‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals Why Her Relationships With Her Baby Daddies All Failed

“Let’s break down my breakups!”

Kail Lowry has had her share of romances over the course of Teen Mom 2, and on Friday, the reality TV star reflected on her three most important relationships– the ones that resulted in her sons Isaac, Lincoln and Lux.

In a blog posted to her website, Kail discussed why her relationships with her three baby daddies– Jo RiveraJavi Marroquin and Chris Lopez— did not work out. She also revealed that she feels that, of all the men she loved, Chris (who is the father of her youngest son Lux) was her “first true love.”

“I believe Lux’s dad was my first true love… I know, weird, when I had two kids with two other people,” she wrote. “But this is my life. This was my first REAL heartbreak, where I loved someone and was IN love with someone.”

(As The Ashley told you, Kail revealed at the taping of the most-recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion that she is still in love with Chris.)

After fans read what Kail wrote, they called her out on Twitter for trying to hurt her ex-husband, Javi, by saying she wasn’t in love with him.

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“I’m legit blown that @KailLowry said Chris was the love of her life,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Like did your marriage mean nothing to you?!?”

“It didn’t mean nothing to me,” Kail replied. “But hindsight is always 20/20. I was young. I also felt pressure to ‘fix’ what I had done. Had a baby young & was no longer with Jo. So I believe I rushed into the marriage to fix things. Javi & I never had a solid foundation to grow from. So it’s no surprise that it failed.”

“I don’t want to hurt him,” Kail added. “We are in a perfectly fine place. No need for that.”

In her blog, Kail also wrote about why her relationship with her first baby daddy, Jo, didn’t work out, and why she reacted so harshly at first to his relationship with his now-fiance, Vee Torres.

“Jo and I weren’t meant for each other,” she wrote. “Of course, even though I knew this, it was still hard to see him moving on. We were 18 years old with a child together, and I really didn’t know how to understand what I was feeling or properly cope with it.”

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Still, she stated that her breakup with Lux’s dad, Chris, was the hardest for her.

“Breaking up with Isaac and Lincoln’s dads was upsetting because I felt like my kids lost the family aspect that I craved so badly for them,” she wrote. “But this was different… It’s so hard to explain the different feelings involved.”

Kail discussed the unique situation she’s in because she’s on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I’m not a character on a show; I’m a real human being who makes mistakes,” she wrote. “I have this crazy life where I have to go through things publicly and relive and cope with the things I’ve done and mistakes I made months… sometimes years before they air. Please don’t be so harsh. I have definitely f**ked up more times than I can count and I’m the first one to admit it.”

To read Kail’s full blog post, click here.

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46 Responses

  1. Kailyn just says whatever she wants to at the time to get attention wheather It’s the truth or not. Didn’t she say on the show last night that Javi and Chris were toxic relationships?

  2. Kail has always been a fan of revisionist history, truly believing that whatever she feels/wants in the moment is what she has felt/wanted all along. She has a Ming boggling lack of self awareness, and is more like her mother than she will ever realise.

    1. Nunya I agree with this 100000% !!! Her feelings are always very convenient to who is top of her list at that specific moment. She has the delusion to think that just because she “doesnt allow her mother around her kids” that she is some spectacular mom. She needs intensive therapy. She is so screwed up and deserves very little credit for how the two older kids are. They have great very involved fathers that she has rarely given credit to. She got PFA’s on both of them to be spiteful and so she wouldnt get questioned about her numerous pregnancies. Jo has been so forgiving of her past actions and is such a calm nice guy, she really blew it with him but takes ZERO responsibility.

  3. Before giving Kail credit for her two older sons let’s not forget they have had the benefits of great loving fathers and step parents and their extended families being a huge part of their lives.

  4. Lux was an anchor baby. She wanted to trap Chris into a relationship with her. It backfired. Yet Kail calls Ryan’s wife out for doing that to Ryan. I guess no one would know the signs better than Kail.

  5. Kail doesn’t really know how to be single. She jumped from guy to guy (and occasionally girl since she’s bi) and ended up being knocked up by three of them. (And as far as we know, she won’t end there, yikes!) She really needs to get her life together, stop saying “I love Chris, waaah!” because that won’t help her since she was always only a side chick to him. (Who he knocked up). He DOESN’T WANT YOU, MOVE ON! First of all, take a year or two of being single and work on yourself at that time!

  6. Kail and Jenelle have much more in common than I’m sure they would like to admit: dysfunctional childhoods, three baby-daddies and extreme co-dependency issues. I don’t foresee either of them being in anything that resembles a healthy/normal relationship for many, many, many years until they get a dose of reality (ie. the show is off the air and the money has dried up), until they get intensive therapy to deal with their co-dependency and take a long time away from the cameras and social media to work on their self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. I don’t know her, never met her or Jenelle, but having watched a little slice of her life from being on the show for all these years, I don’t need to read her blog to know why those relationships failed.

  7. If she is such a good mom she shouldn’t put out the fact that she didn’t love her baby daddies for her poor kids to read!

  8. The thing I keep thinking is: when Lux is old enough to understand he’ll see Javi coming to get Lincoln (his biological son) and take Isaac (his former stepson he’s bonded to) and wonder why he isn’t going to Disney World or the beach etc. Kail created this situation.
    She loves Chris because he doesn’t treat her well and doesn’t want her. She needs therapy.

    1. Yes. I think we think about what her kids will have endure more than SHE does! Breaks my heart. (They truly break for Kaiser & Jace also?)

  9. My lord Kail! Get a damn grip! She is a true product of reality TV. She literally came from nothing and made terrible choices yet she thinks she is this amazing role model. NO! You are a selfish, mean, confused little girl who got put in the spotlight at a vulnerable age and doesn’t know how to act appropriately! I can’t imagine what these boys are going to have to endure to attempt to have a normal childhood growing up!

  10. In a lot of respects, she’s worse than Jenelle and even Farrah. Jenelle and Farrah are terrible and awful, but to the best of my knowledge, they never went to police and manufactured abuse allegations against anyone. Jo could be kind of a turd at times back in the day and Javi could be overly comtrolling, but for Kail to get the PFA orders against both of them becuase they said mean albeit true things on social media is an all-time low which in Javi’s case had real life consequences.

    I think Jo and Javi only get along with Kail now for the saje of the kids and because no one wins when you fight with Kailyn, but I bet that if you were to get Vee by herself with a vial of truth serum, she would say how sick of Kail she is too.

    And to any other dudes (or women) who would consider messing with Kail….I don’t mean to get Biblical on you, but consider the parable of the frog and the scorpion:

    You know Kail is a scorpion before you let her ride.

    1. Jenelle filed false charges against Kieffa and I think Gary too. The merit of the charges against Nathan (recall the infamous “why am I a guy” scene) are debatable too – he was prone to roid rage but Jenelle is violent herself.

    2. Wasn’t PFA order due to Javi “breaking into the house” through the basement because she had a guy over (more than likely Chris at the time)?

    3. The “parable” of the Frog and Scorpion isn’t in the Bible although it’s a good metaphor.

    4. I wish Jo expanded more on why he was worried for Isaac in Kail’s care and that was why he went after 50/50. All he ever said was that he was worried. Makes me wonder if she has a string of randoms in and out of her house and Jo is worried about that. Her and Javi bounce through relationships like it’s their job. It’s crazy.

  11. Bullshit. Chris was the first guy she dated who wasn’t all about her and treated her like shit. Now she’s convinced she’s in love. The truth of the matter is she will date 10 more Chris’s and ultimately end up with a guy like Joe or Javi and/or wish she had a guy like one of them.

    1. You are so right. She ALWAYS wanted a deadbeat dad who treats her poorly and basically got one. (As far as I know, he is seeing Lux regularly so he is not even a real deadbeat). They were never dating. They were never together. They were only friends with benefits and she ended up being pregnant. And developed feelings for him who even before had a girlfriend. (She was the side chick, not her) I think she THINKS she is ‘in love’ with him because it is all still fresh.

  12. Your relationships didn’t last because your a selfish bitch. You only said all that to hurt Javi. You cheated on all the people you were in relationships with including your husband. If you didn’t love Javi why not get an abortion and be done with that relationship. Everyone knows you’ve gotten abortions before. It’s a joke that you say Chris was your first true love when he doesn’t even want to be around the child that y’all made together. No way is Chris your first love. I don’t think you will ever love anyone or to put someone first over yourself including your children.

  13. I’m really tired of hearing about Chris lol like she was so hell bent on never talking about him and keeping him a secret but not she won’t shut up about him. I also thought they were only friends?? What a slap in the face to Jo and Javi for her to say Chris was the only one she was IN love with. Who does that

  14. Here’s why her past relationships never worked….
    She’s conniving, manipulative, narcissistic, constantly cries wolf to the legal system.
    Ok, she’s had a shit childhood with even more shit parents. The one thing I always commended Kail on was the fact she took care of her kids, but she’s now putting those babies in confusing situation due to her selfishness. Ok, Jo and Javi didn’t work out, but if she didn’t try so hard to play this “independent mom” narrative while fucking people over in the process, maybe…just maybe she wouldn’t have such a hard time in finding someone. Or better yet, just focus solely on the kids until the heart is ready to be with someone. It’s no different than Janelle, the way you treat people, don’t play the victim when someone trashes your character.

    1. Think back to the beginning of her story on TM – she cheated on every guy she was ever with. Again, she’s a pig.

  15. Past relationships aside, from Day One the only thing Kail has ever really indicated she needs— is a good therapist.

  16. This girl is some piece of work, she goes with whoever shows the slightest interest in he. She sure has a lot of explaining to her son’s someday, and imagine how proud they will be ! Get her off the show She’s no role model she’s a joke

  17. Try staying single longer than five seconds, this seems to be a trend with all young people. my own son included.

  18. Because she’s insane, controlling and incredibly hard to tolerate. Didn’t even have to read the article lol

  19. Kail is just not my cup of tea.

    I see so many people discussing how terribly she treats others, how offensive some of her past comments and opinions have been, etc. However – I generally see that followed up with, “but she’s a good mom”. I (personally) don’t think that makes her any less of a shit person. Sure, she looks really great when compared to people like Jenelle and Amber. But shit, I could not STAND to be around her IRL. I think she’s pretty insecure, which has caused her major cockiness in the past.

    I always couldn’t fathom the book title/tattoo “Pride Over Pity”, because I’ve known someone/seen someone else on TV with more pride, but in an unhealthy manor. It just seems SO IRONIC to me. Her pride is what caused the deterioration of so many of her relationships. It has also caused her to NOT apologize when she’s in the wrong, which speaks majorly to her immaturity in my opinion. On the other hand, she certainly has sought pity before (I believe). She’s a douchebag and shitty person, who just so happens to be a better parent than many of the others. Did she purposefully get pregnant with Lux? I believe she wanted to – or at the was open to the idea. I mean, really? Third pregnancy and you’ve learned nothing about safe sex/preventing it?

    Not gonna lie though…I dislike her more now that she is calling Jenelle out on her bullshit, and saying a lot of things others wish they could say. She’s grown on me a little, but I think overall she’s a real dick. I do give her credit though – she had a really rough time growing up. I grew up with an alcoholic mom, so I feel for her there.

    1. Even the argument that she’s a good mom is difficult to defend now. Sure her boys seem to be very sweet and well-behaved at least for the cameras but a good mom doesn’t parade an endless stream of boyfriends, girlfriends and her entourage of hangers-on in front of her kids on the reg. She’s starting to lose credibility with her parenting – kids need stability and that is the opposite of stability. Surely Jo and Javi’s family (not necessarily Javi himself who is pretty narcissistic these days) probably deserve a lot of the credit for th way the boys have turned out so far.

  20. Let’s face it: her dad was never around and her mother chose bottles and boyfriends over her. For her, simply not being an axe murderer represents a pretty good outcome.

    1. My parents were WAAAAY worse but you don’t see me hopping from d to d making babies who get robbed of having a happy (in tact) family.

      I wish people would STOP making excuses for her terrible choices!

  21. She’s such a mess. No one believes Chris is the only guy she’s ever loved, and she is most definitely doing it in part to hurt Javi now that he has a new baby on the way. How are her kids supposed to feel when their mom claims to have never loved their dads?

    Kail, rememeber when you were saying that you and Chris weren’t even dating when you got pregnant and were “just friends”? Then you hated him and denied him access to his son? This is all just her poorly managed bipolar disorder rearing its head (which is the real reason she can’t keep a guy).

  22. Here she goes again making Chris “the one” because he’s the most recent one and both Jo and Javi have moved on. Chris is smart to refuse to film. I respect that. We only hear side which is 50% bullshit

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