person of color featured on these shows.

      Race relations must improve. But the dialog and actions of ALL groups are responsible for that change. And no group should seek superiority over another or curry false favor because they can claim a status of victim. And no individual or a group should expect to be exempt from rules related to behaving with common human decency just because they belong to a group that historically has been marginalized. False claims about the race card or the gender card, or whatever card you wish to flash are dangerous because they prevent individuals from accepting the necessary responsibility for their own actions. And how much better could society be if we did take that kind of responsibility?

  2. You can only pull the race card for so long before you realize it’s your actions and not the pigmentation of your skin holding you back

  3. Yaaaaawn…another Jenelle. Now this idiot wants to use the race card. Time to take out the TRASH. Ashley Is trash, and so is Bar’s mom

  4. She showing even more of her true ignorance by playing the race card . The pastor’s daughter is a lying piece of trash !! And how DARE mtv keep posting her mother as a pastor! It’s down right horrible! Of all the things we’ve seen on these shows; commenting on The Ashley is the farthest I’ve taken my opinion , not this time, I’m prepared to fire off at every sponsor and the state of Neveda about the so called pastor. What this woman is doing is no different than showing a priest having sex! This woman straight out encouraged her daughter not to forgive , Tea herself stated she doesn’t know if she herself can forgive Bar even with an apology, and to start addressing others as the devil !! This is a disgrace!
    Bars mother never called anyone a bitch at the shower and her son gave a hearfelft apology to Ashley’s parents, spoken like a man!
    The “pastor and her daughter are both ghetto , jealous, lying, cunning , rotten people… what Ted see in his wife and spoiled ,ignorant step daughter is a mystery, he seems to be a pretty normal good guy.
    Remove the word Pastor MTV, it’s a reflection of real ones that practice and preach the Bible and the ways of our Lord.

  5. ” if you wanna see how we really are – subscribe to my youtube! ” (shameless plug, much??) Yeahh cuz portrayal on social media is sooo realistic.

  6. What a liar. She just posted shit on instagram a few weeks ago, saying bar punched her and busted her lip. She’s hot headed trash and it has nothing to do with being black. Bar probably won’t amount to shit either. His nasty mom with her crack smokin voice is an absolute trash bag. Oh, his brother killed a guy too. Don’t be acting like an innocent victim Ashley.

  7. Ashley Jones is complaining about how they make her look on the show. Give me a break! I bet she doesn’t complain when she cashes that MTV check LOL. If they weren’t such low class Vallejo hood rats to start with, they would still look like low class folks when MTV is done with their editing.

  8. Come on,stop with the race thing. You don’t like how you’re being portrayed, only one answer. QUIT !!!

  9. OMG..we are going with the because I’m black card? Jenelle Kail Farrah Amber were all bashed and even Chelsea was bashed for the 1st few seasons..please..don’t used the race card. It does you no favors!

  10. Why would she do “scripted” fights if she didnt want to look trashy.
    I wonder what MTV will show a scripted fight you say they asked you to do or a happy day in the park?
    Ok so your dumb instead of trashy?

  11. I’m getting kinda annoyed with black women pulling the race card out when they start screaming in someone’s face. Like, no one made you do that. No one made you act that way. How can they edit it against your race when YOU caused a fight.

    1. It’s not only African American Girls that say that All them say it’s editing it’s editing ..but we know that they gave a the raw material to work with And you are being paid on ungodly obscene amounts of money to film this.. If one of them were serious they would not sign on but 10 seasons later we know that’s not gonna happen.

  12. No sympathy for this stupid girl. Of course she knew what she was signing up for. Teen Mom isn’t exactly known for the long list of Rhodes Scholar alumna, so I’m not buying for one second that this gal didn’t know what she was signing up for. I’ve never watched one millisecond of this garbage bag of a tv show (I have my hands full keeping up with Ma and Pa McMethface on The Land), but I know for sure that what this new generation of girls that “Accidently” got pregnant are on tv for the likes, the trips, the endorsements and adoration from fellow idiots. The whole franchise should end, because it is impossible for mtv to maintain any credibility by postulating that the point of this show is to try to prevent teen pregnancy.

  13. Why have a “scripted fight”? Did MTV force you to fight with him? Did MTV put words into your mouth and scowls on your face? You should know by now that MTV will edit drama into its shows. So if you are full of rainbows and sunshine all day, but are having a disagreement with your mother later in the evening, MTV will edit in the disagreement.

    ALL reality shows do this.

  14. Well then, don’t sign up for season 2. Always the race card. Take responsibility for your actions.

  15. Oh honey, I’m sure it’s real hard to watch yourself acting like a little B on tv ….. editing doesn’t put those words in to your mouth and actions into play. Be a sweet and gracious woman and no one will be able to mess with that!!!

  16. Ashley is the unfortunate combination of Kailyn and Brianna. #WhatACombination

    She’s like Kailyn in that she is EXTREMELY manipulative and narcissistic and will use manipulation to get her way, no matter how other people are effected.

    She’s like Brianna in that she has a miserable mother who goes to all lengths to make sure Ashleys ends up as bitter as she did.

    That doesn’t have anything to do with race…this is about you showing your ass on TV on a weekly basis and not liking how it makes you look.

  17. I never understand why the girls these shows act a damn fool in front of a whole camera crew and then get mad when it’s shown on TV. Also did you all see how Ashley’s mom claims to be a “preacher” and then tells her daughter on camera “I’ll still kill a mother f***** for you” when they were making up after their big fight? I wonder how her parishioners feel about that.

    1. Thank you!! That mother is a real piece of nasty work and a raging hypocrite. How you gonna preach love from the pulpit but then talk about cutting a bitch on camera?

  18. She’s so miserable I feel like the worst decision of her life is something is says after choosing juice instead of milk in the morning. I can’t see anything or anyone ever making her happy. She has twice the misery level of Kail and that’s saying a lot. She made herself look awful by acting awful.

  19. Ashley will quit Teen Mom and go back to being a stripper in Las Vegas? 10 years ago girls like this would have been on “Girls Gone Wild” or “Jerry Springer” today they just sign up as a cast member of “Teen Mom” series.

  20. That was the worst decision of your life? Let’s review the tapes, I’m pretty sure I saw a few strong contenders in there somewhere.

  21. And yet I won’t be surprised when she’s signs on for season two. At the end of the day, it takes money to raise a kid and one season of Teen Mom ain’t going to get you many more endorsement deals.

  22. Editing can make things look worse, however, they don’t have anything to air if you don’t acually display that type of behavior. For them to air it, means you still said those nasty things, and displayed that nasty behavior. Even if it was only once or twice. ??‍♀️

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