EXCLUSIVE! Kail Lowry & Baby Daddy Jo Rivera At War; Jo Refuses to Film For ‘Teen Mom 2’

“If I was still a rapper, I’d compose a ‘baby mama drama’ rap about this situation!”

The once-happy relationship between Kail Lowry and her first baby daddy Jo Rivera has soured so badly that even MTV doesn’t want any part of it!

On a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, the Teen Mom 2 star stated that she was scared she would be going to jail; however she did not provide details as to why she thought she might be thrown behind bars. 

The Ashley did a little digging, and she can exclusively reveal that Kail was/is worried that Jo will file contempt charges against her, due to her taking their son Isaac to Hawaii and having him there on a day that Jo was supposed to get time with him. While MTV was in Hawaii filming, they only recorded footage featuring Kail’s travel companion Leah Messer and her kids, for fear they would be brought into any arising legal issues between Kail and Jo.

The Ashley can also reveal that Jo is refusing to film for ‘Teen Mom 2’ due to the drama with Kail.

“Kail took Isaac to Hawaii on June 30, even though Jo was scheduled to have him on the 4th of July from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,” one behind-the-scenes source said. “If Jo chose to file contempt on her, and Kail was found in contempt, she could be fined or even put in jail.

“MTV could not film because legally, because if they did, it would be like they were encouraging Kail to break her custody agreement. Then they would be part of whatever happened between Jo and Kail in court, had Jo filed,” the source said.

(The Ashley was unable to find any sort of court documentation that proved Jo did, indeed, file contempt charges on Kail, at least at press time.)

“Kail told [someone from the production/crew] that she was fully aware of the possible consequences, but that she decided it was worth sitting in jail for 24 hours, if it came to that,” the source said.

The Ashley’s production sources tell her that Kail taking Isaac early left them in a predicament.

“From what [the producers] were told, Kail asked Jo before booking the plane tickets [to Hawaii] if she could have Isaac early, and he didn’t respond,” the source said. “She booked the flights, informed MTV of the trip and then asked Jo again to take Isaac a few days early, and that’s when he told her she couldn’t have Isaac on July 4. She took Isaac and he was in Hawaii on that date anyway, and that’s why she was afraid Jo would take legal action against her.” 

“Kail told [people] that Jo has taken Isaac out of state for ‘business’ without her permission, which is against their custody arrangement, so she just didn’t care anymore,” the source said. 

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The Ashley’s MTV sources tell her that Kail and Jo’s relationship has gotten so bad, they will not be in the same room together. Not only that, the source says, but Jo has once again quit ‘Teen Mom 2!’ (He famously quit the show last season with his wife Vee Torres, but changed his mind later on that season and appeared.)

“Kail and Jo do not get along at all. Jo has refused to film [for the upcoming season],” another production source added. “There is no footage of Jo in the next season. He does not want to deal with Kail or the show anymore.”

Jo and Kail in happier times back in 2016…

The production source noted that Jo isn’t the only one of Kail’s baby daddies who is sitting out this season of the show.

“Jo will not film for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and, actually, Javi [Marroquin] isn’t filming either,” the source said. “Jo isn’t filming by choice, due to all of this conflict with Kail, and Javi is not filming because he doesn’t want his new business [a CrossFit gym] to be associated with the show.”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

92 Responses

  1. Jo should file contempt charges. Kailyn is petty and it’s always her way and nobody else’s. She needs to be taught a lesson. Maybe if that happens, she will think twice about doing the same shit down the line. This broad is petty, mean, and masculine. I don’t know why any guy would want to go and wet his sausage in that! Just stupid!

  2. Bloody hell that Jo is a miserable looking thing ! You and Kail are separated dude! YES you share a child but FFS, Concentrate on your new misses and child and what’s going on around you.
    From what I can gather…all you have ever done is try and leech off Kail.
    How about you do your thing and let her do hers…..Of course Kail fucks up as well ; but you’re just CONSTANTLY dragging up misery

  3. Time for this show to END! They aren’t even close to being teen moms- and as long as they get an MTV welfare check, they aren’t even representing ANY struggling moms, which was the premise for the show ANYWAY! Ratings suck so hopefully MTV gets the message that it’s over!

  4. DEFINITELY on Kails side for this one . Job is petty ; and is happy to bend the rules to suit himself!

  5. Meanwhile, the main producer of this franchise, Morgan Freeman, is laughing all the way to the bank. yes, most of these moms have become monsters but MTV crew members and producers suck the life out of these women. All for ratings and the mighty dollar.

    1. Very true. There is no way that these teen mom shows are completely unscripted. MTV has to spice things up and there is just no way that the real lives of these girls is dramatic enough. Some of these things have to be scripted. I am 100% into certain things about my PERSONAL life being kept private. But MTV doesn’t see things that way, all they see are ratings charts and $ signs!!

  6. She doesn’t mind going to jail huh?? No doubt in my mind she is willing to go to jail just to fit into that “ghetto/I dont give a fuck” vibe shes trying so hard for. Maybe Chris will like her then???? We all know she will cry and cry afterwards and say what a piece of crap jo is.

  7. Jesus Christ she is an asshole. She does whatever she wants with no regard for anybody then cries victim. I hope she does get charged with contempt. Teach her a lesson, though I think she’s too dense for it to stick.

  8. Jo’s not going to file charges on Kail because even though she put that super bogus PFA on him, he knows that Kail is all Lincoln and Lux have. Kail deserves it tho…not necessarily for this, but for all the times she’s used the the law to be petty and put the screws to her BDs. She did it to Jo. She did it to Javi. I’m sure she’s done it to Chris. This is definitely a pattern.

  9. This is petty as hell…so what if she had him a few more days on his time because she was on vacation…so then give him a few extra days on what should be her time. This is ridiculous.

    1. I think the issue is how she did it.
      Out of respect you ask for the day/time once it is agreed THEN you book the trip. Maybe he had something planned already (since it was his day he didnt need to ask or tell her) when she asked for the say he said No & she took it anyway.
      That is disrespectful, she does what she wants when she wants without consideration of anyone else

  10. Both these guys need to get over themselves, both have lived off the shows money for years. Jo is just pissed because things haven’t gone his way from the beginning and Kail has had success in most every venture she’s gone into

    1. Toni,,,,,I AGREE with you . If anyone is a “WHALE ASS” It’s Jo. He’s a temperamental sook !

  11. And she knows good and well if Jo ever stole a holiday away from her, she would be raising all types of hell…she’s wrong for that. It’s one thing to take a random day, it’s another to take a holiday…both are wrong, but a holiday seems cruel.

    1. Kailyn portrays herself as the victim of her babies daddy’s. Custody agreements are made in advance & we know Kailyn would go ape shit if HER time was compromised! She said she’s willing to go to jail for 24 hours-I’d lock her up for a week! Jo& Javi are Dads and equal to her legally & morally.

  12. Lux needs a haircut. And as far as the custody/ vacation time. Our law heree allows each parent an extra week for vacations. You just have to notify the other parent.

  13. The network has to have both parents permission to film the kids. All these guys have to do is refuse permission. It’s easy as that. And with no kids to film, their stories would go down the drain…end of show. Let’s see how fast she breaks custody agreements her show is threatened.

    1. In my state the parent gets 2 weeks a year for vacation but it must be agreed upon in advanced between the 2 parents. Not can i take the kid…no i cant too bad im taking him anyway.

    2. The permission is done before the season. Both parents have to sign a contract in the beginning of each season to gove permission.
      If the child is on the show, the child will get paid. Usually both parents set up a trust for the child & the money is used for that child. The other parent can demand knowledge of when/where that money goes & if it is not for the child then there is BIG TROUBLE

      I think someone got in trouble for this. Kid movie star, Kid had a lot of money but the parents used it for what they wanted. Blamed it on the siblings when its not fair he gets all of these luxuries & the siblings dont so the parents used it on the siblings. The child took them to court & won, parents had to return all of the money

  14. Joe doesn’t need MTV, when he wants more money he will just sue Kail for more child support again.

    1. Screw Kailyn, Jo and Ver should go for sole custody. Kailyn is a horrible person and a horrible mom, all she teaches those boys is the rules doesn’t apply to us. She has no morals or dignity. If she had any dignity she wouldn’t flaunt her whale ass in swim wear. Kail the Whale, karma is catching up to you !!

      1. And Jo is a constantly pouting sook …ALWAYS on the lookout for how he can make $$$$$ without having to get off his fat lazy ass and actually earn an income! Even Vee said she felt bad about having to “sue” Kail for child support!.
        What I don’t understand…is if they both have 50/50 shared access WHY should either one have to pay the other ? Wouldn’t it work out equal ( I’m not being a smartass) I’m just curious.
        I know years ago when I separated with my kids father, he would have the kids every second weekend and half of school holidays and I actually said that I wouldn’t take child support in the time that he had the kids .. . Because that’s what child support was for … the kids. Whilst they were in his care , why should I have gotten the money meant for them. Our arrangement always worked out well for us! We had a great relationship after seperating !

  15. Well, to be fair, she did ask Jo first. He didn’t respond. Now, if it were me, I’d keep texting until I got a response & then book the tickets. But in Kail’s world, she figured she’d text first only once, get no response & then use that as an excuse if/when Jo files charges against her.

    A responsible parent would get permission first before booking the tickets. But looking at Kail, we can all see she’s not a very responsible person & couldn’t give two fucks about what anyone else wants, she’s very selfish.

    I kinda hope she does get in trouble for this.

  16. Maybe Jo needs to take Isaac out of town on the next holiday that kailyn is supposed to have him, but she really would send him to jail. she thinks she has a different set of rules than everybody else.

    1. I am convinced that Lauren has something to do with his decision not to film. I always just thought he was bitch whipped where Kail was concerned. He did everything she wanted him to do (probably out of fear that he would get his ass beat if he didn’t). I’m surprised that she agreed to the move to Delaware that Javi suggested. I’m convinced that she only agreed to do that in order to make things harder for Jo. If she hadn’t, she would’ve moved back to where she was originally from and moved out of the house that she and Javi bought together. All last season she did nothing but complain how she wanted she wanted to build a house because she wanted something that was “just hers”. Now that he’s with Lauren, I guess he’s bitch whipped again. I noticed that when the crew would film at their house she made sure the camera was never on her (it was always on Lincoln, Javi or his and her baby). He has a gym now and she only wants him to concentrate on her, their baby and that project. The only person that couldn’t wrap him around her finger was Briana. Don’t get me wrong, I respect and admire her (and her family for sticking by her) but she doesn’t have “rule by intimidation” aspect that Kail and Lauren seem to have.

  17. Javi and jo BOTH need to fight to get the cameras off the kids, she’s do it to them. Lincoln doesn’t like the cameras and issac is getting old enough for this to bring negativity his way.. Look how Leah’s friends are watching it.
    Who cares about an MTV contract, that’s Kails problem, get your boys away from this smut before they start getting harassed.

  18. Push the issue Jo, even if it amounts to just being documented and she gets a warning, push it.
    Kail is so nasty, trying to ACT like she has class makes it all the worse. I’ve never seen someone with such control issues, hers friends can’t even have an opinion..Isaac looks like you, “ NO, NO HE DOESN’T”
    Jail try’s so hard to play a bitch roll, she doesn’t have what it takes for bitch, there another name for it- you C?

    1. These boys r both way too thirsty to leave, they’re both doing the same thing she does “I’m done, I’m done”… until they realize they need the paycheck to support the lifestyle they’ve built, and maybe they can squeak a few more dollars into their mtv paycheck by appearing reluctant to film, like a bad negotiation tactic. Shes such a snoozefest she needs their segments, she spends half her segments filming her other job and the other half bitching about all 3 dads. Mtv will cave and up their pay to film her filler crap. Ugh

  19. Joe doesn’t want to film because he can’t hide the bald spot anymore. His wife will soon dump him.

  20. Not to mention that it was MTV and Teen Mom who paid for his Cross Fit franchise. His talentless ass didn’t have the money for that licensing.

    1. I’m not a Javi fan, but I don’t see what the problem is? When people want to start a business, obviously they need to save up money, which usually comes from their regular job. For years Teen Mom WAS Javi’s job (plus military). Saying MTV paid for his gym would be like me saying the marketing firm I work for paid for the box of Tampons I just bought at CVS. Sure, they sign the checks, but the money is made by working for them. It’s mine.

      I also give Javi credit for starting a gym. Very few of the cast members (minus some of the dads) have jobs besides the show. When the show ends (seems like we’re getting dangerously close), what are they going to do? They make GREAT money now- but not enough that you’re set for life. Very few have an education or lucrative skill sets. Having a business that provides a solid source of income is smart and necessary, especially with a family.

  21. Jo might be lazy but he’s a decent person. Kail is a pig. Always has been, always will be. That’s one of the reasons I no longer watch this show. #TeamJo

    1. This site commentators really do hate women. Say all you want about Kail but she’s far from a pig. She graduated college , looks clean, her house appears to be clean and even if she has a million baby daddies she takes care of her kids. They all seem well adjusted and loved.

      Are you saying she’s a pig for some other reason?

  22. Kails always a bitch. Always has been always will be. Chris is getting along with her because she’s footing the bill for everything. Kail thinks she above everyone and does what she’s wants. I would love to see her go to jail. Kail would be crying like a little bitch. I hope she goes to jail to knock her down a peg or two.

  23. Javi doesn’t want his gym associated with Teen Mom?? Oh please, he flirted, dated and married Kail to be on the show after MTV turned him down for another show.

    He’s probably just one ex too many. He is not her storyline.

  24. The funniest thing about this article is Jo going out of state on “business” Bro hasn’t done a dam thing in 10 years. Unless his business is to get bad haircuts, he has that covered.

  25. Omg!! If I were Jo, my ass would def file something to get her fat ass in jail – even if its only for 24 hrs! You know damn well if Jo pulled that sh!t, Hulk would pitch a fit & file some sort of paperwork to get full custody. And, no, Kail, Jo taking Isaac outta state on biz is NOT the same as you taking him literally halfway across the world practically!! At least Jo didn’t take him during your time! ? Kail is just the worst bitter motha fu€*er ever!!!

  26. Chris has been in Hawaii the entire time with her. That’s why she didn’t film. But I’m sure she received comps from places on the trip because they thought it would be shown on the show. She freaks out on her baby daddies for anything yet does whatever she wants.

  27. Typical jail rules don’t apply but I’d the dads did that grow up hulk you can’t alwats get what you want

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Isn’t MTV Jo only income?

  29. A mature parent would have had permission from the other parent to have the child longer than they were supposed to and take the child out of state. I don’t believe it would have been that difficult to have everything in order prior to leaving to Hawaii with Isaac. What is Kail’s deal? I don’t think a 3 week vacation to Hawaii was necessary. She could have cut it down to even 2 weeks, then Isaac could have spent the July 4 holiday with Jo.

  30. All of these losers are liars. Don’t ever believe them when they say they have had it with MTV and won’t film. Where the hell else are these dipshits going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for doing nothing. Nowhere is the answer. None of them have an marketable job skills that would translate to more than 40K a year at best. The only one that had the balls to quit was Adam.

  31. My Magic 8Ball is telling me that this show is coming to a close. Kailyn took Isaac so that she could have some sort of storyline and it backfired on her. Wouldn’t it be cool if Joe, Javi, and Chris had all planned to stop filming to stop Kailyn from having a storyline? Shes a nasty piece of work. Don’t tie your kids up in your drama. Especially Isaac. He’s such a sensitive soul he probably cries when they fight like this. You can tell he thrives in a peaceful environment but Kailyn has to have drama.

    1. But didn’t you just say in your response to my post on the previous re-cap article that Jo and Kail have a “good balance on how to co parent without emotional drama”?

  32. Didn’t Kail very recently (like a week ago) post a screenshot of her texts with Javi? He was fully prepared for her to say no to him taking Lincoln on vacation and she said yes. Now we know why she posted that. She was trying to make herself seem like the reasonable parent since this was about to break.

    Also, wasn’t her vacation 3 weeks long? So Jo missed more than just one holiday if Isaac was home for 3 weeks.

  33. MTV has some morals? Not!!! They have lawyers!!! THis Teen Mom thing is a disaster! Drop it!

    1. So glad as a parent I don’t have to deal with this petty crap that kail, javi, and jo ALL do. None of them is better than the other imo. Those poor kids!

    2. It’s showing again how little MTV actually cares about the subjects and more about the $$$. It’s gotten to a point with me where I don’t watch the show, and I’m really starting to tire of even reading about them. The show had a purpose with 16 and pregnant and really fell from it. I have no interest in watching people do nothing but complain, spend money, take luxurious vacations and continue to make poor decisions all because they got pregnant at 16 and MTV had a show come out at that time.

      None of this is inspiring, life altering or at this point, entertaining anymore.

      The Hills is crap, but they own the fact that they are crap. BTW, don’t watch that either, but I’m saying that it is content created for the soul purpose of drama and entertainment.

      Just done.

  34. By out of state, does Kail mean Jo once took Isaac to New Jersey (one state over where his family lives)? Because if he’d taken Isaac very far, we would have definitely heard about it. Also, that’s not the same as Jo taking Isaac on Kail’s time which we would have DEFINITELY heard about. To take Isaac without his dad’s permission all the way to Hawaii is just wrong. Kail could have easily planned this trip around Jo’s custody schedule, but chose not to, because she was hoping MTV would film her vacation with Chris and the kids. I love that MTV backed out and only filmed Leah. That’s priceless. As is both Jo AND Javi refusing to film. Chris already doesn’t like filming, so now what is she going to do? Her storylines revolve around her custody and relationship drama.

  35. Obviously you’re not going to jail, Kail. You’ve got enough money to avoid that.
    So dramatic. ?
    Also so ridiculous to take your child out of the country (essentially, I know Hawaii is a state but it’s a very far away island) just because you wanted to be petty about Jo allegedly doing the same?

  36. So…Jo refuses to film, Javi doesn’t want to either, Chris always wanted to be out of the spotlight so basically…it will be Kail bitching about her baby daddies. Fun!

    1. ???!!! All that woman does is bitch. After like the first season of TM2 I literally mute my TV when she is on. As I did with Jenelle.

    2. They should fire her too. But then MTV would have to cancel the show because all they would have left is Chelsea, Leah and Jade and there isn’t enough drama in there storylines and rating would go way ?!!! But I’m sure MTV would create some though.

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