‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Praised By Judge At Latest Court Hearing For Being Drug-Free For One Year & Getting a Job

“Finally— a court date that doesn’t end with me goin’ back to that three-hots-and-a-cot life!”

Ryan Edwards was back in court on Tuesday, once again facing Judge Gary Starnes in regard to his 2023 charges for possession of a controlled substance, DUI and other crimes. This time, however, Ryan had good news to report: the Teen Mom OG dad stated that he has been drug-free for one year…and that he recently secured himself a job (that doesn’t include an MTV camera crew!) 

The Sun broke the news that Ryan attended his hearing (sporting a snappy purple polo shirt and black dress pants), with his aunt, mom Jen Edwards and girlfriend Amanda Conner in the courtroom for support.

“My mom said I had to wear churchin’ clothes to court, so I done it.”

During the quick hearing, Judge Starnes (who has been very, very lenient with Ryan over the past year or so) praised the ‘Teen Mom’ star for staying off the smack and keeping out of legal trouble in recent months.

 “We’re here for a follow-up to see how you’re doing. I don’t see any probation violations,” Judge Starnes told Ryan during the hearing. “You have been drug-free for over a year. That’s an accomplishment. I’m glad you’re doing well.”

Ryan– who is undergoing counseling at the CADAS rehab center— has been getting monthly Vivitrol injections to help curb opioid dependence. At his last court hearing in January, Ryan was ordered to continue the injections, submit to random hair follicle tests and follow all recommended treatment requirements set forth in his post-treatment plan from CADAS.  

According to Judge Starnes, Ryan has followed the rules. The judge also stated that he believes Ryan going to jail back in December has helped the reality TV star stay drug-free. 

“Hugs not drugs, y’all!”

“I want you to stay with CADAS,” the judge said. “I know there hasn’t been any problems.”

The judge even revealed that Ryan now has a job, working at an automotive shop.

“Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re coming a long way, very well done. I know you’re happy,” he told Ryan, who also got praise from the District Attorney in the case.

This is not Ryan’s only current legal battle. He is also fighting his soon-to-be ex-wife Mackenzie in civil court for custody of their two kids. As The Ashley previously reported, Mackenzie was recently granted a two-year restraining order against Ryan after the ‘Teen Mom’ star repeatedly harassed her

In a proposed parenting plan created by Ryan last month, Ryan asked for 50/50 custody of their kids Jagger and Stella, as well as child support, alimony and more from Mack. Ryan also asked the judge to make him the kids’ primary residential parent and to have “a lien be imposed on [Mackenzie’s] property to ensure the payment of any child support.” 

“Hahahaha good one, Ryan! Oh, wait…you’re serious?!”

Last month, Mackenzie stated on social media that Ryan “doesn’t support their kids” currently.

The couple’s court battle is ongoing. 

Ryan is due back in court for his criminal charges on November 18.

You can watch footage of Ryan’s hearing, shot by The Sun, on Tuesday below.


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18 Responses

  1. I’m happy for Ryan and his new girlfriend. I know many of you are hoping for another “Ryan disaster” but people can get clean/sober and change their lives. It’s ironic, that now Ryan looks better than Maci and Tyler do. But extreme amounts of alcohol will do that. Those two look bloated as heck.

  2. @theashley what is going on with the site? I use my phone to access and there is ad overload! The screen glitches until the whole page loads. At the home page there’s a pic of the article and you have to scroll a ways down to get to the link.

    1. @Frontdoormom– It is defiently not supposed to be like that and you are not the first to tell me there are weird glitches happening. I am working on finding the issue that’s causing it to glitch with the ads! -The Ashley

      1. When I try to scroll the page jumps up and down constantly.
        Thanks for working on the glitches. Love this site!

  3. Nothing like a man to do the bare minimum and get praised for it

    Pop quiz, Ryan! What are the full names, ages, and birth dates of all your children?

  4. The only amusing part of this article was the “hugs not drugs” quote.

    The rest of this is sickening. He is 100% a screw-up. He is 100% pushing for custody/alimony/etc. just to mess with Mackenzie. He doesn’t want those poor kids any more than he wanted Bentley. It’s just for show, and just for spite.

  5. This is why Rhine thinks he’s Brad Pitt/George Clooney/Tom Holland/Ryan Gosling.

    He literally trips over the bar and we celebrate him. And yeah, I don’t believe Rhine is sober if his life depended on it, and it does…

    The man hasn’t been arrested in a year and >checks notes< got a job, and this judge goes on waxing poet about how he's the second coming.

    Why doesn't Rhine start paying child support to Mack and Maci, why doesn't he start paying Mack back for all the damages in that house he caused? Why doesn't he curb the gf from yapping her mouth about the mother of his children? Why doesn't he try to start having a relationship with his kids?

    1. His daughter (also had drug issues) is friends with Ryan. Ryan’s parents are friends with the judge, they live close to each other.
      And the job is just Ryan’s old job. His boss blamed Mack for Ryan’s relapse. She didn’t come around to hold his hand while he had his lunch anymore and created issues in the marriage by letting him know what bothered her.
      And don’t forget his cheerleading parents, baby mama Maci and his addict GF.
      But Mack is the issue, he just redecorated his house a bit and wanted to make a sandwich with that knife he used against his wife.

    1. I expect we will be ready about his death within 2 years. This guy has too many enablers in his life for him to actually be accountable and to feel a need to better himself.

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