The Top 5 Wildest Moments from ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Episode 6

Me asking myself why I still watch this show week after week.

This week’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings featured two sad attempts at entertainment industry comebacks, some random bubble-blowing and more product placement than we care to acknowledge. 

Without further ado, here are the top five wildest moments from this week’s episode of ’The Hills: New Beginnings’: 

1. Brody and his hose save the day! 

(We’re not talking about that hose, you sickos!) 

On last week’s episode, we watched as Brody Jenner stayed back to protect he and Kaitlynn’s home during the Woolsey fire. This week, viewers saw Brody and Kaitlynn visit their home together in the aftermath.

“I was lucky enough that my house was saved, thank God,” Brody says. “But I did probably have at least two dozen friends [who] lost everything.” 

While the couple’s house was spared, their shed, located just 50 feet away, was completely destroyed. 

Brody and Kaitlynn overlook the site where their shed used to stand.

“It’s kind of mind-blowing that it wasn’t worse,” Kaitlynn says. “I think that it’s probably likely [Brody] saved our house by hosing the house down all day.”

2. Mischa brings an entourage to her movie audition. 

Mischa Barton is forging a comeback in the acting world and for some reason, she’s decided to bring viewers along for the journey. Look, I’m not hating on Mischa’s talent as an actress.  I am, however, throwing her some side-eye for bringing the camera crew from ‘The Hills’ with her to an audition. 

“Before I start my monologue, did you guys already sign your MTV release forms to appear on camera?”

I’m no expert, but I think it’s fair to assume if you’re trying to be taken seriously as an actress, you probably shouldn’t go around waving your reality TV flag—at least not in the faces of any casting directors. 

On the bright side, at least Mischa was smart enough to bring Audrina Patridge along as her plus one. If anything screams “serious actress,” it’s associating yourself with the girl who came in seventh-place on Dancing with the Stars in 2010. 

“If I had one of those little scoring paddles with me, I’d definitely give you a 10!”

3. This entire scene—all of it. 

The bubble blowing, the baby assistant, the lazy Sonic product placement… Hate them or love them, you have to admit the Pratt family always keeps it interesting. 

So much to unpack here…

4. Heidi’s “pop princess” aspirations. 

During the bubble-blowing extravaganza, Heidi Montag casually mentions her past attempt to become a famous singer and the millions of dollars it cost her. (Apparently, we’re only taking financial losses here and not loss of dignity.) 

“Not many people know it, but I’ve always wanted to be a pop princess,” she says. “I spent $2 million on my pop career and I actually had a very successful online album. I’m really big in the underground gay community.”

Heidi using both her hands to list off all her fans…

Heidi says she “stepped away” from her music career initially because she ran out of money and then because she had a baby. Now that Baby Gunner is getting older, Heidi says she ready to make her comeback so naturally, she turns Justin Bobby Brescia for advice. 

He comes running over to Heidi’s house, guitar in hand, as fast as his beach-going combat boots can get him there!

“You are planning to pay me for this, right?”

Justin is forced to listen to Heidi’s poetry. (Um…?) Heidi then tells him she’s looking to lean toward a “heartfelt Christian vibe” this time around… so there’s that. 

5. Gunner’s wild and crazy bedtime routine. 

While having dinner at Frankie Delgado’s house with the rest of the group, Heidi announces that she and Spencer have to leave early so that she can put Gunner to bed. 

“He will not sleep without me,” she explains to her friends. “I have to nurse him for one minute or two, because I’m weaning, and then I have to rock him… “ 

Christian rocker by day, violent child-rocker by night.

Heidi then proceeds to demonstrate the violent “rocking” Gunner is subjected to at bedtime and let’s just say, that kid is going to need a whole lot of healing crystals in his future. 

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. I hated the Pratts during the original show but I actually like them now, well mainly Heidi. I think she’s been pretty open and raw and sincere. I relate to her as a mom, it’s really tough and she’s doing her best and clearly goes above and beyond. I like Audrina and Mischa, I enjoy Brandon and sort of Brody. Stephanie is terrible. And we never get to see Whitney. That is all lol 🙂

  2. I only watch this show for Brody, Brandon and Kaitlynn. Everyone else’s story line is pretty awful…Audrina has the best real life story line with this whole Corey drama, but they’ve got her looking so pitiful and pathetic over JB, It’s so obvious Stephanie is just starting shit to get screen time, and Speidi is just weird….not gonna lie though, I use to really like Heidi’s song Blackout lol…still kinda do.

  3. Why is Whitney listed on the opening credits of the show but has maybe only been in like two episodes? When she does show up she has nothing to say and just sort of sits there. She doesn’t go to any of the parties or cast trips either. Mtv needs to cut her. She kinda seems like a waste of space on the show.

    1. Was Whitney there simply to display the Truman-Show-esque moment of “I just have to whiten my teeth” with these CREST WHITE STRIPS?

      Every week I can’t believe I keep watching this.

      1. Right! I cannot believe that I’ve kept up with this crap for this long…I guess I’m still expecting the spark from the original Hills to happen again…but it isn’t happening. I swear if it weren’t for Brody, Kaitlynn and Brandon, I wouldn’t watch the show…Those 3 actually have my attention…I’m so over everyone else and their tired story lines.

  4. The Pratts are ridiculous, but at least they aren’t boring. Audrina is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

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